Pawsitively Thoughtful: 40+ Times Pets Brought Their Humans Presents

By Iulia P

There is nothing better than being able to show your gratitude to your loved one by gifting them something you know that they will truly appreciate. And we humans aren’t the only ones that know this; our furry, four-legged friends know it, too. We’ve all heard stories of cats bringing “meals” to their owners or Corvids rewarding kind humans.

The only problem is that our animal friends have a different definition of “gift.” Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but when we’re picking up sacrificed rodents or returning our neighbors’ toys, we can’t help but wonder what our pets are trying to say.

Nevertheless, we can’t help but love our furry friends for thinking of us. Here are some of the cutest little gift-bringers you will see today.

Happy birthday, human

When you first look at this picture, you would most likely think that it is a very beautiful souvenir from a human’s birthday, and the human decided to take a picture with her cat, who was passing by. Well, if that’s what you had in mind, it’s wrong.

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The Happy Birthday balloon was indeed a gift – a very uninspired but thoughtful gift. It turns out that this ball of fluff is a stray cat that this woman feeds. As a sign of appreciation, it always brings her gifts, like this stolen balloon.

Jessy has a plan

This is Jessy. Maybe you can’t tell, but Jessy has a plan. A very devious one if you ask us, but she is more than sure it will work out. She’s been watching a lot of those cat vs. cucumber YouTube videos.

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We don’t know what exactly the cat did for Jessy to be so annoyed, but from what we know about the relationship between the two species, this cat has had it coming. Probably. Jessy wants her human in on the fun this time.

The welcome committee

A welcoming committee is a group of people who welcome guests and new residents into their community. Some neighborhoods have them, and it turns out some houses have them too. We would love to have this cute face greeting us every day!

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This girl is the only member of the welcoming committee of his household, and as you can see, she is doing an amazing job welcoming guests. Every time she welcomes someone, she feels the need to bring a gift along. What a thoughtful doggo!

It’s “Snake” time

It seems to us that someone did not get the memo right. We are sure that his human did not say “snack time,” not “snake time!” Oh well, it looks like someone brought a nice present anyhow. Show off those skills, you feisty feline!

Photo courtesy of

This kitty looks beyond confused as to why his humans do not appreciate the snack he brought them. Someone needs to explain it to him – after giving him a nice treat for bringing the family such a thoughtful and lovely gift.

We would not be mad

We wouldn’t even be a little bit mad if our four-legged buddy brought us this kind of gift. Seriously! We would not ask any questions, but instead, we would be happy and adopt this little ball of fur without thinking twice. Look at the dog’s ecstatic face!

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know exactly what happened, but we can only assume that the doggo felt like the baby rabbit was in danger and wanted to save it. This dog would never go into a nest to steal the babies there, so, ladies and gents, we have a hero right here!

Christmas spirit

Meet Ted! Ted is not just a cat; Ted is one special cat who loves Christmas so much he is celebrating it all year round. And even if he knows that people in his household are over it, he does not care and tries to push them to celebrate with him.

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And he does this by constantly bringing them sugar canes and Christmas tree baubles. Well, we understand where Ted is coming from. Christmas is the best, and we might try Ted’s techniques too. You know, to cheer ourselves up until Christmas comes again.

The lucky one

We just saw a baby rabbit brought to doggo’s human for the human to save it. Well, we have another rescued rabbit on our list! But this story is different. This time, it was a cat who rescued the tiny bunny!

Photo courtesy of

While we know that dogs will save other species if they feel like they are in danger, we wouldn’t assume that about cats. Because we all know cats bring their humans their prey because they think we are incapable of hunting. So bringing home a (safe and alive) rabbit is a wonderful twist!

A granny trapped inside

We all know that grandmas are amazing women who give us money under the table and buy us really nice presents and always make sure our stomachs are full. Usually, fuller than they can take, right? Gotta love our grandmas!

Photo courtesy of

This is Aspen, and he loves opening the pantry and bringing his humans bags of different food from inside. We’d like to believe that there is a spirit of a granny inside Aspen’s body because only Granny could overfeed someone.

That’s a bit…

How should we say it? Well, this is a bit too much for us to handle, and we are sure that the owner of this thoughtful doggo felt the same way as we do. He certainly has been on some adventure.

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Just exactly what this doggo was thinking, only he knows. But it is funny that he was wandering around, enjoying the landscape, when he suddenly bumped into this deer skeleton and thought it was an awesome idea to gift it to his human.


