Caught In The Cookie Jar: 35+ Animals Caught Red-Handed Trying To Steal Snacks

By Ragini A

No matter how often you feed them, some pets seem to always be hungry. Every time you serve them dinner, they act like they haven’t eaten in a week, even if it’s only been eight hours. But who can blame them? We also can’t help but crave snacks throughout the day. Whether it is the smell of food, actual hunger, or boredom, there are plenty of reasons our brains tell us to seek out food.

Pets are the same, even if they can’t articulate it—not that they need to. Their powerful noses will lead them right to the food. Unfortunately, without opposable thumbs, they have a tendency to get stuck when trying to be sneaky and grab an extra bite between meals. Good thing we have cameras to capture those hilarious moments of regret.


We don’t know about you, but if this adorable dog came up to us and asked us politely to just think of this packet of chips around his head like a cap that he’s made on the spot, we would wholeheartedly support him. 

Reddit u/Xenphioncrisux

Box of cereal? Nope, we only see an adorable cap. Or a muffler scarf that smells like Cheerios. We think these colors look amazing on this dog! But we hope someone had mercy on him and helped him out of this.


We don’t know whether getting this jar stuck on the cat’s head was a part of this person’s to-do list for the day, but we guess it can be checked off now! This activity is officially completed. Well, once it’s removed, that is.

Reddit u/WNEP-TV

Now the main and most important question we have is this: what was in that jar that was so necessary and worth getting their head stuck in it? And if there was more, do you think this cat would share with us? 

Hanging Out

All this cat wants to do is peacefully hang out with his food, and he’s doing it, with half his rear quite literally hanging out of the box. Those treats look amazing, but we will pass this time – not that this cat was offering. 

Reddit u/WHOAitsTyler

How will this cat get out, though? If he leans back and falls to the floor, we imagine that all his favorite food would spill on the floor, and it won’t be the cat doing the cleaning. 


We disagree; we don’t think this cat has everything. The food will eventually finish, and so might the oxygen. If that cat continues to grow inside that bottle, it might also become very stuffy. Although, right now, he looks very comfortable.

Twitter @Urvillageidiot

So this cat cost himself his freedom for a limited amount of food kernels. Hmm, not the best strategic thinking on this feline’s part. Someone get this cutie out fast, please! Some of us are claustrophobic on this cat’s behalf. 


Just based on the image, it is kind of hard to tell whether this is a cat or a really fluffy dog. However, this is clear; if Dr. Suess were to come out with many new characters from beyond the grave, they would possibly look like this. 

Reddit u/forsnowy

As kids, a bunch of us tried to cup the glass and bowl to our mouths through suction. Remember what happened almost every time? Yup, that bruised red line mark on the lip and chin. Hope that doesn’t happen here. 


“Monsieur chef! What are you looking for in that pan? Or are you hiding because you ate all the food you cooked to go out into the dining area for your customers? We can always cook up a new dish!” 

Tumblr u/animalpotposting

Yup, we’re assuming that that exact line is what this puppy is saying to his friend, the embarrassed chef. If these cuties prepared a meal for us, we would thank them graciously and relish the dish -even if they ate it all, we’d still rave about it.

Ice cream

Apart from that really strange person in our lives who we keep around even after they’ve explicitly stated they don’t like ice cream (I guess that works if we hate sharing), most of our friends are people love the creamy goodness of ice cream. 

Tumblr u/animalpotposting

Well, this dog does too, and he’s experiencing every bit of joy it can from that tub of ice cream. Licking and licking away to glory, we hope this flavor is this dog’s favorite! We bet it’s clean and empty inside. 

Paws Up

That box of cereal must have treats inside it because this cat just cannot seem to get enough of the box! If only someone loved us enough to not only stare at us intently but also peek into our souls like this cat is doing to the cereal.  

Instagram @pawsupforus

We wonder if this cat left anything of the box left after this attack. Did they even eat the cereal? Anyway, it doesn’t even matter; look at the cat’s teeny tiny paws pointing towards the ceiling. They are so cute! 


Yes, you adorable little doggie, we too love the Lays barbeque flavored potato chips, and yes, because your humans love you, they’ve given you the bag to yourself to devour. Just because it says family pack right in front doesn’t mean you have to share. 

