40 Pets Who Are Sneaky Bed Thieves

By Satarupa D July 21, 2021

After a hard day at work, all we want to do is cuddle with our pets. You open your door, and your pets coming running towards you, enveloping you in all their fluffiness and love. But wait for it; these pets aren’t as innocent as they look. No, they are not. Sometimes they chew on your shoes; they eat your homework. And sometimes, they occupy your spot on the bed and sit there in all their majestic beauty. But trust us, one look at their adorable eyes, and you find yourself melting in a puddle at their feet. And don’t they know it, those sneaks! Well, folks, here are 40 times when pets occupied their master’s bed like the royalty they are. So, let’s begin!

1. Replaced by The Dog

Who doesn’t want to sleep in during the morning hours and cuddle with their significant other? Everyone does, but sometimes our work calls us, and we have to leave them, lying in bed while we go and earn our living.

Image by Emily Webber from DailyMail.co.uk

This dog had a backup plan for this problem. According to the girlfriend, she had just left for work and had realized she had left her phone back home. When she comes home, she sees her dog occupying her spot and cuddling her boyfriend. Sneaky Dog!

2. Heat Me Up

With winter on the horizon, all we really want to do after a day of hard work is to go home, have a shower and then jump into bed and squeeze into our very soft blanket while the heater in our room warms us from the inside out.

Image from twgreatdaily.com

We think someone feels the same way we do. When its silly human went to work without turning on the heater, the cat decided to slide into the human’s bedsheets and have a relaxing day of rest and comfort. We feel you, cat!

3. Hands Off My Man

We girls love our boyfriends very much, right? And we love that time of the day when we can have a quiet moment and have them wrap their arms around us and cuddle us while we watch some Netflix and have a quiet night in.

Image by Martha Cliff from DailyMail.co.uk

Well, this boyfriend didn’t really feel like cuddling with his girlfriend that day. His significant other found him spending some quality time with men’s best friend. He had his arms wrapped around his adorable dog and having a good sleep. With that soft fur, we would, too, man.

4. A New Partner

Food and drinks taste even better if you are sharing them with someone you care about. Maybe it is your best friend, a close work colleague, or most importantly, that someone special who brightens up your life every single day.

Image by Jacob from TheChive

This cat decided that she had let her human have enough quality time with the human’s boyfriend. So, one day, she sneakily slid into bed and took her human’s spot on the bed while her boyfriend was relaxing. Her boyfriend doesn’t look too disappointed, though.

5. Mom Or Dog?

Pet owners who have to relocate usually have a hard time finding a home for their dogs while they go to their new house and settle everything there before having their dogs back with them in their brand new habitat.

Image from pleated-jeans.com

While this pet owner was relocating, she left her dog with her parents for a few days while she got settled. Her mom later sent her a text with this picture saying that her father overslept, thinking that her mom was still in bed.

6. My Spot, Your Spot

Pets might give us a lot of trouble all the time with their running around, chewing our shoes, dragging the covers off the bed, and making messes. But then they do something that makes them look so adorable that we completely forget everything.

Image by Lindsey Robertson from The Dodo

Look at this dog! According to the owner, every night, when it is time for this munchkin to sleep, she jumps up in bed and goes to sleep right at her owner’s spot on the bed. Don’t worry – the owner loves this. And so do we!!

7. That’s My Spot

It is a fact universally known that dogs will do whatever they can to please their masters. But when it comes to cats, they have different rules. For starters, they do whatever they heck they want, and nobody can say otherwise.

Image from pholder.com

This chubby guy, for instance, did the same thing. When the owner came to bed to have a good night’s sleep with her boyfriend, she found her cat lying on her spot with not even a how-do-you-do! Honestly, we are not shocked.

8. Well, That’s Awkward

Think about those cute photographs that you see on Facebook all the time of cute couples joining hands and standing in front of a cliff or even couples spending quality time with each other at home. Now replace one partner with a dog!

Image from pawsplanet.me

That is exactly what happened in this picture. The lady probably left her husband watching the television, and when she came back, she saw her husband asleep while holding hands with his dog! We would go for the camera too.

9. Happy To Be Caught

As the previous pictures shows, sometimes a pet parent comes and finds their pet with their significant other. Usually, one of the parties is unaware of being hilariously caught on camera. But that isn’t quite the case here, as you can see.

Image from awesomeinventions.com

Double-crossing doggy here was caught cuddling with her mom’s boyfriend, and both the dog and the boyfriend look completely fine with it. The boyfriend is even smiling for the camera while the dog is wearing an annoying look as if warning the owner, “don’t disturb us!”

