40+ Memes Showing How Amusing And Wonderful It Is To Be A Dog Parent

By Liezel L

“Get a dog,” they said. “It’s going to be fun,” they said. And we agree. For the most part, it is fun having a furry friend around to cuddle, play with, and be best friends with. We can’t even imagine life without dogs. What they didn’t tell us about, though, is the lifetime supply of derpy and meme-worthy moments that our furry pets will inevitably provide us. Of course, they’re not always going to be fun and games for us owners, like when Fido goes for a dip in the mud pool or when they decide to “help” with work or homework. But we can’t help but love our doggos, no matter what they do. Here is a compilation of the best facepalm moments pet owners have shared on the internet to brighten your day. 

When They Start Chewing Faster 

Sometimes, our pets seem determined to send us in a panic. Just turn your eyes away from them for one second, and guaranteed, they’ll have something in their mouths. And, of course, since we don’t want them to die, we’ll do our best to investigate what in the world it is. 

image courtesy of YbnHappy/ Twitter

Unfortunately, like the naughty little kids they are, they won’t want us to find any evidence of their crimes, so instead of opening their mouths like a good kid, they keep chewing faster, and at that point, it feels like we’re trying to pry open the jaws of a lion. 


Dogs are often seen as loyal companions who will protect you against all kinds of harm as best they can. People often forget, though, that dogs also have their own priorities, and sometimes, well, as much as they love us, we’re not so high up on that list. 

image courtesy of BoredPanda

Dogs will come to our beck and call with wagging tails if we have a potato chip or a tender, juicy piece of meat. But when it comes to danger or when we just want them to behave. It kind of hurts, but that’s how it is. 

Yes, Please!

If you’re one of those people that think this is sad, well, you’re wrong, and you might need a pup to prove just how wrong you are. Sorry, but if someone were obsessed with us, we’d rather it be a slobbering little pup than a human. 

image courtesy of lybrenth/ Twitter

Dogs are fine creatures. They won’t break your trust, they won’t let you down, and once you’ve formed that bond with them, you’ll have someone that truly appreciates you despite all your flaws no matter what. Who doesn’t want that?

They Take Over Everything

When you get a dog, they don’t only take over your mornings and evenings. No. They take over everything, including your bed and your personal space. That is if you’re the type that lets them like we are. We can’t say no to their faces.

image courtesy of FlitsArt/ Reddit

See, when you get a dog, what’s yours also becomes theirs, and they know it. So don’t even expect to get your bed, your couch, or even your toilet bowl all to yourself. Your furry friend will soon take what’s theirs, and you’re just going to give it to them. 

They Deserve Everything

Dogs deserve the world, and if only we could give it to them, we would. As it is, we’re making do with getting them everything they want, even if that means using up a big chunk of our pay to buy them nice things while putting our wants and needs second. 

image courtesy of Auruesia/ Reddit

If you’re a dog owner, you’d definitely know this feeling. Even if it is your hard-earned money, it would feel like such a waste spending it on yourself, but when it comes to your dogs, there is just no limit to how much you’d spend to make them happy. 

Best Friend For Life

Growing up with your furry best friend is one of the most magical things in life, and nothing can really replicate it. It is simply one of the best experiences. Not only do you grow up with infinite cuddles and kisses, but you also grow up with someone you can trust with your soul no matter what, and that is really something. 

image courtesy of BoredPanda

The bond between a child and a pup that has grown up together is really different. It’s unbreakable. And if it were us, every moment we spent together would be a cherished memory that we held for the rest of our lives. 

The Neverending Love

Dogs are lifesavers. They may not be able to talk or communicate with us as clearly as we do with other humans, but they do their best for us in their own little ways. Whether it’s a simple lick on the cheek or being pulled into playtime when we’re not feeling too sunny, they make sure we’re okay somehow. 

image courtesy of u/ilicitanos/ Reddit

They do so much for us, and we don’t think we notice or appreciate it enough. Sure, they may get in trouble sometimes, but that’s nothing compared to how they show their love and affection towards us. Try staying sad around your dog. It won’t last!

