A Couple’s Dog Makes A Decision About Who Their Favorite Is

By Ish B

Kamila Omarova and her partner currently live in New York with their happy little pup named Cookie. The two love their puppy so much that they only have fond words for her. They mentioned that “Cookie is a smart, sweet, and spunky dog full of personality.” The two love their dog so much that they wanted their dog to be put to the test. This test would determine who Cookie loves more.

The two saw the viral trend gain popularity on social media sites such as Tik Tok, and decided to try their hand at the trend themselves. They placed Cookie in between them and decided to run to opposite directions to see which side she would take.

image courtesy of instagramkamilandra_/

The couple both had an equal amount of distance in between them and made sure that there was enough space for Cookie to run. Her reaction was completely unexpected and the outcome is not what you’d imagine. Cookie ended up spinning around in circles at one point because she couldn’t make up her mind!

image courtesy of instagramkamilandra_/

In conclusion, the experiment resulted in a draw, since Cookie couldn’t pick which owner she loved the most. This experiment is an adorable and interesting one to see which owner your pet favors the most (if you co-partner one with a friend or a loved one). In the end, Cookie loves her parents equally and they’re more than happy to have her in their lives. This game proved Cookie’s unwavering love, and that love can sometimes be divided equally and that there doesn’t have to be favorites.