Purrfect Print Ads That Grab The Attention Of Cat Parents

By Jhoana C

Cats. You either love them or hate them. They purr, they lick, they scratch furniture, they like to climb, and they have a whole lot of love to give. There are approximately forty-four cat breeds in the world, and they vary greatly from one another. Cats make the world a better place, actually a purrfect place. They make life more exciting and more colorful with their quirky personalities. Launching a new product? Get a cat to star in your advertisement, and you’ll see your sales skyrocket in no time. Don’t believe us? Look at these ads we have compiled. They prove just how things get better when you get cats involved. And mind you, cats don’t only make good promoters for cat food but a whole other range of things.

Can you spot the not?

If you want your product to stand out and not drown in a sea of other ads, you have to think out of the box. This is where creative minds come in. The more creative your ad is, the more attention it will get and the better it will be for profits.

Image courtesy of Rutan/Ads of the World

This funny ad perfectly demonstrates how great the cat food is that even owls can’t resist it. Just how do they do that? By pretending that they are cats so it’s up to the audience to spot the not. This ad is a hoot!

Lick it good

If there’s one thing true of all cats, it’s that they love to lick. Cats lick not only to show affection but also to groom themselves. This advertisement concept demonstrates that very well, and it’s purrfect in more ways than one.

Image courtesy of Premier Kitchen Towel/Ads of The World

Here you see milk spilled on the counter, and guess who comes to the rescue. It’s Premiere Kitchen Towels in a shape of a cat licking the spilled milk clean. If this doesn’t convince you to switch to Premiere Kitchen Towels, we don’t know what will.

A cat with spots

Every day, animals are abandoned somewhere in the world. Sometimes, some irresponsible people think they have the time, effort, money, and energy to take care of pets but give them to others or leave them behind in shelters.

Image courtesy of doggietalent.com

Abandonment is a problem that not only happens with dogs but also with cats. Any kind of pet is affected by it, and everyone’s eyes need to be opened to their plight. This cat with spots, as if it’s a cat dalmatian, perfectly illustrates that.

Diving so good, even your cat will love it

How do you convince people to try something? One of the best ways is to get someone who undoubtedly hates it and get that person to endorse such activity. That should be convincing enough for people who pay attention to advertisements.

Image courtesy of Blumarea Diving School/Ads of the World

How do you convince people to try diving? Well, get a cat to endorse your driving school. Cats are known to hate water, much less diving. So, if you manage to convince a cat to try diving, you’re pretty much a winner. We especially love the way his face looks as if it just removed its diving mask.

I need to go right now

Do you see the look on that cat’s face? It needs to go, and it needs to go now. That’s how your cat is going to look like when you get Fresh Step because it supposedly doesn’t smell like litter, so much so they won’t be able to locate their box.

Image courtesy of Fresh Step/Ads of the World

This is a great ad that just might convince more people to switch to their brand. See what perfectly executed ads do? They catch more eyeballs, and they can convince consumers. They can either make or break a company’s marketing campaign.

Yoga kitty

If you are going to live a long life or if you’re going to live more than one, the least you can do is to ensure that you are fit and healthy. Nobody wants to live a life sitting in a wheelchair or bed, in a vegetative state.

Image courtesy of evdefitness/Ads of the World

You need to eat healthy food, exercise daily, and have a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy your years on Earth. What better way to demonstrate that than by using a cute kitty in the ad? After all, they have nine lives!

No one likes to be bald

If you think that only men hate having receding hairlines or balding heads, you’re quite mistaken. Animals also don’t like being hairless, unless they were born that way. We’re even inclined to think that even the sphinx cat would have wanted hair if given a choice.

Image courtesy of Nutrivet/Ads of the World

This ad is for a pet hair loss treatment that has wild salmon oil. It’s clever how they use a cat’s face but also used a man’s balding head. This just shows that the experience of hair loss is both the same for humans and cats.

This kitty is werking it

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to exercise, avoid smoking and excessive drinking, and eat healthy food that has plenty of fiber and other nutrients. This ad is for healthy kitty food, and as you can see on the ad, the kitty is living a healthy life.

Image courtesy of Temptations/Ads of the World

Not only is it outfitted in exercise gear, but it’s also standing on top of a Bosu ball and eats natural products from Temptations, a brand of natural kitty food. This ad is directed to pet parents to convince them to buy the product.

