Big Chonks: 45 Colossal Cats Who Don’t Understand How Big They Are

By Farah J

Tiny as the size of the man’s palm or huge as a man, cats are adorable no matter their size. Their modesty and elegance exceed their reputation. But have you ever noticed how their favorite spot is their human’s lap? And we – being cat lovers and owners – can verify this universal fact. Let’s get one thing straight: cats are magnificent, no matter their shape or amount of space they occupy. No body-shaming! Sure, sometimes, cats love to eat and sleep all day and get a *little* oversized and chonky. Their owners then need to put them on a special diet. No carelessness! But there are some breeds of naturally huge cats with lots and lots of fur! Just look how proud the owners are of their gigantic cats.

A (snow)ball of fur 

Living in northern areas where snowfall is a usual thing, and being cold is normal, it helps if you have a live ball of warmth at home waiting for you to snuggle with… just imagining warm us to the core!

Image Source: KrotyinoG/Reddit

This gorgeous kitty is just a huge ball of fur and warmth. Not that we’re experts on geography and animal habitations, but we believe that this cat is not overweight; these layers of fluff keep her warm on snowy days.

Buba – a big baby

This picture of a cat owner truly warms our hearts – physically. The genuine pride and love for Buba – his big fur baby – can be seen through that joyful smile of his! Everything about this picture screams pure bliss.

Image Source: CoolestBurrito/Reddit

Buba is such a cool name for a big catto. By the looks of it, he is naturally built to be huge; just look at the size of his paws – they are half the size of his human’s hand! 

Plus-sized or just plus furred?

When we imagine a big cat, we think of this picture. Half of the girl is simply got lost under all that floor! It looks as though she braced herself to hoist this guy up for the picture. It takes a lot of effort to cuddle so much cat.

Image Source: Soulkept/Reddit

Get this girl a plus-sized brush for her fur baby. All that extra fluff must be great to snuggle in, but we all know how cat hair can take over a house. We also know our cats are worth every single lint roller in the world.

Super Cat

Now, this is one huge ginger! Wow, we’d love some cuddle time with this one. He looks very focused on something, doesn’t he? The ultimate cuteness is this Superman – or rather, Supercat – looks poise and ready to save the world! Let’s go!

Image Source: [deleted user]/Reddit

This oversized orange tabby looks like it will wriggle out of the human’s grip from the middle. And all that fur on his tummy! As large as he is, we really doubt that this one needs to join a gym for weight control. 

The cat which outgrew the human pouch

We finally found our dream jobs! Wait, let us apply for a full-time – lifetime – job there because our universities aren’t cool enough to offer this major. Why, oh, why!? Walking cats in pouches…this goes on our bucket list.

Image Source: Nouvenus/Reddit

Walking a Maine Coon (one of the largest domesticated breeds) kitten in a hoodie and seeing it outgrow the pouch in a couple of years is hard enough. And watching it trying to fit back inside, who will tell the huge baby it’s outgrown its spot? Not it!

Daemon – a ball of fluff

Daemon – part Maine Coon, part Turkish Van – is there any cooler combination than that? One huge cat crossed with another, and the result is practically a single ball of fluff walking around the house. That expression is enough to melt us.

Image Source: DaemonsAngel/Reddit

Imagine sleeping with this big boy, snuggling with him every night, waking up to his soft purrs and meows, feeling his floofy paws on your face…his human surely is the luckiest person on the planet. Just look at the way he is sitting!

The Parent Cat

When we say that no place is better than a parent’s lap, we mean it. Cats will always find their way back to that spot, no matter what comfortable sitting areas or cat trees you build them or fancy rugs you buy.

Image Source: xJerkensteinx/Reddit

And above all that, their humans also remain freakishly still throughout their nap! And most of the time, even when they feel their legs going numb and tingly, they don’t dare to move. Now imagine all that with a feline that is larger than life.

Zach and Marty

This picture of a *very* long cat, Marty, with his human, Zach, has our mouth hanging open. Would you believe that this is a man of average height man with his almost equally tall cat? No photo manipulation or anything! Purr-fect soulmates!

Image Source: chadork/Reddit

To the person saying that Marty isn’t the best name for a cat this size, well, we couldn’t agree more with you. At that size, he should be Godzilla! But perhaps Marty fits his personality. He does look pretty chilled out about being held awkwardly.

