40+ Rodent Ambassadors That Show Us How Cute And Endearing They Can Be

By Jhoana C

Some people squirm at the mere mention of rodents, but others absolutely love these furry little creatures and even keep them as pets. Rats, in particular, have gained a lot of popularity over the years because, let’s face it, not everyone has the real estate or energy to keep large, active pets such as dogs. Rodents may be small, but they pack a lot of cuteness and love in their little bodies.

Some of the most common rodents kept as pets today are rats, mice, gerbils, and guinea pigs. They are easy to manage, cuddly, and can be pretty darn smart. If you’re thinking of getting a small pet, you need to take a look at this. The photos might just convince you to adopt a rodent to make your home even warmer and more exciting with their presence.

All photos used in this article are courtesy of shkcls.com

Give me a kiss

More and more people are getting small pets. They are ideal for city apartments and homes that don’t offer a lot of space. Smaller pets are also more manageable compared to bigger ones such as dogs. One of the most popular small pets is mice.

Image courtesy of rutaseduik

Mice are entertaining to watch, and they are some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They are also some of the most adorable. Don’t believe us? Just look at this lady and her beloved white mouse kissing her on the cheek.

Playing hide and seek

The only thing that’s difficult with small pets is that if they ever manage to escape their cages and get lost, it would be challenging to find them because they can hide in any corner or under anything they desire. Huge dogs such as Labradors and Great Danes definitely won’t make this problem for you.

Image courtesy of Kimberly Young

This tiny mouse is more than happy to be out of its cage and doesn’t plan on running away anytime soon unless he is playing hide and seek with mom. Look at him hiding inside his mommy’s blouse, having just a grand ol’ time snuggling.

Are these triplets?

At first glance, you’d think these were triplets because they look exactly alike. If we were the parents of these adorable creatures, we’d have a hard time telling them apart. But perhaps, when you live so long with them, you’d notice certain characteristics.

Image courtesy of G R

These characteristics, we reckon, would make it so much easier to tell who’s who, but it doesn’t make them any less cute. They also seem to be having a great time spending each and every day with each other. You’re never lonely if you have these fellows for company.

Nice and comfy

Nothing says go to sleep better than a nice and comfy bed with a warm blanket. If we saw that, we’d be yawning too, and we’d be more than excited to jump in and snooze away. This mouse named Chile can’t even hide his true feelings.

Image courtesy of shkcls.com

Quit taking pictures, mom. I’m excited to spend countless hours snoozing, and don’t you dare disturb me. Be sure you have a nice hearty breakfast waiting for me tomorrow morning. If your pet is this cute, all you can do is oblige.

Cute sisters

They say it’s always a good idea to get two of the same pets instead of only one because one pet would be very lonely. It’s always good to have company, regardless if you are a person or a pet. That’s probably what this pet mom thought, so she got herself two mice that happen to be sisters.

Image courtesy of Pusheen

Their names are Snowflake and Squeaks, and they seem to be spending most of their time on their extra-large hammock, just relaxing with not a care in the world. Sometimes, we just want to be like them, especially if life gets too stressful.

It’s my turn!

One pet is lonely, but two pets can result in a fight a lot of the time. A case in point is these two mice because, like all siblings, they just want the same things at once. Perhaps they have just been together for some time that they don’t know how to share yet. Relationships take work, people!

Image courtesy of Mary Georgopoulos

Look at them. They’re fighting over who gets first dibs on the precious drink. Oh, and their names are Pimiento and Marshmallow. That juice must be good because they are fighting over it. We’d love to sample that one of these days for our furry friends.

Am I sexy enough?

A look at this photo, and it reminded us of Kate Winslet when she was younger in Titanic. Remember the famous scene when she asked Leonardo to draw her like one of his French girls. Remember, wearing nothing but the heart of the ocean…How can you forget? Well, this is Kate Winslet in mouse form.

Image courtesy of Livia Lehmann

She’s missing the necklace, but she nailed the pose. Doesn’t the mouse look sexy enough? We think so. We would definitely buy her glamour shots if they’re ever sold. This mouse is sexy, and she knows it. She’s also not afraid to flaunt it.

I see you

Some pets have unique quirks which make us love them even more. There are pets that won’t sleep until they are cuddled up next to you, and there is always that one dog that won’t eat his meal unless he sees his dad put it in the microwave first.

