40 Times Cats Comically Refused Cuddles

By Ishita p

You might crave a lovey-dovey cuddle from your cat all day long. But does your cat feel the same way? Well, cats have very hard-to-predict moods. The time you think of getting a cuddle from your cat, it might not even be in the mood for it. So, in such times, you either step back or get a scratch on your face; the choice is yours! But then, how do you understand their “NO” to your cuddle? Is it just an angry meow or something else? Well, though we are not very sure about your pet, here we have a few funny pictures of cats that said “NO” in a hilarious way and made their owners feel really neglected. So, check out these images to see how cute cats are even when they say “NO” to your cuddles or hugs.

1. Hey Hooman, stay away!

“I’m telling you, don’t kiss me!”- this is exactly the expression the little creature is giving with her unamused face. This grumpy cat is not at all in a mood to socialize. Can’t her fur mom see that super clearly?

Photo by KWG89 on Reddit

When your cat gives a grumpy, not-so-interested look at you, no matter how cute it may appear, take it as a serious warning. Read its meow as a caution, saying, “Nope, Hooman, stay away from me.”  It is safe for both you and the kitty you are trying to cuddle.

2. Hey, you crazy girl, leave me!

The expression of this little kitty is clear. This cute black cat is not in a mood to enjoy any human touch. It is trying hard to say that it does not like this behavior of its owner at all! But look at the poor cat’s expression; it’s so dang funny!

Photo by Crazy Cat Lady on Facebook

Well, cat behavior consultants think that each cat has their preferences for getting cuddled and nuzzled. They prefer to be touched in a certain way that is comfy. But of course, you never know what mood your kitty is in, anyway!

3. Okay, you look pretty, but I’m not in the mood, lady

If cats could speak our language, then this terrified kitty would shriek, “Oh, please save me from this clingy woman!” The fluff ball seems to be too frightened and shocked by its owner’s huge hug, which makes her feel more uncomfortable!

Photo by Laenaya90 on Reddit

Well, just for your information, feline creatures are not very fond of bear hugs. Only a few exceptional cats appear to be friendly and accept such tight hugs. Otherwise, most cats tend to get annoyed or frightened when we hug them.

4. Ugh… Not again!

This grumpy cat’s resigned expression makes it clear that today is not the day to cuddle. And probably not tomorrow, or the next day, either. Or ever. Cats make the cutest serious sulky faces! They, too, have mood swings like us.

Photo by enzopants on Instagram

They make it pretty clear from their expression that they are not enjoying your touch. Even if the cat is affectionate towards its owner, it might not like being touched at times. This blue-eyed furry kitty is a perfect example of “done.”

5. I told you not to drag me into your endless selfie game!

Cats give you two choices. Either you listen to them, or you’ll get a bite and scratch. Cats are too hard to convince to do things they do not like. And if you force them, then the outcome is right there in front of your eyes.

Photo by LosButtman on Imgur

You can barely make a cat sit for a long time. It is easier for dogs to follow your commands. But when it comes to felines, they’ll hardly agree to what you tell them to do. So, if your cat feels it is annoying to be touched or cuddled, leave it alone already!

6. No, I said no… stop, Brad!

This little orange tabby is making things clear for their dad that it is not at all in the mood to kiss, mistletoe, or no mistletoe. Also, the way this cat is holding the door for the last chance to get out of this cuddle game depicts his expression, “leave me, not this time… ugh!”

Photo by TeddyFood on Facebook

Cats usually try their best to prevent a cuddle they do not want. It’s more like an unwanted hug from that annoying person who keeps giving the “not-again” stinky hugs. But this kitty seems not to be in the mood of giving any hug to anybody.

7.  Security… save me from her!

This mushed black kitty’s expression says it all. Her wide-open eyes indicate her panic and annoyance at the surprise suffocating hug. Thus, to escape the hug, this poor kitty extends its paws, calling for help! Is someone coming to her rescue?

