A Japanese Kitten And Its Custom-Made Umbrella To Enhance Your Mood

By Divya G

Are you a nature-lover? Do you love to walk around the streets to enjoy the refreshing environment outside? So does the Japanese cat named Miru-Chan. This kitten loves to walk around the city of Japan with his owner doing sightseeing, relaxing, and spending some alone time. Even rain can’t stop Miru-Chan from enjoying the beauty and essence of nature.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@yukamilboy

You may know that cats are afraid of water, but Miru-Chan is no ordinary cat. He has a unique way to protect himself from rain droplets and goes for a walk: an umbrella. However, this is no ordinary umbrella, as Miru-Chan’s owner custom-made it for the best size, looks, and quality. You can call it Miru-Chan’s catbrella. Miru-Chan stays tucked in his owner’s sweater and goes for long walks in the city with him, even in the rain with the catbrella.  

When the owner posted his picture with the umbrella on Twitter, it became widely popular worldwide. “Today it rains, then it stops. Still, he wants to go for a walk,” says the owner in the caption of the post. The post received more than 250k likes and about 52k retweets. The people are awestruck and amazed at how adorable Miru-Chan was looking with his umbrella.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@yukamilboy

Miru-Chan doesn’t mind staying at home too. He can lay around at home and sleep all day too. However, nature always makes him happy and satisfied. Miru-Chan and his owner have become an inspiration for cat-owners worldwide as they have adopted the idea of custom-made umbrellas for their cats too.