Image courtesy of Sandra

Then, there’s this mouse that likes to sleep in the sleeves of his dad’s shirts, and his name is Vodka. Imagine forgetting that your little pet is in your sleeve, and you go out to the grocery or the office. Vodka will be coming along for the ride, whether he likes it or not.

Did you say sour cream chips?

Mice eat both meat and vegetables, and for pet mice to be healthy, they need to be fed a diet that includes fresh vegetables, protein, and store-bought mice food. They also need plenty of water. However, this mouse likes his unhealthy treats.

Image courtesy of Karolina T

His favorite food is sour cream chips. We know that’s not healthy, but you have to give them treats from time to time. Look at him going through the whole can of chips! Mommy needs to watch over him and make sure he doesn’t have more than his little tummy can take.

Dozing off

Have you ever had such a long day that the only thing you want to do is just doze off the moment you walk through your door and sit down on the couch? Both the pet parent and mouse in the picture must be feeling exactly that.

Image courtesy of Tracey Hyde

Look at them dozing off. They must have had a long day that the mouse’s mom hasn’t even changed her clothes yet, and she’s already napping. That adorable mouse is doing more than just sleeping, and she’s also keeping mommy company.

I’m not talking to you

These mice could pass for twins because they look the same. They look like each other’s exact replica, and they are of the same size too. It must have been mealtime when this picture was taken because they are very busy with their food.

Image courtesy of Tracey Hyde

They didn’t even care to look at the camera or each other. They’re just opposite each other and munching on fruits and veggies. You’d think they were fighting with each other, but they’re just so caught up with their food.

Cinnabun the Harlequin rabbit

Most people think that all rabbits are the same, but they are not. Harlequin rabbits, a distinct type of breed, are very special. What sets them apart from other rabbits is their unique fur coats, markings, and size. They are also known as the “clown of rabbits.”

Image courtesy of E Bytes

These rabbits were primarily bred as show rabbits because of their colors, and they are usually larger than other kinds of rabbits. This Harlequin rabbit is called, Cinnabun because of the color of his coat. Doesn’t he look so cute and fluffy?

Don’t disturb

We have seen plenty of pictures of mice sleeping on this list that by now you must be wondering just how many hours in the day they spend snoozing. We’re just as curious too. Mice are nocturnal creatures, so that means they are active at night and sleep in the daytime.

Image courtesy of rutaseduik

The best time to avoid predators, for mice, is at night. This is why they are nocturnal creatures. Mice generally sleep about 14 hours per day. Don’t you just wish you can sleep as much? But the thing is, we all need to work to pay our bills. It must have crossed my mind for a minute.

Awww, we want one too

Enough of the mice; let’s all take some time to admire the cuteness of this chinchilla. Another member of the rodent family, the chinchilla, is one of the most adorable. They might be small and cute, but they are very agile and can jump up to five feet in the air.

Image courtesy of Mintchinchilla

If you haven’t touched a chinchilla, you might want to get the first chance because their fur is considered the softest in the world. It’s supposed to be 30 times softer than human hair. Now we understand why chinchilla coats are so expensive.

Did you get a good shot?

Mice and rats are some of the most intelligent rodents, and they excel at learning as well as understanding concepts. Did you know rats are even considered to be more competant than dogs? That’s just a testament to how big things can come in small packages.

Image courtesy of Annette Reynold

This little fellow here is Max, and he enjoys being in front of the camera. Just look at him happily posing for the camera. It’s as if he’s asking if his mom got a good shot of him. Mommy better make sure that she posts a good picture of him.

No, that’s not Sonic

One of the most popular characters and hedgehogs in history is Sonic. This may not be Sonic, but he is just as cute. Just like rats, hedgehogs are also nocturnal, but the difference is they can hibernate. A fun fact about their diet is they are lactose intolerant, so you should never give them dairy.

Image courtesy of Marine Fennessy

Before they were known as hedgehogs, they were called urchins because of their sharp spikes. Their long snouts are very useful because it helps them when hunting for berries, caterpillars, worms, and insects. However, we’re not sure if they are the most cuddly creatures.

This guy can pass for a model

First of all, we’d like to admire the photography skills of whoever took this. Your photography skills are amazing, and you brought out this little fellow’s beauty. That’s one model mouse right there, and we’d like to know if he’s open to future bookings.

