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Cats In Anime Costumes That Make Us Want To Binge-Watch The Series

In the USA, we have a special holiday, Halloween, where people dress up in costumes designed after heroes, superheroes, supervillains, and just about anything else you can think of. On the other side of the world in Japan, residents celebrate Cosplay, where people dress up as their favorite Anime characters. You can choose to be Saber, the one and true king of Fate/Stay night, or Princess Mononoke, who guards the forest against the abuses and tyranny of human consumption. Depending on your budget and your patience, you should be able to come up with a costume that brings your favorite character to life. For example, Twitter user, YagyouNEKO, gained loads of attention because he managed to design, sew, and assemble these kinds of costumes for felines, not humans! When studying the inordinate amount of detail put into each costume, you should be able to recognize the Anime character each cat resembles. After thumbing through this list, you might just be tempted to stream the whole anime series, purchase the books like the avid fan that you are, or buy a costume for you precious cat. Enjoy the list!

I’m Not Afraid To Die

This darling beauty can pack a punch. She’s agile, and she hunts with a pack of wolves. Princess Mononoke is the adopted daughter of Moro, the wolf-goddess. Together, they vow to protect their home and the forest spirit from human consumption – that is, until Princess Mononoke met Ashitaka, a human warrior.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Princess Mononoke’s convictions are tested when she hears Ashitaka’s story. He has come to lift the curse that’s on his arm and rescue the lush forests of the west. Could it be that there are some humans who aren’t as selfish as she thought? Only the battle will prove this. Princess Mononoke is looking out to the far east where her enemies are gathering.

Life Is A Series Of Decisions

“What you choose in that instant defines who you are.” Kyojuro Rengoku couldn’t have said it better. He sets high standards for other demon slayers, and inspires others to fight against the beasts. He believes that a warrior should have pure, single-minded dedication to save other people’s lives – not out of natural talent nor to earn special praise. But because they simply feel that they must.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Sometimes, we can hardly believe that Kyojuro is a major supporting character. If we could have it any other way, we would rather see him as the lead. This significant key player must have encountered a series of mountains and hills on his own to adhere to such strict, moralistic standards.

Yare, Yare Daze

“Yare, Yare Daze” is a Japanese phrase that expresses boredom, impatience, and irritation. In America, you could compare it to someone haughtily saying, “well, well, what do we have here?” Well, this cute cat is dressed up as Josuke Higashikata, the sailor who is the eighth Jojo of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Here are a few fun facts about this character – he has a star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder, two sets of irises, two tongues, and four testicles. He suffers from anterograde amnesia – meaning he can’t recall parts of his past from a specific period. If that doesn’t peak your curiosity, we don’t know what will.

Just Don’t Ever Give Up

One of the best things we heard from the Demon Slayer is, “It’s all right to cry. It’s all right to run away. Just don’t ever give up.” That seems like calming advice for fans (and non-fans) of all ages. But, it wasn’t always this easy, following this piece of advice, as you probably know from Tanjiro Kamado’s quest.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

He finds out that his sister had turned into a demon, and that the rest of his family had just been slaughtered. What would any young person do when faced with these consequences? Tanjiro bravely seeks a cure for his sister’s demon curse, and along the way, gets embroiled with the Demon Slayer’s uncanny affairs.

Everybody, Try Laughing!

You might have guessed by the looks of it, but Totoro is actually a mix of several animals such as, raccoons, dogs, owls, and cats! Sadly, he’s just as fictional as Hayao Miyazaki’s stories. We only wish we had a forest spirit for a neighbor too. That way, we could go on as many trips to the countryside as we wish!

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

What is it about My Neighbor, Totoro that appeals to us? For one, you see through the eyes of two adventurous, free-spirits as they move to the countryside. The younger lead, Mei, stumbles upon Totoro during an early morning walk. Life is no longer the same for these two little girls – at least when it comes to planting seeds, traveling the countryside, or riding the bus!

Maybe, I Need To Find My Own Inspiration

Kiki’s Delivery Service teaches us that failure is a part of the creative process. Take it from this 13-year-old witch, who deals with her own air courier service. She finds it quite difficult to fit into the new community. And with some setbacks, she starts to wonder whether she took the right path.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

In time, she learns that these setbacks are temporary, and if she wants to find inspiration, then she should find it within herself. She beats the disheartenment by having fun. Soon enough, she rediscovers her own magic. This one and a half hour movie is perfect for anyone who feels like they are living for the validation of others.

