Frightful Furballs: 45 Costumes Making Every Pet The Star Of Halloween

By Louise P

Halloween is quickly creeping (no pun intended!) upon us, and apart from Christmas, it might just be our favorite holiday of the year! So, excuse us for wanting our fur babies to be a part of this kooky holiday! Luckily, the internet has shown us that we are not alone in our costume craziness. Here, we have a collection of creepy, quirky, and downright cute costumes modeled by some of the sweetest pets around. Can’t Halloween come every month, so we have a chance to try all of them on our pets? It’s a pity we can’t take them trick or treating like other people can with their kids. How are we supposed to get our candy corn and Twix fix now?

E.T. Phone Home

Few doggos have such expressive faces as Pugs, and this little guy or girl is winning the Halloween game. That face is just too much! Is it a pug? Is it a pig? No! It’s ET! And it looks so proud, too.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@TheLittleWinner2

We also love the owner’s commitment to detail here. He got the perfect milk crate and white blanket to fit the image but went above and beyond for his red hoody and bewildered expression. Hands up if you agree that we found the best couple’s costume!


We are absolute suckers for a good pun, and this one just takes the cake. Do you see it yet? Ok, we will give you a hint. The poor pooch only has three legs. Still nothing? Come on. We are practically giving it away at this point!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@EngelJuan

He is a tripod! And he looks so proud of himself! He can’t smile any wider even if he tried. He is absolutely the “goodest” boy, and he has the most clever costume of them all. Can we be in a selfie together, please?

A Slow Scare

Look, we know Halloween is supposed to be scary and all, but it’s only funny when it is something a little less real than the actual pandemic we just lived through. Maybe in 30 years, we can look back and have a laugh at that time we all sat at home for a year.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@thuja-plicata

But, this costume is kind of ingenious, though. We wish COVID could have been as slow as this tortoise, though! He doesn’t look too impressed, either. He knows something devious is afoot. We say, instead, dress the little fella up as an apple or something a bit more innocent.

3 Times the Cuteness

Harry Potter fans are some of the most relentless out there and will find any excuse to dress up like one of the characters or bring up something from the franchise. But, this next one we strongly approve of. Just when we thought Frenchies couldn’t get any cuter, they give us this.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@MySockHurts

This little guy is dressed up as Fluffy from the first Harry Potter installment, The Sorcerer’s Stone. But unlike Fluffy, who could literally bite your head off, this guy will only make you “awwww” to death. That’s the way we have always hoped to go!

R.I.P. Dobby

This is another prime example of how Harry Potter fans just can’t let sleeping Elves lie. This poor little Italian Greyhound looks pitiful at the best of times, but to turn it into Dobby is just heartbreaking! Give the dog a sock, please!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@Rag3ina

The ears, the eyes, the skin tone – he has it all! This little doggy is a dead ringer for our favorite house-elf, and this brings up way too many memories. We aren’t crying. You’re crying! We don’t think Hermoine would stand for this.


Some pet parents go all out when it comes to costumes. They build them from scratch or spend hundreds of dollars buying something swanky on Amazon. And we aren’t always sure how happy their four-legged friends are with all the dressing up.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@crispycreature_

But this guy has the perfect costume that fits his character. Just a simple new tag, and there you have it! Scoob, is that you? We know Scooby was a Great Dane, but we won’t tell this little fella. He looks ready to hunt some ghosts!

Lab Skellington

This is another perfectly simplistic Halloween costume that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! This next pupper also doesn’t look too phased by it, and will probably love all the extra attention he will be receiving from this look.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@remstagram14

Just make sure it is animal-friendly paint with no harsh chemicals that can wash off easily. Something like a washable body or finger paint will work best because they are non-toxic. And just think, if you have a golden lab, you can turn it into a cheetah!

Wilderness Explorer Pooch

Russel? Is that you? Could have fooled us! This little wilderness explorer looks ready and able to help any senior citizen that comes on his path. And we will gladly accept your help, little guy! We bet you can even melt grumpy old Carl’s heart.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@dog_rates

It is photos like this that make us wonder why so many people are afraid of Bull Terriers. They have a fierce reputation, but we know they are just lovable little dorks. Their squinty eyes and stiff little legs make them all the more adorable if you ask us!