Reddit u/bobobear

However, we must issue a reminder that plastic bits and bags like these are hazardous if not careful around and can lead to allergies, injuries, and choking in children and animals. If you’re granting access to plastic, please stay nearby! 


Food is often considered the best friend of many living beings, pets, and humans alike. If we could, and if it was socially acceptable without being made fun of, we would totally try pulling this look off. It would make life easier.

Reddit u/AlonzoSuarezJr

In case you’re confused, by this look, we mean hanging a bowl full of munchies for ourselves around our necks and balancing them almost perfectly so that nothing falls. Imagine getting hungry during a meeting with your boss. You’d be super prepared! 


Now either this cute little doggie is a gold digger, digging about for fresh change and coins in his human being’s mini bag pocket, or there were treats hidden in it that weren’t concealed for too long. Either way, he looks pretty guilty of something.

Reddit u/sammpleyees

Do you think this cutie likes the colorful owl made on the pouch? We think they might be friends if the owl emerged alive out of the image on the little coin purse or whatever it’s being used as. His eyes look too contrite; we love him! 


We don’t even want to guess what might have happened here, primarily because we already know cats are made of liquid floof that defies all laws of physics. We wouldn’t understand even if the cat wanted to explain it to us. 

Reddit u/Redcat

Do you think this cat was given extra treats for the night, the week, or the month because her humans were negligent enough to let her put herself in a spot as silly as this? If we were the cat, we would demand compensation. 


We know exactly what this dog was up to, this cute little innocent-looking thief! We wouldn’t scold this good boy, though, because we’re not exactly sure whatever treats and cookies were in the glass jar were worth all this trouble.

Twitter @Poltwt

Just hoping this wasn’t as traumatic as it looks because the idea of getting our heads stuck in a jar that looks like a fishbowl and an astronaut’s helmet combined is not something that we would enjoy. He looks a little miserable.


This is evidently an evening-time snack routine with the chips and the McDonald’s bags. The question is, where are the other photos from every other day? Is this cutie taken to Chipotle too? Is this just a golden hour ritual?

Reddit u/AlonzoSuarezJr

We admit it; the golden hour evening sun hits differently in photos if you have a window that allows the light to stream through. This dog right here is taking full advantage of the lighting in the photo on the right. 


Whether or not Kung Fu Panda is one of your favorite movies – it matters, but not right now – if you don’t see the character of Po the panda in this dog with it being stuck in a jar looking for something to eat, your imagination is dead. 

Tumblr u/masterOgoway

No, really, look! This dog is as patchy as a panda, hungry like a panda, and we have a scene in Kung Fu Panda where Po jumps really high to get himself a snack. It just makes sense! But also, note the cats in the background judging this poor guy.


Squirrels have always been animals capable of finding themselves in the strangest of spots and situations, but what exactly is happening here, and how? How could a squirrel this size possibly fit into a plastic bird feeder? It doesn’t; that’s the answer.

Reddit u/Moomooplatter

This squirrel makes us feel fat and inflexible as if it is showing off its yoga skills and core strength. The question now is if this squirrel going to try stealing food from the bird feeder again. We think it’s a solid yes.


If you’ve ever experienced a lockjaw, you know that for that minute, you feel like your life is ending, that your mouth is stuck like that forever, and the irreparable damage that might be causing to your jawbones. Dramatic, we know.

Reddit u/Moomooplatter

This pupper has evidently found himself in a similar situation and feels stuck, but his eyes betray that he’s glad he lockjaw with a bagel in his mouth and not a yawn or a snack he doesn’t like. He won in the end.


The cup on this cat’s face has a very obvious and clearly written “delicious” printed on it, and we’re inclined to believe their promotional advertising if this cat, of all things, can’t get her face out of this cup. They must have been right!

Reddit u/LyricalHobbitses

Honestly, sitting here writing this is making all of us very hungry right now. Can someone send over a tub of ice cream soon, please? Yes, we’re jealous of this cat, and we have every reason to be. Pardon us while we shove our faces in some Ben and Jerry’s.


Oh, look at this cute bird eating the food kept out for it in the bird feeder! Oh, wait. That isn’t a bird. Can you hear our sarcasm? We assumed birds would be able to eat from their dishes without rodents stealing the food.