Let the lion in you roar

Lions and cats are related to each other because the lion is just a big and more powerful feline. It is second in size only to the tiger. When talking about the king of beasts, no one beats the lion.

Image courtesy of TELE/Ads of the World

This ad says so much. First, it says that there’s a lion in all of us. There is something powerful and brave in all of us, and we should let the lions in us roar, especially when we feel small and when we think we can’t make it.

Don’t wake me up from my slumber

One of the things we hate the most is the delivery guy giving us cold pizza. Pizza is meant to be eaten warm, after all. Yes, you can throw it into the microwave, but why go the extra step when it can be delivered warm, right?

Image courtesy of Pizza Hut/Ads of the World

Pizza Hut is known for its delicious pizzas, and they want to make everyone aware that cold pizzas are a no-no for them. How do you know if the pizza is warm enough? If your little kitty likes sleeping on top of the box.

How do you know if a cat is Asian?

Angoras, Persians, and Siamese cats are just some of the most popular Asian cats. But how do you know if a cat is Asian without seeing it? This ad suggests that you take a look at its litter box. If it looks like a Zen sand garden, then you can bet it’s Asian.

Image courtesy of Utah’s Hogle Zoo/Ads of the World

This ad by Utah’s Hogle Zoo is sure to get everyone’s attention. It certainly got ours, and if we lived nearby, we’d surely pay a visit to see the Asian highlands section and see the big cats they have there.

Vacuuming made easy

Having a furry friend in the house means dealing with their hair and fur going everywhere, from the couch to the bedroom to your clothes. It also means having to thoroughly clean the home more often than those who don’t own cats.

Image courtesy of Cadence/Ads of the World

You’ll need a powerful vacuum cleaner to make tidying up easier and faster. You surely wouldn’t want to have visitors coming over only for them to leave with a ton of hair on their clothes. The Cadence vacuum cleaner, according to their ad, does the job. Look at how precise it is. The cute cat alone has us convinced.

Five-star experience

Give your cats the four-star experience by feeding them the best cat food out there. Fromm claims to be exactly that, but you need to do more than just put text on your advertisement to convince people that it’s top quality.

Image courtesy of Fromm/Ads of the World

You need creative graphics too, and Fromm has done that on this print ad. Even though cat food comes from the can or the packet, this ad says it doesn’t have to be ho-hum. It can still be a 5-star restaurant experience if you serve the right food.

Are we vegetarians deep down?

Some people opt to consume only vegetable products because it’s better for their health and the environment, while others consume meat. We have nothing against vegetarians and non-vegetarians, to each his own. This company in Switzerland, Hiltl, was founded in 1898, and their empire includes vegetarian restaurants, butchery, and take-aways in Switzerland. They even have a cooking school and catering service for vegetarian food.

image courtesy of Hiltl/Ads of the World

To convince people to try vegetarian food, they came up with a campaign called, “Deep down, we are all vegetarians.” This ad shows a cat, definitely not a vegetarian, with a mouse in its tummy. Because the mouse eats cheese, it makes the cat, technically, deep down a vegetarian. What do you think of it?

That’s a powerful lint roller

Lint is what we commonly call accumulations of fibers from textiles and other materials, and they are very obvious on dark clothes. Thankfully, the lint roller was invented, so we all don’t have to go out with pet hair and lint on our clothes.

Image courtesy of 3M India/Ads of the World

This must be one powerful lint roller that not only picks up cat hair but the entire cat! Look at that adorable kitty’s face on the 3M lint roller. We want to rescue it from the roller and give it a good life.

Yes, curiosity kills

This is a clever way of encouraging people to give up smoking and live a healthier lifestyle. We have always heard the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.” It warns people not to be overly inquisitive of the affairs of others or else they might get into trouble.

Image courtesy of Wyoming Department of Health/Ads of the World

Well, secondhand smoke works the same way. Even if you’re not a smoker, if you’re always in the presence of people who smoke a lot, you could end up inhaling the smoke and getting sick. So, stay away from them.

It’s a numbers game

How often have we been told that size doesn’t matter? Just because something or someone is big doesn’t mean that they are unbeatable. Just think about David versus Goliath. Sometimes it’s all about determination, and in this ad’s case, it’s all about the numbers.

Image courtesy of Act TV/Ads of the World

This ad shown on Indian television was made for an NGO. The cat may be bigger than the mouse, but if a lot of mice come together, they can beat even the biggest cat. No matter how great the odds may be, working together makes a huge difference.