All things considered, it is relatively easy to dress up your dog, and to a lesser degree, your cat. But some pet owners don’t have a large four-legged friend and need to get creative if they want to be part of this Halloween craze.

Image Courtesy of TikTok/ @queensloth99

This TikTok user gets a 10/10 in our books for creativity and ingenuity! This chunky boi doesn’t look bothered in the least, and we love the added detail of the sea background! Let’s be honest. Few things are as legitimately scary as a shark! Mission completed.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess for Halloween. And if we are honest, we would still rock a princess dress if we got the chance! Unfortunately, the costume options for adults are made up of a more sexy variety.

Image Courtesy of

But being able to have your very own living, breathing Beast as part of your costume is next level! However, this fluffy guy looks much less terrifying than his Disney counterpart. Now, how do we get her a talking clock and candlestick to complete the look?

Quin-tessential Costume

The Suicide Squad film was a bit of a disappointment to say the least. We are looking at you, Jared Leto. But at least it gave us pretty good Halloween costume ideas back in 2016! The 2021 version however is not really giving us much.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / @Slippy_T_Frog

This little Chihuahua’s costume, on the other hand, is giving us life! Work it, girl! And that facial expression, though. That is pure menacing dedication. The pose, the eyes, the tongue, and everything screams Harley! We wouldn’t want to meet this pup in a dark alley.

Not so Finger Licking Good

Our fat butts were thinking that was chicken—the mark of a truly good costume. The poor bucked dog looks truly confused about the whole thing. “Just sit still and look at the camera Fluffy, I’ll explain later,” says papa dog.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@oliverthegoldendoodle

The resemblance with the colonel is uncanny, though! But does that mean that the dog looks like a man, or does Colonel Sanders looks like a dog? Small beady eyes, check. Mustache, check. It seems like he knows the 11 secret herbs and spices, check.


Traditionally, Halloween costumes are scary, over-the-top, or explicit pop culture references. On the odd occasion, we come across a costume that is so ridiculously simple, but it lives in our minds rent-free for the rest of time.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@pugloulou

This is one of those. The cuteness of this pug is on another level, never before reached by dog-kind before. So simple, so elegant, so damn adorable! The only way this costume would be any better is if there were two pugs dressed as ghosts!


Is this what happens when Catwoman and Batman have babies? Probably not this, but just give us a second while our imaginations run wild. Also, why aren’t scientists working on this? Flying kittens. We can’t think of anything cooler than that!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@pbj831

Also, what is cuter than a kitten in costume? Half a dozen kittens in costume! We don’t even care about all that “black cat crossing your path” mumbo jumbo during Halloween. Bring on the kittens! But also give us a handful of Benadryl while we are busy.

Stop Clowning Around

The year was 1981. Kidnappers dressed up as clowns to entice kids into a van. Panic spreads across the country. Nine years later, the demon clown from IT came to life on our screens, and the scary clown trope was more prevalent than ever.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@The-Fonz

Twenty-seven years later, Pennywise was back, scarier than ever, and this time in full HD on the big screen. What do you do with the scariest film character of the year? You dress your Chihuahua up like it, of course!

Samwise Catgee

This furball looks ready for its second breakfast. Heck, they wouldn’t even say no to third or fourth breakfast! Sam is one of the best characters in the Lord of the Rings books in our opinion. Funny, humble, brave, and loyal to a fault.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@Cat_Cosplay

You got to love the guy! Well, someone else loves him just as much as us that they even dedicated a pet Halloween costume to him. This cat looks like he is embodying the spirit of Sam through its costume. So noble!


Leeloo Dallas from The Fifth Element is one of those iconic characters you don’t actually have to see in the film to know who they are. The orange hair, the name tag, and the bandage suit give it away – All equally legendary in the world of cinema.  

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@Iggybea

But we honestly never thought we would see the day when a dog would sport this iconic costume. Yet, here we are! And we love it! But there is just one famous Leeloo line we want to hear this pooch say: “Chic-ken… Good.”