Dog Pics Over Apps

We admit it. Not all dogs are as photogenic as huskies or golden retrievers, but no matter what breed they are, as long as it’s yours, you’d think that dog is the most beautiful in the world, and they’re worth more than any app out there. 

image courtesy of Siddhar32922261/ Twitter

We’re not even sure why we keep every single photo of our pets. It’s not as if they’re all award-worthy. Most of our camera roll is blurry pics of them playing or pictures of them sleeping. Still, we’d rather keep those than the apps, thank you very much. 

No Concept Of Fitness

Dogs have absolutely no idea, nor any cares to give about fitness. When they see us rolling around on the ground, sweating our butts off, all they see is playtime or cuddle time. They’ll go ahead and try their best to lay on top of us. 

image courtesy of FunkyCharles72/ Twitter

We may act annoyed over it, but who are we kidding? We secretly love all the love and attention from those cuddlers. There might be a slight difference, though, when what’s lying on top of you is an 85-pound big boi rather than a 6-pound Chihuahua. 

They All Have Different Talents

We’re not being discriminatory here or saying that one breed is better than the other, okay? There are some pups out there that have unique talents. Sometimes, their talent may be frustrating, but then it’s probably unique, and that’s something.

image courtesy of elipton52/ Reddit

Can you say you can finish a whole can of coffee in one sitting? Seriously though, dogs can be mind-blowingly intelligent and simultaneously hilariously stupid, and we can never get enough of it. No matter what talent they happen to have, we think they all are special.

Tornado Activated!

Our furry friends are simple creatures. They love food, they love attention, they love to sleep, they love you, and you know what else they most love in the world? Walks and play and anything that has to do with both. 

image courtesy of Connor_The_Iguana/ Reddit

Some owners have even banned the words walk, park, and anything related to those because hearing them makes their pets go absolutely bonkers. And well, when you get a pup excited, you’ll have a bundle of energy that can’t be contained. 

Doggy Heaven

If this truly did happen, it would only mean one thing: We have died, and for some miraculous reason, we have gone to doggy heaven. At least all our hours ogling cute pups on the internet will have been so worth it. 

image courtesy of onedio.com

Now, if this really were possible, we would start beefing up our liking sprees. We don’t think the few thousand that we’ve already liked are enough. There are so many more good boys and girls out there, and we’d love to meet all of them!

The Occassional Treachery

We literally do everything for our dogs. We buy them good food, we may even cook their food, we bathe them, we make sure they’re not bored, we give them a nice comfy place to sleep, and yet every time they see the smallest opportunity to go out, they run like prisoners finally set free.

image courtesy of YeeYeeApparel/ Twitter

Honestly, sometimes, it can be a little hurtful. Sure, we know we sometimes don’t take them on enough walks but come on, they really run like they’re running for their lives. The chasing isn’t that fun either, especially when they’re one of the bigger breeds. 


When you get a dog, whether they’re a short hair or a long hair breed, your house will never see the end of fur. It will be everywhere – on your clothes, in your hair, food, bags, and keys, everywhere. 

image courtesy of fisher_lance/ Reddit

When shedding season comes, it becomes a lot worse. Before, you could get away with a couple of fur strands stuck on you; now, you really can’t leave the house without lint-rolling an entire furball off your clothes. Plus, no matter how much you vacuum, your home will never be fur-free ever. Good luck!

Absolutely Not!

No one and absolutely no one can insult our dogs. We, the humans who take care of them, are the only ones allowed to tease them in any way. If anyone else tries, well, we’re going to need a word with them. 

image courtesy of mallordactyle/ Reddit

It goes the same with anyone touching our dogs in a harmful or even mildly threatening way. One does not simply do anything to hurt our dogs unless they want the same done to them with twice the force and a hundred times the anger. 

Food Detectors

Sometimes, you want some peace and quiet with your chips without a pair of eyes staring you down until you share your food with them. Unfortunately, that may be an impossible scenario at home with dogs unless you’ve trained them not to beg.

image courtesy of weheartit.com

Dogs will ignore any chaos in the house, and they may even sometimes ignore your call, but when it comes to opening a bag of chips, they’ll be the most alert creatures on the planet. They’ll be there in a flash no matter what room of the house you’re in. Even if the room is soundproof, trust us, they’ll still hear it. 

