45 Photos Of Solar Powered Pets Basking In The Sun

By Alisa S

Hello, sunshine! Summertime is here, and almost all folks who love summer are racing to find the best spot to catch some sun and a nice lovely tan. However, were are not just talking about humans. Animals also love to reap the benefits of warm sunlight. In this post, we will be talking about our beloved family pets. These furry family members always have a way of amusing us. This time around, we’ve gathered an entertaining collection of 45 adorable images of pets bathing in the sun. Check out the love these furries have for the sun and get ready for some melt-your-heart-out cuteness. Some of these furry gals and fellas are taking their sun-tan goals very seriously, and it’s quite hilarious. You are being warned; there is a high probability that you will totally laugh your head off at these adorable photos.

Bathing in the mellow breeze

This pup knows it really doesn’t take much to feel the warm sunny breeze that takes over you from top to bottom. All you have to do is close your eyes, face towards the sun, and breathe deep, in and out.

Source: mundomascotita.com

Feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle, mellow breeze wash over you as you close your eyes, relax, and get some color like this pupper. A moment to meditate and chill out is just a heartbeat away. Just close your eyes and face the sun.


This big furry lady seems to have over-done her sunbathing game a bit. However, she doesn’t look bothered. Laying in the sun for too long can make you queasy and dizzy. You don’t want to pass out there now! Wake up, sleeping beauty!

Source: awesomeinventions.com

Someone needs to tell this lazy bean bag that laying in the sun for too long won’t get her a great suntan but an excruciating sunburn, especially on that fair skin tone such as hers. Seriously though, get up, love!

Sun protection, not figurative!

Who needs sun-tan lotion when you have a big furry buddy to protect you. This is one lucky kitty here because her best buddy is very protective of her. He even protects her from the sun, just like from anything else!

Source: funzug.com

Seeing a cat and dog in an image such as this one, where it’s obvious what great buddies they are, never ceases to be an adorable representation of our furry friends, especially when they are chilling in the sun being all cute and lazy.

A ray of light

This furball seems rather content that he found one ray of sunlight in his shadowed, sun-protected home. Now, let us point out that when the heat gets unbearable, we all prefer to escape to the shadowy inside of our homes.

Source: awesomeinventions.com

Windows closed, blinds down, air conditioning on. Some temperatures are too high to be healthy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get the best of the sun and some vitamin D if we just happen to catch a glimpse of a sunray piercing through the window blinds.

The Mariachi sun gaze

Have you ever wondered what a mariachi dog would look like in person? Perhaps not. All the all, it’s so adorable to see a little furry puppy dressed up in a mariachi style bathing in the sun with his cute sombrero to protect his little head.

Source: All Things Holiday/Pinterest

And it’s not just the sombrero that gives off the festive vibe. Look at that dramatic and theatrical pose. This little guy isn’t just taking his sunbathing seriously, but his posing in the sunlight photo sessions too. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Streched out like a sausage

When you’re just the right size to fit perfectly inside that one sun-lit spot in a small corner of your home, all you have to do is just stretch out and relax, even if that means looking like a sausage. Who cares what you look like as long as you got the sun on your back.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Talk about finding the perfect “sunbed.” We almost envy this little guy here because he looks so comfy. Wouldn’t you love to be his size? Just perfect to fit that sun coming through the blinds. You’d never have to leave home to sunbathe.

A bit of shade and a bit of sun

How’s this for the perfect beach spot. A beach spot where you have the sun and the shade right next to each other is just so hard to find. These sunbathing French bullies have just that. Aren’t they the lucky ones here!?

Source: awesomeinventions.com

Plus, they have a comfortable sunbed which means no sand and stones in the paws. Just pure delight and chill time in the sun (and shade if desired). These guys obviously have owners who love them so much and take such good care of them.

Fat-burn treatment for a big kitty

Isn’t this a big kitty here? And he seems to be taking his sunbathing game a bit seriously. There’s no solid fat burn without some natural heat from the sub assist you, and this kitty knows that. Let’s burn some calories!

Source: awesomeinventions.com

This smart kitty knows he doesn’t need foil to reap the benefits of the sun because he is getting plenty. His fur is thick enough to protect him from sunburn and melt calories at the same time. It’s great to be a furry fluff ball. His features are so useful and practical.