I Wondered If It Was Okay For Me To Be Strong Since I Was A Girl

You can tell that Mitsuri Kanroji is a looker! She has fair skin, light green eyes, and a small mole under each of them. Despite being a demon slayer, she’s quite shy and soft-spoken. Dubbed as The Pillar of Love, this beauty queen expresses her thoughts with a gentle, yet passionate tone.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

When she was one year old, she was able to lift a ton of bricks that weighed about 120 pounds. So, you can only imagine how strong she became by the time she had become an official demon slayer. She has set her eyes on Obanai-San, a man she perceives as stronger than her, although, truth be told, she is already at his level of strength.

Seeing All Too Clearly

Hotarubi no Mori e is one of Japan’s most beloved Animes. You will know why after watching just one episode. Hotaru forms a friendship with strange Gin, who often wears a mask. “Why would he always wear one? He doesn’t seem to have a need for it!” Well, there are a number of reasons why people should.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

As it turns out, the forest spirit, Gin, might vanquish from the face of the Earth if any human were to touch him. If you actually saw the face under the mask, then there’s greater reason to touch that impeccable skin. But, he wears the mask as a symbol of his feelings for Hotaru. With her, he always has to be on guard.

The Weak Have No Rights Or Choices

If you had grown up just like the demon slayer had, you might have taken everything with a grain of salt too. Since his sister’s death, his personal mission was to do everything with utmost devotion, stating, “I must pass on what was entrusted to me. Never again will I let my family and friends die before my eyes.”

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

Just like he does to himself, Giyu Tamioka imposes the same standards on others. He has zero tolerance for two things – people who relinquish self-control and demons. Nonetheless, he had spared the life of Tanjiro Kamado’s sister, and had even blocked another demon slayer’s attempt to kill her.

The Fight Isn’t Over Yet

Kiriya and his siblings all look alike. Kiriya has fair skin, full-moon eyes, and is very pretty. He has a blunt bob with a fringe covering his forehead. When he first appeared on the Anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetos no Yaiba, he politely explains the test to trainees. But upon his family’s death, he exhibits an entirely different persona.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

In no time, he leads the Demon Slayer Corps. Not having the time to grieve his parents, he quickly strategizes a battle between the Twelve Kizuki and Muzan Kibutsuiji. Unfortunately, he loses nearly half his men, causing him to reboot and recalibrate.

On The Hunt

You know this look all too well. This almost looks like a portrait, except that this cat’s tail flicks from side to side. Everything around him comes to a standstill. Even the dust defies gravity. You stop to follow its stare. You see nothing by the corner. Then this demon slayer lunges.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Obanai Iguro is one of the most important demon slayer’s in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. His eyes are uneven- his right eye is yellow and his left twinkles like turquoise. Running from the corner of his mouth to his ears is an infamous scar. It is said that when he was only 12, someone had forcefully cut him up to make him look like a serpent.

Meow Meow

Unlike other cats on this list, this one doesn’t seem to be sporting a costume. How come? Chachamaru is a tricolor cat with brown, black, and white spots. It carries a bag containing demon’s blood straight from Yushiro’s slain victims.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

This is no ordinary cat, at least after it became a demon. When he was sliced into two during the battle, he was put back into pieces by Yushiro. You might have seen an episode where he became invisible. This was largely due to Yushiro’s spell. This cat knew how to activate it.

Cat Treats

Twitter user YagyouNEKO sure knows how to make a costume. Imagine the hours spent scrutinizing every character’s uniform, and then painstakingly sewing it into a tangible piece. You would need to have nimble fingers to complete the task. And part of the job is to give the cats treats to keep them in place.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Any other cat would have gone ballistic with these beads dangling in their face. They would have torn the hat apart, swatted the beads, or pounce on it altogether. But instead, this cat bows his head slightly, and peers past the string of beads in his face. He is on the hunt!