A good prop can make or break a costume. Sometimes, you need to invest in the good wand, the more realistic mask, or the lovely wig. The pup-parents did a fantastic job elevating a basic t-shirt costume with a true-to-story prop.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@GoldenRetreiverUS

We would love to go on adventures with this floof through the Hundred Acre Wood. We would actually also just love snuggling on the couch with him! What a handsome boy! The best part about this costume is you can wear it as a crop top when he is done with it.

Mo’ Butter, Mo’ Better

The Reddit user that posted this image wrote that this is their foster dog, and his name is, wait for it, Butter! First of all, what an excellent name for a dog! Secondly, well done for making your foster feel like part of the fam.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / @bmill1

This costume serves us all the nostalgia. Super handmade, crafty to the max, and slightly ill-fitting like most of our costumes up through middle school. But it is absolutely endearing, and no one can pull it off like our boy Butter over here.


Sing it with us: Spiderdog, Spiderdog, does whatever a Spiderdog does. Can he swing from a web? No, he can’t, ‘cause he’s a dog. Watch out. Here comes Spiderdog! Now the question remains; Is it still a spider since it now has 12 legs?

Image Courtesy of review by Devin

If you think about it, the eye count is off too. Well, whatever it is, we love it! And by the looks of it, the little pooch in question loves it too! He could not be more content. How will his parents top this costume next year?


We have spoken a bit about how great minimal costumes can be and the importance of props. But what do we think about no costume and just a perfect setting? Honestly, we don’t care, as long as it makes us laugh!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@Sheaf

In 2020, going out for Halloween was a big no-no, so these savvy Halloweeners came up with the best way to showcase their doggo. Put him in a meme, of course! We present to you the “everything is fine” dog. Job well done!


Halloween is nothing without at least one viewing of Hocus Pocus. Our inner child will never stop loving that movie. The Sanderson Sisters are ICONIC, and dressing up like them in any way, shape, or form is highly appreciated.

Image Courtesy of TikTok/@2husketeers

Sarah, Winifred, and Mary are our favorite three sisters, and these witches are working their famous looks, crazy eye makeup, and all! Just remember, no chocolate for dogs! So have some doggy treats ready if some fur babies walk up to your door.

Harry Pupper

We’re not crying. You’re crying! We simply cannot handle the amount of cuteness in this picture! This gives the expression “puppy dog eyes” a whole new meaning. And look at his little tie! He is ready for wizard school, alright.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@laheyjm30

Now, if they can only figure out how to keep the glasses on. Because without them, he is more of a “business dog” than the pup who lived. It’s a shame they only stay small for so long. That costume is for sure a once-off.

Cone of Shame

This is one way to upcycle your cone of shame! And he is such a good boy for sitting so still for the photo. We are also glad to see these folks add the milk after the cereal because this could give off a big mess.

Image Courtesy of TikTok/@goldenbenjamin

And once you’re done with it, you can use the pool noodle cut-off as coasters or even kid’s decorations if you are feeling creative. But by the looks of it, this family has no problem in the creativity department, so they can figure something out for sure.

Kitty King

In 2020, the Netflix smash hit Tiger King took our lives by storm and captivated the whole world with the antics of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskins. It was no shock when one of the most popular costumes for Halloween 2020 was one of those interesting characters.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@nudacris_the_sphynx

But, this takes some extra dedication to get your pet involved, too. Sphynx cats with their freakishly naked bodies just beg to be dressed up as human characters! This creepy version of Joe Exotic is nothing short of magnificent and will fall under the “nightmare fuel” category.

90s Throwback

Were you even a child in the 90s if you didn’t collect beanie babies? The answer is, no. Everyone had one of those adorable, totally useless little bean bag teddies, tags in tack because we all know what happens when you cut the tags off!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@ hiiSUNWOO

Spoiler alert: absolutely nothing happens. Beany babies turned us all into hoarders at an early age. But adding that iconic tag to a fluffy doggo for Halloween certainly gets our stamp of approval! We wonder if this is a rare one?


