Doggos Can Save Your Life!

By Ruby M

As if we needed more reasons to love dogs – but here are more reasons to convince everybody in your life to adopt a pup. 

Image credit: DogTime / Pinterest
  1. Metal Health

Dogs possess the remarkable ability to elevate our moods. That’s right, their cuteness isn’t just a nice bonus, it actually assists in reducing stress and anxiety in humans, and makes us feel less lonely.

  1. Cancer sniffers

It is not uncommon knowledge that a dog’s nose can sniff out far more than a person’s. Dogs have been known to sniff out drugs, explosives, and, as we’ve discovered, even cancer cells! According to some studies conducted on people with lung or breast cancer, dogs can identify biochemical markers of cancer by simply sniffing the person’s breath!

  1.   They can help to detect low blood sugar

Another reason why a dog’s sniffer is far superior is that they can often detect when their diabetic owners are experiencing low blood sugar and are in need of an insulin shot!

  1. Overall health improvements

Dog owners tend to exercise because of the need to walk their dogs every day! Not only can dogs be a great reason for a walk, they can also reduce high blood pressure and studies have shown a longer life span of those suffering from heart conditions when they have a pet dog, as opposed to the same heart conditions found in people without dogs. 

Image credit: Half Baked Harvest / Pinterest

So next time you’re on the market for a pet – remember that dogs truly are man’s best friend!