Drooling Dogs Begging For Food That Are Too Cute, It Will Take A Heart Of Steel To Resist Them

By Aakash M February 17, 2022

It’s no secret that dogs provide us with countless reasons to love them with all our hearts. From their button noses and priceless expressions, to their goofy behaviors, we see them as the ultimate gift to humankind. Dogs are not shy animals, especially when there is food in the vicinity. There is no need to describe their profound love for kibble because everybody, even non-dog lovers, already know it. If you’re eating something, chances are they are drooling for just one bite. The most challenging part is saying no to those puppy eyes, and many of us can’t resist it. It takes a heart of steel to resist because these dogs have learned how to get what they want! And they are pretty shameless about it. So, for your entertainment, here is a list of some of the most adorable dogs begging for just a taste of your delicious food!

The famished four

How can you say no to those puppy eyes? Even the cats are in on the game! Now, here’s the thing about these four furry creatures. These guys magically appear from nowhere whenever their owner tries to eat in peace.

Image Credits: Reddit/ drdub51

We don’t need to explain why they appear out of nowhere because it’s pretty obvious. Even if you didn’t get it, all it takes is one look at their eyes. You’ll understand. We can only wonder how their owner said no to all four of them. That’s a lot of bites to give out!

Dobbie loves chicken!

Aw, look at that good boy! What a sweet little gentleman! From looking at this picture, we can say that these two are having the time of their lives. Can we just talk about how the dog is waiting patiently for his turn? 

Image Credits: Imgur/COVCREO

On that note, the dog is impressively waiting on its back legs! It almost looks as if it’s a human waiting for food. The dog’s name, by the way, is Dobbie. Dobbie is a good boy. Dobbie doesn’t bark, and Dobbie wants food. But Dobbie will wait for it.


What do you think is happening in this photo? This dog was just playing, rather, wrestling with its human. Yes, they were actually wrestling. However, that’s not the point here. The main point is that the dog doesn’t miss an opportunity to snatch a bite!

Image Credits: Reddit/Draxan

It actually bent over backward to grab a bite in the middle of a wrestling match with its human! Wow. We are simply at a loss for words. That’s how much dogs love food.!The dog must have thought to himself, “Pause for a second! Let me grab a bite!”

Combined effort

Dogs aren’t just silly, they are charming creatures. As we said earlier, they’re also brilliant, and they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to get what they want from you. Here is an example of a wonderful tactic to land some food.

Image Credits: Twitter/burkhartadriana

First of all, this is adorable. The little dog climbed on top of the big dog, and both of them are combining their efforts to get food! That must have achieved their goal. The owner had to have given in. If not, we simply can’t believe the human who said no to this!

Not again!

Many people in this world don’t like sharing food at all. Yet, sharing it with your dog is a whole other thing. But doesn’t everybody hate it when you’re on a flight, and a stranger begs you to share your snack?

Image Credits: Imgur/SketchyGecko

Here’s our question to you: Would you share your food with this furry stranger? He’s undoubtedly not like those other humans, and he’s also perhaps the cutest stranger we’ve ever seen begging for food. Hating on him would be difficult now, right?

Point noted

This doggo is trying to make a point. Every day, he walks with his empty bowl around the coffee table when others are working, just to show the people what’s missing in his life. That’s a great way to ask for food and attention.

Image Credits: Reddit/thetenaciousB

He’s made his point pretty well, but he does it so frequently that it’s a daily routine. You can’t even be mad at your cat or your dog for interrupting during working hours! Maybe they know that, and perhaps that’s why this dog shows up this way every day.

As smart as a whip

Meet Kade. Well, you can only see Kade’s nose, but even then, he’s so cute! We wish we could boop that little nose. However, here’s what happened. Kade’s human told him to stop staring at him while he ate.

Image Credits: Instagram/toomanypets1254

It looks like it’s working. Technically, Kade isn’t staring. Instead, he’s using his sense of smell to imagine the food in his head, which is probably for the best. That’s really smart of him, but it doesn’t look like he’s gonna get a share of his human’s food, unfortunately.

