45 Adorable Pit Bull Selfies That Make Our Hearts Melt

By Alisa S

Folks who are lucky enough to own a Pit Bull know what we mean when we say these dogs are epic! Most of the time, they exhibit human-like behavior. A day with a Pitty, who is basically like a family member, is a day filled with lots of love and funny experiences. There are so many moments where these big, goofball babies amaze their human family members with their expressive faces and amusing actions that could entertain anyone. However, only a few get caught on camera. But when they do, no one can remain indifferent to the heart-stirring expressions and photos of Pitties with cheesy grins, adorable gazing eyes, and many other goofy and awe-inspiring characteristics. Not convinced? Check out some of these cute pictures shared by lucky owners of Pitties and a few Staffies, and decide for yourself. Enjoy them being witty while posing for a selfie, while their goofy and expressive nature spontaneously is caught on camera. These captivating Pitty selfies won’t leave even the hardest of hearts aloof.

The self timer of 2 seconds is way too short for this posing pitty

We’ve all had those frustrating moments with our selfie camera timer, where 2 or 3 seconds just isn’t enough to strike that perfect pose. However, with 10 seconds countdown for the self timer leaves, you start feeling as stiff as a statue. 

Image credit: Pet Planet/YouTube

This poor baby seems to be very stressed out with that short self timer if you take a look at his distressed facial expression. He just can’t make it in time to strike the perfect selfie pose, and that’s a real burden too. We get it.

Showing-off the adorable pitty smile

Pitties and staffies alike are very famous for their big cheesy grins, which are unique and typically attributed to their unique features – A facial spasm, scientists may argue. But, it’s not just these images that are so adorably convincing…

Image credit: everdayentropy.com

It’s a known fact the fact that some of these heart-warming pics of smiling Pit bulls are taken spontaneously when they are being playful, affectionate, or just excited. Simply put, their owners know without a doubt, that those fascinating, big smiles are their true expressions of satisfaction.

Sister selfie! Me loves my little human sister the most! 

When a Pit Bull puppy joins a human family with toddlers, he grows up as an equal sibling, and no one can break the bond with their human brothers and sisters.  “Say cheese little sister,” the Pitty says, “Let’s see who has the biggest smile!”

Image credit: sodahead.com

Here’s a fact: According to a lack of research and evidence, it’s considered to be a myth that Pit Bulls were once nanny dogs in the early 20th century. However, Pitty and Staffy owners know that they really do make great siblings and babysitters because they’re so protective.

BFF selfie: “Girl, the camera hates me… okay, I’ll smile

It’s girl time baby! “Chillin’ with the bestie, and ugh… she’s making me do those selfies again, and I’m just not a natural in front of the camera. And no, I don’t know what my best side is for posing… That’s what BFF’s are for!

Image credit: hahahumor.com

Okay, so this Pitty girl, like many of us humans, just doesn’t know how to pose for the camera. But thankfully, she’s got her canine BFF who’s always there to encourage and support her. “Go girrrrl, you are BE-YU-TI-FULL!” 

Wave for the camera selfie, “Cuz I’m so cute

This puppy seems to know how adorable she is, so selfie time is play time for this Pitty. We bet this lovely pupper wouldn’t mind being dressed up as princess either. Wave for the camera sweet princess, everyone loves ya, and you know it.

Image credit: Broadway Barks/Twitter

Staged selfie or accidental perfect shot? Whatever it is, we just can’t deny the cuteness of this adorable Pitty. It seems so natural, almost as if this one’s a baby girl believing that she’s a little princess and waving to all her admirers!

Funky nerd style Pitty 

A beany and a new pair of red nerdy specs, now that’s what we call funky nerd style… and this little boy wears it soooo gooood for being an adorable pupper. He says, “I feel good… just so good… and I’m gunna show you a funky selfie.”

Image credit: Pitbull Americano/Facebook

If Pit Bulls could hold human jobs, this funky guy would definitely be some kind of ‘dev ops’ programmer, or a high tech hacker in Silicone Valley. Who knows, maybe the future of Hi Tech and AI will carry with it some VIP Pitbull hackers!

