45 “Paw-tastic” Signs To Make Any Pet Owner’s Visit To The Vet More Cheerful

By Ana J

Taking your pet to the vet can be a dreadful experience for many pet owners. Pets, much like humans, are terrified of doctors, but unfortunately, they don’t express their disapproval with words. However, one vet clinic in Westminster, Maryland, USA, found a way to make this experience more enjoyable, at least for the humans involved.  The Carrol County Veterinary Clinic started posting funny signs outside of its headquarters, and soon after, people began to notice it’s not a one-time thing. Carroll County Veterinary Clinic updates its Instagram all the time with its witty signs for the week. Although pets can’t read, we are sure the owners greatly appreciate them for making the trip to the vet a more light-hearted experience! Enjoy some of their most hilarious signs to date!

Gordon Ramsey

Dogs are not famous for being picky when it comes to food! Being a picky eater is not a common trait amongst these furry babies. When they draw the line somewhere once in a blue moon, it often ends up being hilarious. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Carroll County clinic posted a sign saying, “My dog will eat anything until you put a pill in it, then he’s Gordon Ramsey.” All dog owners can relate to this situation! All we can hope is that the dog does not have the temper of the famous British chef, too. 


Speaking of temper tantrums, a specific dog breed built its reputation as the one that throws the most tantrums per minute (probably we don’t have the exact science behind it)! If you ever met a chihuahua, you know what we are talking about…

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The philosophical thought experiment asks, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Apparently, Carroll County Clinic conducted research and concluded that chihuahuas hear the trees falling from miles away!


Most people see their pets as babies. A wise person said they are the new babies for millennials and gen z, generations experiencing significant milestones such as parenthood much later! Without getting into depressing economics, let’s focus on appreciating our fur babies. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“Dog is such a small word for something that takes up so much room in your heart,” says Carroll County Clinic’s sign manager? It’s probably something all dog owners that visit their clinic agree with. Anyway, we couldn’t agree more! 

Shampoo malfunction

We’ve all had bathroom accidents. Is there anything worse than running out of a body wash midway through a shower? Sure, you can put some water in, try to make it last just a little longer, or you could just…

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Accidentally use your dog’s shampoo! Apparently, the side effects include feeling like a good boy or girl, which doesn’t sound like a bad situation. Well, depending on your preferences. It’s probably better than barking instead of talking or, worse, licking your friends…

The circle of life

Some of Carroll County Clinic’s posts are not pet-related. However, they are still relatable. This one is a theory about the circulation of household items in nature. Sounds believable enough for us. What do you think? A sock for a box?

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We’ve all mysteriously lost socks in the washer and the dryer, too! Was it on the way to the laundry room? Is the sock the price to pay for not doing it manually, like in the old days? Well, this clinic has its own theory. 


This one is another non-pet-related one, but relatable, nonetheless. The year 2020 was not an easy one for anybody! There are a few people who claim on social media that they live the same as before, but we don’t buy it!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

And neither does the Carroll County Clinic staff! Understandably, “If 2020 was a drink, it would be a colonoscopy prep.” Maybe the drink before the colonoscopy is not as bad as the medical procedure. However, both are not famous for rendering us excited, just like 2020.


Moving on! Back to the pet-related signs! This one is not just pet-related but probably one of their more job-relevant signs. Feedback is vital in any industry. Suppose that the saying, “the customer is always right,” applies in the vet clinic business!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Well, since the customers they are concerned about are mainly dogs and not humans, we suppose it’s crucial for their business for dogs to like them more than anyone else. Maybe cats and other pets feel left out now. 

Sounds legit

And back to the relatable non-pet content! Although we are sure if pets could talk, they would agree with this one. We’ve all eaten something and regretted it instantly. Is there anything worse than ingesting food that makes you want to put it back where it came from?

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We couldn’t agree more with this sign, even though it has nothing to do with pets. Another genius patent by the Carroll County Clinic. Although, we are not sure who said this first. Doesn’t matter! Someone should invent a calorie refund.  


We all have emotional baggage. But, it seems like someone at the Carrol County clinic was going through some serious seasonal depression at this point in time. Although judging by the state of trees in the background, it’s most likely justified. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“I told my suitcases: no vacation this year. Now I’m dealing with emotional baggage.” Is this seasonal depression or much-needed introspection for an employee? Work and life balance can be challenging, especially when the sun retracts. We hope they are alright!

Early bird gets the worm

The saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” Someone at the Carroll County Clinic had a problem with one early bird in particular. It wasn’t the worm they were jealous of but something else! Scroll down to see what was on their mind.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We don’t know whether a particular rooster provoked this jealousy or if they mean that they are jealous that roosters get to scream in the morning in general. However, to each their own. Screaming might not be such a bad morning ritual.


