A Baby Owl Finds Its New Home

By Ish B

This story is a heartwarming one that follows the journey of Nikki Robinson, a wildlife rehabilitator, and her discovery of a baby owl. It was supposed to be just a regular day, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first. She was just finishing up on a hike and noticed a cat on the street on her way home. Her caring and instinctive nature brought her to follow the cat to make sure that it avoided any future accidents. Little did she know, she wouldn’t be following the cat to save it. She would be saving another animal instead.

After she walked a bit with the stray cat, she heard a sudden noise. At first, she thought that it was an injured squirrel. She walked a bit more and found out that the screeching sound came from an owl that was lying by the roadside. He as suffering from a head injury, and wasn’t in the best condition.

Image courtesy of red_pangolin/Instagram

Nikki did what she thought was best, and she sent out a call to wildlife rehabbers (who were also her colleagues). She wrapped the fragile little owl in some cloth, and even warmed up the car seats to make sure her new friend was comfortable.

Image courtesy of red_pangolin/Instagram

At first, the little owlet was nervous in Nikki’s car. It would squirm and move around in its new surroundings. Luckily, after a few moments of nervousness, it calmed down and accepted that it was heading to a better place. The owlet is well taken care of, and is receiving the proper care and attention it needs and deserves.