This Puppy Requests Pets From Dad Through An Adorable Tactic

By Ish B April 26, 2021

This family not only has one cute doggo, they own six! All of their dogs are super adorable, and Amora is one of the most special dogs out of all of them, because she uses an adorable tactic to get instant cuddles. Oliveria is the proud owner of six dogs, and she initially brought Amora into her home as a rescue dog. Amora instantly became a member of the family, and loves getting attention and love from her family.

image courtesy of instagram/oliveirapets

Amora has a unique way of asking for pets, and she does it by gently patting her paws on any solid surface, and resting her head on her human’s shoulder. This is the beginning of her tactic as she eases slowly into her main goal. Her finishing move involves making puppy dog eyes, and staring at her owners with a melancholy look. You can’t say no to her with that adorable look because she simply captivates you with her adorable face.

image courtesy of instagram/oliveirapets

Dogs usually tend to wag their tails, or even bow down to the ground when they want some treats. Some of them will even follow their owners until they give in and have no choice but to give them those treats. But Amora, on the other hand, goes for the softer tactic, and this eventually works out in her favor. This family is well known for raising their dogs well and has garnered 75k likes on Tik Tok for their adorable doggies. Amora’s look can instantly brighten up anyone’s day and she gets along very well with all her brothers and sisters.