Photo by killerbunnyfamily on Reddit

Well, cats are funny in their own way. Even their angry faces can make you smile at the worst of moments. But that doesn’t mean to shower your love on your kitties; you need to give them a choking hug. It might instead hurt them and make them more aggressive towards you. Who knows, your cat can turn herself into a Catwoman to scratch you instead of calling help from Batman to save her!

8. I’m just tired of your cuddles!

This orange sweety is not in the mood for a hug today, not even a kiss on the cheek. So, it’s just a clear “NO” from her. But the kitty is undoubtedly up for a selfie, even with a grumpy face.

Photo by drlazaris_vet on Instagram

We know it feels bad to be rejected by your cat. But take that rejection seriously right at the beginning so that it does not have to say “NO” to you again in a more cruel way. Just pat your kitty a bit and leave it alone when it’s not up for a cuddle.

9. I’ll eat you up the next time you try to take a selfie with me!

Well, it’s indeed a bad way to get your selfie, which could have been a nicer one if the cat would have agreed. However, we are pretty sure that this guy will never take another selfie with this cat without its “permission.”

Photo by Kurpool on Reddit

Getting bitten by a cat just because you wanted to have a selfie with her is funny but imagine the risk. Maybe the kitty had an issue with this guy, or she asked him to take her best profile only, but he didn’t care and took ugly pictures of the cat.

10. Why is your girlfriend hugging me like this?

This cat seems to be just as surprised as scared or annoyed. Her face seems to throw a question to her dad, asking, “Does she hug you the way she is hugging me right now? Dang, it’s too tight! Have mercy!”

Photo by JordanDryce on Reddit

It is too early for the cat to come off with a clear “No,” as she is more into understanding what is exactly going on! Or maybe she sensed something suspicious in the girl. Well, the cat can explain better what is going on in her mind.

11. You are rejected!

This little musicophile cat has already found her favorite place on the pages of Themes From Romeo and Juliet. Now, for a classics-loving kitty, who is rehearsing her music with a relaxed mind, your unwanted kisses will undoubtedly be a distraction.

Photo by halfwaysian on Reddit

But when cats try to sleep or relax by scratching their back against something or just by laying down, you’d better not disturb them! Why? Imagine you are trying to sleep, and someone is kissing you continuously. Isn’t it annoying? We rest our case.

12. I’m just sick of your kisses!

Though this kind and happy lady is all mood to cuddle her pet after a long busy day,  the cat does not feel the same way. Maybe she is disturbed with her own issues, or perhaps she just hates kisses.

Photo by Fireboss76 on Reddit

Similar to us, cats, too, need a break from human touch. They make it clear with their expressions. So, try to perceive your pet’s feelings and give it enough space whenever it needs! After all, it’s only you who can understand your kitty the best.

13. Nope! Don’t ruin my selfie with your pout

This beautiful kitty is too preoccupied with her looks and doesn’t want anyone to steal the attention in the picture. The little kitty blocking the face of the pouting lady with her cute little paws is enough to make the cat mom go, “aww.”

Photo by chloe_mae_wells on Instagram

It looks like the cat is very particular about the person with whom she wants to share her frame, and the fun part is that we all can feel her thoughts here. After all, why would only Kardashians have their selfie game on point? A kitty can do even better!

14. Stop right there!

Those claws you see are power claws, preventing all cuddles from coming their way! Well, this time, we would go with this poor girl, who got rejected with claws directly to the face. No, kitty, you must not be this rude!

Photo by helenadelama on Reddit

It can be upsetting when your cat hisses or swats at you while you try to cuddle it. If it stops you with its paws, then maybe your kitty is somehow in a cranky mood. But don’t worry, this weird behavior of your cat might go away with enough love.

15. Why are you smiling like that?

This cat seems to have mixed emotions. The kitty might be pissed off by how she is looking in the selfie, or she might not just like the way her mom is smiling in the picture. Or maybe, she does not at all like this whole selfie game.

Photo by jamespucos on Reddit

Whatever the reason may be, this cat’s expression is worthy of getting a ROFL in the comment section. This lady just attempted to take a lovely smiling selfie with her pet, but this is the outcome she got. Cats are indeed way too funny.