Care To Travel

If there is one thing we envy about these characters, it’s their superhuman ability to travel. Some can whisk themselves off with sorcery, and others can move from one point to another at jet-fast speed! With this superpower, we could visit and admire the scenic beauty of Japan.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Luckily, Japan is home for these cats. Every year, they make sure to enjoy the falling cherry blossoms leaves and roam the beautiful landscapes of Pines, Maples, and Junipers. Look closer, and you will see the sakura (cherry tree flower). There are almost 200 varieties of them.

Food Over Flowers

Men should start taking notes from Obanai Iguro. This demon slayer only has eyes for Mitsuri. He saw her standing under a Sakura tree and was absolutely smitten. Ever since then, he wouldn’t leave her side, and when he did every once in awhile, he would make sure to grace her with gifts upon his return.

Image courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

Once, he had given her green socks. You bet she adored them. She would wear them with her standard uniform. And one thing we love about Obanai is that he’s got his priorities straight! Instead of giving a woman flowers, he took her out for umami-rich food! Food over flowers, boys. Food over flowers!

If You Can Only Do One Thing, Hone It To Perfection

We got another one for ya from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Before hunting demons, he used to sport jet black hair. During the sparring sessions, he was struck by lightning, and that suave hair turned to orange. Despite being a demon slayer, he has ashamedly admitted that he is a coward. But he has resolved to changed that.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Can you blame him? Being a demon slayer is tough. You have to pay indiscriminate attention. Otherwise, you might end up slaying a child who you had thought to be a demon. Or you might sprint at the faint rustle of bushes. He hates that he acts so cowardly. Wanting to be a competent person, he is willing to hone a single skill to perfection.

Look Who Is Spirited Away

In case you haven’t, watch Spirited Away! You might find yourself identifying with Chihiro, a sullen ten-year old who wanders into a world of spirits, gods, and witches. She must rescue her parents, who were turned into pigs after feasting on an extravagant platter they had invited themselves to.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

On her journey, Chihiro find friends, Haku and No Face(left). Chihiro had almost deserted No Face for his desperate attempts to gain her attention. Like a child, he had formed an identity from the people around him (which he had engulfed). Chihiro leads him away from the baths and into another mission, until he learns to be content with his identity.

Use Your Head

After reading that one-liner, we couldn’t help but feel ashamed of ourselves. Tanjiro Kamado loves to talk, but at least we would love to hear him yapping. His inner monologues such as, “Use your head, not just spirit,” teaches us that intention and foresight will get you further in life than just relying on spirit.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

We need to “think, think, think.” And to do that, Tanjiro calms himself down by taking deep breaths and reframing from the situation purposefully. “Is there a better strategy than this? How can I make hard work produce the best possible outcomes?” Looks like we could all use a friend like Tanjiro Kamado.

“All Of You Will Feel My Hate, And Suffer As I Have Suffered”

If you have watched Demon Slayer, then you should be able to guess the character below. We will give you a clue: He is one of the gods and had turned into a demon just before everything was resolved. Still don’t know? This is Nago, leader of the boar clan, who out of immeasurable pain and anger, turned into a demon.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

What had happened to cause this much distress? In a battle against Lady Eboshi, an iron ball hit him, and he managed to survive while watching the rest of his clan retreat, many of them dying. Because his anger was incontrollable, he had to be put down by Ashitaka. That’s not a great way to go, that’s for sure.

“I’m Going To Give You What You Really Want. Because I Like You”

As you can tell, Japan not only has a diversely rich culture, but their folklore is filled with unimaginably amazing shapeshifters. One of which is a Kitsune. These are wise foxes that possess paranormal abilities, such as shapeshifting, the ability to generate fox-fire and create illusions.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

The appearance of a nine-tailed fox means that you shall be blessed with peace and prosperity. Fortunately, Kitsunes have lengthy life spans of up to 900 years. So they might have graced a couple of dynasties during their reign in Japan. Every once in a while, they might seduce a human to fall in love with them.

What Is The Gameplay?

These two look like they are up to no good. And that’s partly true. It may seem like one is grooming the other as an act of affection, but really she’s just whispering the gameplay in his ear saying, “After we sneak inside the room, we need to rip that cord to shreds. It’s undesirably chewy.”

