40 Messy Cats Who Have Lost The Right To Act Snobbish

By Ragini A July 20, 2021

Many pets are finicky eaters, and cats are definitely at the top of that list. Whether the food is stale or there is hair in it (okay, we’re probably exaggerating about that one), cats have almost the same level of pickiness regarding their food as us humans.

Cats are often known to be suspicious and judgmental and are animals that shy away from being embarrassed. But some don’t shy away from a food fight now and again and also don’t care about table manners in any way whatsoever. While cats are stereotyped to be careful, poised, and sophisticated at any given moment, we have photos that will show you that stereotypes are very often inaccurate. These kitties desperately need some etiquette lessons! 


If you are innocent-minded, you hopefully assumed that the red around this cat’s mouth is ketchup or jam, or something like that. If you’re straight-up evil, you probably thought about some Satanic ritual or this cat killing a mouse. 

Reddit u/Yaotzin

We don’t know where we stand on this, but what we do know is that this potentially cute cat deserves someone who hands them a napkin and some cutlery that they can use with their adorable paws. Don’t you think so?


Look, we are inclined to believe that this cat had nothing to do with the destruction of the fancy cake in front of it, so stop trying to convince us otherwise! No, the cat didn’t bribe us; we’re just really trusting. 

Reddit u/kucingmanja

Or maybe it did. What is it to you? All we know is that this cat’s whiskers and chin look even cuter with cake bits, and we are delighted with how the cake looks. Get that kitty a fork and a plate!


Fine, we accept defeat; there is no way we can cover up for this little adorable cat. We can, however, bank on her having amazing round eyes that could melt any heart, and to be honest, we all just want her to share her birthday cake.

Reddit u/ThisIsAFineHouseboat

She’s wearing a bow on her head! We allow it; we love it; we want to cry about it. We hope she had the best birthday and that her kitty cake (made from only animal-friendly ingredients!) made her the happiest kitten in the land.


Mashed-up cat food in a bowl seems like it would be right up, well, a cat’s ally. But it turns out we are completely wrong about these assumptions! Look at this tiny baby not knowing how to attack the food properly. 

Reddit u/Thinklauren

She knows she has messed up and is scared of admitting it, so we’re just going to jump in and clean her up so that she can continue with her meal and not worry about a scolding! You eat as messily as you want, little one.


If you have a pet, you know that them getting into their bowl of food, or maybe even into a puddle of mud thinking it’s mashed food, is very common. But the look on this kitten’s face could break your heart!

Reddit u/Theodore_Mewsevelt

You know the look we’re talking about: the helpless, anxious look when they know they did something bad, so they turn to you with innocent large eyes and a look of regret that you know isn’t going to go away the next time they do this. 


Someone call this cat’s mother because he looks like he is about to cry, and we are not trained on how to help a cat calm down! We don’t know about you, but some of us have definitely made this face. 

Reddit u/Snoodle478

Let’s see, when we got into trouble at school, with our parents, when we dropped a bowl on our foot, tasted something disgusting, or experienced the huge disappointment of not being able to finish the cookies, we sneaked from the jar.


It is always tempting to sneak a bite out of the food cooking for dinner, but we have to show some self-restraint; otherwise, nothing would be left to eat! This cat, however, did not get the memo, or more likely, he disregarded the memo. 

Reddit u/SmeefKweef

If, by any chance, this cat tried to hide and eradicate the proof that it was he who ate the food, he obviously didn’t look into the mirror for a glance. The biggest clue is around his eyes and mouth! 


We would do a lot to eat some delicious cake, and it seems this cat would too! Amazing priorities, but we bet the humans of this cat would have liked a heads up on this cake stealing trait of his!

Reddit u/SirouTouge

But on the other hand, this kitty sure knows how to clean up after himself; look at that tongue wiping away the mess he made on his nose and whiskers! And those gorgeous eyes. We stan responsible and cute pets! 


Yup, there is no saving this one. This cat really did absolutely nothing to cover up its footsteps and mouth. There is no excuse we could come up with for something like this situation. What we really want to know is what is on his face.

Reddit u/Russimasfortune

Seriously, what kind of cat food is that, if it is indeed food at all? It looks like a strawberry milkshake right out of the Archie comic books. This cat looks more annoyed at being caught than ashamed or anxious to get clean.


