45 Cats Who Were Doing More Than Just Dancing On The Ceiling

By Sachin P

This article is influenced by and devoted to the Ceiling Cat meme, which we are sure you’re familiar with. Its goal is therefore to explore the secrets of god-like cats. We won’t go over the origins and creation of the Ceiling Cat meme because you’re savvy web surfers, dear friends; instead, we’ll focus on the cats themselves. If you’re still confused about the content of this page after having read it for a while, we recommend scrolling down to check our gallery of Ceiling Cat photos! You can name them foolish cats, amusing cats, or even stupid cats, but you know without a doubt that only cats can be so entertaining, amazing, and serious all at once! So without much further ado, scroll and enjoy.

Canvas cat

Would you look at this adorable contraption! What a wonderful way to start one’s day. You wake up, open your eyes, and boop that adorable little paw mitt. An instant rush of dopamine and you start your day with a smile.

MrStranger44 / Imgur

There’s nothing like taking your pet camping. Also, there’s nothing like watching them sleep. With its hand reaching out, it kind of looks like the painting by Michaelangelo. You know, The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Attic cat

So the owner’s boy/girlfriend put this cutie in the attic. They hoped he’d hunt mice because he sure looks like a good mouser. And an adorable one at that. Oh, and his name is Orange! Perfect name in our opinion.

sictirul / reddit

But instead of catching mice like a pro, it looks in this photo like he made friends with them. Or maybe he was a pacifist cat who didn’t like violence. But the look on his face is like “Really, dude? Really?”

Shop cat

Who needs surveillance cameras and CCTV when you have securi-cats like these, watching over your produce? Not only is it cost-effective, but looking at their fluffy bodies and cute faces, sprawled over the roof like comfy cushions is quite rewarding.

SCMcrocodile / twitter

But don’t even think for a minute that they are slacking at their jobs! They might nap a lot, but they are alert. It takes considerable effort to trick a watchful cat. The key is employing not just one cat, but a whole bunch.

Beach umbrella cat

Finally, after almost a year and a half, you go on a vacation. You choose a nice beach resort, order some bottomless mimosas, put your sun hat and sunscreen on and make way to your seat under the red beach umbrella.

danaiahuff / reddit

Lo and behold, what do you see? A cutie pie looking at you! This cat thought this would be the ideal place to sunbathe. And so it was. They did not want to miss out on the chance to say hello.

Basement cat

So, this person wanted to remodel his basement. Good idea. Maybe they wanted to turn it into a home gym or a lounge. They went forward with their project by removing the ceiling tiles, which exposed the beams, and resulted in this.

proffie / tumblr

You know how irresistible cats find beams. Their fur baby saw the exposed beams and thought to entertain their master to a show on feline gymnastics. What a form! What grace! The only question we have is how they got themselves out of that position.

Bamboo cat

Nothing like hitting the sack after a long day’s work. All sense of proper form one should maintain while sleeping goes out the window. You just want to lie down somewhere and snooze without a thought. Which is what this kitty accomplished.

J3lackJack / Imgur

It seems like they’re not the only cat in this place. If you look past this sleeping tom, you can see some sort of a gathering below. It could be one of those new wave workplaces with beds so you can sleep if you’re tired and pet cats when you’re overwhelmed.


Remember Spider-Ham? No, not the one from the Simpsons. We’re talking about the one from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. The alternate Spiderman of a universe where everyone was an animal. Turns out Spider-Ham isn’t alone. There’s also Spider-Cat!

lord_chesterfield_cat / Instagram

If seeing this made you squint your eyes like Philip. J. Fry from the Futurama, you’re not alone. It through us for a loop to figure out just how the physics of this works. A Spider-Cat does whatever a Spider-Cat does…

Plumber cat

We do beg your pardon if this triggered any claustrophobia. It was not the intention here at all. But it does look like a cat looking down on a well where you might fall by accident. A divine feline guide has arrived.

quinnransley / reddit

But the actual story here is even more adorable. This was taken by a plumber who was working in a ceiling gap under a particularly leaky shower. He felt something, only to look up and see this ball of fluff looking at him.