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Not that there is anything wrong with how they look. But believe us, wearing this costume during a whole day’s woth of training can be unbelievably taxing. Imagine charging at a bunch of demons, and then tripping over these layers of clothing. It doesn’t seem like a glorious victory, doesn’t it?

If You Ask, Tell Me Yours (Name) First

Dororo has a peculiar way of seeing things. She is an orphaned thief who wanders on her own, causing mischief and trouble for anyone she encounters. She meets Hyakkimaru (below) after almost being killed by a demon, and then joins him for a renewed purpose of saving people.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

“We save people and get money doing it. Great huh?” Sure! If only Dororo had thought of this before. However, redemption became an option. Dororo is quite protective of the people around her. She kindly fetches Hyakkimaru his prosthetics, and she doesn’t mind his uncanny presence.

Ready For it?

In Greek mythology, Titans were gods. In Japanese Anime, Titans are thick-skulled, brainless humanoids who feast upon us humans. They put us in cages and tease us through the steel bars until we nervously break down in fear. We had nearly gone extinct until a group of survivors built three walls – Wall Maria, Wall Sina, and Wall Rose, which brought us peace.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Unfortunately, a titan of colossal size was able to breach all three. And after him, a wave of smaller titans, who ate and terrorized every human they encountered, came. Now, a pack of teenagers must plan their revenge and unleash all hell on these creatures. Are you up for it – this attack on the Titans?

Can’t Touch Me

We have always known that cats dislike being uninvited to belly rubs. But, we had not come across one this hostile. It peers dangerously at you with its samurai sword sheathed. It crouches slightly. Your fingers twitch, which causes this kitty to crouch even further.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

You spend a few minutes staring at each other. And just when the fella decides that you’re not a threat, it looks off into the space like nothing happened, saying, “Where did my hooman put that can of spam? That would taste scrumptious! I would eat it in servings of thin slices by cutting it with my sword, which is sharpened to the hilt!”

“I Am Avenger, The Infamous Avatar Of Vengeance”

Inspired by the French novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, the anime show, Gankutsuou, tells a story of a mysterious nobleman living in a luxurious hotel. He was slighted several years back by a Parisian General who had taken his fiancée, and framed the count for several misdeeds.

Image courtesy of YagYouNEKO/Twitter

Unlike the original story, this Anime show is set in the year 5053, and narrated through the eyes of Viscount Albert, the Parisian general’s son. If the style and flair of the costumes and visuals don’t astound you, then the plot should. The Count of Monte Cristo is secretly a blood-thirsty vampire.

Care To Try An Anime Pilgrimage?

Japan is the hotspot for Anime tourism. You can visit a café, exhibition, museum, or event that’s dedicated to a certain Manga or Anime. And, if you would like to go a step further, then you can visit the real-world locations featured in your favorite Manga book.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

If you watched ,Your Name, try visiting Yotsuya, Tokyo, and have your friends take a picture of you on the stairs. These steps lead to the Suga Shrine, where you might just meet your own Taki. In other tourism spots, you might meet these Anime characters, who will guide you throughout the location. Pretty neat, huh?

A Little Patience Goes A Long Way

What does a little patience guarantee you? Why, you should be able to master a skill, gain a number of followers on Twitter, and receive a collective appreciation for your works of art. We are so not shocked that Twitter user, YagyouNEKO, achieved all of this.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Just look at the detail that went into this costume. You can only imagine how difficult it was to stitch (or rather, hand-stitch) this Montsuki (male kimono) for a cat! It had to be comfortable to wear, otherwise, this feline would have sprinted off without a care in the world for this photo-op.

Endless Dream

So many people keep asking – is Kimetsu No Yaiba a good Manga? No. That’s for sure. It’s a fantastic manga! Twenty-three volumes exists in which the 26-episode anime is based off. It is so intriguing, and was the highest-grossing Anime film late last year.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Tanjiro Kamado sister, who became a demon, desires to find a cure for her. Dire circumstances caused them to enlist in the Demon Slayer Corps. We know – it’s odd that among them is a creature they are fighting against. But despite having turned into a demon, Tanjiro’s sister displays human emotion and thought.

Warrior’s Return

The peaceful calm was a sharp contrast to what this cat was imagining. She knew that her comrades were out there somewhere, battling demons and evil spirits. But she couldn’t do anything about it. All she can do is wait on these blocks of stone, an patiently count the days until the warrior’s return.