This for sure, in no way, was a meal that was eaten in a civilized manner. But we don’t think this cat can really be blamed for it, you know? Look at how tiny this cat is! Those little paws!

Reddit u/Robrob_27

We bet if this cat even bent down into the bowl just a little bit, she either toppled right into it and practically swam and bathed in her food, or the bowl emptied over onto her. Someone get her a towel!


Caught in the act with proof, this cat has no words or purrs to explain herself. This is painful to see because we can’t help her. She looks distressed! This kitten also looks like Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda

Reddit u/Repsugar

You can’t unsee it now, can you? That, ladies and gentlemen, is our contribution to what already might be a frustrating day for you! just kidding; we’re sure wherever this kitty is, she has learned how to eat like a big cat.


Now, either this cat was trying to go all out and enjoy a spa experience at home and chose to start with a moisturizing face mask to keep herself looking youthful, or she fell into a bowl of yogurt. Our bet? 

Reddit u/Redreddit

The yogurt, duh! Luckily, we can’t see any up this cat’s nose, and obviously, she was smart enough to keep her eyes shut while blissfully falling into the bowl. We hope she got to eat some too! Maybe it was a special kitty yogurt.


When your pet is really young, but after they are weaned, you may not be feeding them wet food, sticking to dry treats, for an easier clean-up. But once your pet is old enough, it should be able to handle wet food.

Reddit u/Psihoscinik

Unfortunately, eating wet food is a vastly different experience than munching on dry snacks, and that is something cats, it appears, only understand after they experience it. This is the first time this cat is eating something wet, and she looks disturbed. 


Some of you may have squirmed at the choice of word for this title: moist. Fair enough, it is very disgusting as a sound, but as a feeling, it is worse. We imagine animals with damp fur feel as gross as we do when we step into a puddle with socks on. 

Reddit u/Prekhtor

Gross, right? But we want to shift your focus to the background. Do you see what we see right now? Yup, that cat is laughing right at this unlucky kitten’s face! If they’re siblings, we bet the dry one thinks it’s super smart. 

Make Up

It isn’t every day that a cat, or any animal for that matter, wakes up and chooses to look as glorious as this one. To think all that this cat need is a bite of watermelon for the perfect lipstick shade!

Twitter @pienar

We’re sitting here wishing this worked for humans too, but we might be too quick to eat the sweet watermelon before Harry Styles has a chance to write another song about it. This cat definitely looks like some of our grandmas, right?


This adorable little kitten looks like a kid who knows he’s going to be grounded for the silly mistake he made, and he hates it, but he is either too full or too tired to argue with the parents. 

Reddit u/Orodruinx

If this cat belonged to us and looked this upset, we might die at how cute it is and forget about the grounding entirely. Could we maybe join him at his next midnight snack adventure? That’s probably the kind of cat parents we would be.


If you have ever done the absolute noble deed of rescuing an animal in need of help, you may know that most of the time, these animals are found and saved after days; meaning they’re starving and tired and probably scared.

Twitter @Northeast Animal Shelter

When this kitty was rescued and given some pet milk in an old container, it is hardly surprising that she went right for it and didn’t look up till she was done. We will deal with whoever hurt this little princess; she’s so cute!


Now, this cat straight up looks determined to act innocent and make sure he is defiant, but in a cute way. If asked whether he went into the food on the stove to have a sip or three, he wouldn’t lie. He’d probably say he’ll take more, please!

Reddit u/MyDairyHare 

But he would definitely defend himself, and for that, we respect this little guy. Of course, if food is lying somewhere he can reach and is uncovered, it is obviously meant for his consumption. The human should have thought this through. 


We have never seen such small and adorable little kittens drinking from a bowl, only to look up and model as if they’re old men with long mustaches dripping with pet milk. We bet they think they fit into the role really well. 

Reddit u/MissSamioni

But if you pay close attention, the cat on the right-hand side looks smaller than the one in focus, which is shocking! How small can a fully furred-up cat really be? And why are they so darn cute? Can we have one, please?