16. Alex… what is your boyfriend trying to do with me?

The picture says it all. This guy and the little kitty do not bond well, and the picture is clear evidence of it. But who cares about bonds, man? Just grab the cat and start cuddling! Maybe this attitude vexed the cat.

Photo by heatherlcondo on Imgur

Though the guy managed to pose for the picture, the cat is probably still traumatized. She is not ready to pose for the picture; instead, she is more into thinking, what this guy is trying to do with her forehead and why?

17. That’s pretty satanic!

It seems like some demonic spirit has engulfed the soul of this pretty little creature! This cute black kitty, annoyed by her mommy’s unwanted tight hug, looks quite a bit vampiric. We imagine his meow is worse than his bite, though.

Photo by radicalgrandpa on Reddit

As we said earlier, cats possess a pretty hard-to-predict behavior. In one moment, they love to get cuddled, and in another, they hate it. Also, maybe the kitty does not like the way her owner is hugging her. We get that.

18. I just hate your face!

There is a lot of drama in this series of pictures. The cat owner seems to be the funniest man. But guess what? The cats are more comical even when they are not in any mood to take a picture with their owner.

Photo by skirt_oh_skirt on Twitter

There are four pictures, but in none of them is the cat happy. But what we like is the sequence of changes in the behavior of the cats in these four images. From strongly resisting getting photographed to sad acceptance, these cats made some comedic gold.

19. Mommy, who is this uncle with such a long beard?

“Wait, first of all, tell me who you are, Mr.?” This is exactly what the little dressed-up cat is thinking, looking at this bearded man. We can sense that this cat is not at all loving sitting beside a stranger dressed up so weirdly.

Photo by iki0o on Reddit

We are pretty sure that the cat’s ancestors didn’t tell him the legendary stories of Santa. He didn’t celebrate Christmas before, either! Cats usually get frightened when they see something unusual. It looks like neither creature in this photo is thrilled.

20. Hooman, you are cute, but…

This fluffy chubby feline has an extreme reaction when her fur grandma gives her a gentle hug against her will. But by looking at the image, we can easily say that it’s a straight NO on her part. But no one is asking her views, apparently.

Photo by eczblack on Reddit

And we know a cat can be your best friend, listening to you and purring at you with the utmost affection, but some of them can be very rude. Be it due to stress or behavior, some kitties will not be responsive to your hugs.

21. Let me ruin your picture…

Cats and selfies – when will we figure out these two things don’t go together? This poor girl got a direct swipe to her face from this cat, who may be tired of taking endless selfies with her and being asked to make new poses every time.

Photo by izismile.com

Well, let us tell you a not-so-secret secret. Cats hate forceful affection. Do not overstimulate your kitty just because you like it. Isn’t it better to stop early with your cuddles rather than getting a scar from scratches on your face? Think, think!

22. Ugh … I hate being kissed!

“Oh, why does your neighbor kiss me every time? I hate it!” Well, we all have been in a similar situation. All of us had that one aunt or friend of our mom in our lives who used to kiss us like this when we were children.

Photo by Killjoytshirts on Reddit

So, be it this kitty or us, we all know how annoying this is. And this cat’s facial expression says it all. Though it is “photogenically” proven that cats hate kisses and cuddles, never forget to film it when your cat makes such funny faces!

23. I don’t want attention, Dad!

While some cats love getting the room’s entire attention, a few of them hate it; and this guy is picturesque proof of it. That soft little boop on the face is a simple and clear rejection of kisses today. The cat’s expression simply says, “Maybe some other day. I have a lot to deal with.”

Photo by lokitheneko on Instagram

Although it’s hard to resist listening to this cat, it is a good idea to hold yourself away if your cat attacks like a lion. Just give some snuggles and pets to your cat’s ears and head if it allows you to.

 24. This selfie would be even better without kisses, Mama!

“Enough of the kisses – I need to go to play now!” This is a visual representation of this exact expression. Just see how politely those little paws of the cat are saying no to its owner’s kisses! Too adorable, isn’t it?