Einstein has some big paws

We bet the human of this cat named him Einstein due to the size of his very big personality. And check out this hand-to-hand comparison with his human! We know one thing: the bigger the paw, the softer it is. 

Image Source: foodfoodfood23/Reddit

Why? Simple: because it is all fur! This polydactyl chonk is most likely to be snuggled with by his human family AND given a “paw” massage on a daily basis! Who wouldn’t like to rub these softies while watching TV?

A very big boyo

Everything about this cat is so big and beautiful! The stretchability is impressive, and so is that luscious thick coat of fur. As an aside, we never get over the endless patience of pets being posed for pictures to show off their impressive size.

Image Source: jasontaken/Reddit

The color, the eyes, and ears, the paws. There is so much fur that the hand of the owner has drowned in it somewhere! And the cat here is like, “feast your eyes on this beauty, peasants!” And we are doing just that.

Catty is the king of this house

“My house, my rules,” purrs this huge Maine Coon while sitting magnificently on the top of the fridge in the kitchen. And he couldn’t be wrong, though. Just look at the vibes of utter magnificence he is oozing. We are not worthy!

Image Source: brainjam60/Reddit

Also, let’s talk about the huge paws: the size of a lion’s, to be honest. The grace, the humbleness, the look, the size, the mane-like fur around its neck… well, who wouldn’t mistake this cat for a majestic tuna-loving lion? 

The serve of a suave cat

This cat is such a mood! We can admit that this one represents the entire species and does so quite well. This whole picture defines what our feline friends are like; nature and nurture combined. Such posture, such presence, such expression.

Image Source: Fonzikilla/Reddit

We are all here for it: the true depiction of a cat. If only one picture described what they are like as pets, we would surely choose this one. This huge boi is pure wholesomeness. He absolutely owns that chair.

Catto is not pleased with all

Cats are very self-conscious, or at least some are; we all know that. Interrupting their grooming session is like an invitation for being scratched and enduring countless days of the silent treatment. And believe us, it is the worst nightmare for cat parents!

Image Source: a_weird_curtain/Reddit

Just take a look at the unpleasantness on the cat’s face. He doesn’t care how big or fat he is; he just needs a peaceful quality time to himself, and you DARE interrupt it just for a freaking PICTURE for the internet? The audacity.

Who are you calling fat?

That’s right! Who are you calling fat? This is 100% cuteness! He probably just loves eating and sleeping all day, but that doesn’t make him any less purr-fect. You dare insult this huge ball of goodness? We didn’t think so.

Image Source: katiedidit97/Reddit

However, over-weighted cats tend to live shorter lives, according to science, just like humans. So a routine morning walk and simple exercises have proven to be beneficial for keeping our cats healthy. This guy’s face would be hard to say no to if he came looking for treats, though.

The largest cat in NYC

What does it feel like to be God’s favorite? Having the fluffiest, cutest, and the largest cat in NYC that you can pet anytime you want, snuggle with anytime you want. We hope this woman knows just how lucky she is. 

Image Source: toneporter/Reddit

We love our cats, yes, but we are dying to pet this snowball at least once. This huge ball of fur and floof, especially its floofy belly, can sleep on top of us all day like a weighted blanket!

Snowball with golden eyes

Is it only us, or do these features, snow-white appearance and golden eyes, seem somewhat similar to vampires in Twilight? This cat is a cross of vampires and werewolves. The pale coloring of vampires and fluffiness and hugeness of werewolves!

Image Source: Ecstatic-Ad-4861/Reddit

The wholesome innocence on his face says entirely something else. We aren’t sure we’d be able to stop petting his belly if we ever get the chance to do so. There is so much irresistible fluff that we can’t even see his paws!

Like mother, like son

Doesn’t this picture scream “like mother, like son”? Well, to us, it does. Look closely, the blacks, whites, and greys. The posture, the stare. The size of a tiger, the heart of a cat, and the style of a human.

Image Source: alexandrialwilson/Reddit

We are so in love with this picture; our eyes are brimming with tears! The huge cat sitting ever so comfortable with his human, spending quality time with her, and it’s just so beautiful to behold. No one can tell us otherwise.