10. Dog Fortress

Being a dog owner of one dog is fine, but what happens when you are the owner of more than four dogs and a couple cats? Well, your life would certainly never lack excitement. Imagine being surrounded by that many dogs all the time. Jealous!

Image from animal.catdumb.com

This owner also has a lot of animals, as you can see from the picture above. But the most charming thing is that every night all the dogs crowd around the owner’s girlfriend to fall asleep, leaving no place for the boyfriend. Pet Heaven!!

11. Don’t Look At Me

As already mentioned above, having a pet is not always a piece of cake. They always get into mischief, and we are pretty sure you have seen the internet full of guilty pets who are hiding their faces after pulling some of that mischief.

Image by blaubarschboi from Reddit

Well, not this cat! This cat has its own unique kind of attitude. According to its owner, the cat usually steals its owner’s spot on the bed every night. But when her owner catches her at it, the cat has the audacity actually to give a judging look to its owner. Cats!

12. Get Into Bed, Human!

One of the reasons we want to be in a relationship is that we can have someone to talk to, someone we can share a meal with, and someone who will wait for us, so we don’t work the night away. Right?

Image by Lindsey Robertson from The Dodo

Well, now, you can also have a pet who does that. Take this cat, for example. This snow-white cat jumps into bed every night and then proceeds to wait for her owner to tuck herself into bed too. Awwww, our hearts are melting!

13. That’s My Spot

Our pesky old bones need to rest at the end of the day, and we drag ourselves to bed, sometimes even forgoing dinner. Now, what do you do when you find your pet taking that much-needed spot on the bed?

Image from aworkstation.com

This dog is a spot thief. When her owner came to bed at the end of the night, she found her dog sleeping in her spot with her adorable legs in the air. Well, it seems this dog mom is sleeping on the couch tonight!

14. Dog In A Bun

Sometimes dogs make mistakes that really annoy us, but sometimes they do mischievous things in such a cute manner that are so ridiculous that we can’t help but laugh out loud and take out our camera and start clicking pictures of them.

Image by Mononon from Reddit

This sneaky dog, for example. Their owner had just made up the bed early in the morning and had just gone to the shower. After she came out, she saw that her dog had wrapped the blanket around her like this. Look at that cute face peeking out of the covers!!

15. Be MY Pillow

Sometimes we have that one member in the family who is against us getting a pet, whether a cat or a dog. But when you do get a pet, they do a complete turn-around and end up becoming the pet’s biggest fans. We are not surprised.

Image by dogpictures from Twitter

This woman did the same thing. Before her husband wanted to adopt a dog, she had warned him that the new dog was not allowed on her bed, ever. And now, she uses the dog as her own personal pillow!

16. Cat Heaven

You might wonder why the owners of the pets don’t just remove their animals from the bed and have a good night’s sleep. Well, have you seen the face of a cat or a dog when they look at you pleadingly? Well, let us show you then!

Image by  Lindsey Robertson from The Dodo

This owner had been about to go to sleep, but when she saw her tiny kittens sitting on her bed all spread out, she could not move them after looking at their adorable faces. Our hearts literally cannot take such cuteness.

17. My Human No More

From this article, it must be pretty apparent that dogs love taking the spot of their owners, especially when their significant other is in bed. We think they get a kick out knowing that they keep their humans away from their special someone.

Image from onedio.com

Look at this dog right here! Her owner woke up to find her dog cuddling her boyfriend, and the dog is wearing a classic guilty look on her face, which shows that she clearly knows what she was doing. How sneaky and cute!

18. Stole My Boyfriend

Yup, we are pretty sure that dogs have a thing for stealing their owner’s significant others. But at least some of them look guilty about it when their owners catch them in the mischievous act. And then there are dogs like this one here.

Image by enchantedhorn from Reddit

This dog stole this guy, and look how proud both of them look. The boyfriend looks pretty happy with getting his heart stolen while the dog lays a protective arm over her new human. One look at the dog’s adorable eyes, and our hearts are stolen too.

19. Who’s Da Boss?

Usually, when we have a pet, right from the start, we try to establish the fact that we are the boss and they should obey us whenever we tell them to do something. But then some pets completely ignore us in this. Oh, bother!

Image by Emily Webber from DailyMail.co.uk

This dog, even after being told by its owner not to climb into bed without her permission, did so and, on top of that, took her owner’s spot! Well, we guess that’s a way to show the lady who is actually the boss of the house.