Sleeping piglet

This adorable piglet really loves to bask in the sun. We’re just not sure if that’s because he loves the sun so much or if it’s the hot temperature that he’s after. Whatever the case, it’s time to chill out for this cute little piggy.

Source: thechive.com

Did someone say piggies didn’t like the heat? Well, there’s that myth busted here. This little piggy went to sunbathe, and this little piggy is roast…. and he loves it! And no, he didn’t cry all the way home.

No sunburn – yes fat burn

Here’s someone else taking their sunbathing game a step further. Yes, lovely, we see you need to burn some of those extra calories from all your kibble. But, just make sure to double up on the sunscreen; you’re gonna need it!

Source: awesomeinventions.com

This madam has made a serious decision to get rid of those extra calories she put on during the winter months. How’s that for resolving the consequences of over-eating during the holidays. A great and easy example for the rest of us!

Sunny nap time

Here is man’s best friend once again. Only this time, we have a doggy who seems to be taking a nice little nap in the warm sunny breeze, just relaxing and chilling with the sun basking over him. Look at that smirk!


This pup chose the comforting touch and feel of grass beneath his fur to add to the relaxing atmosphere. That, dear friends, is a smart choice considering the health benefits of spending time in nature instead of manufactured chairs.

The inside sunbed big enough for all

Here we have one more awesome place in the house to catch some rays, except this sunbed is big enough for everyone in the house, so no arguing about taking turns. When it’s sunny chill-out time, everyone can enjoy it together.

Source: Allison/Pinterest

Pets can really teach us a lot about finding the perfect chill-out zone right within the comfort of our own home. You don’t need expensive spa treatments to get a healthy dose of relaxation. The perfect spot in the house will do wonders.

The awaited hammock time

This dog just airs pure chill. He must have waited a while for his turn in this gorgeous hammock surrounded by greenery, sun rays, and shade. A tree hammock is perfect for the pure zen time that we all could use.

Source: thecottagemarket.com

This big fella isn’t so serious about getting a tan since he is basically in the shade. He puts more of an emphasis on zen and relaxation time because obviously, his priority is peace and quiet, not sweat and grind for beauty and looks.

Someone has been pushed out of ‘The Zone’

Cats will always be cats. As narcissistic and cold as they can be, they can teach us a thing or two about self-love. But, when they exclude one of their family members from an activity, well, that’s kind of too selfish for anyone who loves their brothers and sisters unless we’re a cat.

Source: awesomeinventions.com

Now, we don’t want to offend any cat lovers out there by saying this makes cats look bad or selfish. It’s just natural feline behavior putting their need over the rest of the herd. We just can’t expect them to be thinking, “oh, my buddy could fit in here too.” Not gonna happen.

Sun gazing is natural to animals

We’re not sure if you’ve realized, but there is a repeating pattern from the very beginning of this post. Wherever there’s a nice spot to catch some sun rays, an animal naturally gravitates towards it. Then they close their eyes and enjoy it for an hour or a few.

Source: aww/Reddit

This is an instinctual tendency all beings have because our bodies and minds naturally know what’s good for us. And most of us are lacking in vitamin D anyway. However, the fast-paced human life we all experience has made many of us wander away from this healthy instinct.

The lizard and the kitty

This kitty is just pure lazy, letting the sunlight and warmth shower her. However, her buddy, Mr. lizard, is looking up for some reason. Is he trying to get the most of the sunny shower? Or is he surprised to see so much sunlight inside the house?

Source: wholesomeness.com

How’s this for an unusual friendship. They seem so chill, like they do this all the time. You’d expect to see the kitty chasing that little lizard tail. But nope, it’s too good to waste time with such an activity when she can lay around enjoying the sun.

Gonna get this belly tanned

Now here’s someone determined to get that white belly tanned for the summer. He’s even got shades on to protect his eyes from the strong rays and a water bottle so he can stay there for as long as it takes to achieve his goals.

Source: justcuteanimals.com

Perhaps someone should tell this guy that his big white belly is perfect just the way it is? Nah. That probably wouldn’t make a difference to him. We all know what it’s like when we decide to get rid of something we don’t like.

Where-ever the French bullie is, his comfy bed comes with

French bulldogs are a highly sensitive dog breed. So, it is understandable why you won’t see them so much outside of their comfort zones. Lying in that dirt and leaves might be good for some other dog, but not for this furry cutey.