Okay, we never thought we would say this, but we really hope this is mustard and not yellow paint on this cat’s face. Not the most ideal set of options for sure, but we can’t imagine paint being okay for a cat’s skin.

Tumblr @smellyfriendskat

What might be more hilarious about this image, though, isn’t the look of guilt or the dilemma of picking whether it’s paint or mustard. Have you looked at the paws? They’re so big but also so small! Those toe beans are making us melt.

Tiny Lion

Whether or not you’ve seen all the popular animal shows and channels about the big cats in the wild, we are here to remind you that lion cubs are some of the most adorable-looking cats in the world. They try so hard to be fierce.

Tumblr @smellyfriendskat

This little cat right here, though, might have gained this beard because he dunked his head and chin into a bowl of liquid cat food or even oatmeal, and he sure looks like he would make a stunning cub in the wild.


This is just uncomfortable to see because this cat looks like it would have enjoyed his food, but the mess and wetness of the foot were really getting to him. We get it; we too like to keep tissue around.

Reddit u/awwwtf

But it is clear that something else is bothering this cat too, and it is more than likely the flash and camera that have caught him in a position he’s ashamed of. Let the cat be; he looks terrorized! And maybe a little food drunk?


If we did not know any better, we would think this cat is actually a toy posing as a real cat. The tiny ears, the glassy eyes, and the docile look; everything is deceptive. Perhaps only the mess is real. 

Tumblr @smellyfriendskat

Imagine having such a cute little kitten roaming around your house, and you see it just randomly plopping itself into bowls of food mindlessly. Yup, some of us are laughing at that thought, and our hearts are melting just at the thought. 


This cat for sure pulls off the goatee better than most human people we’ve seen, and we think it’s because he doesn’t know just how good it looks on him. And to think that this is just an accidental coincidence!

Tumblr @smellyfriendskat

If this is a sheer chance with his food, we can’t help but wonder what an absolute cutie this cat looks like without the gooey food dripping down his face. We would already be signed up to adopt him if it didn’t look like he was well cared for.


Not unlike yourself, some of us here grew up reading Garfield comic strips and have also wondered whether Garfield was always as cynical as he is in his adult form. We bet he wasn’t, and he was a hopeful, silly kitten like the rest of them.

Reddit u/Lotuspad

We bet that this little kitty is what Garfield was most likely like when he was a kitten; innocent, tiny, hungry — of course — and incredibly messy. With whiskers soaked in food, we’re glad there is a cloth beneath this guy. 


This cat enjoys his meals and also his peace. Disturbed for a photograph in the middle of his meal of porridge-looking food is not something he wanted to deal with, and if we were his humans, we would keep that in mind. 

Youtube @lilbub

But at the same time, look at how cute his tiny tongue is! And his nose is covered with food, and he’s almost drooling. So adorable! Is this why people love their fur babies, because they are adorable no matter what?


This cat looks like he does not care one whisker twitch about whatever food he just dumped himself into. He will do it again, and there is nothing you can do; nothing! Well, except pick him up because he is so tiny.

Reddit u/Kitten_crusade

We wonder if he is a vain kitty and if showing him his reflection will make him reflect (hehe) on how he wants to conduct himself around his house. Maybe keeping his fur clean and shiny will become more important than food baths.


You have to choose. Do you prefer the rap star’s drip about clothes and silver jewelry on their wrists, or do you like the drip this cat offers with her food? Make a decision; we already know where we stand.

Reddit u/Kitten_crusade

If you chose the rappers, please leave. If you chose the cat, this is a good and correct decision, and we welcome you to the club! Now get this tiny little thing some more food as soon as possible, please! 


A disapproving human mom and a face full of guilt; we know exactly what this cat has been up to; we don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. There is literally food on the cat’s face.

Reddit u/jemma7189

But the guilty look on this cat’s face knowing that he has been caught with a mistake and photographed with proof to be uploaded online, is hilarious and makes us giggle! He looks pretty resigned to whatever his fate may be. We bet it was a bath!


Regardless of your age, you have more than likely watched The Lion King a couple of times (or maybe more, if you’re like us) and know about the iconic scene where Simba is picked up in front of the animal kingdom to see. 

