Don’t Let Pets Ruin Christmas And Keep The Tree Safely Out Of Paw’s Reach

By Sachin P

How would this season look without the beloved tree that is both cherished and elaborately decorated? Where else would Father Christmas leave his gifts? If you reside in a pet-free home, keeping your holiday decorations secure until the presents arrive is a simple process, but it could become a big task if you have a mischievous cat or a clumsy dog. The Christmas tree is practically precious to you; you’ve spent nearly an hour or two looking for ideal ornaments, maybe another couple of hours adorning it, and still another couple of hours enjoying the finished product. You’ve simply created a terrific clawing pole, a jungle gym, or a food court for your pets. Well, here’s 40 ideas on how to save Christmas from your fur babies!

Images that makes a pet think

What a symbolic and prickly Christmas tree we have here. The coffee cup ornaments could only mean one thing. That the person behind this decoration is not a morning person at all. And they love Starbucks with all their heart.

Image courtesy of heatherdiannecook / Instagram

Kind of looks like a Euphorbia Plant, which could be poisonous to cats and dogs alike. They tend to release a milky secretion when the plant is damaged, which could irritate the skin. So the pets of this household know better than to mess with this “tree.”

That’s one way to do it

The dog doesn’t seem fazed by this setup t at all. Sure there’s a literal wall of chairs between it and the Christmas tree, but the attitude we get from this little guy is that it could not care less.

Image courtesy of Igam07 / Twitter

Mostly because it might have some tricks up its sleeve. No animals stay that restful around something that piques their interest unless they have a plan in place to access it. It’s just biding its time. We’re pretty sure this pupper is best friends with a cat.

Wall Tree

Another banger of an idea. This is perfect for apartments where the living space is small, so you have to improvise. You just have to arrange this on a wall and decorate it with baubles and voila, a beautiful Christmas tree.

Image courtesy of

The cat in the foreground, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be that happy. But wait, what do we have here? It looks to us like it is scheming something. The owner best be on alert, just in case.

Christmas cat

If curiosity had a physical presence, we are pretty sure that it would look like a cat. They go through their day indulging in their sneaky habits. That’s how they learn about the world around them. Quite cute, in a way.

Image courtesy of Hotroddeluxe86 / Reddit

Look at this adorable furball here. He can’t seem to be keeping his mitts away from the Christmas tree, so the owners had a compromise. Every time he’s caught on the tree, he must wear the outfit. We have to say that he looks smashing!

A Narnia Christmas

If you took a second, harder look after seeing this photo, well, we don’t blame you. We did the same. What is the rational explanation behind a Christmas tree that’s gone up a portal and a dazed fox atop a kennel?

Image courtesy of lokitheredfox / Imgur

Apparently, the fox is a house pet. And the only way the house owners could save the tree from the little rascal was to go all anti- gravity on it. The result? A meme-worthy picture and an intact Christmas tree that looks otherworldly.

You think you’re sooo smart

That’s what the orange cat’s look means. A smug, snarky look that’s full of challenge. A mockery of sorts. Remember that SpongeBob Squarepants meme where he uses a very mocking tone and expression? We present you with the cat version.

Image courtesy of Cole and Marmalade / YouTube

But, all jokes aside, this is a good idea, although the Christmas tree looks like it is in jail. On the other hand, it will be well protected from this curious cat. Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are thy…bars.

Vacuum protection

Dogs can detect sound frequencies at least three times higher than the human ear, on top of having a greater sense of smell. Most dogs’ phobia of hoovers derives from the machine’s strong, high-frequency sounds, similar to the reason behind their fear of thunder.

Image courtesy of IAlwaysUpvoteLowBudgetCreativeWork / Imgur

So, there’s nothing to worry about here. It is one of the more clever tricks we’ve seen. Rover sees the vacuum, and they stay clear of the area. These little machines are guarding the tree. Pulled a sneaky there on the dog!


Now in this image, we see a slightly similar scenario. The gorgeous Christmas tree has more than enough protection, without the additional vacuum ornaments. Those perfectly placed decorations will stay safe all season long, but focus your attention on the dog’s expression.

Image courtesy of Rg4zkoN / Imgur

The poor boy looks devastated. Here he was, waiting to pounce on the tree like he does every year and have the time of his life. But his beloved humans have put a fence up. Now how can he have his holiday fun?

For the sake of appearence

We are not entirely convinced that this adorable dog right here is the reason for the fence. Just look at it. It looks so proud and cute in this picture, like it was tasked with protecting this tree at all costs.

Image courtesy of dogloverstore / Instagram

Plus, it is also evident from this picture that this dog is quite the model. Look at that form! Impeccable! We were taught never to judge a book by its cover. So, there must be something that we do not see here.