There’s a tiger in every cat

If you think that your pet kitty is a timid, little creature that is demanding at times, think again. There is a tiger in every house cat just waiting for the right time to reveal itself. 16 Dash, a company in Egypt specializing in advanced sports nutrition, wants to let consumers know that they can help turn you into something fierce.

Image courtesy of Advanced Sports Nutrition/Ads of the World

That’s what their product reportedly does. It helps a cat become a tiger, and it helps those building their muscles to reach their fitness goals by giving them a powerful weight gain formula designed to increase muscle mass without the fat.

A cat that loves to fetch and swim

If there’s one generalization made about dogs, they love to swim and love playing fetch. Throw a stick, and you can be sure that a dog will chase after it and bring it back to you. Although not all dogs do that, we seem to think that all of them do.

Image courtesy of Eukanuba/Ads of the World

Eukanuba is a brand of dog food that’s so good that even other animals would rather become dogs to be fed with this particular brand. Here, you can see a cat pretending to be a dog, swimming and playing fetch just to get some Eukanuba.

When a cat has too much catnip

This ad isn’t about catnip, but from the dazed look on the cat’s face, it’s probably on something, or it’s had too much of something good. Many people say that the cat has gotten its paws on its pet parent’s stash, but it’s nothing other than botanical tinctures.

Image courtesy of NYC Botanics Pet Oil/Ads of the World

Many cats have anxiety, and this is demonstrated in the changes in activity or mood level, aggressions, excessive vomiting, compulsive behaviors, and aggression. This CBD oil for pets aims to put a stop to all of that with ailment relief.

Adopt rescue animals

There are plenty of animals worldwide that need a home, and this doesn’t even include animals in pet shops. Why shop when you can adopt rescue animals? They are just as loving and have as much character and personality as animals in pet shops.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 200 million stray dogs worldwide that need a home. If you count other animals, the numbers can easily grow exponentially. This is why it’s best to adopt and help rescue animals, too.

All animals need to be treated well

While on the topic of adopting rescue animals, let’s discuss the other ad that talks about the same thing. This print advertisement was made for a non-government organization in Brazil, and as you can see, it has a camouflage pattern.

Image courtesy of AnimaiS.O.S./Ads of the World

If you look closely, you will see cats, which illustrates the fact that there are animals on the streets that people hardly notice. These animals also need loving homes and loving families that will take good care of them.

Rescuing street animals

Most people overlook stray cats, dogs, and other animals in their local areas. They’re filthy, frail, and nobody pays any attention to them. Yes, animals in pet shops look a lot better because they have been groomed, but given the same amount of attention and care, stray animals can look just as good.

Image courtesy of Fundacio/Rescue Animals of the World

This print ad for another NGO in Ecuador highlights the importance of rescuing animals off the streets. Giving them a loving home makes a lot of difference and could improve their lives a thousand-fold. Think about this next time you want to buy from a pet shop.

What does a cat have to do with insurance?

This ad may not be as exciting or grab as much attention as the other ads on this list, but it still deserves a place here. Most people have heard of Zurich, the Swiss insurance company. It has a revenue of about 47 billion.

Image courtesy of Zurich/Ads of the World

So, how do you make sure you stand head and shoulders above other insurance companies? Zurich thought of using a cat in its print ad. Getting insurance is protecting the things you love the most. In this case, the furniture and the teddy bear are protected because the cat owner has chosen to put socks on the cat. Insurance works in pretty much the same way.

Ten ways for cats to die?

Although this looks like an illustration of the ten ways your cat could die, it talks about something more each pet parent should know, and that is the importance of feeding your feline friend the right food for optimal health.

Image courtesy of Whiskas/Ads of the World

Feeding your cat the right food adds life to their years and makes them healthy. Some people pointed out that the illustration doesn’t fit the ad’s message, but we’d like to think that it does. It certainly got our attention. We wouldn’t want our cat going through all those things on the illustration.  

It’s always a good idea to deworm your pet

This print ad is a part of a deworming campaign by Elanco. Elanco is an American pharmaceutical company that produces vaccinations and medicines for livestock as well as pets. Intestinal worms are a prevalent problem when it comes to cats.

Image courtesy of Elanco/Ads of the World

This ad highlights the fact that if you don’t deworm your cats, they can become carriers of worms and other parasites that might eventually find their way to humans, endangering your entire family. This wants us to get Elanco and start deworming right away.