Photo by missluna_tabby on Instagram

It is hard to get enough of the cuteness of cats. They do like to get cuddled to a certain extent, but they won’t take it anymore after they are done. This cat’s facial expression makes it clear that today’s dose of cuddling is over!

25. Ugh… it’s too tight!

So, what does this picture make you feel? Is this pretty cat not fond of human hugs, or is it just that she got scared from this sudden, way-too-tight hug? Though the cat knows better, do share your views with us!

Photo by Ruas_Onid on Reddit

Do you know what cat behaviorists say? It is always recommended to respect the preference of individual cats. Every cat has their unique behavior. If one comes for an open hug, the other may not react in the same way when you hug her. It might scare the little soul!

 26. I hate you, Hooman!

Now, this cat is angry with his owner because he was away from the house for a few days. The look of fury highlights its possessive feelings about its owner. His grumpy face also apparently shows how badly he missed tasting his owner.

Photo by eknkc on Reddit

Though cats do not always love touch, they love to have a human presence around them. They especially love to be around their owners. So, if you stay away from them for a long time, they start missing you and eventually get angry with you for leaving.

27. Not now!

“Go to the cat you just kissed outside. Don’t come to me ever again!” This cat is not at all happy with her owner today. Maybe he smelled of some other cat, whom he cuddled some moments ago, or perhaps it’s just a bad-mood day for her.

Photo by chatoule_et_chatons on Instagram

Cats are no doubt territorial. They get jealous when some other cat touches their favorite thing or person. So, dude, don’t ever expect that after cuddling some other cat outside, when you come back to your cat, you’ll get a warm welcome. She’ll be furious!

28. Go kiss your girlfriend, Fredrick!

We are sure that your girlfriend loves to get surprise kisses, but your kitty may not like it. If you try kissing your cat unexpectedly, you’ll get a somewhat similar expression as that of this grumpy little cat. “Stop! I don’t want your kiss now!”

Post by skinfantcottage on Instagram

Some cats are best left on their own. Just keep their space clean and their food bowl full. We know it’s disheartening to get a rejection like this, but whenever the cat is in the mood, it will undoubtedly cuddle you back.

29. We will cuddle later; let’s get home first!

Even we humans might reject a kiss in chilly cold weather like this. But we must say the picture is funny yet beautiful. Though the cat doesn’t seem to be angry, the cold winds prevent it from enjoying a hug from its owner.

Photo by hanahliah on Instagram

Like this kitty, your cat might be in a similar situation. So, what do you do then? Vets recommend keeping your cat in pleasant conditions to maintain its good health and cheerful mood. So, snow selfies are a no-go if you want a well-adjusted kitty.

30. Come on, girl – don’t annoy me!

What if you gift a pretty cat collar to your friend’s kitty and want to take a picture with her wearing it, but the cat turns her face away from you? Pretty embarrassing, right? Well, that’s exactly how the poor girl feels in this picture.

Photo by fightingitalian on Instagram

The kitty might not have liked the gifted pink floral collar at all. Like humans, even cats are fond of gifts. But choosing gifts for them is pretty difficult as they’re very picky. So, when they don’t like a gift, they get pretty upset.

31. Hey, you, put me down!

It looks like the woman has lifted this cat without giving her any prior notice. So, it’s pretty obvious the cat would yell, “Hey, whoever you are, put me back, I said put me back!” But it looks like this kitty just wishes to disappear.

Photo by globue on Reddit

Cats have a general instinct to either flee or freeze if they suspect any person being a danger to them. They prefer not to get involved in a battle that invites injury. But guess what? They will try their best to get rid of you.

32. You are nice, but do not cuddle!

A cute face and a pensive look, paired with exposed sharp claws like that of this kitty, is a good combo to give you the sign: “Stay back, and do not cuddle me!” The anxious eyes of this cat are the only signal you need that it is not the right time for a cuddle.