“Takin’ it eazy, chillin’ on my papa’s kneezy

Yeah, we know that sounds cheesy, but this pup’s selfie pic is too! In fact, who said that cheese is bad? Well, whoever did, never saw this Pitty’s’ selfie pic below. Pit bulls have brought the ‘eazzz’ into ‘cheese’ so swiftly.

Image credit: loveabulllisa/Instagram 

It’s official; cheesy is the new cool! The famous Pitty grin combined with the chilling and the napping in which Pit Bulls are experts at, really do make for some lovely, awesome photographs. Pit Bulls are real masters when it comes to down time and cheesin’.

Upside-down selfie fail

Women and young girls enjoy taking upside down selfies in order to make their faces seem more pretty, with the face lift effect. We bet this Pitty was trying to pull this move off here… But, instead of a beauty face-lift, this beauty received a face-fail!

Image credit: loveabulllisa/Instagram

Even though the face-lift didn’t work out, and, in case this was a human selfie, this would be an epic fail. The squishy wrinkles on this Pitty’s face add up to even more adorable cuteness. Way to go Pitties, you’ve proven that wrinkles aren’t ugly at all!

Did someone say “get out of bed?”

“Get out of bed and freeze? I don’t think so. And just so y’all know, I’m a serious pooch and I’m takin’ a selfie to prove it!” Yep, this sleepyhead Pitty is real serious about not getting up and out into the blistering cold. 

Image credit: Missouri Pit Bull Rescue/Pinterest

Animals don’t sense the cold as much as us humans do because they have fur and we don’t. But, it’s debatable when it comes to short-haired animals, especially Pit bulls. Anyone who’s owned a Pitty knows how they love to keep warm and cozy, and they love to cuddle.

The ladies man selfie

Who could ever resist this photo and not turn this “selfie-like-pic” into a meme? The kisses all over his face and the charming gaze just say it all; “Cause I’m a ladies man.” Jokes on the side, though, it’s obvious this fella is surrounded with love.

Image credit: Missouri Pit Bull Rescue/Pinterest

Shout out to the folks at Missouri Pit Bull Rescue for the work that they do and for coming up with so many awesome ideas to show the world how loving and a protective Pit Bulls really are if you shower them with care and affection. 

Welfieeee… wif ma bow!

Well hello there fella, haven’t we already met? Do you recognize this lover boy from the pic before? Yep, Mister Charming below is also a proper Pitty goofball. We know you’ve already seen him, but we couldn’t resist, so we put him here again.

Image credit: Missouri Pit Bull Rescue/Pinterest

Seriously though, who could ever get enough of him.? Mind you, he does seem like an annoyed poser! Just kidding. If this were a case dealing with human selfies, we might have thought so, but for all the Pitties out there, we know this is staged, so it’s as cute as ever. 

The Mila Jovovich Pitty reincarnation

Ladies and gents, we present to you the beauty queen of Pit Bull terriers. Besides the resemblance of the beauty and famous actress, Mila Jovovich, this lovely lady is an albino dog. Albinism affects not only humans, but also animals too.

Image credit: Missouri Pit Bull Rescue/Pinterest

Albinism is a mutation of the genes. People and animals who have it usually stand out due to lack of pigment in their skin. However, all human and animals born with it possess an intriguing kind of beauty and appeal that’s very rare. Selfie or not, this lovely lady just had to make this list.

The Blues Brothers smiley babies

“We so cute and we know it!” Pure cuteness, yes. Pure blue nose? We’re not sure. This can only be distinguished by the experts during a live visual examination. But who cares? We’re talking about pure adorableness of the brotherly love of these two pups.

Image credit: wikianimal.news

So, we can’t persuade you that this is a real selfie. But, they do look like real little posers. It’s as if they’re already used to being photographed for many photo sessions. Check out the, “We so cute” posing style and the adorable grins they have on their faces.

