Meet The Chimera Kitten With Two Colors: Apricot

By Shivam B

Recently, a pair of kitten siblings were rescued in Tennessee. They had been abandoned by their mother and left to fend for themselves. Butut thankfully, they found the perfect foster mommy.

Photo credit: kittenitwithkiki

The cats were quickly accepted by their new moms, Olive and Pickle, who lovingly welcomed the rambunctious siblings into a shared litter of three! They were friendly and also both pregnant. When their family contacted us about the situation, we agreed they should stay together even after adoption because it was clear to see how much these girls love each other.

One day I found Olive inside the playpen with Pickle’s 6 baby rabbits. She had no interest in them at first, but after a week, she started to care for them like they were her own and became protective of their safety when strangers tried to weigh or measure one of the babies.

A week after Pickle had her kittens, I came into the girls’ room and found another new baby—Olive’s first! After 24 hours, she gave birth to one. I took Olive in for an emergency C-section which saved her life due to the fact there was still a deceased kitten inside of her.“ 

Photo credit: kittenitwithkiki

Soon I realized that the kittens born were two colored and found to be a merge of two cats. It is a rare occurrence that is said to be a genetic chimera cat. The sound of their little cries filled the stale air and made me feel like I was home again, with a mother to comfort me in this dark abandoned house.”