Judging by the background, seasonal depression can’t be blamed here. But one employer at the clinic did not get enough sleep the night before they displayed this sign for the public. That’s for sure. Or, maybe they had an encounter with a grumpy pet…

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

… who didn’t get enough nap time that day! This is a twist on the saying, “If you love someone, let them go.” We guess letting someone nap would be the less dramatic version of it. A nap is less permanent.

Black cat

Black cats developed a bad reputation at some point. In many cultures, a black cat crossing your path means bad things are coming. There are many theories around the superstition, but poor black kitties end up discriminated against because of it.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We are glad Carroll County clinic is fighting against the superstition and setting the record straight for these misunderstood creatures! Cats got places to be and things to do. When did a cat ever care about your existence? Pff, you wish!

Yin and yang?

Last year was rough on everyone. The constant influx of bad news can be exhausting and mentally taxing. It can be hard to find things that make you happy and activities that cheer you up. You know, the stuff that makes it all ok just for a minute.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

But pets are one way to do it! Any pet owner knows their pet is certifiably the cutest and the bestest of them on! Pets are easily the fastest way to a quick serotonin boost. As people who devoted their lives to their health, Carrol County Clinic should know.


You know the good old theory (and the follow-up meme) that there are only two kinds of people in the world. Cereal, then milk or milk, then cereal. Ketchup on the McDonald’s fries or ketchup next to McDonald’s fries. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The same goes with running! You are either a big fan of running, or you absolutely hate it. For some people, running is the best thing in the world, and for others, it’s a nightmare. Carroll County Clinic seems to be the latter type. 

Fun facts

If you ever debated whether to get a pet, you’ve thought about which one would be the best for you. Since you are reading this, we will assume you are a human being and not a robot, and therefore, you know the basics!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Nothing against robots. By now, they should know the basics, too. It’s another two types of people debate. But cats simply don’t like doing as they are told. Cats do what cats want to do. They play by their own rules.


Speaking of cats doing whatever they want to do, owners of these whimsical creatures are usually fascinated by their shenanigans. This is why there are two types of people – dog people and cat people. The former are not impressed…

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

… while the latter would do anything to defend these strong-minded creatures! Cats can be impossible to train, and if you do not like their unpredictable nature, it’s not a pet for you if you don’t see the artist behind the art.

Lost and found

Aging has its perks but also its disadvantages. You end up losing some things in the process but gaining others. This Carrol County Clinic employee has but one regret. They lost something in the process that they want back, now. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Metabolism slows down as time goes by. It’s a known fact of life. There are no more late-night food binges that can be burned with a few walks around the campus and no more 10-minute runs on the treadmill to burn off last night’s dinner. 

Diamonds vs. dogs

Another two types of people debate! They do provide for funny content, we got to admit. On one side, you have the first domesticated animal, the ultimate companion! On the other, you have one of the most expensive rocks!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Who wins, in your opinion? We’d take dogs over diamonds. But to each their own, right? However, the person who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend ironically owned multiple dogs throughout her life. The icon, Marilyn Monroe, loved dogs!


Did the Carroll County clinic call the Ghostbusters team to fact check before putting up this sign? We are sure they would have an easier time if they were informed about this ground-breaking discovery. After all, jellyfish are easier to locate. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

What do you think? Are jellyfish just wet ghosts? Is this the clinic’s professional opinion on a specimen from the animal kingdom? Seems like a stretch. Although, hiding in plain sight might be the best strategy if you are a mythical creature. 

Pun intended

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to be there for the hype, The Black Eyed Peas were once one of the biggest bands on the planet. Unfortunately, they split up sometime around 2010, leaving us with banger hits that are considered timeless.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

They’re also pun material for this clinic! Was this an elaborate attempt to get the band back together? Going to vet school, making a clinic with viral signs, and then ultimately getting the Black Eyed Peas back together with hummus puns.

Refund, please

We’re going back to 2020, as a, umm, very special year. Honestly, we are with the Carroll County clinic on this one. There should be some sort of a refund policy for aging given the extraordinary circumstances! Where’s the receipt? 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Usually, unused items fall under a refund policy. However, a whole year might be a bit long for a refund. Even with a potential receipt! Good idea, nonetheless. Carroll County Clinic, if you are reading this, let us know if you found a way.


Pets come with many benefits, particularly for mental health. However, they come with some downsides. If you are thinking of getting a pet, chances are you might need to up your cleaning game. Investing in a Roomba might not be the worst idea.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog.” To be honest, we don’t know why dogs are singled out here! It’s not like cats don’t shed! Or even spit out everything hair they shed and lick up in a ball!