No love like sisterly love

Pitty owners that have to take care of pups and toddlers, together, will understand why we’re mentioning this special bond between our children and our Pit Bulls pups. It’s an amazing experience to watch them grow together. They learn so much from each other.

Image credit: Alisa S/funcatz.com

“Don’t worry lil sis, I’m gunna protect you,” Bella is very protective of her sisters. No one can approach them without her examining them first. If on a leash, she never pulls them along; If not, they are not allowed to run too far away from her, ever!

“Mama, get out of my selfie!”

Bella’s mama loves shooting pics with her. But Bella (meaning ‘beautiful’ in Italian) seems to really be aware of how beautiful she is. So, she always has to take the center position. In fact, she does that when sleeping in bed with her sisters or her parents too.

Image credit: Alisa S/funcatz.com

Once you see your Pitties growing up with your kids and your family, from a very young age, they start to take on your personalities. Not only do they exhibit a great amount of human like behavior, but they actually show way more empathy and emotion than us.

The begging Pitty selfie

“I’m hungry, freezing, and I could really do with a treat. Please help me. I’m a poor little thing.” One of the things that Pitties are known for is their expressive behavior when they beg for food and attention, or when they know they’re guilty.

Image credit: Iveta Ankas/WeHeartIt

When they want something or do something wrong, pitties tend to put on these faces as if their trying to say, “Please help me, I’m such a poor thing.” Or something like, “I’m in trouble… knew I shouldn’t have done that, so embarrassing!”

Timer’s on…3,2… oh no something’s on my face

It’s the timer mess again. And this goofy boy did try to avoid it by trying multi-shots. After all, if his sis can look pretty in pics, why shouldn’t he? “Freeze for the second shot… Is there still something on my face?”

Image credit: girlbitesback/Twitter

According to the owner of this Pitty pic, he has a sister too. His name is Spice, and his sister’s name is Sugar. Their names speak for themselves too. Sugar is a pretty photogenic lady. Whereas Spice, as you can see, is a real goofball.

“Just got back from my manicure, I’m dazzling!”

Now here is a real typical girly-girl selfie. The expression on her face, the pose, and the ‘whoa’ painted on her nails in pink! It’s almost hard to believe that this is a staged selfie and not a teenage girl Pitty with a mind of her own.

Image credit: heartsofpets.com

This lovely Pitty lady totally hit the mark when it comes to imitating a girly, “I’m so beautiful” selfie. She seems like a proper prima donna showing off her nails! Pitties these days are getting more and more human like, wouldn’t you agree?

#Social media update, “Chilling with my new tablet”

Here’s another typical teenage selfie. Teenagers and Gen Z alike are into this pop culture trend of showing off on social media about anything and everything they do. Especially when they buy something new and fancy that they must show everybody.

Image credit: trueactivist.com

If we didn’t love Pitties so much and if they weren’t so cute, wouldn’t it start to almost get a bit spooky how human like their behavior can get, especially on these staged selfies here. But we love them, and that makes them so unique.

“Gimme the camera”

“C’mon give it to me, I wanna do my own selfie.” says young Bella so impatiently to her mama. You know when kids start to have those phases when they are adolescents when they want to try and do everything themselves with no help?

Image credit: Alisa S/funcatz.com

Our dear Bella was a typical kid during her younger years, like here in this pic. In fact, she’d smother the camera just as anything else she could get her paws on. Then she would chew it. So, we just couldn’t let her have it.

The real Blues Brothers

Well, what do we have here? Another reincarnation ladies and gents. Behold the Pitty Blues Brothers. These little-big boys seem well prepped up to give us some entertaining moments in a show of a lifetime that is just cute selfies.

Image credit:  the_blueboys20/Instagram

In fact, these lovely lads are called, The Blue Boys. They are a real hit on the Internet and social media, such as Instagram. So, if you need a daily dose of Pitty fun and cuteness, then make sure you check out their Instagram profile.