Image courtesy of Lavinia Hutanu

All jokes aside, though, this is definitely the right way to shoot your pet mouse. He looks like he wants more of that champagne or margarita or whatever drink he was enjoying. Could we get a refill, please? We’ll get the bill for this one.

The elves are taking a day off

Santa’s elves also get tired, you know, as much as they enjoy helping Santa prepare the presents for distribution to nice children all over the world. Just like us, they also need some time to rest, but little children all over the world need not to worry.

Image courtesy of Dutchdancemum

Why? Because there are rodents just like this one who’s more than willing to pick up where the elves left off. They’re happy to help with the packing and preparation of gifts. Just like elves, they are also hard at work, but not without taking a picture first.

Showing off the degu

They might look like mice, but don’t let their looks deceive you; the degu is an entirely different rodent. They are related to chinchillas. However, they are not nocturnal, so they are awake in the daytime, and they sleep at night.

Image courtesy of Margrét Hauks

This particular degu was rescued along with its 5 siblings. It was the only one that survived, and she weighed only 14 grams when they found her. Look at her now! She’s healthy and thriving and seems to be adapting well.

Best friends

There are some pets that should never live with each other, and there are also those that become the best of friends, proving a lot of people wrong. Cats and dogs are great examples. They are usually portrayed onscreen as mortal enemies…cue Tom and Jerry.

Image courtesy of E Bytes

However, we have seen numerous cats and dogs that are best friends. This dog and Chinese hamster are basically in love. They spend most of their time with each other. Here, they are enjoying their time just relaxing and watching television together.

I want what you have

These two rats, Luna and Blondie, are best of friends, but all of this is forgotten when it’s mealtime. They turn into enemies when it’s time to eat. Why? Because one always wants what the other has. Well, they’re not any different from human siblings.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth

This all boils down to the belief that what the other has must be better than what is available. Look at Luna trying to steal Blondie’s food, even though there’s plenty of food for both of them. Sometimes, pets just make us shake our heads.

What do they have there?

This picture is reminiscent of the watering holes we have seen in African safaris. However, instead of elephants, giraffes, lions, and buffalos, we see two mice busy checking out what’s available for them. Is that coffee or tea? If it’s coffee, watch out!

Image courtesy of Tracey Hyde

Or is it just plain water? They seem like they don’t want to commit yet, but are just checking out what mom put out for them to discover. These mice must have discerning palates that they just don’t accept whatever is given to them. To each their own.

I love you, mommy

Why do we love pets? Why do we love them more than we love humans at times? We have this fascination with these little creatures, not because we find them useful and not because they’re cute. It seems that pet-keeping is deeply rooted in humans.

Image courtesy of rutaseduik

We treat pets not as animals that we keep around the house but more like family. We rely on them for comfort and company and even affection at times. Just look at this rat and his mother. They look so happy and loving together.

I want to cuddle

Some people can’t stand the sight of rats. The fear of mice and rats is also known as musophobia or murophobia. This unreasonable fear is different from a reasonable concern about mice and rats and is one of the most uncommon fears.

Image courtesy of Kimberly Young

Mice and rats have gotten such a bad rep over the years because, after all, they were one of the reasons for the Bubonic plague. They were not the direct cause of it, but rats and mice carried the fleas that were the cause of the plague. But, when we look at this photo, we see nothing but cuteness and cuddles.

Now that’s a handsome fellow

Rats and mice look the same that it’s understandable when people confuse them with one another. Even we do that at times too. Rats are found all over the world, except Antarctica, but the most common are brown and house rats.

image courtesy of Annette Reynolds

This fellow here is a Gambian pouched rat. It’s a large rodent that’s native to sub-Saharan Africa. Unlike domestic rats, they have cheek pouches like hamsters which they use to gather food. While they are bred in captivity, they are not very easy to tame.

Yes, there are furless rats

A lot of people are not as familiar with hairless rats as they are with their furry counterparts. Hairless rats share the same wonderful characteristics as other fancy rats, but they require additional maintenance and care because they’re so special.

Image courtesy of Pamela

There are three types of different rats, although, at first glance, they might all look the same. Aside from being hairless, these rats are also a bit smaller, and people with allergies might find them more tolerable than furry rats. This hairless fellow looks handsome if you ask us.