A lot of guilt

What would you do if this was the look your dog gave every time you denied giving food to him? If you ask us, it would really be challenging to deal with because that would be a whole lot of guilt on our conscience. Saying “no” to them requires a lot of courage. 

Image Credits: Reddit/sweetkisser143

Right after you said no, receiving a look like this from your dog will make you rethink everything! It looks like it’s not this dog’s first rodeo. If it could speak, we have a pretty good idea what he would say to get what he wants!

Waiting together

This is what a pre-begging activity looks like. Both dog and human are waiting for the chicken to heat up in the oven. However, the dog is just waiting around to get a piece. Well, we don’t know how it’s gonna turn out for him!

Image Credits: Twitter/@TmarTn

If you don’t know who this guy is, he’s Trevor Martin, better known as TmarTn. He’s a pretty huge gaming YouTuber. And the dog in the picture is his golden retriever, Cooper! Cooper also has a pretty impressive social media following!

Puppy eyes!

Now, this is what true love looks like. The caption of this image says it all. Doesn’t everybody want a person to look at them the way this pug is eyeing the pizza? From the looks of it, Doug here successfully took a bite from the pizza.

Image Credits: Twitter/@itsdougthepug

This pug is a pretty big deal. He has a massive social media following, and he has reached celeb status in the dog world. He is the most followed pug on the Internet. Don’t believe us? Search for the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Animal Star 2019. It’s Doug!

Pretty please

This picture is so wholesome! Watching your parents bond with your dog is among the best feelings in the world. The person who posted this image said their mother sent them this picture of her dog watching their father eat!

Image Credits: Imgur/TheSatanCat

What a fabulous photo! We love how he’s laughing and enjoying it, too. But, we simply can’t get over the gentle paw on the father’s leg. It is almost like the dog is asking him not to forget about him! How could anybody say no to that?

Playing hide-and-seek

We can’t stop talking about how adorable and cute dogs are. This silly and fluffy creature thinks it is actually hiding under those crutches. How cute! Some dogs think they are invisible, but come on! We can all see you, buddy!

Image Credits: defused.com

That’s a good stalking position, and those puppy eyes are doing the trick. We all know that the doggo is eyeing the pizza. And from the way he is begging, he might just get it. We hope you all know that pizza is not the healthiest treat for a dog, but this image is perfect!

Give that to me!

This black lab looks like it won’t be able to live without that hot dog. We can understand its feelings because it also looks like the human is deliberately showing off the food and taking a photo of the cutey to see his reaction—poor little guy.

Image Credits: Reddit/tamayoz

We don’t know what happened after, though. The dog must have tried to pounce at the hot dog from the position. The picture is impressive, though. It captures the dog expressing how badly it wants the hotdog so accurately.

Barbecue party

We only had one question after looking at this image. Where is the rest of the body of this dog? It’s obviously behind the fence, but doesn’t it feel like he only has a head? Spooky! However, the dog is just hungry and in the mood for food.

Image Credits: Reddit/PlzDontBeMe

The neighbors of the person who took this photo just got a new dog. These people were having a barbecue party, and look who’s trying to crash it right upon arrival. People don’t like party-crashers, but we don’t think anybody would mind this one.


This samoyed thinks that she’s being sassy to her human by giving them her back them while they are eating. She was taught not to beg for food, which isn’t also allowed. But, as you can see, this is her position of compromise.

Image Credits: Reddit/Dwarfgoat

She is a really adorable dog, and we must say that she is super clever because that’s a fantastic way to break the rules while not breaking them at the same time! She might also get a bite or two for being that smart!

Stealth mode

Here’s a priceless photo of a dog trying to beg for food. Wait. Did you even spot the dog? It’s alright if you didn’t immediately see it because it was difficult for us as well! He’s a ninja in the making, indeed. 

Image Credits: Imgur/DemosthenesIF

Dogs usually come up to you when they want something, but this one observes his human from a distance. After all, there is something different about this dog. Even his hiding skills are excellent. He knows exactly what he’s doing!

It’s his turn

Dogs have an interesting sense of logic. They’ll try to jump in and get a bite when you’re eating your food, but when they know you’re preparing their food, they’ll patiently wait for it. For example, take a look at this good boy who’s waiting for his meal.