Goofy photo session

Photo sessions are not only fun to do, but they can have a therapeutically effect when you’re feeling down and in need of some self-care and self-love. It’s even better when your Pit Bull joins in on the fun. Here’s another awesome thing we learned from them.

Image credit: Missouri Pit Bull Rescue/Pinterest

This Pitty is truly hilarious just by the look of this photo. His owners are so lucky to have him as a family member. You can see that he’s a real goofball, and there’s no monotony nor time to dwell in sadness or negativity when he’s around.

“I need snuggles, kisses, a soft blanket, and more snuggles”

Awhhhh, now wouldn’t you just love to take this little baby and smother him with snuggles and kisses? His face is so pure and innocent. Come on, you’d have to be a cold-hearted robot of a person to resist this cuteness.

Image credit: anniemany.com

“Someone said that I’m cute now, but when I grow, I’ll be a bad dog on the block. Is snuggling bad?” This melts our hearts just looking at this pic. We wish we could just take him and give him all the love we’ve got.

“Dude, ya killin’ me with this selfie timer thing”

Here we have another stereotypically impossible friendship. In general, we know that cats and dogs, unless they grow up together, are usually enemies and need time to adjust to one another. But these two here are obviously real BFF’s.

Image credit: aplacetolovedogs.com

When a dog and a cat that don’t coexist in the same place get into a fight, you usually expect the cat, being smaller, to receive the bad end of the stick. However, we’ve seen huge bullies barely get their heads out alive from a kitty attack. They are stubborn.

Photo session with a pro photographer

Okay, so we can’t acknowledge that this is a selfie because this photo session is just too perfect to be taken by anyone else but a pro photographer with a professional camera. The model herself seems pretty professional as well, like she does this on the reg.

Image credit: Aelinsaar/Imgur

And she happens to be a really beautiful model. Some Pitties really are amazingly photogenic, exactly like photogenic people are. Yet us humans, if we’re not gifted with great features, we look awful unless we know our good side.

Goofy photo session

Here, folks, we continue the story from the picture like you just saw above. You know what we were saying about being photogenic? How you need great features? Well, this goofus is not exactly a photogenic, natural model as you can see.

Image credit: Alba Martínez/Twitter

He might not know his good side in terms of certain poses and profiles, but he definitely knows how to make you laugh your head off. Who needs pretty models anyways? Goofy is way more fun and interesting to look at anyways.

“Whoa, I just pressed this thing and my face froze!”

Now here’s a pic that’s hard to believe that is not a real selfie accidentally taken by this pup. He obviously isn’t very familiar with a phone or a camera. The shock on his face during the shot is hilarious!

Image credit: ArtDog Designz/Pinterest

We’re pretty sure you’ve had a moment or two like this yourself. You know, when you accidentally take your selfie before you’re actually ready, and you end up looking outrageous to say the least. You can’t delete it fast enough!

“Hey ladies, allow me to introduce myself”

Well hello mister nice guy. Seems pretty confident in himself to be a handsome prince charming, this lover boy we got here. He’s thinking, “The first girl to dial my number gets to go on a date with me, c’mon ladies who will be the lucky one?”

Image credit: otterthepitbull/Twitter

If you’ve lived or were born in the 90’s, a pop song might ring a bell when you look at this hunky poser here He’d say, “I know what I want, And I want it now, I want you cause I’m Mr. Vain.”

Social media update: “Looking for a nice long belly rub”

Selfie on the couch by mister lazy rubbadub. This photo looks totally natural given this Pitty’s expression here. It reflects real human-like behavior with an added spice of Pitty cuteness sprinkled on top. Who wouldn’t want to rub that belly?

Image credit:  Patrick Powell/Pinterest

We know we would for sure! We do wonder though, is this a teenage boy seeking the attention of girls on social media, or is he a lazy slob who’s just bored and lying around on the couch? Ahhhh we would rub that belly anyway.

“AAARRGH Help, save me from the grabber!”