Source: brainstudy.info

So, when the sunbathing game is on, everything has to be sitting in the perfect spot. The right temperature, the perfect amount of shade, and just the right amount of sun will do. Sunbathing without a comfortable bed is out of the question for this guy.

Cathing a nice whiff of sun

We kind of wonder if this little guy is catching some sunlight before a bath? Or, has he perhaps just had a bath and is standing there to dry naturally in the sun? Whatever the case, he seems to be enjoying it and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Source: @catjuseyo/Twitter

Nothing beats the right combination of getting wet then sunbathing afterward. Most dogs will rinse and repeat this a few times anyway. That’s why we love the beach so much. But, when the beach is too far, a hose, a pool, a tub…. anything with plenty of water will do.

Lazy daisy

Cats are masters at finding the perfect spots for lazy time or just napping in general. This lazy kitty seems pretty satisfied basking in the pleasures of the sunlight; her fur is soaking up the rays, and she’s feeling the warmth beneath her.

Source: pupperish.com

It’s actually much more common to see a kitty choose to lay directly in the sun rather than choose a really shady spot. Felines can really teach us a lot about choosing what’s beneficial for us rather than stressing over our goals. Basically, they teach us patience and to enjoy the moment.

The chicks are out

Even chickens can’t resist the opportunity to bask in the sun and catch some rays. So, this is one more example of how our instincts naturally lead us to the healthiest option. Way to go, chilling chicks! We admire you.

Source: Kristy Baker/Pinterest

Now, it’s not every day you see chickens sunbathing, so this here really is a rare and fascinating image. We wonder, though. Do chickens like to sunbathe, or is it the warm heat that attracts them? Are they naturally cold? We have no idea!

Reach afor the sun

We’re not very sure if this fur bag is trying to reach the sun or if he’s sunbathing his chest to perfection. So, we’ll leave that to your imagination. Whatever the case, this pup seems to enjoy showering in rays of sunlight like the rest of them.

Source: funnydogworld.com

This gracious, silky, extravagant, hairy pup seems like he is one of those elite royal puppies, la creme de la creme of luxury dogs. He’s used to proudly strutting his stuff in front of his owners, but this here is a moment of sunny delight for him.

Comfort is priceless for frenchies

As we mentioned before, French bullies are always searching for perfect commodities for their highly sensitive nature. As you can see here, along with the comfortable beach mat, this pup has his sun umbrella and his sun-screen at hand, too.

Source: Giorgi G/Pinterest

But, we humans can learn from this cutey because he knows what’s good for him. Are you taking your sunbathing game seriously? Well, make sure you have your sunscreen handy and close by. You don’t wanna look 60 by the time you are 30!

The perfect shot

Now, this here is probably a professionally staged shot. This image is just too perfect to be anything else. But still, the point here is that delightful moment when you can revel in the mellowing sun runs. It made this pupper fall asleep!

Source: weheartit.com

Remember, folks. We’ve come to realize that this post is about pets sunbathing. Seeing these dogs and cats enjoying the sun heat is really teaching us how it really doesn’t take much to catch sufficient amounts of vitamin D and meditative peace, something we all complain about.

Cuddles and sunshine

Well, well, apart from the total cuteness going on here, this tiny pup is one lucky little furball. When you’re a baby, you’re too irresistible not to cuddle. So, you get to feel the comfort and safety of all the love you’re receiving, plus the sun rays that help put you in a great mood.

Source: sohu.com

Yikes! Now we’ve said that we can’t help but not think of the less fortunate babies, humans, and animals alike. If you’re empathetic like some of us here, you can’t help the painful urge to go out and save all the suffering cutie pies out there.

The watchdog… or cat

We’re not sure if this kitty is sunbathing or playing watchdog….. or we better say “watchcat.” In any case, the window sill is just the perfect place to enjoy both activities simultaneously; sunbathing and keeping watch at the same time.

Source: pleated-jeans.com

Seriously though, we’d swap places with this kitty any time. Imagine how cool it is to be just the right size to stretch out on the window sill in order to sunbathe and observe the outside surroundings. You can keep watch on the entire neighborhood.

Imma chillin in the sunshine

“What am I up to? Catchin’ this warm sunny breeze…. hmmmm so nice… you should try it sometime, you know, it’s really good for you.” Said every Pit Bull ever. They always know how to make the most out of everyday, normal moments.