Like mother, like son #2

While we’re on the topic of mother and pet son similarities, here is another picture of a big boy with his human mother. The eyes, the stance, the beauty…we just can’t scroll past this incredible cuteness. The bond between them is crystal clear.

Image Source: Cumberlang/Reddit

Everything about their eyes is the same, and Mom is even wearing a shirt that matches his fur. And it’s so pure, like soulmates made up in heaven! The only difference is how floofy and huge the cat is vs. how petite the mother is. 

The fluffy cape for winters

Big fluffy cattos have conquered our hearts. We can’t take it anymore. Our desire to pet every floof we are seeing is turning our love for them into obsession. You know, like this one, a triangular ball of pure fluffiness!

Image Source: I-ate-your-pony/Reddit

Only cat lovers will understand the pain we are going through when we say that we NEED to pet this cat! This humongous boi looks like he has a cape made of fur flowing behind him. Imagine how soft and cuddly he is!

Mommy’s big boi

Don’t you just love when you cuddle your fluffy pet at the end of the long day, and your hands and face get lost somewhere in all that softness, and you feel that sudden sense of complete calm and serenity? 

Image Source: shifly223/Reddit

Because we do. Just like this big boi and his mommy. We can tell, by the look on this woman’s face, that she gets that feeling. And so does her beloved cat, who definitely gets stroked and petted and cuddled with. You can see it in his eyes – he’s spoiled in the best ways!

Balancing Cat

Who would’ve expected a huge and usually lazy catto to be this coordinated and able to balance on the top of a tall cylindrical wooden pole? Well, we didn’t. As couch potatoes ourselves, we haven’t mastered balancing on a pole yet. 

Image Source: ltadman/Reddit

This whale of a cat has, though. Well, treats are a great motivator, and no one can deny that. But treat time has gotten this huge floofy cat out of bed onto this pole. Bet this technique can do wonders for us too!

Don’t Breathe – in real life

The best and worst thing about having cats as pets: intentionally going into the state of semi paralysis whenever our beloved kitten comes to sleep on our bed so that they choose us as their bed. And this picture is the best description of that moment! 

Image Source: TheSewseress/Reddit

We are sure that every pet owner goes through this love-hate moment. Like, when our cat decides to come to lie on top of us, and we feel so loved, but then we have the sudden urge to sneeze but know we can’t…who else can relate?

Draw me like one of your French girls

We can hear that line looking at this picture! A moment like this shows your true capability of resistance. Resist this level of cuteness, coming from a big fluffy boy, and we’ll tell you that no one before has mastered that level of willpower.

Image Source: VansVibe69/Reddit

The good boy is simply irresistible. Nobody can take one look at this and not feel the urge to pet that fluffy belly. At least once. This is one of the hardest tests to pass. Being a cat owner comes with a price: loss of all self-control!

Charlie in a corner

This must be the worst. Seeing a ball get stuck in a tight corner. A ball of floof and a furry tail attached at one side that is. But how did it even end up in this position? We have a lot of questions!

Image Source: rbilan/Reddit

Is this round boy trying to get out? Is he trying to do a headstand? Or is he in timeout for breaking his human mommy’s favorite decoration piece? Because it seems like he’s either stuck or trying to get stuck.

Curiosity stretched the cat

“Mommy, I want that treat. No, that one, the one behind the jar”. We all remember when we used to stand up on our tiptoes to look over the counter. But seeing cats do it is another level of delight!

Image Source: katzewerfer/Reddit

Either Ajax was huge enough to reach the counter, or he “evolved” by stretching regularly. We are guessing that either way, curiosity had a big role in Ajax’s growth. Why else would he stand on tiptoes when he can jump onto the counter? Sneak level mastered.

BIG hugs

Why buy toys or plushies when you have a live tiger-sized cat which loves hugs as much as you do? Cats love cuddles and hugs. We have noticed that the bigger the cat, the bigger softies they are. Lucky for us!

Image Source: xammax3/Reddit

The feeling of calm in this picture is so real and infectious that we need a big hug from him. We need a Fuzzy. Our deep emotional problems can only be solved by Fuzzy’s hugs and cuddles! *Sobs in catless pain*

Weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are one of the best inventions for autumn and winter, right? They are also great for relieving stress. Well, how about we combine one with our pet catto and make a weighted “blan-cat”? Say “blan-cat” if you agree!