We’re not really sure if this pup is having fun or if he’s actually trying to escape from someone. Maybe he’s messing with us, the little rascal. Maybe this pic is a staged selfie with a staged smile and a staged personality. However, we highly doubt it.

Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

So, you probably can’t distinguish this pitty’s expression here either. But, if you let your imagination flow, tons of comic ideas will come to mind for sure as to what he was up to in this moment in time. He’s saying, “Weeeaaaa Imma fly into the camera!”

DJ Pitty & Staffy MC in da house

“Say Yeaaah, say ohhh… was up ladies and gentlemen, this is DJ Pitty and Staffy MC in da house, comin’ at ya. Yo, yo. Yo, yo. Yo, yo. Word up! Peace!” We can almost feel the beat through this photo. Wouldn’t it be great to hear some Pitty rapping.

Image credit: onedogentertainment/Facebook

In fact, there’s a cartoon out there with a Pit Bull who makes beats for his rapper owner. It’s a Balkan cartoon, so unless you know a Slavic language, you probably wouldn’t understand a word. But the characters are still fun to watch and listen to.

Did he just do that?

This kitty was so eager to pull off a “distant gaze selfie” into the depths of nature. But when you have a Pitty for a best bud, it’s hard to do anything that wouldn’t leave him feeling left out, wanting to be spoiled until he goes to bed at night.

Image credit: tenso.blog.br

“Spoiler alert! I’m da bomb babe, yeah, da bomb!” He did try to warn him, at least. He told the cat to stop ignoring him, or else. Yet, kitty-kat bro didn’t listen. So Pitty had to do the photobomb move to get the attention he demanded.

“Your turn surveillance cam, I’m comin’ at ya”

Did you know that Pitties hate to be left alone, especially at home? They tend to work up some anxiety. Well, if you didn’t know, be aware! Try leaving him home alone for a long time, but prepare yourself for a wild mess to clean up as a warm welcome home.

Image credit: thestaffordshirebullterrier.com

This pitty is always blaming someone else for the mess in the house. So, his parents set up a surveillance cam to catch him red handed. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out well for the camera, and the pupper didn’t seem to care at all.

“Look dad, my smile is so much bigger than yours”

Who’s papa’s big boy, who? C’mon gimme a big grin baby boy, show your huge smile to the camera. It’s father and son selfie time. “Cheeeez, hey paps, my mouth is so much bigger than yours, look it’s huge daddy!”

Image credit: abcnews/YouTube

Well, as huge as that mouth is, this smile is even more insanely adorable. This Pitty daddy is a lucky guy to have a Pitty with an awesome smile to make his day and every day special and happy. No space for bitterness wherever this Pitty goes.

Snigger your heart out

Now, if this face doesn’t make you laugh, we don’t know what will. You can almost hear this wacky mischievous pupper snicker and giggle while he’s hiding beneath the blanket pretending he’s not there and making his human lose their minds.

Image credit: batona.net

His parents are probably looking for him, although they too are probably pretending to be serious, honestly. This goofball isn’t aware of his size, as many Pitties aren’t, and doesn’t know that it’s impossible for him to hide beneath the blanket!

Underwater camera selfie

The days have come along where Pitties are starting to take underwater selfies! This puppy seems to love going for a nice swim, eyes open as well, and we bet he was some kind of an underwater animal in his past life.

Image credit: Laura Lawrence/Pinterest

Of course it’s hard to believe that this is a selfie. Especially, because a work of art such as this great shot takes some practice to get the pose and photo just right. It takes great skill and talent to execute this kind of staged selfie.

Mamma takes selfies like this

Here is another lovely Pitty following the footsteps of her mother or perhaps her sister. And this one actually managed to pull of the face lift effect along with a wide grin the scream, “I’m so beautiful.” If there is one thing all of these Pitties have in common, it’s confidence!

Image credit: Gangnam Style/Pinterest

Staged or not, this selfie looks all natural, like it was spontaneous, thanks to the smile on this adorable Pitty’s face. Seriously though, we’re totally convinced that there’s no smile like a Pit Bull’s smile, and this photo proves that.