Facebook @london-media

But never mind that. How in the world is this mouse going to get out. We may never know unless it is rescued from inside the feeder and asked some important questions. It looks extremely happy and perfectly content to stay where it is, though.


There are far too many days when the world is being absolutely ridiculously annoying and cringey, and we want to hide our faces in bags of chips and cookies just like this dog. We get it, and we feel you, cutie. 

Tumblr @Kwyld3

It must always be remembered: in addition to plastic bags like these being absolutely dangerous and toxic and can cause choking hazards. We know you didn’t sign up for a lecture, but here you go. Take care of your fur babies!


So the owner of this sturdy-looking dog and this photo said that their dog found himself in this messy situation of being stuck for the second time that week. Turns out, the human being rescued this sweetie just the week before.

Tumblr @Kaitliinnnnnnnn

Hey, at least they know now that this dog has a knack for getting himself stuck in awkward positions and may need assistance from them time and again. No harm in asking for help, and none whatsoever in lending some. 


Considering this cat’s general posture, we assume that they’re incredibly confident and aren’t hiding in this plastic bag of food because of embarrassment or shame. They’re just hungry, like you and us! Can’t be blamed. We are always hungry over here.

Can you imagine the inside of this small plastic bag that once used to be full of treats seen here? Yup, one of the most adorable close-ups of this whiskered cat snuggling into the bag. We’re laughing a bit at how annoyed this cat looks too.

Don’t Watch

Obviously, this big kitty is not the least bit interested in watching the tv behind her, even though the show actually looks super interesting. The woman on screen is so pretty! But nope, this cat has other priorities; rightfully so!

Looking at her, we are hungry now too. Another trip to the kitchen just to open the fridge and close it with a look of disappointment when we don’t find anything worthy of munching on. Pretty sure this cat ate all the Haagen Dazs anyway.


If this cereal from the grocery store doesn’t get sold out after consumers have the privilege of seeing this adorable dog gulping it all down, we don’t know what will help sell it. Quite obviously, the cereal is quite tasty.

Twitter @cerealfans

How do we know? Are you joking? Do you see the desperation with which this dog is trying to lick out every single bite of the cereal? Do you really not trust the taste buds of a dog? Can’t imagine being you. 


Popcorn, melted cheese, and salt mixed in a bag gives us the perfect combination of a snack too good not to be enjoyed with a quality movie and some friends. This cat surely agrees with us when we say that. 

Twitter @Hugnkiss

Frankly, this is literally us every Friday night ever since the pandemic hit the globe. Finding ourselves scrounging deep inside bags of deliciousness so as not to miss out on even a tiny crumb is how we spend most of our days. Fun!


In this cat’s defense, machines and mechanics with levers can be fairly confusing. How is this cat supposed to know whether this device is only a food dispenser for him or can be repurposed into a slide? Give him a break!

Twitter @Hugnkiss

If we were tiny enough to view this device from the eye level of the cat, we might want to slide in and out and through it too. Wouldn’t you? Live a little; we know you would. This cat cannot be blamed.


Oops, we feel bad for laughing; we really do. Unfortunately, we can’t help this cat, but it makes us think if this cat struggled with this spoon stuck on their nose, we might not have helped either but would have grabbed our camera.

Reddit u/Giantpenispenis

If this cat’s human being chose first to giggle and take a couple of photos to post online instead of helping them, we’re pretty it is safe for us to assume that we wouldn’t be able to resist it either. 


While this bird definitely looks angry enough that it is ready to rip things up and tear through anything that stands in its way, we feel this bird has all the valid emotions. It is, after all, stuck in something man-made. 

Reddit u/mearnsleader

Apart from the absolute horror of getting stuck in something that this bird doesn’t have the arms and nimble fingers to get out of, imagine realizing you’re stuck in something that could potentially look like a necklace but is really ugly. 


If you look closely behind the adorable little pupper, you will notice a person wearing a security uniform. But no worries, take your time to get him unstuck, please. We would probably also be too entertained for a rescue mission.

Facebook @dataloss

Honestly, it seems everyone sitting around this table has eyes only for the cutie in the middle, and why shouldn’t they? If this puppy were in front of us, we would ensure she was always given attention. Even if she did eat all the ice cream.


Now, unless this dog is actually a plate and we have just had an overdose of cute animal photographs all through this list, we cannot be blamed and take no responsibility at all. But from what we can see, this is indeed a whole dog.

