Frogs That Resemble Purple Bubbles

By Ish B

When hiking in nature, you come across all kinds of strange animals and objects. You can find animals that look like sticks, or even moving blobs that resemble frogs! The Indian Purple Frog looks just like a blob on the ground from afar. But once you step closer towards it, you’ll notice that it’s actually a frog with defined purple bulbs on its body.

The Indian Purple Frog is nature’s lumpy doughnut, and it in fact is not bright purple. It’s more of an earthy purple color, and can sometimes even have dark streaks on its back and light brown splashes on its stomach and feet. Despite being on the ground in this picture, the purple frog mostly lives underground, and sports unusual features. It also has a purple hue and a unique pointed nose that accentuates its disproportionate body.

Image Courtesy of Unnikrishnan Nair via Wikimedia Commons

The purple frog weighs about 6 ounces, which is a little heavier than a baseball. Despite their large body weight, they have tiny feet that allow them to bury themselves underground, where they enjoy spending most of their time.

The purple frog got its name from its purple hue and snout. Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis is its Latin name, and it’s derived from the Latin form of Sanskrit which translates to “nose.” Its snout is used primarily for consuming ants as their main source of food and termites that lie underground.

Image Courtesy of Unnikrishnan Nair via Wikimedia Commons

These little guys aren’t aggressive at all. They’re in fact incredibly friendly and kind. They spend most of their lives tucked underground and hidden away from people. They’re also not poisonous, so next time you see a purple frog, you won’t need to be frightened by it.