The irony of this costume is certainly not lost on us. And there is something to be said for humans who can get a cat into a costume. But this Reddit user confessed that the costume only stayed on long enough for one photo.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@mcorrado05

Other classic pun costumes for a cat could include a purr-ito or a catfish. But don’t forget to film the process of getting dressed because getting a cat in a costume is, for the lack of a better description, just like herding cats!

Crisis Cow

This owner aptly described this dog’s terrified look as a perpetual existential crisis. We could not have said it better ourselves! He must have caught a glimpse of himself in the rear-view mirror by accident. And it isn’t going too well for him after that.

Image Courtesy of Facebook (Dogspotting Society)/Brittany Baldwin

Can you imagine looking in a mirror and someone else looking back at you? That is understandably terrifying. But can we just take a moment to appreciate this doggo’s eyes? He could also just be hypnotized by the sight of those crystal blues!


This is another genius costume where the owners took the furbaby’s name into account. This little guy is called Hubble, like the space telescope. He looks like he is ready to take one giant leap for cat-kind right about now.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@akeikas

Fun fact: These orange suits (made famous by the movie Armageddon) are worn by astronauts during launch and entry as this color is very visible if astronauts were to land in the ocean. They are also sometimes called pumpkin suits, perfect for Halloween!

Is that a bear? Or a dog?

We Bare Bears is a massively popular Cartoon Network show telling the story of 3 bears, Panda, Grizzly, and Ice, living in the San Franciso bay area. That sounds pretty plausible, right? Originally aimed at kids, the show has garnered a cult following amongst adults, too.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@royojo

Case and point: this enthusiastic pup owner in his Halloween costume. This man and his beloved Samoyed recreated an image from the show where the bears are stacked on top of each other, as they often do in the show.

Catsley Addams

We must admit, we would have loved to see a pug dressed as Pugsley, but that’s just us. We are still suckers for Addams Family costumes in any form. Don a long wig to be Cousin It, or make two braids and sport a stern expression to be Wednesday.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@TingfromTW

You can even tango around the house in a zoot suit to be love-struck Gomez. This cat is the perfect pet for Morticia, though. No one will be able to see its black fur when it inevitably rubs off on her black dress!

Aaaarrgghh me’ Kitties

Earlier, we saw a 3-legged dog flaunting his able body. This time around, the owners saw a golden opportunity to show off this little kitty’s one eye. They explained that the kitty had a matching eye patch but took it off and hid it.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@plshelpthrowRA

Maybe it can draw them a treasure map to relocate the patch? Because a kitty in an eyepatch is a real treasure and something we would love to see. Just don’t give this little one a parrot on its shoulder. Just for safe measure.

UPS guy

You can pretty much put a husky in a burlap sack, and they will look adorable. Those big blue eyes and happy smile is just contagious! We wouldn’t mind if he was our UPS delivery guy, even if it was just for one day.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/@klinph

But chances are if Blu over here ever got the chance, he would probably rip open half the packages before they got to their destination. Or he would chase after the delivery truck all day. Either way, he is going to be a happy boy!

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Would you be super upset if either of these doctors gave you bad news? Probably, but it would sting way less if we could cuddle with them to soften the blow. Just look at those big black eyes and cute noses. Simply irresistible!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@thejspitzduo

We suspect that doctors and nurses will still be a popular Halloween costume in 2050. These guys have emerged as the real superheroes of our time. Unlike guys with 6-packs that shoot lasers out their eyes, frontline workers are actually saving lives.


Men in Black costumes never go out of style. If you think about it, they are some of the easiest costumes to pull off, too. You can go straight from the office to your Halloween party without batting an eye.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@stylefeen

But if you have a pug to add to the look, you have a winner on your hands. Frank, the pug, had us rolling with laughter with his rude and offbeat comments in the films. Unfortunately, yours won’t be talking, but it will kill us with cuteness nonetheless.


This costume combines two of our favorite things: cupcakes and incredibly cute doggos! Who can resist this face? She shows pure joy and looks so proud of her costume. And who wouldn’t be? That is some quality craftsmanship right there.

Image courtesy of

The crazy part is, this creator noted that this was the first time she ever made a pet Halloween costume. That is pure talent! The process even looks pretty simple, and she used a round papier mâché box, some felt, and scrapbooking paper.

