Dolphins To The Rescue!

By Ruby M

Plans to spend a day at the beach and surf with friends turned into a bloody fiasco when professional surfer, Todd Endris, who is 24 years old, was mere moments from a very painful death in 2017, when he encountered a Great White Shark at the Marina State Park in California. 

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The shark was estimated to be 12 to 15 feet long, and first attacked him by clamping down on Todd’s surfboard, but it was not able to wrap it’s jaws around both the surfer and the board. Then, it bit down a second time and managed to rip the skin off of Todd’s back. Thankfully, though, it had trapped Todd’s torso (and internal organs) against the board. The shark then tried to devour his right leg, mauling it severely but this bite enabled Todd to kick the beast hard enough for it to let go and for his saviors to act.

He truly needed a miracle; and that is exactly what he received when a pod of Bottlenose dolphins protected him by forming a ring around him and creating a barrier between him and the shark until he was able to catch a wave back to shore and receive medical treatment.

Image credit: Tory Kallman / Shutterstock

Little is known about why dolphins choose to protect humans, but stories like this have been told for ages, dating all the way back to the times of ancient Greece. Regardless of their motives, Mr. Endris was surely met with a miracle and will undoubtedly be forever grateful.