Bookstore cat

There’s nothing like encountering a cat in a bookstore, especially a secondhand shop. The smell of books, the cozy feeling make us feel at peace. Add to the scene cats lazily browsing around, cats napping wherever they please. Pure bliss.

baysicbetch / reddit

The person who took this cute photo was browsing. Suddenly they heard something and looked up to see this curious feline looking at them. Maybe it was judging their taste in books. Maybe it was happy with their taste and making a suggestion.

Electrician cat

Cats are incredibly agile, flexible animals. The acrobatics that they can do, some people can only dream about. That’s possible because of the way they are made. Their bone and muscle structures, fur, and many other things make them acrobatically inclined.

ProPsycho / reddit

Now take, for example, this black beauty right here. It not only managed to get into the ceiling, but it also managed to locate its owner and greet them via this impossibly small opening. Cats will never stop amazing us.

Spy cat

In feudal Japan, a shinobi was a secret agent or mercenary. They were known for their spying, trickery, and ambush tactics. Their secretive unconventional warfare tactics were thought immoral and below the samurai’s honor, as they preferred more open methods of combat.

hanamomoact / twitter

So, it’s not silly to think that this cat once belonged to a shinobi. Maybe it is descended from a long line of shinobi cats. No wonder why some people are called cat-footed. Have you ever been able to hear a cat walking around?

Sky cat

Who would have thought the saying, “it’s raining cats and dogs” had a literal meaning? Turns out, it does. By looking at the picture, you can see a darling cat falling from a hole in the ceiling which looks like its handiwork.

tmgpn / facebook

Kind of like what you can expect if you made the horror classic, The Shining, and cast cats. Instead of “Here’s Johnny,” you’d get “Here’s Kitty!” Instead of horror like in the Stephen King classic, you would feel a rush of euphoria!

Boss level cat

Most of us have encountered that Principal Skinner meme at least once. No, not the one where he ponders the question if he’s out of touch. We mean the other one where he looks down on the viewer and says “pathetic.”

naverlands / reddit

Doesn’t this cat look the same to you? It looks so in line with that meme. This cat is not happy with whatever decision his human has made. He’s making sure that his distaste is known with a very loud expression.

Aisle cat

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying food. Rather than cutting down on the happiness which comes from eating junk food, regulating it would be the best thing. That way, you can enjoy your favorites and stay healthy for a long time.

J_Tema / twitter

Also, it would really help your case if you had a cat like this. With its judging looks and searing gaze, it can make you question your lifestyle choices. Wish nearly every grocery store in the known world employed cats like these.

Ninja cat

This is not the kind of thing you want to see when you wake up in the middle of the night. You walk to the kitchen to make a late-night snack or to drink some water and out of nowhere, a scene from the Exorcist!


After the adrenaline wears off, you start to look closely. Wouldn’t you know, it’s your cat. Going all demon in an hour like this is not cool at all. But, you have to admire the climbing skills of the little fellow.

Lampshade cat

There are certain things that you can’t figure out, no matter how hard you try. Like what’s our purpose in this world; why do things happen the way they happen; and how on earth did that cat get over there?

meowed / Instagram

Just look at it. It looks like it’s having the time of its life. It’s like “No, no, don’t be silly. I’m quite comfortable up here. Honestly.” When in reality, it’s so stuck it can’t even figure out how to get out of there.

Antique cat

Antique shops are truly bizarre places. We’re not talking about those posh places with upper-class settings. We’re talking about places where time stands still. Where you feel like you’re the main character in a book about to discover something wonderful.

ieatpuppiezz / reddit

So the person behind this photo visited an antique shop. Then they saw, out of the blue, a cat’s head popping out of a hole in the ceiling like it’s the most normal thing in the world. The cat was unharmed, so no worries!