Reddit u/Crytearz

Yep, and that means absolutely nothing in this picture makes sense unless that plate wasn’t as clean as the homeowner had hoped. Maybe this pup likes to hang out in there for funsies? We don’t know why you’re giggling. Stop staring! 


This big kitty likes her yogurt, and after all these photos of snacks and treats, we’re getting a bit hungry for some too. We may choose a cocktail to wash down our snacks afterward, and not cat milk, but we’re still on the same page as this kitten. 

Reddit u/Brethereddit

Just because our preference for snacks is different, that does not mean that this cat and us can’t be friends! We can all have our own favorite snacks and still hang out peacefully. Just be aware this cat absolutely will steal your yogurt.


This dog is stuck, and maybe his human beings were not able to figure out how to get him out of this sticky situation, but they might have made a smart decision by poking those holes at the bottom of the tin can. 

Reddit u/Brethereddit

The inability to see and breathe calmly could have made this situation much worse for this dog and his human beings, so this was the right bucket to get stuck in! We hope this beauty is safe and out of this can. 


We would melt if this bunny came and cuddled against our necks. Unfortunately, this bunny seems a lot more preoccupied with cuddling and snuggling with its personal treat dispenser. They do look yummy. But better to eat than to hang out on, right?

Instagram @bobobunny

We don’t blame the cute rabbit for loving their treats because honestly, we too can be found craving and hugging our snacks like this on a regular Monday morning. How do we get this one out though; seems a bit cramped? 


Do you know what this reminds us of? Those plastic round slides that we were meant to glide down while sitting firmly on our bottoms. But there was always that kid who wanted to be extra and lay down on their stomachs.

Reddit u/Beastmonger

It absolutely is not shocking to us that this adventure turned into a mishap for this hamster and led it to be in a position it can hardly recover from – emotionally, of course. We’re sure its human beings got it out safely. 


This cat doesn’t look stuck but definitely does not understand that that hole on top is not for her tail but for the entry of food and treats. Luckily, she doesn’t seem uncomfortable, so that is a relief. 

Tumblr @barb

Is it common for your house cat to plonk herself into and onto random objects in the house that she is most definitely not supposed to be balancing her body on? Most of us that have cats here are currently nodding our heads furiously. 


“I can’t see anything! Who is there?? If you come any closer, I will pounce and claw you.” that is exactly what this cat is thinking; can’t you tell by his stance? Defensive, and why should he not be? 

Tumblr @kittysusu

If our heads were crammed into a tin can with no space to breathe, lick, or see, we would be terrified and be least concerned with matters of politeness. And if we were this cat’s human beings, we would definitely have taken a photo.


Not at all; this is not a small rat or a mouse or a hamster, because according to the source of this image, this is actually a small little puppy! Imagine having a puppy this size and ever setting them on the floor. 

Reddit u/Alvintheprairiedog

Nope, a puppy this size would stay on our shoulders, in our hoodies, or our pockets and would view the world with us as a super dog. It is so cute! It fits right in this oatmeal box, but it belongs on a tiny throne.


What is with cats and empty plastic packets and dogs and empty boxes of cereal! Are we not in on the latest animal trends or something because we’re so confused by the sheer number of cereal boxes on dogs. Why do they love it so much?

Reddit u/Alphanurd

Please note, in this particular photo, though, there is not only one but two boxes of snacks, and one is covering this dog’s head, and the other is beneath the paw. At least we know that their snacks are “soft.”

So Close

This dog is so close, yet so so far from the trash can. If only he could shift a few inches forward and a few to the right, he would be right there. Can his human beings help him be a good boy with his litter? 

Reddit u/AlonzoSuarezJr

If you’ve watched the Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty, you might recall a scene where the protagonist trains his dog to flush the toilet once used, amongst other things. And to think we’re still struggling with training our dogs in waste disposal. 


This cat is like us; if she does not get her espresso as soon as she’s up, she can’t possibly operate normally during her day. The question that we have is whether she’s a fan of decaf or not. We say this assuming kibbles are the same as coffee to cats.

Reddit u/2yearsago

You might be wondering, why in the world is this cat looking so guilty? We assume it’s because the human finally caught her in the act of digging in before her scheduled mealtime. Now they’ll have to hide her food somewhere.