Living A Pup Parent Life: 40+ Cute Comics That Show A Dog Parents’ Reality

By Liezel L

People say that having a dog is a life-changing experience. And it is. It definitely is. It’s a bit like having a child. What most dog-owners won’t tell you, though, is that this definition goes many ways. Gemma Gene, a Spanish artist based in New York, captures this perfectly in her comics. Featuring her beloved pups Mochi the pug and his rescued siblings Huey and Duey, Gemma shows the truth of what it is like living with dogs and shares them in her Instagram account: 157ofgemma. From suffering through bath times turned into playtimes to feeling that pure joy whenever they come running to greet you, we’re pretty sure all canine lovers would be delighted by her comics. Check out some of her work; it is sure to brighten your day. 

Bathroom Guard

When you become a proud pup parent, you also get a shadow that never leaves you alone, and bathroom trips cease to become a private thing. Your pups will be there making sure you’re okay and not lonely on the toilet. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

What amazes us about this with our pups is how dedicated they are to us. We don’t even do this to our spouses or the people we love most, and yet our dogs do it ever so happily, even if it means waking up from the best sleep ever. 

There’s That One Favorite

It may be hard to admit, but if you have more than one animal in the house, there’s bound to be a favorite. As much as we want to love all our dogs equally, there’s just that one we bond with the most. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

That said favorite will always be the baby and the priority. And they will always be the angel who can do no wrong in our eyes. Sometimes, they’re also higher on our list of loved ones, higher than our partners or siblings. We’re not apologizing for it. 

Stalker Alert

The puppy eyes, the cute tails, the floofy floofs, the goofy smiles – how can you resist taking a thousand pictures of your dog? Whatever they’re doing, and even if they’re not doing anything, they just manage to be impossibly cute, and as dog lovers would attest, one picture will never be enough. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

We don’t have to wonder what in the world do these furry creatures have that just made our ancestors go and say, “Oh, these creatures are adorable! It has so many sharp teeth, but it’s so cute! Let’s keep it!” Just look at ’em!

Can’t Resist The Cuteness

Unlike us humans, dogs don’t have to put in much effort to become adorable. All they have to do is exist. Anything else like the puppy eyes and bouncing butts are just bonuses that make us even more obsessed with them. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Seriously though, it’s hard to get enough of dogs. Even if we’re with them 24/7, we are still delighted to see their faces whenever they walk into a room. You can’t say that for all of the humans in our lives. 

Bath Torture

If you’ve got a dog that just loves water and bath time or who can at least tolerate it, you’re pretty lucky. The rest of us have to deal with a lot of struggling and getting baths that we didn’t ask for. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

We make sure the water is warm. We give them a lot of treats and cuddles beforehand. We make sure everything is set for our dogs to be comfortable, and yet, our dogs can act like we’re torturing them. And we even feel guilty about it!

Ultimate Stress Relievers

The best part about owning a dog is you have a living, breathing stress reliever in your house with you. One little lick or one cuddle with them can wash away the day’s stresses and make us feel better right away. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

It’s one of the things that we are most thankful for about dogs. No matter how sad or stressed we are, they manage to make things better by just being themselves. It’s also the thing that makes us feel we don’t even deserve them. 

Their Bed And No One Else’s

If you’re planning to get a dog, you should be prepared to automatically lose all rights to your bed because, no matter what you do, they will claim that space as theirs, and once it’s done, it will be theirs until the end of time. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Going to bed and still having space is easy. Once you get out of bed in the middle of the night, though, be prepared to have to fight for your space. At least be prepared for a couple of sleepy glares from the pups you’ll be moving. 

That Head Tilt

Dogs have all these powers that can control us, from puppy eyes to wagging tails. One of their most effective powers, though, is the head tilt. It’s just one simple move, but it can make us do anything they wish. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

We don’t know why this is, but once a dog tilts its head, it amplifies its cuteness tenfold. No matter what breed it is, it’s like it turns them into their most adorable and most innocent versions of themselves, and we stan it. 

Time That Is So Long

When we go to work, there are so many things we miss at home: our beds, our mugs, our sweatpants, our snacks. But most importantly, we long to see our pups. Being away for eight hours feels like an eternity. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

This is exactly what those thousands of pictures are for; when we’re at work and we miss them so terribly. We have to whip out our phones and scroll through the pictures to make us feel like they’re still with us. 

Privacy Deleted

There are times when all you want is privacy in the toilet, perhaps to get a good time to think, to have your moment, or just to do your business in peace. If you have a dog with you, though, consider that impossible. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Once you have a dog that loves you so much, you’ll never have a moment alone. You’ll get a guard that monitors every move you make. Every room you go in, they’ll be there. And even if you close the door, you can be sure they’ll find you.