Niche content

Sometimes, Carroll County clinic Cas has some wisdom to bestow upon its clients, even if some of their clients are unable to read. We are not sure if this problem often arises in real life. Hopefully not. It’s kind of a terrifying thought!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

So, “if you are being chased by a pack of taxidermists. Do not play dead!” This does not seem like it’s helpful advice for daily problems. However, if you ever do find yourself chased by taxidermists, then you’ve been warned. 


We’ve talked about two types of people. The dog and cat people, in this case. While it is natural for a veterinary clinic to think both are equally great, we are sure plenty of people will disagree, especially on the Internet.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“If it barks or purrs, it is 100 percent good and reliable.” It is possible to find people neutral on the cats vs. dogs debate. These people usually considered going to vet school themselves because they love all animals just the same!


Being sad can be… a bummer! It is hard to snap out of the overwhelming emotion, but humor usually helps. Humor is an art mastered by the Carroll County Clinic’s sign maker, apparently. Here’s some humorous wisdom they shared with the public.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“Don’t be sad, because sad backward is das and das no good.” They have a clear point. Being sad is no good. But thinking of the word backward is pretty funny. Solid advice. Definitely more usable than how to run from taxidermist! 


Talking about twisting words! It appears there is a thin line between exercise and indulging in the food that… might make you need to exercise to break it down! Apparently, someone at the clinic noticed a similarity between the words…

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“Extra fries” and “exercise.” They do sound very similar when pronounced fast. However, when you ask a fast-food employee for extra fries, you probably won’t be served exercise. If it happened to somebody, let us know. It would be a nice workaround.

Oh cats

As we mentioned, cats have a mind of their own. Unlike dogs, they are much less trusting towards humans and choose their company as they please. Honestly, that’s kind of relatable. We all know a person we would like to avoid!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“I told my cat you are not the boss of me. He disagreed.” Well, person, what did you expect when you addressed the king of his own castle with spite? We’re not surprised. It’s a rooky mistake. Of course, he disagreed!


It seems like someone at the Carrroll County clinic is really finding it hard to motivate themselves to exercise! And we get it. It can be very difficult to find that motivation. But we do hope thinking about it doesn’t take away too much of their energy!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

What do you think about this vet’s clever observation? We hope that thinking about it as such makes this employee feel a little better since this is one in the series of many signs about “the joy of exercising!”


Apologizing can be difficult if you are not sure what you did wrong! Cats might find apologizing extra complicated. Since they view humans as their servants, why would they be apologizing to their subordinates? Nonsense. Petty human rules! Not for cats.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“We’re sorry,” said no cat ever. What did you expect? The best cats can do is bring you a trinket from the backyard. Although, even that is because, according to pet psychologists, they feel pity that you are unable to hunt! Ouch.

Polly wants a cracker

It’s hard to pinpoint who was the first person to do something or figure out something. After all, we don’t even know the name of the person who invented the wheel or lit the first fire! Or even put the first piece of food over it!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“The first person to hear a parrot talk was probably not ok for several days.” Yeah! Probably! Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that interaction! It must have been terrifying and hilarious! We wonder if their friends believed them.


We all have our clumsy moments. On a bad day, clumsiness comes as the cherry on top or, more like, salt to the wound! To everyone who had a day like that recently, this is one of the more relatable sings.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“I do all my own stunts, but never intentionally.” This is an excellent and humorous way to understand how having a clumsy day feels! From now on, maybe we can all think of those days as “doing our own stunts,” even if it’s not intentional. 

Dog vs. Doorbell

It’s a known fact among those who have dogs as their roomies or babies that they go crazy when someone’s at the door! However, whether it’s the sound of the bell or the sound of the footsteps approaching setting them off, it’s debatable.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

At the Carrol County Clinic, they believe, “the inventor of the doorbell did not own a dog.” This leads us to think they believe the doorbell is what sets the dog off. However, we’ve seen a few dogs go into full bark mode because of their own shadow!

Night Owls

Birds inspired many sayings like “early bird” and “night owl,” and recently, some hypothesize there is a third called a “permanently exhausted pigeon.” The latter might be what the Carrol County Clinic was referring to when they thought of this sign. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The clinic sign reads, “you can be a night owl and an early bird if your sleep schedule is messed up enough.” This sounds more like the in-between category of the permanently exhausted pigeon. Which one do you categorize yourself as?

Terms and conditions

The year 2020 was a weird one for all of us? We know. We have said this before. But, it was so much so that we can’t seem to stop talking about it as a society! This is just one of many signs complaining about the previous year, and we relate.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

It is honestly hard to be excited about the next few years when the last one put everyone on a roller coaster. Although nobody ever reads terms and conditions, and we all mindlessly click “agree,” it would be a relief to have someone else to blame!