Image Source: Luciphyr729/Reddit

Well, seems like some lucky people already have a purr-fect way to help reduce stress. The humongous cat resting on their human…what a drool-worthy image! Waking up to this is a daydream we can never stop indulging in. It’s one long extended hug.

Magnas – the Magnificent

It’s adorable to name your pet the exact opposite of their feature or nature. Like naming a giant cat as “tiny.” Cute as a button. But naming them EXACTLY as they are, as this man did, is charming on another level!

Image Source: Ok_Cryptographer2496/Reddit

Magnas is truly living up to the name. Look at his size! He’s one big boy, almost three-quarters the height of his human! His elegant posture and confidence can be felt through this picture. Even his eyes ooze magnificence.

Father and his son

No matter how big they grow or how old they get, their humans’ laps have been available to them since day one. Cats always remain their human’s baby. Just like this picture of an old father with his *very* big boy.

Image Source: RydinX/Reddit

This will never be not adorable. How happy and proud the human is, and how comfortable is his adorable fluff ball on his lap. His weight isn’t bothering him or anything. Now, this is the level of true love that we desire.

A round ball of yarn with twinkling eyes

Whoever said, “He is in shape…and the shape is round,” upon seeing this picture of a big ol’ chonk deserves a trophy. Well, here you go, pal, a trophy for being the best cat person ever. Nobody would’ve said it better.

Image Source: I-ate-your-pony/Reddit

We can kind of relate to this catto and his shape. Therefore, we have no right to body-shame this adorable ball of floof. Even his paws are hidden under all that fur! Being this floofy and cute should be illegal! 


The hugeness of some cats never fails to shock us, especially if they measure the same size as their human! This “little” furball is EXACTLY EQUAL to his 7-year-old human kid! We are hoping they call this duo “purr-ay mates”! We definitely would.

Image Source: melpomene_smiled/Reddit

Also, the most adorable (and sort of not the best) thing about this picture is how this little kid is holding this kitty. She’s wrapped her arms around his body. Well, the cat doesn’t seem to mind his ribs being bruised!


We would not hesitate for one second to call this feline version of Jaws; we found the chance, and we are taking it! And his humans better be calling this gorgeous kitty “Paws,” or we’re going to have a word.

Image Source: foodfoodfood23/Reddit

Just look at the level of comfort on his face! Imagine getting to cat-sit this huge, golden lion. This person’s her favorite, we can tell. To know if you’re their favorite, just watch if they come to sleep in your lap!

Chip – the explorer

Unlike us, this cat knows the style and the best angles for posing in front of a camera. The slight tilt back of his head, the cool eye stare, the matching of his harness with his button nose, the straight posture…

Image Source: bray_ham/Reddit

This picture deserves more recognition because it is purr-fect! We can also tell that this cat is not overweight. He’s just really, really fluffy. How? Notice how all the fur along the harness is sticking out underneath it? That’s how we know he’s a floof!

Long kitty after a long sleep

We have no words to describe how painful it is to not being able to pet this cat; just sit back and watch this big and long Tiger of a cat do…that. Whatever he’s trying to do. Little sleepy head!

Image Source: msfromwonderland/Reddit

We just know that we want to pet that fluffy tummy! He’s so huge and long that his head is almost touching his sides while stretching so majestically. His human sure did name him correctly. His ruffled sleepy fur is our weakness!

NOT a three-legged cat

We repeat: this is NOT a three-legged cat! First, this is a pose, a very confusing pose, but a good pose nonetheless. Second, he is so “thicc” that his third leg drowned somewhere in his huge furry belly! Yes, it’s true!

Image Source: flower-child/Reddit

Imagine a model posing, one leg under the other or propped to their side. Except theirs can be seen, and his legs can’t be because of all that fur! We’d pet him, but we can’t ruin that pose or disturb that “angry” stare.

Ready to serve!

The rump roast has been fattened and is ready for the feast! Daniel, fitted in an “extra-large capacity” pan, is our new favorite cat picture. He is such a delightful sight that our mouths have started to water. This is his new spot now.

Image Source: officialspokesbitch/Reddit

We are feasting our eyes with this chonky kitty cat in a roast oven! Not to sound gross or anything, we love this cat and are simply admiring his hugeness and how it is being measured, ironically. Extra-large and in charge!

