Harvey The Shar-Pei: A Blanket Beauty

By Shivam B

A dog with his bizarre wrinkles is winning hearts over the internet. Harvey is a Shar-Pei who has many wrinkles that gave him the look of a fur blanket. He gives the best cuddles and hugs, says his owner, who is head over heels in love with him. 

Image courtesy of @harvey.thesharpei/Splitpics UK 

Harvey, a Yorkshire Terrier in the United Kingdom, is well-loved and pampered. Teresa says she loves everything about him, including his wrinkles which seem to make her day brighter!

Born on October 9th, Harvey is a Shar-Pei puppy who lives in Menorca with his mother. He was adopted by Chloe after two of her other litters found homes forever. But, unfortunately, he doesn’t have a sight at all due to having wrinkles around the eye area.

The infection caused Harvey’s eyes to become inflamed, and he spent two months without sight. The vet put stitches around his eyelids so that they would open wider. He used to bump into doors, chairs, tables, so he followed his mother for a few months as he couldn’t play because of fear.

Shar-Peis started with only a few skin wrinkles, but over time, breeders sought more folds, and today owners have to be very careful while taking care of these fur friends. 

Image courtesy of VIRAL FEVER/Facebook

He loves to go outside. He also likes lying in the sun, playing with Chloe, listening to everyone talk about him – but not so much water! He hates swimming. Harvey quickly got all the attention with his unique appearance, and everyone wants to take a picture with him.