The Real Superhero

Norbert is a famous Instagram dog with more than 800,000 followers. Moreover, he is a registered therapy dog and does his human a great service on a daily basis. Just by looking at photos of him, we already feel calm, too, so job well done!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@NorbertDog

He often wears all kinds of cute and crazy outfits, including a Yoda outfit on Star Wars Day, an adorable frog and unicorn hoody, polar bear pajamas, and even a Tiger King-inspired sweater. It looks like no one is safe from the Tiger King.

Simba? You’re alive?

We know lions and cats are family, but just look at how hard this guy is trying to pass off his costume! He doesn’t have a care in the world, and he knows that he might not be the king of the jungle, but he is definitely the king of his house.

Image Courtesy of by Pamela

This mane is for sale on Amazon and even comes with a cute little tail tuft to complete the look. Did you know that lions are the only feline to have a tufted tail? It is believed that they use it to communicate with each other. Fascinating!

Coffee anyone?

As Halloween rolls around, the smell of pumpkin-spiced lattes fills the air, and we will be the first to admit we diarize the date that Starbucks brings them back each year. Don’t try and convince us you don’t either. We know you love it.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@doratheadorablee

This Instagram user loves Starbucks so much they even transformed their kitty into a “purrista” for Halloween! Cats would actually make great Starbucks employees. They would get a massive kick out of writing your name wrong, and they could have a little cream on the side, too.

Doggy Heist

Money Heist was an unexpected smash hit on Netflix since 2017, and a costume inspired by the show is still a winner. A simple, red overall and a crazy Salvador Dali mask are all you need. But why stop there?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@zlicc

This Instagrammer got her doggo involved in the heist, too. The dog looks quite surprised. Almost as if we caught it red-handed! With the release of season 5 of the show, we won’t be surprised to see many similar costumes for Halloween 2021!


We have said it many times, and we will say it again. You can catch us in a trap with a good pun. This one has to be in the top 5 of all time, though. It’s funny, it’s crafty, and it’s on topic.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@thesebreezycolors

Everything that makes for an excellent Halloween costume. If you haven’t seen it by now, it is a catcall! You know, those unwanted whistles and comments when a woman walks down the street? The cat looks just about done with this costume though. We feel ya, buddy!


Meet Mulligan. One of the cutest dogs on TikTok. He is a golden retriever who gets up to all kinds of mischief on the video platform. For Halloween 2020, he sported this dashing look, complete with a plush camera and red cap.

Image Courtesy of TikTok/@goodboymulligan

His parents posted the video to the tune of Lady Gaga’s hit, “Paparazzi,” but if you ask us, he looks more like a tourist dad than anything else. Paparazzi don’t often wear Hawaiian shirts unless they maybe work in Florida.

Mad Pupper

The Mad Hatter is one of the best Halloween costumes you could attempt, especially if you go all-in on the makeup and wig. This dog is doing an excellent job, though, even without makeup! We do spot little floofs of red hair sticking out. Love it!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@gregoriothecollie

This Instagrammer also went a bit over the top with the prop photoshopping. We see you! Did you know that hat makers, or hatters, were thought to be crazy, but it was actually the glue fumes from the hats that made them a bit loopy!


Star Wars is probably one of the best sources of inspiration for Halloween. It transcends generations, and there is a costume for everybody. A slutty Leia outfit, a classic Obi-Wan robe, or even a rugged Han Solo outfit like this.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/@cullingofwolves

And for the pets, there is always Yoda, an Ewok, and in this case, Chewy! Our favorite! But, we think this year, we will just be Jabba the Hut. We will lay on the couch, eat a ton, and let our bellies hang out.

The Goose is Loose

Sometimes, Halloween costumes are just too obscure to be appreciated by the general public. Costumes like this need to land on Reddit or Twitter to be adored by the weird side of the internet for all its glory. Have a gander (pun very much intended).

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@royojo

Untitled Goose Game is a computer game released in 2019 that lets players create all kinds of havoc in a small English village. And you play as, you guessed it, a goose! This Halloweener’s attention to detail is simply magnificent. Pure art!