Lamp cat

Cats don’t necessarily use their acrobatic talents the minute they are born. Certain things take time to be developed. They learn as they grow, like anyone. This is the case with their jumps. They’re masters of the long and high jumps.

godofleet / reddit

Just because they can jump like Carl Lewis does not mean that they can get down quite easily. We think that’s what has happened here. This funky feline shot his shot and just aimed for the skies with no care in the world.

Cool cat

That feeling of comfort you get when you step into a cool place on a hot day is heavenly. There is no substitute for having a cool breeze on your body when you’re overheated. We have AC’s these days, so we don’t get that feeling naturally very often.

parkcat / facebook

Not that we’re complaining! No, sir. Whatever keeps us cool is fine with us. Guess this ball of fluff had the same idea we would have. But, instead of staying close to the source, it went right inside it. How original!

Nacho average cat

We just can’t get over this vampire ornament on this wall! It looks so cool. With the whole trying to phase through the wall schtick, the cat head only adds to the vibe. In a way, the cheddar color scheme complements it too.

jill.n.nacho / instagram

The ornament nearly put us out of the main story. The story behind this cutie is this. The owner kept looking for Nacho the cat. He couldn’t be found in any hiding place. Then like a weasel, out he popped over the wall.

Electrician cat

Felines are indeed very nimble and adaptable creatures. Most of us will never be able to contort our bodies the same way or hang upside down from a door frame. All possible because they are made of fluffy, rubber, and water. Bruce Lee would be proud.

ht4713 / reddit

Electricians are very important to society. Thanks to them, we avoid so many accidents. Because it’s such a great profession, even cats are interested in it. It’d be great if we could train cats because they could reach places we can’t.

Roof cat

There’s a really funny story behind this. OP’s roof sustained hurricane damage. They had secured a tarp over the damaged roof to make sure the exposed parts were safe from the elements. But not even a well-laid tarp could keep a cat away.

antpile11 / reddit

Apparently, it was not even their cat but the neighbors’. When OP when to the bathroom, he heard meowing. Then the air conditioner vent, as you see, popped open, and a paw appeared. OP was greeted by this adorable little rascal.

Who is ceiling cat?

Ceiling Cat is a Photoshop meme inspired by an image of a cat peering through some kind of crack in a room’s ceiling. Its internet success spawned a slew of knockoffs and imitations, notably his rivals Basement Cat and Basement Horse.

HighJellyfish / Imgur

It produced a few distinct pseudo-religious tales on Reddit based on the premise of Ceiling Cat as god, who will now be the cat that signals the advent of the combat among Longcat and Tacgnol in Catnarok. Gotta love the internet.

Sunroof cat

Have a look at this cutie patootie! You wake up, open your eyes, and there they are. Those chubby fluffy cheeks, those toes! Thanks to this fella here, your day is going only uphill. The serotonin from seeing one toe bean alone can sustain a person for hours, according to science.

tomgortonclark / Instagram

Stunning view, isn’t it? All is well until it decides to drop on you like a demon in the middle of the night while you’re in the middle of a deep sleep. You might not want to wake up like that.

Daredevil cat

Again, how on earth did that cat get to that part of the ceiling? It looks like it chose to drag the ladder from the shed, prop it up and climb rung by rung until it reached the top. Cat determination knows no bounds.

groovy03291013 / twitter

Otherwise, there is no other way to explain this. Cats just don’t levitate. We know and have seen what good jumpers and climbers they are, but this one demands explanation. Is the poster just yanking our chain? If it were any other animal, we’d say yes.

Baffled cat

Okay, let’s move past cats who can materialize in impossible places. Just for a bit. Not for long. Why? Because to we need to address whatever this is. We know that chip bags are full of nitrogen to keep them fresh but this is ridiculous.

sino_a_fue / twitter

It seems to us that this particular bag of chips is full of helium. Which is one way of explaining this. Another would be that the owner is a master prankster and somehow glued it on the ceiling to confuse the cat and get these photos.

Alarm cat

Remember how in a previous post we tackled the idea to use cats as electricians? Well, they are nimble, flexible, and resourceful so it seems plausible. Sadly, it’s not viable because these darlings don’t have long digits and opposable thumbs like we do.

mcgurgles / reddit

Even though it seems like a lost opportunity, can you even imagine cats with human hands? That would be insanely creepy. With or without human hands, it doesn’t explain how this kitty managed to push the smoke detector out like this.