Image Credits: Reddit/Deleted User

Also, we must say that this meal is a really healthy one and not that pricey. You can see it’s worth the effort and has a lot of satisfying ingredients in it like rice, oatmeal, ground turkey, and veggies. What a good boy!

Following the rules

Old golden retrievers are so cute! They seem so wise, gentle, and mellow that we can’t get over them! This dog belongs to the brother of the person who posted this image. We would also like to add that the owner trained the dog not to put his chin on the table.

Image Credits: Reddit/Explain_To_The_Geeks

He’s smart enough not to put his chin on the table but still make a point. We think he should have been trained not to put his nose on the table as well. We wonder what he would have done in that case?

You’re not doing what you’re supposed to do

Are you familiar with that look? The truth is that every dog owner has received this look from their furry friends. This is the face you get when you’re supposed to be sharing food with your dog, but you aren’t.

Image Credits: Reddit/ConfidentDandelion

You’d even be guilty if you looked into those eyes after not sharing food. It seems like he’s asking for just a tiny piece with those puppy eyes. He knows you’ll give in soon. By the way, those eyes are beautiful and so full of love!


Before we even get started, we know this puppy would’ve received the whole pizza to herself if it wasn’t so bad for them. Those looks will make anybody’s heart melt to the point where they won’t have any other option but to give in.

Image Credits: Reddit/Kar5279

Sorry for getting a bit off the track, but that pizza looks jaw-droppingly delicious, no questions asked. The person who posted this image with the caption, “My nephew wants pizza,” and of course, by “nephew,” they’re talking about that cute puppy.

Just another day

While searching for these images, we came across this beauty, and it is undoubtedly one of the most wholesome images that we have ever stumbled upon. We see four dogs in the photo who are surrounding the human while he’s having dinner.

Image Credits: Reddit/TURBOJUGGED

You know, we just realized that this guy has no problem with his dogs coming up to him while he’s eating. If he did, then he would have been eating at the table! But he seems to love their attention. So he took a seat right next to them.


This puppy looks like bigfoot. It resembles a tiny and cute version of bigfoot to be more accurate. If people saw this puppy in the mountains, people would definitely pick it up and play around with it instead of being terrorized.

Image Credits: Twitter/kinglucidream

Anyways, this dog is trying to catch the attention of its owner, who is probably eating food. It gonna be tough for the owner to say no to that face. Also, doesn’t this dog look like Ewok from Star Wars? Well, we’ll leave it to you to decide.

Triple trouble

The person who posted this image said that these three furry friends never fail to put on their best puppy eyes and begging faces whenever the mom cooks anything. The amount of focus in their eyes is something to appreciate.

Image Credits: Reddit/gurthwurst

Dogs are one of those animals who can talk to you with their facial expressions. Basically, they don’t even need words. We assume they’re probably saying, “Give us some of that, or it’ll be your fault if we’re half-starved.” They’re so manipulating!

Really exhausted

We feel sad for this dog because it literally dozed off because it was tired of begging for food. What a unique position to sleep in, and what an exhausting day for the dog! It just looks so cute sleeping that way with its chin nestled in the couch!

Image Credits: Imgur/welcometothedarkside

We believe everybody would want to boop that cute snout, but nobody would want to wake the precious doggo up. He must have woken up to a lot of treats, and of course, affection! After all, the fella went to sleep because of hunger.

The longing

We are sad for this cute dog as well because he is so close yet so far away from the food. For that matter, it looks like he’s been denied access to the food. He might go crazy if they let him out! 

Image Credits: Reddit/OutaTowner

Maybe he was already being a bad boy while they were setting up, or perhaps he ate food a few bites a couple of moments before they took this photo, and now, it looks like he realized what’s he’s done.


Let’s get one thing clear before talking about anything else. This cute little French bulldog isn’t candidly posing for a photo. It is hungry, and it is carefully eyeing that yummy sandwich. We don’t even know how it’s controlling its hunger at this point.

Image Credits: 9gag.com

The dog also looks a bit drunk because of that expression, but indeed, it isn’t. This photo should be used for those dog competitions because it is actually of a prize-winning caliber, isn’t it? We wonder what happened a few moments after!