Source: ipnoze.com

As huge pittie and staffy fans, we truly believe that these dogs have so much to teach us if we only let them. Among their wise lessons, we’d definitely include savoring the moment and making the most out of our everyday routines.

A cozy sun-nap

Here’s another great example of feline laziness. Why bother chasing the sun and getting a sunburn along the way when you can catch enough sunlight while taking a nap in the comfort of your home in just the right spot?

Source: CatsKingDom/Pinterest

With “just the right spot,” and we mean the spot where the sun rays are shining inside your home, everything falls into place. Taking a sun nap in the comfort of your own home has other perks too, such as surrounding yourself with your favorite comfort items.

Sunny time is pug time

Sunny time is park time for this cool-looking pug puppy. A lot like the French Bulldog, pugs are pretty sensitive dogs and need some extra care when it comes to tending to their health and sensitive nature. This one is no stranger.

Source: travelawaits.com

Their body happily welcomes the vitamin D of the sun. However, the pug is a dog species with pretty sensitive eyes, so too much light can be painful for them. As adorable and staged as this picture is, it is insanely adorable.

A tiny sun-spot for a tiny dog

This tiny chihuahua can sunbathe in a ray of light shining through a pinhole if he wants. If only they were aware of the perks of being a tiny toy dog, they’d be able to free themselves of the small dog complex and reap their natural benefits.

Source: walkerspider/Pinterest

Joke’s aside though, and apologies to all of you chihuahua fans out there because we totally don’t want to offend you or your pups, but being so tiny truly has other great perks, such as being carried to the beach and everywhere else they desire.

The swing on the window

This kitty doesn’t give a cat’s tail about keeping watch over her neighbors or her home. Her priorities are different, and her comfort demands are much higher than most. A window plain sill to stretch across doesn’t cut it for this kitty.

Source: brightside.me

Her owner recognized her need for comfort, and her determined approach to bathing in the sun regularly to relax, unwind, and meditate in order to get that high dose of daily vitamin D with optimum comfort is the only thing that’s on her mind.

Another pinhole sunbather

Is it just us, or does this tiny pup seem too small to actually be a real-life dog? Here, the term “toy dog” doesn’t just count as figurative speech anymore. Yet, it’s obvious by his expression that it’s a real-life, happy puppy.

Source: wallpaper-hd.com

We bet this tiny pup has an abundance of sunlight to sunbathe in, even inside the most shaded home, because he’s so tiny. And, if you let your imagination roam a little further, imagine the fun and games he comes up with chasing tiny sun rays all day long!

The perfect spot all to himself

Now, as pittie lovers, we know how much they love company and cuddles. However, when they find a perfect spot for napping and chill-out time, they prefer not to share it with anyone, even their fave humans. They take this time seriously.

Source: ipnoze.com

But, loving as they are, if you’re small enough to find a spot next to him without disturbing their perfect moment, they’ll happily share it with you because they love you so much. Plus, they’ll teach you how to nap and chill like a pro.

Someone’s running for the sunny blonde look

The silky beautiful locks on this fluff ball are a doggy hairdresser’s greatest dream. How many hairstyles can you come up with for this one? Well, your imagination is the only limit. No wonder fancy fashionistas love hairy dogs.

Source: memefort.com

Taking into consideration what the sun can do to hair color, making it look sunkissed, highlighted, or even a few shades lighter, we get a clearer picture of why this pup takes her sunbathing game seriously. She is upkeeping her gorgeous hair!

Sunbathing with mama

This big lady seems to be one of those pets who sees their owner as their real parent. And just like a small child tries to emulate and mirror every single thing their parents do, dogs also will do the same if they love you. This is why dogs are a man’s best friend.

Source: graziadaily.co.uk

So, if mama is sunbathing regularly and for long periods of time, the big girl will do so too. If mama has a comfy sunbed, she will have one, too, guaranteed. And, if mommy is getting a tan, mommy’s girl will get a tan too!

Sun’s out, staffy’s out

This big fella seems to have overdone his sunbathing game, even to the point of drunken dizziness and fatigue. What was supposed to be a sunbathing mission has turned out to be a sunbathing disaster for this staffy boy.

Source: platsimple.com

Hey big fella, at least you’ve learned that napping in the sun shouldn’t turn into passing out and sleeping for hours on end. You wake up feeling more fatigued and exhausted than you did before. Plus, you receive a severe sunburn instead of a suntan.