Spooky cat

It’s unfortunate that some superstitions around cats have persisted through the centuries. Humans believed that black cats aided witches in their evil actions and that witches might shift into black cats and perform charms on humans while lurking in the darkness. Like, what?

omaturing / twitter

It’s myths like these that gave black cats a bad rap for the longest time. They’re just like ordinary cats. Not evil whatsoever. They seek your love and attention all the same. We can’t even imagine neglecting them over a superstition, even when we see spooky photos like this.

Panel cat

Siamese cats are one of the world’s oldest domesticated cat breeds. The beautiful color palette of their coats is controlled by their genetics as well as the temperature of their environment. Now don’t go cranking up the heat in the house if you have one!

_Borg_Queen / reddit

This picture of a Siamese, on the other hand, tells a story totally unrelated to their fur and preferred temperatures. The very first day it was brought home by its owner, it went missing. By chance, the owner moved the ceiling panel, and voila! It’s there.

Vandal cat

We were under the impression that human beings are extremely curious. Curiosity is what drove humans to the advancement that we see today. Asking ourselves the question “why” most of the time really worked in our favor now, didn’t it?

Lontology / reddit

If we’re talking curiosity, then we have to talk about cats. Sometimes looking at how they go on with their day-to-day lives we wonder, did we learn it from them? Maybe we learned it from this one, whose curiosity literally made a hole in the ceiling.

Spooky cat

The reason for these glowing orbs is the tapetum lucidum, a reflective coating beneath the retina that enhances the quantity of light available for night vision. It reflects light outward, giving optical cells another chance to gather very dim light.

timdaw / reddit

That’s what you see when a documentary has a night vision scene in it. That’s what enables these animals to survive the night, and what makes cats such accomplished hunters. Their ability to see as well at night as in the day explains their nighttime hunting successes.

Tarp cat #2

There are countless reasons that cat owners like their pets. If you question a cat person about why their love encircles the world, they’ll most certainly give you a list of answers. You may well be bombarded with lovely photos and videos of their beloved Fluffy.

SheShrinks / reddit.com

It’s because we not only adore our feline companions, but we also like showing and telling people how much we adore them. This is all about the pure awe and happiness we get from our cats on a daily basis. We don’t deserve them.

Judgy cat

It’s common knowledge that cats have nine lives. We are convinced that they really do, because they are so inquisitive about anything and everything that they cause a great deal of mischief. They love getting into places that you normally can’t!

NurseLisa87 / reddit

Cats are also incredible getaway artists. They can almost always find some way to get out of a sticky situation, with unmatched sass and flair. You’ve got to appreciate their wacky shenanigans, their inquisitive nature, and their fearlessness! We feel lucky they share their nine lives with us.

Hangar cat

Cats are indeed an unusually intriguing subject. They were tamed nine and a half millennia ago, but either they are really stubborn (yes) or ancient humans didn’t do a great job (probably). Even though cats reside with us, they aren’t completely reliant on us.

maddymazee / Instagram

This is how they differ from dogs. The duvet routine, the comprehensive keyboard drop, the empty wall gaze, and, maybe most dramatically, the zoomies all are behaviors that seem to transcend reasonable answer, which kind of adds to their already intoxicating allure.

Skylight cat #2

Having good ventilation and ample amount of light is one of the things which makes a house, a home. The main thing is for people to live in it but for the lives to be more animated, these factors are important.

translocated / Imgur

This is why we think this cat chose the skylight to plop down. It looks as if it is scrutinizing what the humans are doing inside the four walls. If you look at it from the right angle, it looks like it’s floating!

Eager cat

Look at the smile on that pretty little face! Makes you want to forget your troubles and where he happens to be perched for a moment. Way to go kitten. But why so high up though? There must be a story here.

uwroo / reddit

Actually, there is a story here. The owner caught this furball trying to weigh his options for getting on the ceiling light. Three minutes went by with no decisions made and the owner had to rescue him in the end.