Am I looking in the mirror?

If rats with red eyes make you squirm or give you nightmares, you should look away now because when you see this, there’s no going back. These big rats with red eyes look so identical that we bet the rats are asking themselves if they are looking in the mirror.

Image courtesy of Kimberly Young

Is this an illusion? Is this a magic trick? Or am I looking at my future self? We can only assume what the rats were thinking. They seem to be sizing each other up and contemplating what their next step should be.

I’m grooming myself

One characteristic of rats is that they are social creatures, and they get sad being alone too long. They also like taking care of each other, and they spend hours a day grooming their buddies. Rats also groom themselves.

Image courtesy of Mary Georgopoulos

They do so by licking their paws and using them to wash their ears and faces. They like to keep themselves clean, especially after any experience that threatens their natural smell for some reason. This little fellow here is grooming himself and enjoying it at the same time.

Mommy loves you

This photo is adorable, and it’s heartwarming to see humans loving their pet rats very much. Before you go and get yourself a pet rat, it’s important to know how to take good care of them. Rats need at least an hour’s exercise outside their cages for them to be happy.

Image courtesy of Sonja Klasson

The best home for your rat is a large and tall wire cage: the more space, the better. Rats love to climb and move about, and the floor should be solid rather than a wire. Lastly, rats also need a nest box where they can enjoy some rest and quiet time.

Quick guinea pigs

This list is full of rats and mice, so we thought we’d mix it up a little with guinea pigs. After all, they are still rodents. Guinea pigs can live up to ten years, and the moment they are born, they can instantly walk. There are three types of domestic guinea pigs: the American/English, Peruvian, and Abyssinian guinea pigs.

Image courtesy of Louie

However, we’re not sure what type these cuties are. Guinea pigs, just like rats, are very social, so it’s always a good idea to get them a companion rather than raising them alone. You’ll also be happy to know that they tend to take shorter but more frequent naps instead of sleeping for long periods.

The kings of the castle

Although rats have only become pets in the past 100 years, they have become trendy because they are friendly, smart, and playful. They are social animals, so spending time with fellow rats is a must for them. Also, they are extremely entertaining.

Image courtesy of Kristen Callahan

These two rats are having a good time spending the day with each other and playing in their tiny castle. Rats like a variety of toys, but they especially love those that allow them to tunnel through, climb on, shred, chew, and forage.

What are they doing up there?

There are many benefits of owning a pet. They can encourage you to go outside, exercise, and socialize. Pets can also help manage loneliness and depression by providing valuable companionship. These are just some of the reasons why more and more people are keeping pets nowadays.

Image courtesy of CincyReds

Some people only have a single kind of pet, while others have two or more. This pet parent has a pair of pet cats and pet rats that she keeps in separate cages. One is always curious of the other, and you can see the cats here wondering what the rats are doing on top of their cages.

Well, hello there

Rats are affectionate, friendly, smart, and low-maintenance. They don’t need as much upkeep and maintenance as other pets. As long as you feed them and let them out of their cages at least an hour every day for exercise, they’re good.

Image courtesy of liaqvist

Thanks to Hollywood, rats are not seen as evil creatures anymore. As a matter of fact, they are quite cute. If you don’t believe us, just watch Ratatouille. Don’t you just want to get a rat after watching that movie? Make sure you get one that says “hi,” just like this one.

I’m helping my friend clean himself

No, these rats are not fighting; one is grooming the other. If you, a family member, or a friend of yours has been keeping pet rats, you might have noticed them squeaking a lot while being groomed by other rats. Why do they make so much noise?

Image courtesy of Figgie866

Should you be concerned and separate them from each other? That’s not always the case. One of the rats might just be power grooming the other and asserting dominance. The squeaking could just be an acknowledgment of who’s the boss.

We love our new bag

You should make your rat’s cage as fun and as comfy as you possibly can so they can live their best lives. Shredded plain newsprint makes good bedding because rats can make nests out of it. Bandanas and scarves also make good hammocks.

image courtesy of Lesbean Bookworm

If you have a small bag that you no longer use, it can also be converted to rat hammocks, just like what you see in this photo. No, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to make your pet’s cage comfy. You can use items in which you already have at home.