The Wolfie VIP Beach Club

Here, ladies and gents, we have the elite wolfie cousins, la creme de la creme of the dog society, and the luxuries and VIP clubs that only the royal first cousins of wolfs can reap the benefits of. The husky boy in the front is the club president.

Source: Nancy Reilly/Pinterest

Seriously though, it must have been a fun little challenge getting all these guys into the right position for the photo session because it must have been hard to achieve a shot like this one. Well done for the husky team.

The sun-kissed look

Goldie locks here is chasing the sun-kissed look all day long. Or, is she trying to achieve an ombre type color judging by the position she’s in while sun-bathing only her rear end. You’re a real beauty, missy! You’re doing something right.

Source: awesomeinventions.com

When you’re so focused on your goals and determined to get the desired results you want, staying focused isn’t an issue, and finding the opportunity to get closer to your goal is easy. All you gotta do is stay focused like this pupper!

First time encounters

This baby is dazzled by the smothering kisses of the sun that she’s not sure if the sun is a real-life being caressing and cuddling her or if it’s an invisible hand making her feel all mellow and relaxed.

Source: pupperish.com

“Sunbathing someone said? Is that what this is? And I thought it was a fairy mama gently rocking me and helping me fall asleep. Sunbathing is awesome. I could do this all day. This is better than cuddles.” This pupper even has his toy to keep him company.

Playing foxy beach babes at home

“Hey, mommy, look at me. I’m a Baywatch babe. I’ve even got a swimming suit. Don’t I look hot? Oh shoot, I don’t have bikini bottoms. Never mind, I’ll just lie here catching my suntan looking hot as usual, don’t mind me!”

Source: fishki.net

Girls love to imitate the beautiful ladies they see on social media. Whether that be following make-up, health, or style advice. This puppy girl seems no different to human baby girls who love to dress up and play pretend. Feminists might disagree, but it’s just what the media serves our kids these days.

Snowball is melting

This big furry snowball doesn’t want to risk melting beneath all that beautiful white fur in the hot, scorching sunlight. So, he found an alternative to getting his dose of vitamin D. The good old window at home will do just fine.

Source: pharmnet.gr

Sensitive to heat and sunburns like Snowflake here? No worries, you can still indulge in moments when napping in the sun is possible and where sunbathing safely right from the comfort of your home in the sunny window is an option.

Sun wasted on the road

This kitty turned out to be wasted drunk on sunlight. So much so that she didn’t manage to reach home, and she passed out on the road right next to her brother’s bike. Let’s hope bro finds her soon before this situation turns into a disaster.

Source: petdestination.com

You might have experienced this kind of consequence yourself. Some of us certainly have, and it’s no fun. Falling asleep in the hot sunlight while sunbathing can have major consequences and side effects such as sunburns and nausea.

Chasing the sun, missing the rocks and trees

We bet this lovely lizard is yearning for the outdoors. Sure, it’s great to catch the sunlight indoors at home. And yes, the carpet is nice and soft. But, the thought of high temperature and rocks and trees makes a lizard yearn for the outdoors.

Source: Lizards/Pinterest

If you’re a lizard lover, you’ll know what we mean by the text above. And you’d definitely do all you can to make up for the nostalgic feelings a lizard might be having. You can do this by creating a natural habitat for him in the comfort of your own home!

Sunbathing the belly

Pug bellies love being sunkissed. Who needs belly rubs when you’ve got sunny rubs! It’s relaxing, smothering, healthy, and it can give you a tan. A soft beach towel and a nice peaceful spot are all you need to achieve this feeling.

Source; 3milliondogs.com

A pug chooses his sunbathing spot very wisely. It must be clean and peaceful, and it must have just the right amount of sunlight and the right amount of shade. Otherwise, a pug will not risk falling asleep and getting sunburn. We can learn from them.

Sunshine is me

“Someone told me that I look like a mini version of the sun. The sun is big and makes you feel all nice and cozy. Am I gonna be like that one day too?” We’ve left this heart-melting cuteness for last to leave you feeling all wishy-washy…

Source: min.news

Isn’t this pure adorableness in a picture? You can’t resist but say “awww” repeatedly at this tiny ball of furry cuteness. Now, hold on to that loving soft feeling, savor it, and share it with the rest of the world as you finish reading this post!