Why Are You Here Human?

Dogs are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, this past year has put a damper on many of the routines they’ve been used to. This includes having their human around a lot more than they’re used to, so the confusion is completely understandable. 

image courtesy of u/benjamin_claeys /Reddit

While this change would completely stoke some dogs, this pup doesn’t seem to understand it yet. It seems to be processing that its owner is not leaving as they should be by that time of the day. And well, if we were in their place, we’d feel the same way. 

Perfect Timing As Always

Dogs don’t always have the best sense of timing. They have their own clocks and routines they follow, and you can trust that they’ll never fail to follow up on it, so when it’s water drinking time, it’s really water drinking time. 

image courtesy of bonelesspizza69_420/ Reddit

Now, there’s nothing wrong with drinking water before bedtime. It’s a good thing to keep them hydrated. Unfortunately, that also means they’ll have to go pee in the middle of the night. And sometimes, well, we humans need that complete night’s rest. 

Sorry, Not Sorry

Aside from the creepy faces on this meme, this whole scenario is just a tragedy. Choosing between the pups and the kids is just a big no-no, and one definitely has to go. And well, we think you already know which is the first choice. 

image courtesy of isk2tech/ Reddit

Seriously though, this is probably one of the saddest things that can happen to a dog lover. But then again, there are plenty of solutions for this one. Either swap out the kid or take a risk with one year of Benadryl and see what happens. Your choice. (We kid!)

They Own Our Homes

We get people who don’t want pets on their furniture. We know how hard it is to get all the fur off, and we also know that our puppers aren’t the best at keeping themselves clean. But really, how can you resist those puppy eyes when they keep begging every time you take a seat?

image courtesy of Spinundrum/ Reddit

What’s dangerous is that after letting them sit beside you on the couch or the bed just once, it’s over. They’ll think they now own that piece of furniture, and the next time you’ll want to take a seat, they’ll already be there doing the sitting or laying down for you. 

Doggie Hugs

After a long day of functioning and doing our best to keep up in the human world, there is nothing more comforting than getting that warm and furry hug from our pups. Just the sight of those excited, wagging tails can immediately make us feel better again. 

image courtesy of myjobisweird/ Reddit

For some reason, it seems like our pets have the ability to banish stress and sadness without even doing anything. All they have to do is exist and be the sweet creatures they are, and everything in the world will be okay. 

The Glasses Are Never Safe

We love doggie kisses, don’t get us wrong. We can have those all day, every day, no matter how much slobber there is and how wet it is. For dog owners who also wear glasses, though, it can be a little hazardous.

image courtesy of mrduncansir42/ Reddit

When dogs give kisses, they don’t care about whatever is on your face. They dive in and go for it. You’re lucky if your glasses only get slobber, but if they end up on the floor and end up getting stomped on in the midst of all that kissing, well, that’s another matter altogether. 

Morning Pups

We don’t how they do it, but no matter what, most dogs seem to be morning pups. They wake up and are filled with this energy most of us want but can only dream of having in the early morning. And well, sometimes, it’s hard to keep up. 

image courtesy of NebbyChan/ Reddit

That’s why it’s essential before getting a dog to make sure the breed you’re choosing would have a similar lifestyle or at least a similar energy level to you. That way, no one loses much sleep, and everyone is happy. 

My Share, Please

If you want your dog’s attention, try making some food, and guaranteed, they’ll be right there by your side with those big old puppy eyes asking for their share of your morsel. Of course, most of us don’t love this part of our day.

image courtesy of officememesandquotes /Facebook

As it seems, our dog extends the phrase “what’s ours is theirs” to our food. They also know that we are weak against the puppy eyes, so they take full advantage every time. The thing is, we know this, and yet we still give in. 

Extreme Derp Activated

Many dogs literally go barking mad over the high-pitched squeaks and shrieks of squeaky toys. Even if they’re in a deep sleep or they’re playing with other pups, they’ll come for their special squeaky toy as soon as they hear one peep. 

image courtesy of maximoman65/ Reddit

While we don’t know the exact reason dogs are that way with squeaky toys, one popular theory is that the squeaks sound similar to the prey they are hardwired to hunt and kill. No wonder they love shaking and tearing it until it’s unrecognizable. 