Me And Only Me

Dog lovers would tell you that their dogs are the center of their universe or at least a big part of it. And the pups know it well. That’s why they never feel any shame in asking for what is truly theirs. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

If dogs want attention, they will do everything to get just that. They won’t care if you’re busy or in the middle of a conversation. They know they own you and that you’ll have to give in no matter what. 

It’s Our Fault

Walks are such an important part of dog and pup parent life. It’s not only important for their health, but it’s also important for your sanity. No walks mean an unhappy dog, and when you have an unhappy dog, life is sad. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Even if it isn’t your fault that the weather isn’t nice or you aren’t feeling well, your dogs will definitely blame you for canceling their walk. They’ll also be looking at you all day long waiting for you to fix whatever inconvenience is preventing it. 

Can’t Resist

Dogs think that they own our homes and everything in it. And while they technically do, it is still good to set some boundaries concerning what they can have and can’t have. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to do. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Whenever we take away something that is truly ours from our dogs, and we see their side-eyes or puppy eyes, it melts our resolve right away. No matter how much we want to stand our ground, we’re always the ones filled with regret in the end. 

Cuddle Medicine

Dog cuddles are the kind of medicine you won’t find anywhere else. It also can’t be easily replicated by just any human being. It’s honestly the best feeling ever, especially after a long day or when you’re feeling down and out. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

We can never get enough dog cuddles. They’re soft, they’re fluffy, they’re warm, and they give unlimited kisses and good vibes. What more could you want? That’s pet parent heaven right there, and there is nothing that can better give you that sense of peace.

He Just Wants To Be Helpful

We don’t always realize it, but dogs love making their moms and dads happy; they’re definitely not self-centered all the time. It means the world to them to know we feel good. This is why they are quick to snuggle us if we’re sad. They just know.

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

One way some dogs try to make us happy is by being extra helpful around the house. While some dogs might succeed at this, others, unfortunately, become adorable obstructions instead. We still greatly appreciate the effort, though, and hope they never stop.

Mine And Only Mine

They say sharing is caring but honestly, it’s hard to do that sometimes when it comes to sharing our puppers with other people. We just want to be their only favorite human. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who feel that way. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Like Mochi here, some dogs aren’t just fans of sharing their moms and dads, which we find kind of adorable. If we’d want anyone to own us, it would be our pups. We’re happy to stay as loyal to them as they are to us.

Ruining Their Survival Skills

We think a lot of dog owners face this dilemma. We want our dogs to be able to stand on their own without our constant guidance, but independently. At the same time, we want to pamper them to the high heavens. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

It’s just that with everything dogs give us (like their entire existence), we want the very best for them. That includes making sure they will never have any need for their survival skills because we’ll keep them safe and spoiled.

Gotcha, Mom!

Unlike cats, dogs don’t exactly have the grace that their wild ancestors had when hunting for prey. Nevertheless, it’s fun to humor them whenever they try to act like the vicious predator that they once were thousands of years ago. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

You could probably hear a sniff, a sneeze, or the tippy tap of their toes but seeing the joy and excitement on their faces and tails are well worth it to pretend you heard and saw nothing at all. 

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Dogs and mirrors is one of the funniest combinations on Earth. Some dogs will literally fight their reflections, some will act shocked, and others, well, they will see their reflection and fall madly in love with themselves. Can you blame them?

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

If you want to know if your dog is totally in love with themself, just take them in front of a mirror. You’ll immediately get an answer as to why your dog thinks they’re the boss of the house. 

You Can’t Tell Me What To Do

There are the angelic pups out there who will do whatever they’re told with happy eyes and enthusiastically wagging tails, and then there are the naughty pups who will only do whatever they please, whenever they want to do it. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Sometimes, it would even feel like our dogs would be doing things on purpose to annoy us. Even if we do get angry, we can never get it to last. How can we when our dog is looking at us like we’re the only thing that matters in the world?

Pet Ticket

Ignoring our dogs is hard. Whenever we see them or get near them, we feel this obligation to do something like make a face or let out an “aww.” Pets are definitely non-negotiable in our book. They make life sparkle and shine.

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

It is a must for us to get a pet in whenever we are in their vicinity. It’s like getting a blessing for whatever we’re going to do next. Also, any opportunity for us to show our love to our pups is a definite must. 

Nobody Gets Left Behind

A fur parent might have a favorite fur baby, but that doesn’t mean that anybody gets left behind. When there’s some fun and love to be had, everybody has to be in it no matter how naughty one might be. That’s family. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

It’s just not the same when you leave someone out of the fun. We’ll always be nagged by a feeling of guilt, and it wouldn’t be right. Plus, the one left behind will surely just know and will let us know that they’re not happy about it. 