There was a huge misunderstanding. Someone needs to explain to this little guy that when his human said he loved the Beatles, he did not refer to these scary creatures he brought home but instead to the iconic quartet.

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It looks to us that he is confused that his human is not as happy as he thought she would be. Well, here you have a cat who would probably defend his choices. “I brought you something nice. Give me a treat.”

Now that’s random!

You can tell that this doggo’s human had a good day just by looking at the picture below. Doggo, who is very proud of himself, decided to bring home his dear human a very unusual and random gift: an onion.

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Could it be a hint that he wanted to eat that delicious chicken soup his human makes? It could be that, but it can also be the fact that doggo just found it and immediately thought of his human. That thought makes us smile.


We may have to deal with a case of being very extra. The Husky pup pictured below wanted to surprise his human. And man, did he do that… by bringing home a whole pigeon who, lucky for them, was still alive.

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Alive but clearly terrified. And who wouldn’t be? Imagine being outside, minding your business, and eating your crumbs when all of a sudden, an explosion of energy (because that’s exactly what Huskies are) comes and kidnaps you. That poor pigeon!

The thief

Look at this cat! As cute and innocent he looks, that’s exactly how naughty he is. It turns out that he loves bringing his human different presents such as sticks, birds, and dead mice but this time, he took it to another level.

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And his human is not pleased with it. This time kitty decided to bring home a badminton shuttlecock that he most likely stole from some kids. Maybe the fact that the shuttlecock is also called a birdie got this guy confused.

The greatest hunter of all time

If you have not seen the cat that holds the title of the greatest hunter of all time, here it is for you. We introduce to you Mr. Whiskers, the hunter of leaves and everything that cannot chase him back!

Photo courtesy of

As funny as it may be, we can only feel relief that this guy actually has a human who looks after him and buys him actual food. But Mr. Whiskers certainly knows how to show his human appreciation. That is a lovely leaf.

Marshmallow brought a marshmallow

There are two things that may have made this hot doggo bring her human this marshmallow. One, she may have heard her human speaking about roasting hotdogs on a campfire, and she decided to give her something else to roast.

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Or she just loves her human so much that she decided to make her day sweeter by bringing her a sweet treat. Knowing dogs, it’s almost certainly the second option. We all know dogs think the world of their humans.

That moment when…

That moment when human mom leaves for 3 days and comes back home with a tiny human that needs all the attention that once was given to you. What would someone do in order to get all of it back?

Photo courtesy of

Steal the baby’s pacifier, use the puppy eyes method and act just like a baby. It should work. But just wait until the baby can walk. Then they’ll be best friends, and this pupper will get more attention than he can handle.

The thoughtful one

Here is a boy who really cares about his human’s skin. He saw that it was really sunny outside, so he decided to bring a hat for his mom so she won’t get any headaches from the sun. You gotta love Golden Retrievers!

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If his mama did not give him a doggy ice cream after this gesture, then she needs to fix that mistake as soon as possible because he really deserves it. This and a good old belly rub as a thank you!

Extravagant gifts

It is fair to say that this cat earned the prize for the most extravagant gift giver. And if you don’t agree with us, scroll a little more, and you will understand. This cat really went above and beyond for its human! Well, okay, maybe not.

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But it’s the thought that always counts, and this cat looks really proud of what it has “caught.” For a feline who stays all the time indoors, a ball of yarn is the best prey to stalk and hunt, after all.

Oh no!

When we first saw this picture, we were left without any words to say. And that is because if you look at the top half of the picture, you may think that this is straight out of a horror movie.

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But when you look at the bottom half, you just see this adorable dog who is so excited to show his human what an awesome gift he managed to bring home to spoil his human. All we can say is that we are pretty horrified that he dug up his predecessor.

Another cool gift

We will have to say it again: we would not be mad at all if our pet brought us home another pet as a gift. And by looking at this adorable duckling, it is fair to say that this human’s cat nailed it.

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And not only it nailed it, but she also managed to bring the duckling home safe and sound, which we all know might have been a struggle for her. Way to go, kitty! We are curious what will your next gift be.

Thank you but no!

It seems to us that someone might have to spend some time outside. Because no human in their right mind will open the door to a cat that has brought home a dead bird. Not even the kitty eyes can make someone open the door in a case like this.

Photo courtesy of

Although we admit that those kitty eyes this cat was serving the camera are indeed very piercing and hypnotizing. We can’t help but wonder what her human did after he took this iconic picture? She does deserve at least a congratulations and a treat.

Backyard discovery

Suppose you need to know exactly what is going down in your backyard you definitely need to get yourself a very curious doggo, just like Louie pictured below. Once you get your doggo, be ready for all the surprises they will dig up.