We don’t know if this dog’s tricks are gonna work, but nonetheless, she’s adorable! She thinks she’s smart, and she believes she’s tricking her human, but in reality, she’s not. Anyways, that’s an A for effort. She has come so close to the plate.

Image Credits: Reddit/DunningKroger

You know what? This dog is honestly trying her best to get to the food. She moves an inch closer to the plate with every opportunity she gets, thinking that her human won’t notice. Sadly, everybody can see what she’s doing.

Is that one for me?

If that pug could speak, that’d be the first question that it’d ask. Just look at that squishy face! How can anyone ever get over that? Now that’s what you call puppy eyes! Sadly, we don’t think it’s gonna be enjoying any Domino’s pizza.

Image Credits: thepaws.net

Those are for the humans, and we wish this dog could understand that. We hate saying no to them, but we don’t have any other option because those foods could actually take a toll on their health. Nobody would want that for furry loved ones!

Is it dinner time?

Although this photo is adorable, we guarantee you that this image would show up in the dictionary for how every household looks when it is dinner time for the dogs. They simply can’t seem to wait. If there are multiple dogs, they’ll all line up and wait together!

Image Credits: Instagram/fabfive_dogtribe

We love to see how food makes them so excited. Their level of genuine happiness seems to skyrocket upon seeing food, and it is really wholesome. In this image, we feel a bit sad for the lonely little fella in the back.

Begging 101

To every dog who’s reading (lol), this is the ideal way to ask for food. We guarantee the owner wouldn’t have been able to resist. He’s got it all: the eyes, expression, and position. We ourselves can’t resist, and we’re all the way over here!

Image Credits: Instagram/alpha.delta.huskies

Just look at how smooth this dog is with the begging skills. It looks like the head is floating because we can’t even see anything other than that. Secondly, look at the way it’s looking at you. It’d take a heartless person to say no to that face.

Manipulative much?

We know what this dog is trying to do. Obviously, everybody knows what he or any other dog would do here, but we understand why this dog must be thinking of getting food. Do you know what could be going on in that mind?

Image Credits: Instagram/tunameltsmyheart

Well, here it goes. It must be thinking that the food on the plate must also belong to him since the plate is adorned with his face. We don’t think that’s how it works, but on the bright side, that’s a really nice t-shirt!

Mission successful

Well, when your mom or dad doesn’t allow you have something, there’s still a way to get what you want. Go to your grandma! They are the best in these scenarios. They’ll always pamper you no matter what. So, if you’re in desperate need, you know what to do.

Image Credits: Instagram/alpha.delta.huskies

For example, take a look at this dog. He saw the grandma having some pasta and meat, and guess what? He obviously wanted to dig in as well. So, the dog is apparently asking grandma for it. We think he ate well that night!

Look what happened

These dogs can’t seem to stop staring at the plate even after the owner finished the burgers. It looks like they couldn’t digest the fact that he’s finished, or they simply think he is hiding something. Just one bite! That’s all they desire.

Image Credits: Reddit/butteramanda

If the guy ate everything by himself in front of the dogs without even giving them any treats or at least sending them away, we think this person should feel somewhat guilty. This is their greatest pleasure in life. Don’t tease them!

Amazing strategy

We have seen so many pictures and different ways of making the owners give in to their furry friends. But, we haven’t seen anything like what you are about to witness in this next image. Go on, have a look!

Image Credits: Instagram/tommytakestheworld

This dog has a pretty simple strategy that has a really high-efficiency rate. He’s waiting for its human to cook dinner so that they’ll also be able to drop something in his mouth while he rests for a while. He is also there for them to clean up the mess!

Assertive one

We have seen dogs begging and trying different tricks to get food, but we haven’t seen a dog be so confident and assertive like this. So, here is the first example. This dog is focused, and it is waiting with a purpose.

Image Credits: Instagram/julia_and_erinthedog

That purpose is food. It obviously looks really polite, but there is a lot of focus and intensity in his eyes. We wonder how his humans deal with this confident behavior. We can only think of one way, and that is to give him a bite!

The amount of exclamation

This pug looks really surprised upon seeing so many cookies. Well, we don’t think that’s just an expression of shock because it surely wants to get in on the fun. But we don’t think those cookies are a good idea for this tiny little dog.