Playing With Friends

We think that most small dogs don’t actually know that they’re, well, small. It seems they just think that they’re the same size as every dog they meet, so when it comes to playtime, they don’t back out of anything. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Even if they get left behind by the bigger pups, it’s alright. They have their own way of staying in the game, and it is just one of the most adorable things out there. Whatever they lack in size, they definitely make up for in attitude and spunk. 

Favorite Human

We think we all have a clue that dogs can be overdramatic sometimes. Some act like divas, while others act like they’re competing for the Oscars. It can happen for any reason, like, say, being left by their favorite human for one minute. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

When you’re not their favorite person and they start acting up with their antics, it can be pretty hurtful. Yes, we know they have their favorite human but can they not rub it in our faces that hard? We love them anyway.

Morning Exercise

Making the bed with your dog around is a nice morning exercise. There will be some stretching, a lot of lifting, and even a little cardio with all the moving around you’ll need to be doing. It may not pump your guns, but it will leave you winded.

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Your dogs don’t understand the concept of cleanliness, so if you want a clean and orderly bed, you will have to be the one to adjust. You’ll also have to be the one to bear all the sleepy protest your pups will unleash. 

They Don’t Make Life Easier

Yes, owning a dog is a delightful experience, but that doesn’t mean they make life any easier. Sometimes, they can actually give us more problems to deal with. From more things to clean to more bills to pay, the list is endless. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

No matter what it is, though, those problems are nothing. Sure, they can upset us sometimes. But our furry friends more than make up for it with the endless love and friendship they give us. Plus, they kind of rule our world, so there’s that.

No Consideration

We’re pretty sure – or at least we’d like to believe – that our dogs care about us as individuals. Unfortunately, we also tend to get the impression that this care doesn’t extend to our things or the important tasks we need to do. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Take Mochi here, for instance. It would have been so easy for him to move his feet a couple of inches away from the papers. Like a lot of dogs, though, he chose to go the shortest route and cause the most destruction. 

Chonky Boys For Life

It’s not healthy for dogs to become too chonky, we know, but they’re just too adorable when they are a little extra big. Just imagine how much softer and how much cuddlier they are. They’re like these huge cuddly cinnamon rolls.

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

It would be harder to resist them and their requests, as well as cuddling them every moment we get. It would also be difficult to keep your space in the bed. But also, it would be so much more work to carry them.

Flip, Flip, Flip

One of the best moments with our pups is when we’re so busy that we aren’t paying attention to them but with a glance, we make their tails wag. It’s such a small gesture, but it can immediately drain away all the stress that we feel. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

It’s like this reassurance that even if we aren’t giving all our hours to them, it’s okay, they still love us, and they aren’t leaving our sides. Most of the time, it’s also like this silent moral support that tells us that we’re doing okay, or at least that’s how we like to think about it. 

It’s Always Better Where The Pups Are

Sure, adventure awaits in the outside world, but honestly, nothing beats staying home where you can be your truest self without any shame and just do whatever you want. When you have a dog, staying home all day is even better. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

You won’t have to endure any awkward or unwanted human interaction, and you get to hang with your best friend who won’t judge you. You can dance like a monkey, sing like a whale, or even roll around like a worm and they’ll still continue to love you. They might even join you.

Pupper Sandwich

If you sleep with your dogs on the bed, you know just how hard it can be to maintain personal space. Sometimes, a foot might end up in your face, or a tail might get in your mouth. Other times, you can get squished like this. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

In the beginning, this might be a little troublesome, and you might even lose a couple of minutes of sleep thanks to your pupper’s sleep activities, but in the long run, you’ll get used to it. You might even grow fond of it. 

Forever Mama’s Boy

Dogs usually have a favorite person. It’s pretty much inevitable with them. No matter how much others will coddle them, feed them, pet them, or play with them, their hearts will always remain with that one person they’ve chosen as their human. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Being the favorite human is one of the best feelings in the world. We don’t know why but it also gives us this kick of arrogance like “Ha! This dog chose us, which means we’re better than you.” It’s better than being royalty.

They Protect With All Their Might

A lot of small breeds have gained the reputation of being extra fierce, and well, while it’s not completely true, there is a reason people think that. Despite their size, trust us when we say they are not to be messed with. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

When it comes to courage, boldness, and of course, attitude, small dogs have more than enough to last a lifetime. And when you have one, there’s just nothing stopping them from jumping in front of anything, even things that aren’t really a threat. At least they do a good job. 

They Can Do No Wrong

We admit it. It’s on us why a lot of pups are spoiled and act like they own the place. We are the parents that we love criticizing who puts their child on a pedestal and hails them as an angel who can do no wrong. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

We are well aware of it as well. Most of the time, that is. We’re not frustrated with our pups; we’re frustrated at ourselves for having too soft hearts that just give in to a couple wags of a tail. 