Regretting his life decisions

Pets are just like us sometimes. Regardless of how smart they are, they also make questionable life decisions that make them ask, “Why did I even do this?” Don’t believe us; look at this poor fellow here and focus on his facial expression.

Image courtesy of Mielikki Mielikková

He is hanging on for dear life, and you can see from the rat’s face that he was in distress, wondering how he put himself in this situation. He was perhaps afraid that he would fall and get squished between the wall and what looks like the bed.

No cat in a hat here

Some of Dr. Seuss’s works might have been pulled from the shelves recently, but no one can deny that he made quite an impression on everyone, such as one of his most loved children’s books, The Cat in the Hat. But there are no cats here.

Image courtesy of Tracey Hyde

What you see is a rat in a hat or a baseball cap, to be more precise. This rat might not be as popular as Dr. Seuss’s cat, but don’t you think he also deserves a book or a story of his own? We sure do, and we look forward to his book.

Read me a bedtime story

Rats, as previously mentioned, are nocturnal creatures. They are most active at night, and they sleep throughout the day. When they are active, they like to go through tunnels, swings, and do all sorts of things to get rid of extra energy.

Image courtesy of Tracey Hyde

This rat must have spent the entire night playing because he looks so tired. He was probably more than ready to call it a day. We’re just curious if he asked his pet parent to read him a bedtime story before drifting off to dreamland.

You’ll never feel cold here

What’s the best thing about being with your friends? You’ll never be lonely, and you’ll never feel cold because there are always others with who you can snuggle and spend time with, and this applies to both humans and animals.

image courtesy of Karasi Mills

Just look at this group of rats. They always have someone to snuggle with and someone to spend time with. They never have to feel sad or lonely because there is always someone to keep them company. They also have someone who can help with the grooming.

Our favorite place

Rats are outgoing and friendly pets, and unlike many pets, they always love human company. They enjoy being picked up and handled by their human owners. However, they need to be picked up and handled from a young age, so they are used to it.

Image courtesy of Olga Mironova

These rats seem to be used to being handled, and they love their prime real estate, which happens to be their human’s shoulders. They look so happy and content that it seems they couldn’t desire anything more. Perhaps, only a few extra treats.

Pretty mouse

This pretty mouse looks like Snow White with her fur, and boy, does she look pretty too. The photographers’ skills are also admirable because the picture brought out her beauty. Both the pet and the photo are actually stunning.

image courtesy of rutaseduik

Never did we think until now that rats and mice make good photo subjects. They are not only intelligent but are also photogenic. Is there a pet rat photography class that we can enroll in? We’d love to take our skills to this level.

Kiss me honey, honey kiss me

Difficult as it may be for many people to think of, rats are very affectionate, and this is one of the reasons they make great pets. How they are portrayed online has done more harm than good towards cleaning up their tainted reputation, though.

image courtesy of Pani Barcelona

Contrary to popular belief, rats rarely bite or scratch too, and just like cats, they like to keep themselves clean by frequent grooming throughout the day. Just one look at this photo should convince you just how affectionate they are.

My partner in crime

The best thing about having a pet is having someone who will love you unconditionally every day. Humans might love you and only be loyal to you until they no longer need you and abandon you once you have given all you have to give.

Image courtesy of Katie Lutesinger

However, pets will never do that to you. They will always be there, and you will always have someone to come home to. They will never judge you, and you will always have a partner in crime. Don’t you wish you were like this woman who’s found her true love?

#44 Don’t disturb

Rats like to sleep during the daytime, so when this little cutie’s human saw him buried deep under his covers, she thought nothing of it. She thought that Pineapple was just taking his much-needed nap and would be up and about at night.

Image courtesy of Vinetail

However, this one recently crossed the rainbow bridge on his way to join other beloved pets who have left their humans behind. Losing a pet is always a sad thing. However, if they made you happy, it only means that they have accomplished their mission.

#45 Inseparable brothers

These two cuties are Rufus and Felix; they are brothers who were fortunate enough to have been adopted by the same woman from her vet tech program. They have adjusted well to their new home and are loving their new mom.

Image courtesy of CincyReds

We only want to say one thing, though, and that’s to be careful when cooking. We see that pot in the back, and we want neither a human nor a pet rat to get burned. Or, are her pets practicing to give the rat from Ratatouille a run for his money?