Reddit u/Ineeners69

The grasp that this human has on this cat is the same as the monkey from the movie, and the paste on the face looks like food. The eyes of this kitten, though, are sparkling blue, and we can tell he’s going to do great things once he’s all grown up, like Simba!


If your nose dive into a pool, you can imagine a lot of the water flying past you and landing on the sides of the pool because of your body weight. This cat experienced the same thing, but not in a pool! 

Reddit u/Idkwhatyi

This time it happened with precious food. If we had been the cause of snack scattering, we would cry and sob and whine about our lost treats. We think the cat feels that way, too, if you pay attention to the body language. 


Chances are you have that one friend who constantly grabs at your food, sniffs it, and wants more bites of it more than you would like to give. If you don’t have a friend like that, you might have a pet with the same personality.

Reddit u/Heisen-Bro

This human was most likely in a Zoom meeting with her colleagues when her cat decided it was a good time to gatecrash and jump into her bowl of really yummy-looking food. How adorable is the triumphant look on this cat’s face?!


If this was a Disney movie that revolved around cats, we could see it being chaotic and full of adventure. Can’t you almost hear the drums of the musical score as this cat runs through town causing trouble and getting into shenanigans? 

Reddit u/HeatherWilliamson

You lack imagination and creativity if you can’t, and that is not on us. But we have to discuss the elephant in the room; the food on the cat’s face. Why is it there, and why is the cat running? Who is chasing it? Hopefully, the movie will come out soon.


Well, at least this cat’s humans know that she’s a messy drinker and place her bowl of pet milk right next to her own minibar, the kitchen sink! How convenient. And look, her fur even matches the marble kitchen counter!

Reddit u/drinkingproblems

Even with the mess she makes, this cat looks the picture of regal and sophisticated. Is it solely because she has thick black fur? We don’t think so; the perfect spots of white milk look like freckles on her face. 


If you woke us up in the middle of a nap we were having with our chins soaked in our plate of food, we might also look this grumpy to you. Who can blame this cat, being disturbed in the middle of two sacred events?

Reddit u/Daveebob

At this point, all we can help but wonder is what exactly this cat was eating because it lowkey looks like a slushie bath judging by the looks of that damp goatee, but we’re sure we’re wrong. Maybe it got into the spicy mustard?


This is the absolute lifestyle goal, and we hope we get to live a life where we can sleep undisturbed with the love of our lives: food. If it isn’t clear yet, this cat definitely is our new best friend.

Reddit u/Betsy514

For starters, she gets us, and secondly, she definitely loves a good meal! Eating till you fall asleep: what a joy and wonder of the world. Look at her tiny paws! She’s so cute. Don’t disturb this princess, we beg you.


There it is; there goes the infamous Puss in Boots look we keep waiting for with almost every cat! Those whimpering eyes, the watery tearful look. It says as long as you let them go this time, they’ll be purr-fect! 

Reddit u/Scampwild

Scam! These are tactics, and we know this because we too used these when we were kids. It is called the puppy dog eyes look. Of course, this is a misnomer because cats can make this face just the same!


Nothing can stay hidden on Twitter, not even a foster kitten and her eating habits, especially if he’s a clumsy one. But can we please take a moment to discuss his eyes? They’re stunning and blue and beautiful, and we feel hypnotized. 

Twitter @BethStern

We are wondering how this cat’s human was able to not only take a photo while laughing, but to also then post it without having sympathy for this cute little cat who loves a hearty meal like all of us. 


Look, we have all had that one favorite snack that we hid from our parents and siblings and refused to share because of how much we loved it and how unhealthy it was. For some of us, that was the jar of cookies. 

Reddit u/Anexis91

For this cat, it’s a family-sized packet of Cheetos that she dives into with nose, body, tail, and heart! No other food item can stain someone’s hands this deep and spicy-looking orange! We know her human will share her Cheetos from now on.


We think this cat and her humans might have taken “say cheese for the camera” a bit further than needed! Do you think the cat under the melted sheet of cheese can breathe? Well, we do see her nose and mouth, so that’s a yes.

Reddit u/Aaaaaaaa

And regardless, do you think this cat’s face is white or black or patchy? That sheet of cheese has covered the face so well it’s like a sheet mask for self-care! We wonder how they got it off the poor thing.