Pick It Up

If you can’t be a responsible dog owner and can’t care for your pooch properly, the answer is simple. Don’t get a dog. It would be better for you, us, the pups, and the rest of the world to stick with a fish.

image courtesy of karmadecay.com

When you get a dog, you don’t just pet your dog and give them food and water. You bathe them, you take them out for walks, you take care of their bathroom needs, you clean the house of their fur, and so much more. We love the humor of this meme! 

Counting Machine

We all know that dogs are smart. They recognize names and certain words. We can teach them commands. They can even be taught how to respond to medical emergencies. Numbers, though, are one thing they aren’t particularly good at unless food is involved. 

image courtesy of dailyfailcenter.com

No matter how quick you are with your fingers, you will never be able to trick your pups. They will keep staring at you or following you around with that look in their eyes that tells you that they know and that you owe them, and in the end, you’ll have to give in. 

The Little Paw Sounds

If you’re a dog owner, try imagining a day without those little tippy tappy toe sounds around the house or the sound of that collar jingling. It’s horrifying. Those are sounds of joy we can’t live without and hope we never have to.

image courtesy of PawsPlace/ Reddit

We don’t usually notice these little things about our daily lives with our furry friends, but it’s these little things that actually make every day with them so worth it. No matter how they frustrate or annoy us, we know life would be completely different without them. 

Attention Seekers

No matter what way you look at it, dogs are just big old attention seekers. No matter how much attention you give them all day, if you go a couple of minutes without giving them attention or petting them, it’s like you’ve committed a crime. 

image courtesy of thechive.com

This face right here seems to be saying, “Ahem, excuse me, human, but it seems like you’re overdue on pets, and I demand them right now.” We love them, though, and we’d gladly give them those pets any time they demand it. They actually own us, remember?

Just Do It

Seriously, sometimes, our dog’s sense of timing or lack thereof can be pretty frustrating. We can forgive them for many things, but barking in the middle of the night is one of those things that can really test our patience.

image courtesy of mannamedBenjamin/ Reddit

Just imagine, you’re in a deep sleep, and you’re finally getting the rest you’ve been craving, and then suddenly, you hear this loud bark so near you. That sensation of being ripped out of your sleep so hastily is pretty nasty. So, dear pups, we beg you, don’t. 

Our Pride and Joy

Remember all those parents who always seemed so proud and excited to show off what their kid drew or made, no matter how mediocre it really is? Well, if you’re a dog parent, then you know exactly how they feel. 

image courtesy of ememandemmy/ Reddit

No matter how goofy, silly, or how normal it is, we love showing off our dogs because, well, we think they’re the cutest in the world, even if there are plenty of dogs who look just like them. We know our dogs are special in their own way, and we’re never going to stop bragging about it. 

The Look of Love

Science says that our pupils dilate when we are looking at someone or something we love. And even if they don’t grow as big as this meme suggests, it does pretty much feel like it when we’re looking at our dogs.

image courtesy of AntiBullshyt/ Reddit

After a long stressful day dealing with life, the sight of our beautiful pups is like looking at heaven. Just seeing those drooling faces and wagging tails can already make us feel 10x better. No wonder it’s so addictive staring at pictures of your dog. 

The Warm Welcome That Doesn’t End

Do you know what one of the best things about owning a dog is? It’s having that someone who is always so excited and happy to welcome you back home even if you’ve only been gone for about two minutes. 

image courtesy of Radish00/ Reddit

Whenever we enter the house, they think we’re back for good, and we’re going to spend the rest of the day playing with them. So it’s often a little bit more heartbreaking leaving them again and seeing their confused faces saying something like, “But I thought you’re back…”

Swipity Swopity

When you own a dog, no food in the house is yours, and it will always be a game of who can get there first or who can swipe it off the table first. You’re lucky if you have a well-trained dog. But if your dog doesn’t understand what’s yours and what’s theirs, well, good luck. 

image courtesy of Jazzy_jml/ Reddit

Strangely enough, some dogs seem committed to dedicating their smarts to swiping your food from wherever you put it. Trust us, you can have a hard time teaching them how to sit and do normal dog commands, but when you see what they come up with to get your food, you’d think they’re some mastermind. 

