10 Signs That Your Pet Might Be Smarter Than You

By Martin B March 13, 2024

Do you still think that your pet is just a cute animal? Think again! Pets have been proven to be smarter than their owners in many ways. Here are 10 signs that prove it.


1) They understand the concept of time more than their owners do.

2) They can tell when you’re melancholy.

3) They can sense when you are supposed to come home. Of course, they are happy to see you when you return!

4) They know the meaning of words like “love” and “yes.”

5) They understand emotions better than we do.

6) They learn what their name means over time, even if it changes a lot.

7) They know that the word “no” means they shouldn’t do something. And if you tell them “no,” with a stern voice? Their ears will go back, and their tail might start to wag, just in case they’re not sure what’s going on.

8) They know that they’re not allowed to eat certain things, like plants or sugary stuff. But by the time you come home, they’ve already done it!

9) Your pet will also try to keep an eye on your phone when you have it out and unlocked. So if you ever forget which app you were using, just look at your pet, and they’ll help you out.

10) They know what’s going on with the world! They can tell when there’s an earthquake or a hurricane outside. And they’re always in tune with any political news that might affect them.

Arthur Motinyane / Pinterest

Did you know that your pet knows so much? Probably not! Hope this quick read helps you!