Big cat, small cat

Whiskas is one of the most popular companies when it comes to cat food and care. They have a wide range of products for any pet parent who has found it in their heart to love and care for felines. There are plenty of cat food and care companies out there, so how did Whiskas make sure they would stand out from the rest?

Image courtesy if Whiskas/Ads of the World

By coming up with a creative ad campaign, and the photo above is one of them. Although domesticated, Cats have ancestors that belong to the wild, which is what the ad illustrates. It may be smaller than a lion, but it’s still related, so Whiskas treats your small cat just like a fierce lion.

Danger, high voltage!

This ad from Japan deserves a place on this list because it’s straightforward with only two colors, but it has so much impact and effectively gets its message across. The Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster was one of the most devastating events since the tragedy in Chernobyl.

Image courtesy of SORAAds of the World

Unlike Chernobyl, it was a natural disaster caused by a powerful earthquake. A lot of people were displaced and, of course, animals as well. This campaign aims to encourage people to help save animals voluntarily due to a lack of human resources and donations.

Who is serving who?

Cats are thought to be generally more low maintenance compared to dogs. They don’t require daily walks, training, or companionship. However, just like any other pet, they need care, and some cat breeds need more care than others.  

Image courtesy of Quality Pet Shop/Ads of the World

But cats also have a different personality than dogs, and some cat owners say they can be more demanding. So, when you get a cat, are you taming the cat, or is it the other way around? Who is serving who? This print ad by a Brazilian company for quality pet products seems to think it’s the cat taming their pet parent.

There is no need to abandon your pets

Ever since the world was changed drastically from last year, there have been many rumors that have made many people even more scared than they already are. One of those persistent rumors is that animals can be carriers of the virus.

Image courtesy of Misu/Ads of the World

This has led to animals and pets being abandoned out of fear. This ad campaign aims to let everyone know that there is no truth to the rumors, and they don’t need to be abandoned because having a pet is as safe as it is today as before the pandemic.

Give your animals a good future

If you could see the future of your cat and saw that it wasn’t going to be very good, would you do everything in your power to change it? Would you do everything you possibly can to ensure that it has a good life?

Image courtesy of Havas/Ads of the World

We’d like to believe that all pet parents would answer that question with a yes. This print ad by SPCA or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants to ensure that the future of animals is also bright by finding them loving homes.

Food for predators

Whiskas is a very creative brand, and that is why we see more than a single Whiskas ad on this list. This is why Whiskas is a leading brand in pet food and care. The domesticated animals we have in our homes today have ancestors in the wild.

Image courtesy of Whiskas/Ads of the World

Good examples are cats and dogs. Dogs are related to wolves, and cats are related to tigers. Although cats and dogs may have been domesticated, their ancestors are predators. This ad shows a cat pretending to be a predator in the wild. The only difference is it’s hunting for food on the rug.

What you see isn’t always what you get

Although Volkswagen doesn’t sell any products related to animals, that didn’t deter them from using animals in their print ads, this print ad aimed at encouraging people to use original parts for their Volkswagen vehicles is a good example.

Image courtesy of Volkswagen/Ads of the World

Just because a part fits in your vehicle doesn’t mean it’s the right one to get. This is excellently represented in the ad by the shape of a fish, which, it turns out, isn’t a fish but a cat. Don’t let looks deceive you, folks.

Kitties against child abuse

This ad is a bit controversial, and some people on the net found it distasteful. It got a lot of tongues wagging, but isn’t that the primary purpose of ads? To catch people’s attention and to get people to talk about it?

Image courtesy of Instituto de Apoio a Crianca/Ads of the World

The more talked about your ad is, the better it will be for your revenue. This ad uses a momma cat and a baby cat to talk about a very sensitive issue, child abuse. To us, the use of cats for this topic is a good decision.  

Eating better means having a cleaner digestive system

This print ad isn’t exactly for cats. It’s for humans. Simply Nutrilite was renamed Nutrilite Trim Advantage Body Systems in 2007, and it’s a line of vitamins and minerals, including meal replacement bars and drinks.

Image courtesy of Simply Nutrilite/Ads of the World

Eating healthy food means having a much cleaner digestive system. A cat illustrates that concept with a broom walking around the house and cleaning the house at the same time. Some may not find it exciting, but for us, it works well.

The aristocat

By this point, people would have realized that cats make good ad stars. They are cute, adorable, and they have personalities. This ad was made for The Sunday Times, one of the UK’s leading newspapers, and we love it.