Image courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

The sun beats on her back. From one paw to the other, she shifted her weight from one paw to the other. Her comrades would have sensed her anxiety, but everyone else only saw her placid gaze. In a couple of minutes, she sprung to the lawn before her, and dashed back inside to begin her training.

How Can You Feel Sorry For Something That Kills Humans?

Shinobu Kocho is just like the majority of us. After watching her parents die at the hands of demons, she seeks vengeance and joins the Demon Slayer Corps. She would do anything to keep others from suffering the same fate. So she found it hard to believe that there are demon sympathizers like Tanjiro.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

What if there was a way to extinguish the curse without killing the person inhabited by the demon? She says, “If there is a way not to kill these pitiful demons. I have to keep trying to come up with it, without extinguishing the smile my sister said she loved.”

Put On A Pedestal

Commanding an army and bringing glory to the empire is no easy task. But that is just what this warrior must do. He exerts care to win every battle with only the slightest amount of damage to his army. He doesn’t shrink away from his duty. He knows that the greatest glory lies in serving his country.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

He never wanted to be put on a pedestal. But with his natural prowess and intuition, he quickly rose to the ranks to become Japan’s greatest warrior. Despite his success, he has little time to smell the roses or attend to the subjects’ requests.

Take Your Pick

If you are a brilliant designer like Twitter user YagyouNEKO, you should expect a lot of people to follow you. Cat owners, Anime enthusiasts, fellow designers – they’re all begging to know how YagyouNeko gets it done. And being proud of his achievements, the famed designer hangs up the pieces for everyone’s admiration.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

In a couple of seconds, you can transform into a sailor, a demon slayer, or if you would have it, a demon. Every costume is a single thread of a narrative of stories. Each unravels at a single point in time in Japanese culture. And each character who had worn these costumes tells us a truth that we can learn from at present.

Call To Arms

We don’t know about you, but this cat is sporting some serious pecs. By conjuring spells and sparring with enemies all day long, it’s no wonder that this cat can barely fit his muscles inside that perfectly-tailored uniform. We can’t say the same for his companion. He doesn’t seem too happy to cross swords just yet.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

He scans the crowd to see if there are any demons waiting for the opportunity to unleash the depths of the underworld. He should be able to at least smell one. He can sense some rotten eggs by the east wing. He sprints to catch the demon before he loses its scent.

Calling It A Day

This cat can barely hold his eyes open. He yawns and then looks at his brother, whom he nudges with his nose. “Come on, how about calling it a day?” His brother looks unfazed. He saw a squirrel raise its head as it he muttered the sentence under his breath.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

But his brother just stares in the distance. As if by some miracle, his ears twitch. Finally his brother turns to look at him. His head turns to the Minka, but his body stays put. With some willpower, his brother was able to walk apace with his counterpart.

The Ice Queen

Alchemy is a specific craft. As you guessed, alchemists can create and transmute pretty much anything, except humans and gold. They have to create something of equal value in exchange. In a world of multiple possibilities, what would you create?

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

The Ice Queen, a beautiful, pale-skinned blonde, commands her soldiers to man the North Wall. Underestimate her, and you might lose your head in a couple of seconds. But although she is quick to touch the hilt of her sword, she is even more patient to unsheathe it.

Just A Walk In The Woods

Every once in a while, demon slayers take a break from their duties. To them, rest is just as important as mastering a skill. On this particular day, this slayer thought about taking a walk through the woods. As some form of meditative retreat, he would stop every now and then before a tree, and listen to the rustle of leaves beneath his feet.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

He might hear a raccoon, or a bird tweet overhead. He remains perfectly still, except for his ears which hover like antennas trying to find the right frequency this far south of the woods. Just before nightfall, he turns back into the Minka to tell his friends about his afternoon.

Whatchu Lookin’ At

You won’t find one of these fur balls without the other. They eat, sleep, and dine together. Just today, they had expectedly spent the afternoon by the foot of the bridge. A little rest can award us some of the best luxuries – watching koi fishes and wondering what they taste like.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

One asks the other, “Whatchu lookin’ at? He doesn’t hear a reply. But he can see his friend’s whiskers bristling in anticipation. There’s hunters! The fishes were more attuned than they were to the presence of hunters. So, if any of them wanted live bait, they would have to sit a couple more minutes in silence.

