3 Top Ideas For How To Entertain Your Dog At Home

By Shivam B

Dogs are wonderful companions who love to play. Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t have the time to take them to the park, or space for a big yard in which their pup can run and explore freely. Whether you live in an apartment building with no outside access, or simply want to avoid trips to the groomer, there are plenty of ways to keep your furry friend entertained at home! This blog post will cover 3 ideas that will keep your four-legged friend happy!


Idea #01: Hide and seek. Dogs love to play games of hide-and-seek, so keep their natural instincts entertained with a game of “find it.” You can do this a few ways. One is by hiding treats around the room or yard for your pup to sniff out – make sure they’re not too well hidden!

Idea #02: Play fetch. Dogs love games of fetch, and they will love this game just as much at home as in the park! All you need is a ball or other toy that your dog can pick up in its mouth and bring back to you. Just remember not to throw the toys too far – otherwise, your pup might become frustrated if it can’t make it back quickly enough.

Idea #03: Teach them tricks. To entertain your dog, teach it a few new tricks! You can try teaching some of the basics like “sit” or “shake a paw,” and when you are successful with those, move on to more advanced moves like rolling over or playing dead.


Hopefully, these tips will make those long days of solitude a little more bearable. We hope that these games will help keep your pup’s mind active while they’re waiting by the door for their next adventure!