Cute Stray Dogs Eating Peanut Butter Having The Time Of Their Lives

By Shivam B

A Mastiff named Bailey was rescued by a couple in 2013. The man got inspired by this rescue and left his corporate job to turn his passion for photography into a profession. He is seen taking pictures of bailey and other animals. He is also into rescuing other animals.  Leo – sometimes even with peanut butter! 

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Photos captured the droopy jowls that mastiffs are known for and showed her smiling mouth when she was given some delicious treats by yours truly now and again.

He was so swamped with animal photography that he started a photo series of dogs enjoying peanut butter. He was a regular guy, just taking photos of his dog enjoying peanut butter on the internet. 

He also published many photo magazines, which made it to the list. In 2017, “Peanut Butter Puppies” sold 10 thousand copies globally.  “Pit Bull Heroes: 49 Underdogs With Resilience And Heart” in 2019 was also a massive hit. He began 2020 by working on a 3rd book. It didn’t involve peanut butter, but puppies were his subjects of choice for “Peanut Butter Puppies.”

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Photographer Neil Zeller is a champion for rescuing and fostering animals. In his latest project, he featured 70 rescue dogs between the ages of 8 weeks to 12 months old in “Peanut Butter Puppies.” Some were found at shelters, while others had already been adopted from their forever homes. He is happy to say that they are all now living happily ever after! He plans to take his career forward and click such amazing pictures for the rest of his life.