Image courtesy of The Sunday Times/Ads of the World

They transformed different cats into the most famous personalities, such as this one, a cat becoming Richard Branson, or should we say, Richard Catson? The kitty looks like it has plenty of money to spend, and it’s ready to conquer the world.

Nuts on the floor and other surfaces?

No, this ad is not about thinking of all the places your cat’s nuts have probably touched. It’s about having a pet and not knowing where they have been and what they have been doing outside and possibly bringing germs inside the home.

Image courtesy of Motor Master/Ads of the World

This ad is for Motor Master, a cleaning product. The ad suggests that you never know where your pet has been or what it has been doing, so you should use Motor Master to clean your floors to ensure cleanliness.

No exercise, no problem

One of the most important things pet parents must do, aside from giving their cats nutritious food, is to ensure their pets get the daily exercise they need. However, that’s not always possible because there are times when work demands become too much.

Image courtesy of Whiskas/Ads of the World

Cats may not require daily walks such as dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise. They still do. This is another ad by Whiskas, saying that as long as you give them nutritious food, you need not worry even if they get little to no exercise.

The kitty isn’t going down

This is a brilliant way of showing off not just one but multiple products in one print ad. You have to give credit to the person who designed this ad for Ahlens Department Stores. Here, you see a cat stuck on a tree.

Image courtesy of Ahlens Department Stores/Ads of the World

The father and daughter duo are trying their best to get the cat to come down by using different items that are all sold at Ahlens Department Stores. The subtle placement of the prices of the items is nicely done!

Just like a restaurant for cats

We have seen so many Whiskas ads for their cat food. It’s time that we take a look at other brands. Surely competitors also have something up their sleeves, right? They just can’t let themselves be beaten by Whiskas.

Image courtesy of Purina/Ads of the World

This is an ad for Purina, implying that eating their brand of cat food is an experience akin to having a meal in a restaurant for cats. It’s something similar to that 5-star experience cat food ad. It’s the same concept but executed differently.

Do something good for others so that they can also do something good

At first glance, this ad is very confusing. Yes, we see a lot of cats in the illustration, but what are they there for? After all, this print ad is for TMO, a company that specializes in biotechnology. So, what do cats have to do with them?

Image courtesy of TMO/Ads of the World

The ad is for a bone marrow transplant. It encourages people to help people who need bone marrow transplants, so, in turn, these people can also do good for others. In this ad, people are animals that are taking care of cats.

How do you get something to accelerate?

At first glance, this ad comes off as cruel and unnecessary. After all, what calls for throwing a pail of water on a cat that’s not doing anything to you? It’s just sitting there by the window and watching the world go by.

Image courtesy of Peugeot/Ads of the World

This is only one in a series of print ads for the Peugeot campaign. Peugeot is one of the leading brands of vehicles in Europe, and they wanted to illustrate just how fast their vehicles accelerate, which is one of the ways of doing so. Ever notice how fast cats get up and run away when you throw water on them? That’s how fast a Peugeot accelerates!

Abra Cadabra Kitty

This is an ad for Lemon School in Brazil made by OpusMultipla, and when you see it for the first time, you might get confused. What does a flying cat have to do with education? In this case, plenty.

Image courtesy of Lemon School/Ads of the World

In short, the ad says that if you have the talent, you shouldn’t waste it on making cats fly. You can achieve so much more, and you can be so much more if you get the right education, and that’s what Lemon School wants to do.

Let the cats do the promotion

How do you get people interested in a festival for cats? How do you get people to come? Use cats, of course! The Museum of Natural History in Halifax needed all the help they can get in promoting their annual Catfest.

Image courtesy of Museum of Natural History/Ads of the World

Their brilliant solution was to wrap telephone poles with carpet and turned them into scratching posts. Cats loved it. They went to the poles to scratch and scratch to their heart’s content. Soon enough, Halifax became a kitty’s paradise.

No need to sit still and be patient

Before the advent of anything instant, people had to wait a while to get their food. They had to plant crops and wait for the harvest season, and they had to fatten up their cattle and poultry before they became suitable for food.

Image courtesy of Fromm/Ads of the World

The same went for animals. They also had to hunt for their food. Nowadays, that’s no longer necessary. You can just buy food off the shelf for you and your pets. This ad from Fromm says so much. Cats can now get food in a can or packet, and the best thing is that it comes with the same nutrients that fresh food and produce have.