The “I’m lonely” face

Social media update selfie: “Not fair, I’m bored, no one wants to play with me, and now I’m sad and lonely as well. Is there anyone out there who wants to play with me, anyone? I swear I offer a good time and lots of cuddles.”

Image credit: Tomas Heisar/Pinterest

Apart from seeming like the pupper is holding the camera itself, this pup looks so lonely that if we knew where to find him, or her, we’d give him all the attention and love he wants. How could anyone resist this baby face?

Gotta catch up on this selfie trend

“Hey ya’ll, look I can do the girly face-lift selfie too. Mama said I’m to young to post on social media, but I stole her phone, I’m so awesome because I’m such a rule-breaker!” Way to go cuteness, you’ve stolen our hearts.

Image credit: cpmar111/Reddit

Poor thing. It looks like the flash of the camera must have really caught this little baby off guard as she was eagerly trying not to blink. Pitty pups are so heart melting they should be promoted as the best emotional therapy dog for their amazing smiles.

“Stole my mama’s phone while she was sleeping”

Another mischievous Pitty pup acting goofy for the camera like all the rest of them. This kind of reminds us of our children when they steal our phones and post embarrassing and funny pics on our social media profiles. We secretly love it!

Image credit: sonderlives.com

If you’re a parent of a witty child or a ball of fur who is constantly coming in charge to silly bloopers and entertaining the family, you’ll should know how funny they are even when they do the most embarrassing bloopers with your phone.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the nicest grin of ’em all?”

And here’s a lesson Pit Bull’s can truly teach us to the best of their abilities: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up after I fall. Whether I run, walk, or have to crawl, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.” – Stephanie Tomeo

Image credit: Dannette Kastin/Pinterest 

If you’re feeling down and life has struck too many punches directed at you, we hope this picture combined with the above quote has inspired you, makes this whole experience stick in your memory forever. It certainly brought tears of joy in our eyes.

The ‘distant gaze’ romantic selfie

The old chappie at the window gazing out for his long-lost lover pose. Fusing between romance and wonder, this Pitty’s selfie of a distant gaze has an inspiring vintage style to it. It strikes your curiosity in a special way.

Image credit: thestaffordshirebullterrier.com

We would love to be able to read his thoughts and see if and what he is actually thinking about. Is he nostalgic about something or someone? That one true love of his life perhaps? Or is he waiting for a stroll in the park?

Timer success! 6, 5, 4… “sit like my human and look cute”

“Mama said that if I pull off my selfie, I will get a nice and yummy treat, so here it is. Can I have my treat now?” This lovely Pitty lady seems to have put in lots of effort for her selfie so she can reap the benefits of her hard work.

Image credit: thestaffordshirebullterrier.com

Here goes the spooky human-like behavior again. The one we just can’t resist. Almost spooky like we said before of course, because nothing can be neither spooky or anything other than cute and adorable when it comes to Pitty’s posing for pictures.

Someone’s got a huge mouth!

This Pitty looks like he’s playing out the Little Red Riding hood scene in front of the camera. You know the one where the wolf dresses up as the granny and The Little Red Riding Hood says, “But granny why is your mouth so big?”

Image credit: Teef/Imgur

“Raaaaagh, so I can swallow youuuu….” Nope, you didn’t scare us Pitty, we know you would never do that and we actually find it very funny. But try not to do that in public please, some people are actually still scared of Pit Bulls, unfortunately.

“Mommy says I was born to be a photo model”

“Okay, stand and be nice and I get a treat! No treat yet? But mommy you said…. hey that lady’s taking my treats… okay, fine, I’ll stop barking to get what I want!” This lovely lady doesn’t seem to enjoy her modeling career so much.

Image credit: JaketheSnake486/Imgur

“But mommy said so and mommy must be happy. Plus, mommy said she’d give me some treats if I stand still and be nice, but there’s another photo lady trying to steal my treats, so I had to defend them.” Complicated life for this pupper.