Kinda Shady

If dogs were humans, we’d probably be up to our eyes with restraining orders or be desperate to hire a bodyguard because if you think about it, everything they do would be plain creepy if it was done by humans. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Just think about it. They’re always watching your every move. They’re always following you around wherever you go. They beg for your love and affection. And they step over every single one of your boundaries. It would be creepy if it wasn’t exactly what we wanted.

It’s A Crime

It should really be a crime for dogs to look as cute and as photogenic as they do. They just have to sit there, and they’re already so charming and beautiful. No matter what we do, we humans just can’t compete. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

That’s why it’s so hard taking pictures with our dogs. They always end up overshadowing us. Sometimes, we even lose a couple of confidence points because their cuteness just seems to bring out all our flaws. It’s not going to slow down our selfie game, though.

Can’t Know Until You Try Them

The most effective way to get your dog’s attention is food. It’s foolproof. As long as it is going into your mouth, they’ll be keen to have it in theirs as well, even if they don’t really know what it is. Which makes for a lot of pretty funny situations. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

What’s great about this is that dogs aren’t really scared of trying anything. They’ll just go for it. This is good because you both get to know what they like and hate. Even if they hate it, nothing will stop them from begging for whatever you have every time you eat. 

Humans Are Weirder Than Dogs

Dogs are weird creatures. Sometimes, though (or most of the time), humans are so much weirder. Especially when it comes to showing our intense and unconditional love to our pets. And we’re not really sure how they feel about that. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

We don’t know what compels us to do it, but our dogs go through so much dealing with us. Other than the sniffing thing, dog owners also do things like bark-talking to our pups, imitating our dogs, and so much more that are not exactly things you’d like to share in public. 

Appreciate The Small Things In Life

This one just makes our hearts melt. If there’s one thing that our dogs are so good at, it’s taking the time to appreciate the small things in life and they push us to do the same thing, even without us noticing. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

No matter if it’s just a leaf, the smell of the rain, or the simplicity of cuddling in the early hours of the morning, they teach us that sometimes, it’s good to take a break from the big world and pay attention to the small things life has to offer. 

Why Oh Why

Sometimes, we feel like our dogs have this mission of embarrassing us or making our lives just a little bit harder. What’s more is that they do these things at the worst moments when we are woefully unprepared and inattentive.

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

The bag thing is a very good example that all dog lovers suffer through. Just when we think they’re done for the day, they are not. Some dogs also seem to get a kick out of it when we’re struggling to pick up their mess or look for something to clean it up with. Why, oh, why. 

The Pressure Is Real

Dogs can’t resist food and love it when we share. While we can train them not to keep begging every time we eat something, some of us can’t resist giving them little morsels, especially when they stare us down like this. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

The staredown is one of the biggest battles for dog owners to face. And for most of us, it’s a constant losing battle. It’s just not easy to ignore those stares, okay? They look like they’re staring deep into our souls to hypnotize us to give up the food. It works.

Rare Instances

We know we should be firm with our pets. After all, we need discipline in the house, right? And while we fail to do that much of the time, there are rare instances that it happens. And when it does, we can’t help but disappoint our furry buddies. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

We know we do it for the sake of the peace and order in the house – and sometimes their health – but we still feel like some kind of villain, especially when our pets look at us like with those big old sad eyes. They haunt us.

5 More Minutes Always Turn To Five Hours

Sometimes, we look at our dogs and think that they have such good lives. They sleep most of the day and play, eat, and get our love and attention when they’re awake. It’s basically the life we all want to live. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

That’s why when we try to wake them up and they act like this log that refuses to be picked up, it can get quite exasperating. And to think that if they want to wake up, they just pounce on us or bark their lungs out and we’re up and following their every command. 

It Takes An Exorcist To Clean Their Ears

There are just some things that we will never get our dogs to do willingly, no matter how many treats we offer as a bribe. Some don’t want to take their baths, and others don’t want to have their nails clipped, some don’t want their teeth brushed. In Mochi’s case, he hates getting his ears cleaned. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

Just to get our dogs to do the grooming they so despise, we have to plan out every move and every detail of the entire operation. Nothing can go wrong, nothing can be a second late, or else we’ll miss the only opportunity we have. 

Life With A Dog Is A Wonderful Life

The life of a pup parent isn’t only filled with perfect moments. There will be times when you’re so tired, and you won’t want to deal with the responsibilities of having a dog. There will also be times when your dog does something that can utterly frustrate you. 

image courtesy of 157ofgemma/ Instagram

At the same time, though, we learn through those moments. We learn to laugh, forgive, and simply love every single second we have with them. After all, with how much love and affection they shower us with, it’s all worth it.