Image Credits: shareably.net

This pug must be making those funny pug noises at this moment. By the way, we should let you know that chocolate is one of the worst things for dogs. So, keep them away from it, and never give in to those puppy eyes.

That’s new

We, for one, never knew that peas were so delicious to dogs until we saw this picture. Just look at the amount of effort this dog is exerting just to eat a few peas. Also, these are some stunning snaps!

Image Credits: iothecorgi.com

Nobody needs to worry because peas aren’t bad for dogs. Be it snow peas, sugar snap peas, garden peas, English peas, or green peas; they’re all good for them. Peas are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they’re also high in protein and fiber.


This dog is indeed rising like the sun. We wish we had a video of him, too. Well, according to the owners of this cute pug, that’s their dog when he’s not begging for food. Really! He isn’t begging for food here.

Image Credits: Reddit/godbyzilla

Imagine what he looks like when he is asking for food! First of all, he’s adorable. Second, if that’s how the sun rises, we think everybody would make an effort to wake up and see it! Jokes aside, he probably just wants love and cuddles.


Dogs love us unconditionally. In fact, dogs are the only ones who can love us more than they love themselves. But these dogs are most definitely hypnotized by the food here. Nothing else has the power to captivate them as food does.

Image Credits: Instagram/funaek

Just look at the way those two pugs are staring at the camera! We can’t stop looking at the pug behind the one in front with its tongue out! We can say for sure that they will pounce on food the moment they get the chance.

No eating in peace

There you are, finally ready to dig in and enjoy your food. Suddenly, the dog comes up to you and sits really close to you and the food while you’re eating. However, you can’t help but understand why it wants the fresh food so bad!

Image Credits: Reddit/elextricfeel

Well, what would you do in this situation? Pretty confusing, right? That’s precisely something this woman was dealing with since she was just chilling out and eating food at her boyfriend’s place. Suddenly, his dog shows up. And we can see why! It looks like they’re having fried chicken.

How’s it going?

This is one of the best “peekaboo” moments ever caught on camera. We just saw the pug that pretty much behaves like the sun is rising. This one also looks a bit like him, but we can tell you he doesn’t want the same thing.

Image Credits: ebaumsworld.com

It looks like this poor pug can’t gaze over the counter, but it is trying its best to look at the other side. The pug is probably smelling some food. Thus, it’s exerting all its effort. We can see a New York Giants cup, but we can’t see any food.


Bulldogs are adorable creatures. We just love how squishy their faces are. When they rest their heads on a surface, like this table in this image, for example, their faces become all the more squishy! We can’t deny the fact that this image is just priceless.

Image Credits: Instagram/noon3110

By the looks of this image, this dog definitely wants a lick of that creamy milkshake or whatever beverage that is. We feel bad for the poor thing because it seems to actually be affected by not getting a lick!

Twice the problems

We bet that most of you will only notice the pitbull in this image upon first glance. It’s alright. Something similar to that happened with us as well. It took us a bit to find that sneaky, cute pug in the corner of the image.

Image Credits: Reddit/ninjacat2001

Just look at how these two are eyeing the food. That’s some excellent teamwork there, and they might just get some treats for their efforts. If we calculate it, that’s gonna be twice the problem since two dogs are showing off their best puppy eyes to the human.

Sweet tooth!

Dogs literally want to eat everything that they see. If that’s not the case, at least it is what we have learned after looking at so many images of them begging for food. In this image, we’re talking about honey.

Image Credits: Instagram/zorro_the_husky

Let us also tell you that honey is safe for dogs to eat in small amounts. Also, it has a lot of natural sugars, and sugar can lead to tooth decay. So, brush your doggo’s teeth after it feasts on small amounts of this good stuff.


We have come pretty far, and we are glad to say that we have left one of the best and the most adorable dog-begging photos for the end. The owner taught these dogs that staring at people while they eat is rude.

Image Credits: thepaws.net

That’s a really great lesson. Since that is what they know, here’s what they do instead. When their owner is eating, they simply stand on either side of her and watch each other! Well, that’s a fantastic way to bend the rules!