Not sure

Speaking of the mental and physical toll the ongoing pandemic has on our lives, another sign in the series addresses these issues. An employer of the Carroll County Clinic contemplates whether, at this point, it’s scarier to take one’s temperature

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

… or to weigh themselves! In the comments, one user was strong in their opinion and noted that it’s definitely the latter. The reasoning behind it is that people are vaccinated, while the weight might be harder to lose. 

Pun intended

A veterinary clinic making animal kingdom jokes? Comedy gold. This time, it is not about their customers. Well, maybe it is. We are no vets here! But bees don’t seem like regulars at the vet clinic. However, there must be a doctor for them, too.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The sign reads, “When bees move into a new house, do they have a house ‘swarming’ party?” This is a clever question. If anyone knows a bee whisperer, let us know. Maybe we can drop off some goodies for the endangered species.

Don’t stop believing

Motivation is a pinnacle element for success! Believing in yourself is crucial to succeeding in anything. Self-belief is something you have to work on every day! However, you may hit some speed bumps on the way, and your roomies might have a different idea of how your day should look like. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

This woman’s self-belief and motivation to get up were understandably shaken by her cat. The cat chose the woman’s lap as her designated chilling place for the day, and well, the motivation to get up went straight out of the window!

Shower thoughts?

Usually, they have weird thoughts when people get those few seconds alone in the bathroom or in the shower. There’s a whole Twitter account dedicated to shower thoughts. Maybe someone is using the Carrol County Clinic board to write theirs? 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“If my ceiling fan could hold my weight, I would never be bored again,” says the latest sign in our collection. While it would be hard to get to the ceiling or make a ceiling fan that can support the weight of an adult, but this might not be a bad business idea.

Dad Jokes

Moving on with the theme of shower thoughts, here’s another sign. This sign could also fall into the category of Jaden Smith’s tweets from the last decade. Maybe the clinic even got the idea from him! Or the other Twitter account!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The sign asks, “If a plant is sad, do other plants photosympathise with it?” Well, now that we think about this sign a little more, it sounds like a dad joke, too! What do you think, Jaden Smith, Shower Thoughts, or Dad Jokes?

Shower thoughts

Right, the debate goes on! Is it Jaden Smith, is it Shower Thoughts, or a dad terrorizing the whole neighborhood, not just their kids? If you’ve ever wondered what’s the difference between tacos and nachos, Carroll County Clinic has an answer for you. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“Nachos are just tacos that don’t have their life together,” is the answer from the Carroll County veterinary clinic. We hope no nachos were offended in this process. Or dogs named Nacho. Tacos certainly aren’t! They are portrayed in a good light.

A new word?

By now, we hope you are convinced of the Carroll County Clinic’s employees’ ability to make people laugh. But, did you know they also invented a word? Or at least promoted it on their board! Take a look below. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“Procaffeinating: the tendency to not do anything until you have coffee” is what the sign reads. Apparently, this is a word in the Urban Dictionary! The first entry is from 2014! We have to wonder who made this genius submission. 

Pun intended

Offending nachos, inventing words, terrorizing with dad jokes, Carroll County does it all. Now, they go back to their roots with animal puns! Have you ever wondered what a rabbit with fleas is called? Carroll County Clinic has an idea!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Apparently, a rabbit with fleas is called Bugs Bunny! We hope Warner Brothers doesn’t go after them for this sign. Maybe Bugs Bunny hired a new public relations manager who won’t be pleased with this pun! Warner Brothers may have something to say about this.

Pun intended

And the dad jokes are back! We feel like somebody’s uncle told this joke at the dinner table a few times. Maybe someone at the Carroll County Clinic overhead it while attending med school! Or, well, from a dad or an uncle!

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The sign asks, “What kind of Dr. is Dr. Pepper?” and the answer is… drumroll… A FIZZICIAN. Many people questioned Dr. Pepper’s credentials over the years. But apparently, a quick Google search will tell you he is indeed a physician. 

Dad jokes

It seems like Carroll County employees have some self-awareness about their dad joke vibes. It looks like they acknowledged that at least one of their signs is openly a dad joke! Although pets are babies too, so they probably have a good audience.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The clinic asks, “when does a joke turn into a dad joke?” Well, when it becomes apparent! It was precisely that. But their pet-parents always come back for more signs, so while dad jokes might not be for everyone, they are working here

Pun intended

There you have it. We came to our last clever sign! If you are hooked on the vet clinic signs, you can check out their Instagram. But we must end the article and leave you with this last pet-related classic pun. 

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

After all the signs we’ve seen, we don’t think anyone would be surprised if someone from this vet clinic started a real dating site for chickens! However, it’s just a setup for the pun “to make hens meet.” Honestly, this is comedy gold. Animal puns are the way to go!