A Dog Tries To Steal A Unicorn And Gets A Home: Sisu’s Best Friend

By Shivam B

Dogs are man’s best friends, but who is a dog’s best friend? Stuffed purple unicorns. Recently a stray dog story about Sisu went massively viral. When he tried to steal the same unicorn from Dollar General multiple times, the owner called animal control in, and when they took him away, an officer bought it for him so that his heart would be full!


When Sisu, a golden retriever mix at the shelter, seemed depressed and lonely without his favorite toy, he did something that no one expected. He took it out of its cage to play with it outside! The staff has never seen him behave like this before; it was quite astonishing.

When asked if there were any toys available for their animals other than ones thrown away from people’s homes or purchased through donation money, an employee said yes- but none as perfect as what Sisu already owned (a plush unicorn). 


Shortly after writing about how much he loved her teddy bears on Instagram and calling on followers who wanted them too could share stories of why they love there’s so much; tons of responses came pouring in. Soon the young puppy found his way home. It is not every day that a stray dog gets a forever home after trying to steal a unicorn from a Dollar store. Sisu finally got a friend and home for a lifetime. We wish that every dog gets the happiness that they deserve.