Flashback cat

This beauty right here seems like it has seen things that it should not have. Like it stared into the deep dark abyss and the abyss stared back at him. We can’t help but notice how gorgeous those eyes are, though.

sand_snow.bengalbrothers / Instagram

Or, maybe it’s trying to hypnotize you. Won’t be that much of an issue with those big green-and-black orbs. Maybe it left the stove on or lost his squeaky toy. We all forget important things that we then panic about at a later time.

Is it me you’re looking for?

Very few things compare to the dread cat owners get when they can’t locate their furry friend. Your brains get filled with intrusive thoughts as cats are renowned for being impulsive and not for their good decision-making skills. What could it be doing?

ZeppelinDT / reddit

It’s the same story behind this photo. The owner woke up one day and couldn’t locate their cat. They’d just moved into a new apartment with 15-foot ceilings so by instinct he looked up and there is the cat. Chilling like a villain on the ceiling.

Snoopy cat

Like we discussed earlier, cats are masters at being silent. The phrase should be changed from “quiet as a mouse” to “silent as a cat!” Unless you have superhuman levels of hearing, you can never hear them come and go.

chairman_meow_esq / Instagram

If cats got into spying, they would dominate the field. The only doubt that we have here pertains to the pots. Either they must have tremendous self-control or this is unbreakable china or tough plastic material. Or they knocked them al down after this photo was taken.

Amorphous cat

An amorphous solid is a non-flowing liquid with a disorganized atomic structure that behaves like it’s a liquid but seems to be stiff and keeps its form like a solid. Common examples would be ketchup, mayonnaise, and various hair gels to name a few.

OSUJillyBean / reddit

Cats can also be categorized as amorphous solid. This image is all you need to prove the point. When they huddle up and sit they look like a pile of fur but when they move they can be quite elegant.

(Neighborhood) Watch cat

Surveillance has become an integral part of today’s society. It has become a source of controversy because of its shady applications which threaten the privacy and security of individual people, two major things that should be upheld at all costs.

perrywell / reddit

The heavy-handed observation we made will make you squint your eyes when you see this cat. Why is it spying on your business and who must have put it up to espionage? Or is it just stuck and can’t get off the roof?

Treat cat

What is with cats and disappearing off the grid? One minute they are there and the next minute they are not. Makes one try to imagine what sort of devilry they are up to when we’re not looking. The suspense is hard to bear.

theoriginalplaguecat / Instagram

Or, just like the case of this cat, greed would make them appear. Just rustle a bag of chips or cat treats in their general direction. Watch them appear out of nowhere like they’re conjurers. Ah, the power of food!

Draped cat

Cat owners know how much of a control cats have over their bodies. Try to pick them up when they are being lazy and suddenly, they droop like honey. It’s like they’re fixed onto the floor with glue or magnets.

savannah_thesiamesemix / Instagram

A point that is clearly proven here. This bit of fluff is drooping over this beam like it’s made out of silly putty. Do cats even have a skeleton or are they like those deep-sea fish who turn into blobs while on the surface?

Cute cat

These lovely creatures possess a rare trait that humans would benefit from cultivating: a high capacity for receiving loving. It’s difficult to resist the urge to pat a charming cat who saunters our way. It’s almost universal in its appeal.

creamsiecat / Instagram

The repetitive movement of caressing their smooth fur could be another reason we enjoy petting such attractive critters. It concentrates our focus, similar to how meditation does. But we do have a feeling that there is much more to it.

Woolworths cat

When there is no tension, many cats seek attention, and they enjoy being touched, spoken to, and interacted with. If a cat realizes that the activity provides him with what he desires, he will repeat it in order to receive further attention.

drunkill / Imgur

Your feline has a high requirement to reward ratio since they have replicated a habit and you have treated them periodically. They’ll keep trying because hope springs eternal. It’s that attention-seeking behavior that might have led this cat to “guard” Woolworths.