20. Stay Away

Some pets might sneakily get into bed with your significant other, and then some pets actively try to keep you away from your significant other. Well, we are sure those pets are quite a bother to you when they do that.

Image from defused.com

As you can see, this cat is glaring at its cat mom as she approaches her boyfriend. According to the owner, she had told her boyfriend about it, but when he didn’t believe her, she took a picture of it and showed him. Well, we are sure he believes it now!

21. That Is Cute?

And we continue with our stories of the pet stealing the husband while the owner is looking the other way. I told you, it seems all the pets have a plan to burrow themselves into the hearts of their owner’s special someone.

Image by Emily Webber from DailyMail.co.uk

This dog joins the club as it casually makes its way into the arms of its fur dad when it goes to sleep at night. As you can see, with the two living beings on the bed and the electronic gadget on the other side, the poor mom doesn’t have anywhere to sleep.

22. My Own Guard

And then we have those pets who love us so much that they would literally do anything for us. Looking at these pets, we realize why we love them so much in the first place and why we keep coming back for more.

Image by r/aww from Reddit

Look at the picture. Just look at it. We are misty-eyed from the cuteness overload. This owner works night shifts, so their dog decides to sleep with them when they come back home in the morning after their shift. That’s what loyalty looks like.

23. Race You To The Bed

Sometimes we might win and manage to get to bed before our pet successfully sneaks into our spot at night. But wait for a second. If you think you have defeated your pets at their own game, then we suggest that you might want to think again.

Image from pupperish.com

This pupper. Her owner managed to grab her spot at night, but when she had to grab a glass of water from the kitchen at one in the morning, her dog slid into her spot and went right to sleep.

24. I Miss You

Do you remember when you decided to go to college, and your sibling was especially happy about it because they knew they would get your room? Well, it seems, pets have the same idea. They also long for a space all their own.

Image by r/aww from Reddit

This dog owner went into the military, and after a few months, his dad sent him a picture of his dog sleeping in his bed, in his room. Another reason might also be that the dog can still smell his owner on the bed and feel closer to him by sleeping in his bed.

25. I Want Your Warmth, Human

Dogs have been genetically provided with the most mesmerizing eyes one can find in this world. They can literally make you do anything when they give you their signature puppy dog eyes. Nobody normal is exempt from it; no one!

Imade by r/aww from Reddit

This beautiful dog has the skills. His mom says every morning she gets off her bed, her dog immediately takes her spot, and when she tries to remove him from the bed, he gives her this heart-stopping sad puppy dog look.

26. That’s Not My Wife

Well, we have spent most of this article talking about pets stealing the significant others of their owners away from them by sleeping in their spots. Now, let’s talk about the significant others when they find their dog in the bed.

Image by r/funny from Reddit

This guy woke up in the morning expecting to see his wife with whom he probably hoped to cuddle. But when he opened his eyes, he saw not his wife but his dog sleeping there with a blanket over their head. Boy, was he surprised!

26. Sugar Crash

Dogs are energetic creatures who are usually seen running around the house whenever they can. The owners regularly have to take their pets on walks and out to the park to work off some of that excess energy in their bodies.

Image by r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog from Reddit

This dog had something else in mind entirely. He decided to run around the house at least twenty times in a row and then proceeded to jump in the bed and took the owner’s spot. The dog fell asleep within thirty seconds.

28. Husband’s Turn

Well, now it’s the husband’s turn. We had seen many instances where the pets had stolen the spot of the wife or the girlfriend when they weren’t home or had momentarily left the bed. Now, we bring the Husband Edition to you.

Image by u/flyerflew from Reddit

This dog took the spot of the man of the house. According to the owner, after her husband had left his bed in the morning, their dog proceeded to jump on his spot, fell asleep, and promptly started snoring within a few moments.

29. The Dog and The Baby

Maintaining a pet and taking care of their every need is hard enough, but what happens when you have a baby on top of that? Well, don’t worry, because dogs love babies very much and usually stay close to them.

Image from animalchannel.co

This owner had just woken up in the morning and had left their sleeping baby on the bed as they usually do. When they came back, they saw that their two dogs had joined the baby, and they were sleeping in bed too. Talk about friendship!

30. Like Our Baby

Pets are not just animals that we take care of and play with. They tend to become something more than that, and to many people, their pets end up being like their guardian angel, or sometimes they end up being like their own kids.

Image by omgomgomg3 from Imgur

This fluffy cat is like a child for its owners. One night, the cat was sleeping on her husband’s side, and he asked her to take care of it. She promptly covered the cat with a blanket the way you do with a baby.