The Fatty Catty

“I didn’t eat all those treats; I’m just big-boned,” said the catto with guilt in his eyes. We knew from the very first moment when we saw those treats missing from the jar on the fridge. We knew the second we saw his floof…

Image Source: stupidcatgirlxd/Reddit

This cat looks very guilty and very innocent at the same time. His huge belly must be a ball of suspicion every time treats go missing in this human’s house. Still, no one can get mad at his cute baby for long!

One big loaf of “cat”

You’ll know when you see it. We were very accurate about the description of the cat in this picture; admit it. Sure, the huge hairy tail gives it away. This cat looks EXACTLY like a loaf of bread on the table!

Image Source: Svarupa20/Reddit

“Honey, why is there a huge loaf of bread on the coffee table?” “Babe, it’s our cat! Put your glasses on.” We can hear the conversation behind the scenes of this picture, and we can’t stop laughing. This cat is an absolute necessity!

BBB: Big Black Beauty

Snow-whites in the feline category are gorgeous in their way. But, now, you have to meet Nosy, a big black beauty! Dark as a starry night, this stunning baby girl is deserving of all the attention. Magnificence ends at her!

Image Source: littledarkage/Reddit

One thing we believe we can all agree upon is the temptation to pet her black coat of fur with small white patches. A sight we truly love feasting our eyes upon. Such grace, such charm, such a dreamy kitten! *heart-eyes*

Sleeping Beauty

This sleeping beauty needs his rest. We had better not see anyone disturb him, or we’re going to have to give someone a stern talking to. A king-sized bed for a king-sized cat. He doesn’t seem any less than royalty!

Image Source: ominous_dagger/Reddit

Afternoon naps are the best. Well, being adults, we rarely get to do that. And we will not deny the fact that we are currently wishing to cuddle with this big fur-ball living his best life: eat, sleep, and play with hooman!

Mar – a long boi

“I’m just *very* long; not even a little bit overweight. See?” This long boy will do anything to sleep with his mom! Nothing can stop him from cuddling with his human on the couch – becoming a ball or stretching like a spring.

Image Source: sauce888/Reddit

The size of an entire leg – both calf and thigh – this little stretchy fur-ball is giving us all the holiday feels. Warmth and relaxation with our kitten while watching a Christmas movie…man! We urgently need big cuddles and hugs.

Heads or TAILS

This cat is made up of, like, 70% fur! And out of that, 60% is his tail alone! The look on his face is saying, “whatchu lookin’ at, you hooman?!” Bro, we’re looking at all the fur your fur dad gets to pet every day!

Image Source: jgadz84/Reddit

We bet this cat rules his house. Even his eyes have this glint of dominance that everyone around him must act as if “your wish is my command, master.” You know, like, getting a belly and foot massages, extra space on the bed and everything.

Hopper is on a diet

Before you say anything about animal abuse, we believe we should mention that Hopper, the fat cat you see, is on a special diet. A foodie will do anything to get his favorite food, and well, we guess, this is the result.

Image Source: 69allthetimechief/Reddit

Hopper, despite being oversized, seems like a sweet potato cat. AND, he lives up to his name, too! We bet he still can hop on the counter for some extra treats! We would love to see him at his best. Get well soon, buddy!

Potato under the sun

Not to sound mean, but this cat looks more like a potato than a fluffy animal! This view is definitely our favorite in any season: we lay on the porch chairs with our cats under the sun with no worries…

Image Source: Tachyon_6/Reddit

Apart from the fact that this cat is overly thicc and is living his best years. And so is his human family. Having such an innocent fluff ball is a dream come true! If he needs to go on a diet, we’re sure his fur parents are on top of it!

Ben Cat-ison

This is certainly the politest face of a cat we have seen in a while. Ben looks like the gentlest ever kitty born in history. Petting his long fur would make anyone’s day! His googly eyes seem the most devilish and pure simultaneously.

Image Source: Fwolf_/Reddit

Agree to disagree; this cat gives off the most rebellious yet angelic vibes! Maybe it’s his white mitten-like paws, or maybe it’s his long white beard, but he kind of looks like a Santa who is also a Grinch.