Only Throw!

Sometimes, we can never really understand dog logic. There you are willing and ever-ready to throw their ball, but they don’t want to give it over. So you have to play this game of tug for the ball before anyone can play catch properly. 

image courtesy of Jazzlike_Row/ Reddit

We don’t really know who benefits from this sort of arrangement, but on our part, it can be pretty tiring. We are not equipped with as much energy as our pups, and our backs and legs don’t always function at their best. 

Slippers vs Dog Food

What is it with slippers that dogs love so much? Do they love the smell of our stinky feet, or do they enjoy watching us endure wearing slippers with holes and rips in them? We’re pretty sure it’s the former since scent is such a big thing to dogs.

image courtesy of Memes_go_yeetus/ Reddit

No matter how expensive their food is, some dogs will still turn their noses up at it. When it comes to slippers, though, it’s like a feast. It would make more sense if slippers had any nutritional value. Dogs chew them for their pure amusement and maybe a feeling of connection to us. At least, we hope so. 

World Turned Upside Down

True enough, seeing someone outside of their usual habitat, like bumping into your teacher or your hairdresser in the outside world, can be pretty shocking and sometimes even a little weird, depending on who they are. This dog’s face is just the epitome of that feeling. 

image courtesy of u/Dragynwing /Reddit

The pup looks so shocked and bewildered, like she’s saying, “Who let you out of the salon?” The dog clearly thought groomers only existed in the shop and nowhere else. We bet her world turned upside down when she saw this particular human out and about. 

Perfectly Fine Explanation

When dogs don’t know how to do something, we humans are obligated to do it for them. That’s just the law of the human-dog relationship. It’s also a perfect excuse to give your pup another extra treat or those pancakes they’ve been begging for. 

image courtesy of iwearaonesie/ Twitter

This is also the perfect explanation for anything we do for our dogs that might not make sense to other humans. It’s the perfect answer to silly questions like, “why are you dressing up your dog on Halloween?” or “why are you baking them a birthday cake?”

Humans vs Dogs

Science has said it. Studies have found that people are more empathetic to dogs than other adult humans. So when we say that the only thing we love about other people is their dogs, we are not the only ones. 

image courtesy of thatsrontoyou.wordpress.com

Seriously though, it makes so much sense for people to love dogs more than other people. Dogs are just so sincere with the affection they give, and they truly are walking rays of sunshine on this earth, and well, we can’t say that for every human we’ve encountered in our lives. 


This pup indeed looks so dangerous. Do you see those adorable floppy ears, those big puppy eyes, and those small paws? You should be beware indeed – well, beware of too much cuteness and getting your heart stolen, that is. 

image courtesy of u/ahaseeb1999/ Reddit

We think we’ve seen at least half a dozen examples of those memes of dogs holding “beware of dog” signs that are absolute angels. Some dogs are just not meant to be ferocious. Some are only meant to steal your heart. 

Bedtime Routine

Isn’t it adorable when dogs settle down for bed? First, they dig their imaginary hole. Then, they circle once, twice, three times, or even more before finally plopping down and curling up with a contented sigh. We love watching this ritual every single time.

image courtesy of DivineMs_M/ Reddit

Dogs can’t seem to get their sleep without doing this ritual, and well, it seems effective since they sleep like babies. Maybe we should try it too. Maybe working out those kinks in the bed would help us lessen back pain in the mornings. Who knows?

Please Explain This Shortcoming

Seriously, every time we run out of our dog’s favorite treat, and we tell them so, they look at us like we’ve done something unforgivable. And yes, while we know it is some crime in their world, we’re not exactly perfect, okay?

image courtesy of BoredPanda

Seriously, though, treats are always a must. Not only do you win instant popularity with your dog, but you also get them to behave a bit more. So yes, treats aren’t just crucial for our pups and dog owners who want a little more peace in the home.