Photo by celestiala on Reddit

Ignoring your feline’s “not-in-the-mood” looks can go one of two ways. Either you end up with a hilarious picture, or you end up with bites and scratch marks. We suggest you choose wisely or at least proceed with extreme caution.

33. Come on, girl, don’t start!

“I just can’t bear your morning hugs; I was sleeping!” Those cute little paws stopping Mama from kissing her are wholesome entertainment that we need to see more. That sleepy little face says it is clear that a hug is not something she needs now.

Photo by louieberto on Instagram

Cats are pretty weird sometimes, and that’s why we love them. They can love you while hating your cuddles. Sounds confusing, right? Well, let us give you a pro tip. Start your day with your cat with a high-five and not a cuddle. Trust us.

34. Ugh, I guess I didn’t ask for a head massage now!

The kitty’s expression says that this head massage is not working for her. She is not at all happy with the spa. Well, isn’t it fun to annoy your cat with things she doesn’t like? Yes, it is undoubtedly is! But it can be risky, too.

Photo by catslave_diary on Instagram

You must respect your kitty’s preferences, but sometimes doing fun activities with your kitty is fine! Indeed, giving a good massage on their head works much effectively in soothing your cat than offering cuddles. But make sure you are actually doing a good job!

35. Ugh.. my neck hurts!

This black cat gives us vibes of true misery. This funny reaction makes things clear about how irritating the hug is for him. Also, we don’t think kissing the cat is in any way comforting him. He is pretty annoyed and will probably take it out on his fur dad.

Photo by wholesomeness.com

So, dude, please put him back because there is a 1,00,000% chance that you are ticking him off, and he will bite your hand! Also, always remember while carrying or holding cats, do not put much pressure on their neck; it might hurt them!

36. I don’t wanna be a part of your silly sunkissed selfies!

As we have seen in a series of photos, cats are just not fans of selfies. They hate them. This cat definitely does. She might have been soaking up the morning sun to start her day with some warmth and meditation, but this girl just ruined her mood.

Photo by li.za.kii on Instagram

“Come on, leave me alone!” has never been expressed by anyone with this much purr-fection. So, if you love your cat, respect her decisions, and do not always cling to her. Come on; even a kitty must have her space.

37. Your cuddles annoy me, momma!

This cat does not at all like its mom wanting some cuddles from it. His crabby expression says that he prefers staying aloof, away from cuddles and caresses. But this furry kitty’s funny and cute face makes us smile anyway.

Photo by leisurelylucky on Instagram

If grumpy is your cat’s default demeanor, you probably don’t mind taking one or two selfies with his typical facial expression. Capture such moments so that you can cherish them throughout your life. But never take too many selfies as it will annoy him!

38. Urgh… this man!

Do you see how gently the cat kicked the jaw of this man with her cute little toes? Though the cat possesses a neutral expression, a storm is about to come soon if he doesn’t step back. This looks like a wholesome furball to cuddle, but whether she would allow it or not entirely depends on her temper.

Photo by sonny_cat_hk on Instagram

It might happen that she doesn’t like her new dad, or maybe the way he is holding her is not comfortable, but it is evident that this man is getting a clear warning! Do your cat also does this? Then, step back, dude!

39. Julie, that’s my bow!

This cat has undoubtedly recognized the bow in her owner’s hair, which belongs to her collection of favorite things. Also, this little kitty is not very comfortable with the idea of this huggy selfie. She has other places to be.

Photo by iggy-k on Reddit

Well, when cats are new to your home, it takes them some time to become acquainted with you and your family. So, if your cat is new to your home, then as a cat mom, give her some time to become familiar with you before taking crazy selfies.

40. I’m tired of your kisses and cuddles!

Nothing can be cuter than this kitty, who is doing her best to resist and save herself from this girl’s kisses. She seems to be tired of the girl’s series of kisses and doesn’t want her cheeks to be assaulted anymore.

Photo by jacobthompson1 on Reddit

Cats do not like clinginess all the time. So, when they feel someone is trying to get too clingy to them, they simply avoid that person. If you force it, you might just end up getting scratched. Of course, you might want the selfie more than you fear scratches.