This is an ingenious way to keep the Christmas tree out of reach from the brothers of chaos. With that easy-to-read expression on this feline’s face, they could easily pass as Loki’s cat. They look that adorable and equally mischievous.

Image courtesy of Cole and Marmalade / Facebook

Pay very close attention to the face of the cat. It’s a face that is just full of wonder. It’s just calculating the distance and the speed it needs to reach the baubles. We’re pretty sure that star will be the first victim.


Now, this is innovation. This is thinking outside the box in the most beautiful way. They could have gone the way of the cage or the fence. But these people wanted something more classic and thought about how they could go about it.

Image courtesy of nettegbg / Instagram

So, they arrived at this arrangement. Looks quite pleasing to the eye. Plus, it’s easier to keep the pets out. They instinctively think that this is nothing other than a lantern. Even the Christmas tree is disguised as a light source. Genius!

Proof it but make it festive

Pious Christians in Germany during the 1500s are attributed with initiating the Christmas tree custom. They carried adorned trees into their houses to make it festive. If the number of pine trees was limited, some people made holiday pyramids out of timber.

Image courtesy of tracys_thriving / Instagram

They didn’t stop there; they decorated them with tree boughs and lights. Must have looked wonderful in those days. With the advancement in technology, today’s Christmas trees look absolutely magical. So no wonder as to why some people go to great lengths to protect them.

Minimalist Christmas

Move over, Grumpy Cat (may her soul rest in peace); we have the scheming cat. Look at the level of determination in its slanted eyes. It really does not like being outsmarted at anything at all, and especially like this.

Image courtesy of jennthemermaid / Reddit

You can actually hear the gears turning inside its head. “Oh, you think you’re so smart! Pruning all the branches and leaving them at the very top, out of my reach. Well, I don’t have to climb it now; I just have to push it over.”

Upside down Christmas

Brownie points for those of you who can spot the Siamese. It looks quite unfazed, actually. It has a whole, “what do I care if they hung the stupid tree upside down? Not like I can’t get at it with one jump.”

Image courtesy of Cowybuga / Reddit

It’s like a dare for this cat. It’s so sure of itself that to the camera, it is giving off absolutely no emotions. Quite the pro, if you ask us. We really hope that the tree survived its calculated attack.

Can make an effort

A vacuum cleaner’s loud noise, including its intimidating size, can be unsettling to cats. They prefer peace and quiet, as well as a known schedule, so the abrupt entrance of a large, loud machine in their domain can indeed be frightening.

Image courtesy of coleandmarmalade / Instagram

Especially if it seems to be stalking them from place to place. But when you look at this cat and its look of determination, you’re not so sure that it is afraid. It has plans. Oh, yes. The owner probably was well aware and that’s why the “tree” is so small. Minimal effort for something that will get destroyed.

Kid proof

It is just not your darling pets you have to worry about when you put your Christmas decorations up. If you are a proud parent of an inquisitive kid, well, that makes two things you have to be worrying about.

Image courtesy of

It’s not easy proofing something from the double threat. But, just like many of the posters here, if you think outside the box, arriving at a solution may not be the hardest thing to do. The parents here succeeded in doing just that.

The humans must be joking

Although black cats are commonly linked with witches, witchcraft, and ill omens, these beautiful felines are the same as any other. Have a read about the history of black cats. Then you will learn how they came to be associated with Halloween and as a symbol of bad luck.

Image courtesy of

Symbol of good luck, you say. Well, there is truth in that statement, in a way. They never fail to bring us joy when we really need it. Just look at this blob of black. Poised for destruction but looks very cuddly cute.

Frugal Christmas

One look at this contraption, and you’ll be wrinkling your brows. What is this thing? Sure, we see some lights on it. With the green and brown blankets on it, it looks like a clothing rack of sorts.

Image courtesy of Julianne Ruth / Facebook

But check out the reason for this, and we’re sure you understand. Owners really wanted something the cat would leave alone, so they put on some blankets on a tomato basket. To top it off, they added the lights. Solves every problem.

Up, up and away

Putting antique decorations out of range of your cat is a good way to keep things safe. Low-hanging decorations may be too enticing for your curious feline, so avoid them. Alternatively, use chimes to function as an alarm for lower branches.

Image courtesy of

You will need to intercede if you notice the chimes clinking. Since we’re on the topic of Christmas tree decorations, a bit of advice: leave your tinsel behind. It can cause severe gastrointestinal harm if consumed. It isn’t worth it!

Saran Christmas

Saran wrap, cling film, Food plastic wrap, and food wrap – whatever you call it, it is the thin plastic film used to seal and secure food products in containers to keep them fresh. There’s probably not a household in the entire country without this.

Image courtesy of

So if this family thought of saving the Christmas tree using saran wrap. Desperate times do call for desperate measures. They really took the most drastic option available. Why not pop it in the fridge so you can reuse it next year?