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Ever since Louie joined the family, his human has learned that her backyard is full of tortoises. She also has learned that her beloved Louie loves catching them and bringing them to the door as a gift to his human mama.

The mighty knight

Guess who out of these two mighty knights won the duel? We will give you a hint: he has gorgeous eyes and a fluffy coat and is beyond adorable posing in front of the camera. With all that sass and fierceness, no wonder he won the battle.

Photo courtesy of

And you guessed! The mighty kitty won this battle and, together with the battle, our hearts too because we all know that we fell in love with him the moment we saw this picture. The amount of cuteness is too much to bear.

Mr. Dog-tato

Apparently, someone played around with their tiny human’s toy, Mr. Potato Head, and decided that he would make a more handsome and more adorable Mr. Potato Head. In this case, it’s only fair to call him Mr. Dog-tato Head, right?

Photo courtesy of

Sometimes we wish dogs could speak just for us to know exactly what it is in their minds. All we know, and all we need to know probably, is that this photo is priceless and hilarious. A gift that keeps on giving.

A good day…

This pup woke up and thought it was a good day to put a smile on his human’s face while also modeling for his human and serving the best angles he could serve for the camera. He came here to work.

Photo courtesy of

This picture is the exact definition of cute. And the fact that the human had the camera prepped to take a shot of this is just awesome. We are happy this person decided to share this with the internet. It definitely made our day a little better.

Too young for that

But we get it anyways. It just fits too well and is too entertaining an opportunity to pass up. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say this dog is a comedic genius. Here he’s just practicing his next routine.

Photo courtesy of Cute

According to this guy’s human, he found these dentures inside their new house and they belong to the old couple that lived there before them. We are sure the real owner of these dentures is still looking for them, but they’d probably pass on these now.

Pay attention!

Ladies and gents, this is exactly what happens when one does not pay attention and does not live consciously. It turns out that this doggo’s human threw a ball for her to fetch, but she brought back a huge potato instead.

Photo courtesy of

Does she know? Judging by her happy and very clueless face, she does not. We reccomend that she take some mindfulness classes to help her out with her focus. Oh well, at least her human was able to enjoy some French fries that night.

Here is your morning gift!

Imagine waking up in the morning only for you to see that now you don’t just have one pet, your dog, but two pets! And this because your doggo decided to bring home a new family member, who most likely needed help.

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Oh, dogs! Aren’t they the most thoughtful and amazing beings ever? The love that these beings can carry for everything that surrounds them is just amazing. If you don’t have a dog, you have to get yourself one. Your view on life will change.

For you, my lady!

How spoiled is this pup’s human?! According to her, her Golden Retriever often waits for her in the morning with flowers. And is this is not what women expect from their men? This dog delivers, and this is a lucky lady!

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know who taught this guy manners but there is no need even to say he got it right. He knows how to put a smile on his human mother’s face and make sure she will start off her day in a good mood. Good job, pup!

Cats do it too

If you had any doubts, let us enlighten you: cats give flowers to their humans too! And if you don’t believe us, here is the proof. Well, proofs because it looks like this kitty made a habit out of giving her human flowers.

Photo courtesy of

What a spoiled human. Meanwhile, our own pets are just lazing about, scratching up the couches and napping in our beds instead of their own. We’re beginning to get a little green with envy that these people have such thoughtful pets.

The sausage thief

Someone woke up that day and decided to do some thieving. And that’s exactly what he did. He was lucky enough that the next-door neighbor had a barbeque that day, the perfect occasion for a kitty to steal a sausage and bring it home with him.

Photo courtesy of

Judging by the picture it looks to us that he did want to share his sausage with his human. Well it’s only fair to do this since his human pretty much always gives in when he asks for her to share with him. What a thoughtful kitty!

Dirt vs plant

You know what they say: one man’s trash it’s another man’s treasure. In this case, another dog’s treasure. This beautiful Labrador pup brought home to his human a nice gift. Did the human appreciate this gift? Not enough, if you ask us.

Photo courtesy of

But did the doggo think that this is a perfect gift? That’s definitely a “YES.” And we agree with him because even if his human thinks that it’s just dirt, we can see that it is actually a handful of grass and roots. Doggo gifted his human a new plant baby, and the human does not even appreciate it.

If you stay, it’s all yours

According to the person who posted this picture, the day it was taken was the last day in the office for her. This is the office pup, and he was clearly having a hard time saying goodbye to his “co-worker.”