31. Daughter’s Turn

We have talked about the pet taking the husband’s spot, and we have talked about the pet taking the wife’s spot. But why should parents have all the fun? Sometimes the pets end up taking the children’s spot as well. Yes, they do.

Image by r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat from Reddit

This cat’s name is Wuffy (we stan that name), and when her daughter leaves for school every morning, the cat jumps on the bed, snuggles under the covers, and goes to sleep. I am sure the daughter would want that too!

32. Forgot About You

Your pets become such an integral part of your life. Sometimes, you are just lucky enough to have quiet pets that you forget that they are in the house at all. And then they appear before you, and you remember that you have an extra mouth to feed.

Image by tdubs1986 from Reddit

That is exactly what happened with the owner of this house. His wife had gone on a trip, and so the owner fell asleep alone. When he woke up, he completely forgot that his wife was away and turned around to see his dog lying in bed with him!

33. Those Eye Though

Cats and dogs are omnivorous animals and therefore have eyes that glow in the dark. Sometimes you might miss your pets but shine your flashlight on them, and you can see their hazel eyes glowing in the dark. It can be a bit creepy.

Image by r/photoshopbattles from Reddit

This cat stayed awake for its owner every night and the way it sits on the bed, straight as a bow, makes it seem like a human. The only difference is that its eyes are glowing. If not for the white pillows, we never would have been able to detect them.

34. White, White Everywhere

As mentioned above, sometimes, your pets might be hard to find if the decor of your house is similar to the color of their fur. Like in the picture above, we almost missed the two balls of fur lying so peacefully in the bed.

Image by Atheon_VexGod from Twitter

These snowy cats decided to fall asleep on their owner’s bed, which was also completely white in color. Suffice it to say that their owner was amazed and thankful that they hadn’t sat on the cats by mistake since you couldn’t see them at all.

35. Mission Accomplished

Dogs are funny creatures, and they love messing with their owner. If they see that things are not going their way, they usually start barking until they get their owner’s attention so that the owner will do what they want.

Image by Dalemon from Ettoday.com

The owner of this dog had been cuddling with her boyfriend after a long day of work. Her dog started pushing and yapping at her to move. When she did that, the dog immediately took her spot and started cuddling with the guy. Look at that cheeky grin!

36. This Human is Mine

Let us continue drawing attention to the pets who stole the husband’s spot. And this time, it is the wives who have no problem with it and sleep away the night with nary a thought. Who says a gal needs a man in her life?

Image by Emily Webber from DailyMail.co.uk

This dog sidled up to the owner’s wife at night when he wasn’t looking. When the husband came back, he saw that the dog had snuggled under the covers, and both of them were sleeping. Suffice it to say, the husband gave his blessing.

37. I Climbed The Bed For You

Sometimes you have to shut up and applaud your pet’s accomplishment without paying any attention to their mischievous actions and completely ignore that part. Pets need a round of applause once in a while, too, especially when they are old.

Image by hayze16 from Reddit

According to the owner, this dog hadn’t been able to climb the bed for a few years but managed to do it just so that she could sleep with her owner. And look! She bought her favorite toy too. Look at them holding hands. We’re not crying; you’re crying.

38. Cute Intruder Alert

This one is a bit different. We had been talking about pets who take the spot of their owner, but what happens when your spot is taken by a cat that you have never seen before. We would think that would be a pleasant surprise?

Image from plageroyale.com

According to this person, he had booked a room in a hotel room, and when he entered his room, he found out that there was already an intruder occupying his bed. Well, if the intruder is this cute, we wouldn’t mind the inconvenience.

39. Some Alone Time

All of us need alone time with our family members from time to time. We need to talk to our parents, have fun with our friends, some banter with our siblings, and some snuggly time with our significant others. But what about our dogs?

Image from pawsplanet.me

Well, this dog decided that it needed some alone time with its owner as well. And so, it jumped on the bed with her. When the husband came to sleep, the dog gave him this glare to stave him away. Seriously, go away! We need some cuddly time!

40. I Won!

We all like to gloat about our achievements. Taking the spot from intelligent humans is no easy feat, so when dogs manage to do it, they sometimes like to show off. And that is what the dog in the picture below did.

Image by Banlish from Reddit

This dog took the spot from its owner. The moment he managed to slip under the sheets and mark his territory before the owner comes, he knows he has won. And to show the owner that he won, he raised his legs in the air to show off. Look at those adorable legs!