The Power of One Man Doesn’t Amount to Much

If we were this dashing, we wouldn’t know how to deal. He is a superior officer and designed to be the next head of state. While his superficiality can thwart some people off, he can be extremely beguiling. He has a knack for predicting how people will act, and manipulates everyone around him to do as he wishes.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

It should be no wonder how he managed to become a colonel at such a young age. The superficiality is an intentional façade to cause his enemies to underestimate him. At the heart of his core, he is a very devoted commander who seeks to protect his friends and subordinates.

Loving The Tush

This one has no need for costumes. We were nearly blinded by its immaculate, white fur. And because YagyoNEKO put this costume on her, we couldn’t help but gawk even more. This kitty is absolutely stunning. Who wouldn’t stare? And look and the adorable heart at top of her tail!

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

In case you are wondering, she was born with that tush. This definitely not a product of some paint or spray. If any, it fits the whole student ensemble look going on here. But what is she doing in this part of the woods? Why, she’s paying homage to a god just before going back to school.

Come Tp Machi Asobi

If you haven’t heard of it, Machi Asobi is a special Anime event for fans in Tokushima, Japan, and is held in the Fall. Foodies can even have a gourmet time. Of course, the event isn’t complete without a Cosplay Fashion Show. And recently, this cat had cosplayed as Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

Image courtesy of Yagyou NEKO / Twitter

Saber is one of the three main characters in Fate/Stay Night. Her skills and magic make her one of the strongest servants in the Anime series. Despite being a royal female, people were certain that she would become the successor to the throne. And she trained for this day until she became the strongest of all.

The Conqueror

There is a good reason why demons like to stay clear from this one. He can make anyone vanish within a kilometer’s distance. Forget sending them, to the underworld. There souls will turn into ash, and their whole being reduced to non-existence status.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Just today, he heard that demons were terrorizing the townsfolk. He speedily sprinted through the woods, and then looked over the cliff. He guessed there were only a handful of demons to exorcise. That isn’t too shabby for this morning’s exercise.

Sharp Shooter

Don’t let her blue eyes and pigtails fool you. This archer is ruthlessly competitive, and is set out to prove herself as a Magus. Rin Tohsaka is one of three heroines in the Anime, Fate/Stay Night. She gets the mission done in no time without suffering from all the pain.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

She describes herself as broken, and believes this to be the prime reason to become a Magus. She is determined to live her life in the service of others. As much as she hates the contradiction, she believes this is what makes her fit to master the Magecraft.

Who Are You Calling Cute

Twitter user and costume creator, YagyouNeko, customizes each cat costume. If the cats are feeling particularly edgy, then that’s the outfit he’s going to get. Today, this cat put up quite a fuss after being forced to wear this costume. Its eyes narrowed into thin slits as people wanted to take pictures.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Who are you calling cute, hooman? It knows better to still in order to receive a bag of treats. Besides, if you’re this good-looking, you might as well enjoy the attention. But hands-off. You wouldn’t want this “cute” kitty to conjure a magic spell last minute.

We Have Reached A New Level

Artoria Pendragon is one of three heroines in the Anime, Fate/Stay Night. She is the female, Arthur Pendragon, the future king of this universe. She was able to wield her own sword, Caliburn, and then later remove the excalibur from the stone.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

Like the western stories, Artoria loves gymnastics and is secretly exceptional in all forms of gambling. She wears a one-piece dress to all battles, and despite her thin figure, she can carry the heavy steel spread armor. She can wield both sword and sorcery with her intellect.

In Full Gear

This is by far one of the best warrior costumes we have seen on kitty. It is tailor-made to fit every nook, cranny, and curve, while allowing enough movement to strike an attack from the stone steps. This cat seems to agree too. It can knead its paws and bare its claws at the sight of danger.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

But today, this sorcerer didn’t need to summon spells or whisk anything out of thin air. All he had to do was wait for his hooman to get the can opener and tuna, and idly stay on the side. That is the least a hooman can do, given that this demon slayer has successfully kept the city safe.