Photo courtesy of

So he decided to bring all the toys that he has in order to make human change her mind about leaving. He probably did not manage to change anything but it’s obvious that the co-worker was touched by his gesture.

Look but don’t touch

Meet Zoey… and her favorite pillow! As you can see, Zoey loves her pillow very much, and if she likes you, she will bring her pillow to you to admire. Just to admire it from a distance because she does not like it when humans touch it.

Photo courtesy of

Now that is a very touching thing to do. When you have something that means the world to you, you like to keep it safe, and only those you dearly love and want to share it with. We’re sure this person feels quite honored!

Now we’re talking…

On the list of the best gift-givers, we should definitely add this little guy, too, because he has clearly mastered the skill of gift giving. This is Charlie, and one day he decided to give his human some money just because.

Photo courtesy of

That is one excellent gift. And because everybody wants a dog like Charlie, we cannot help but wonder where his human got him from. We’re asking for ourselves because our bank accounts really could use a money-finding dog friend these days.

Jealousy made him do it

The jealousy and competition between siblings is, most of the time, not too serious, but all the time, it is a real headache for the parents. Well, not for this guy’s parents, who find this competition between their cats hilarious.

Photo courtesy of

Turns out this cat was jealous of his sibling’s hunting skills and the attention that came after he presented his gift to his humans. So he decided to go outside, hunt for a leaf, and bring it home so he can get the same attention and appreciation.

Ball vs. turtle

Imagine playing fetch with you doggo. You throw his ball, and he runs excitedly to catch it. Everything is good, the game is going well, and then your dog brings back a tiny turtle instead of his actual ball.

Photo courtesy of

We get that walking rocks can be very mesmerizing but we don’t quite see the similarities between a ball and this little turtle. The colors are different, the shapes are too. It sounds to us like someone gets easily distracted.

The welcoming committee

Here we have another member of the welcoming committee who does his job with a lot of passion. He is a veteran representative of the household welcoming committee and, as you can see, he loves his job very much. And we love seeing him at it!

Photo courtesy of

Every time someone would come over, he would welcome them by giving them a gift. Sometimes it would be a toy, sometimes it would be his own bed, and sometimes if he hadn’t found anything else, he would gift the guests with their own shoes.

The night shift

Meet Henry! He is quite a lazy cat. He does not like doing any physical activity. After a chat his human had with him, he decided to pretend that he exercises at night. So that’s why every morning he shows his human the prey he hunted.

Photo courtesy of

It does not matter that every morning his human is given the same toy mouse over and over again that this very fit kitty manages to catch every night. He looks like he is indeed putting a lot of effort into catching it.

He heard it works

This Lab doggo heard that for human to give him more attention he needs to steal a tiny human’s pacifier and use it in order for him to become a tiny human baby. He is still a big boy, but his face definitelly looks as cute as a baby’s

Photo courtesy of

He got a picture so we assume that this technique worked for him too. Now let’s see if he would still like being a baby when human will force him to take naps, to brush his teeth and go to bed early.

Eat your broccoli

If you haven’t eaten your veggies today this is definitely a good reminder for you to do so. And if you don’t like vegetables, you should follow this doggo’s example and eat them anyway because they are good for your health.

Photo courtesy of

A doggo like this is good to have in your house if you want to start eating healthy and change your life style. Not to mention she looks so adorable you will want to make her happy and eat that broccoli. Or at least eat some broccoli. She can have that piece.


These humans are “lucky” enough to own a cat who constantly hunts and brings them dead birds. At least they seem dead when they are brought home. The fact that they come back to life after a while is another story.

Photo courtesy of

One of the many hunted birds was this cute owl who looks exactly like she does not know where she is and how she got there. We don’t know where this kitty learned the skill of hunting, but if you ask us, she actually took the animal rescue course instead.

Tool box expert

This beautiful pup pictured below has a big obsession with opening his human’s tool box and getting out random stuff for him to gift them. He obviously has a big heart and means well. We give him many, many points for that!

Photo courtesy of

Lucky for him his owner understands and appreciates his gesture. Not to mention it turns out that sometimes he really needs those tools that his doggo brings, so he can’t be mad at him at all for doing what he is doing.

The winner of them all

So far, we’ve seen some cool gifts, some not that cool, and some kinda gross. And if you want our humble opinion, we think that the gift this Black Lab brought to his human is one of the best gifts ever.

Photo courtesy of

Doggo woke up that day and decided to bring Bambi home to his human to prove his undying love and appreciation. He did an amazing job, and we are sure that his human was shocked by his very unexpected gift.