Nothing to worry about here

Because there isn’t much else to do, a totally indoor cat with little mental stimulus could become bored and fall asleep. In the end, due to their sleep schedule, cats may seem to be lazy. The cat’s age and general wellbeing are important factors.

Image courtesy of

We think these fluff balls won’t be exerting much effort to bring this down. They wouldn’t even have to jump very high to get to the baubles and stars. Their faces tell the whole story of what they planned to do that night during the feline witching hour.

Each to his own

If a big pine tree with dazzling baubles emerges unexpectedly in your home, your cat would have plenty to adjust to if this is its first Christmas. Before actually slapping that big bag of ornaments on the tree, there are a few things to consider.

Image courtesy of JamonBull / Twitter

We suggest leaving it undecorated during the first few days. Encourage your cat to learn about this item at their own pace. In a perfect scenario, it will become acclimated to the tree and ignore it totally. At least, until you decorate it with shiny things.

Modern problems require modern solutions

Due to the lockdowns and curfews put forth to curb the spread of the virus, most of us still work from home. We have lost even the smallest bit of exercise that we received, but WFH certainly has its perks.

Image courtesy of

Like not needing to wear pants during Zoom meetings. Why trouble with all that when you just put on comfortable shorts underneath the well-ironed shirt? The same logic has been applied here to this tree. The cats can’t destroy what they can’t reach.

One with the tree

The festivities are just like a never-ending present. It’s no surprise that Christmas is referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year” because of the family gatherings, trees and decorations, colorful lights, and the gifts and sweets that are exchanged.

Image courtesy of

However, this house might have been low on the decor that year. This cute but determined-looking doggo was hogging the place where the Christmas tree was usually kept. Seems like he thought he was the best present of all. We agree!

Choo choo!!

Now, how cool is this setup? A train track on a Christmas tree! Get outta here. That sounds really bizarre but awesome. Just look at it. When the train chugs around the tree, through the streamers and lights, it must be magical.

Image courtesy of

If you’re wondering as to how a train was propped there, we’ll break it down. The track and the suspenders were built into the tree, which made this possible. All the more reason for a cat to be a part of this party. They have the whole lower half of the tree at their disposal!

Very Victorian

If you consider the overall vibe of this arrangement, it seems like a cross between Halloween and Christmas decor. Pretty simplistic; it would take ages for the cats to figure out what exactly is going on here. Everyone is happy.

Image courtesy of mysweetrockingchair / Instagram

But, what do we see here? It actually looks like an outstretched paw, which means a cat actually trying to reach the faux tree. They’re really persistent creatures, aren’t they? Even a painting of a tree can’t keep them away… wait! Just realized that’s a cactus.

Out is the new in

We have reason to think that the owners of this gorgeous cat had some not-so-pleasant memories when it came to Christmases past. Maybe Mr. Handsome here made it a sport to rip the tree down, outdoing itself from year to year.

Image courtesy of

Before setting up the tree this time around, they may have discussed how to do this best. They love the cat, and they love the holiday spirit. Putting the tree on the porch was a win-win solution. Yay, Christmas is saved!

Sure, why not?

Another brilliant concept. This is ideal for small residences such as apartments; we all must adapt. All you would have to do is hang green garland on the wall and adorn it with ornaments, and you’ve got yourself a lovely tree decoration.

Image courtesy of markv5 / Tumblr

But what’s with the cat? Most of the posts that we went through had cats looking curiously or menacingly at the tree. But not this one. It happens to be very preoccupied with the vent. If only it could talk.

Meowwy Christmas

Her logic is infallible. I mean, look at this whole arrangement. It’s like a shrine for cats. She has even made a cat-themed nativity scene (should we be referring to it as the “cativity”?). We have to give full points for creativity.

Image courtesy of Empty Meow Corral / Facebook

Sure, the cats will be curious when it comes to these figurines who don’t talk much. There is quite a number around to capture their attention. Minimum damage means merry Christmas vibes all around. All was as it should be.

Zoolander Christmas

“What’s this? A Christmas tree for ants?” After mistaking a scale replica of his community project, the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good, with the actual structure, the protagonist, Derek Zoolander (played by Ben Stiller), delivers a similar remark angrily in the 2001 comedy Zoolander.

Image courtesy of Barb Bessen Siegel / Facebook

Since then, it has become quite popular as a meme. Looking at this particular minuscule tree, we also have to say the same thing. Sounds quite on brand, really. But we kind of hope this was just the first mini tree they put up. Maybe they filled the ceiling with little decorations.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Now, this seems pretty extreme. But, to be honest, we don’t know the real reason behind this decision. Just have a look at the cute cat bed right next to the caged-up tree. Things start adding up as easily as two plus two.

Image courtesy of

Maybe the cuddly-wuddly cat that the owners know and love can be a real harbinger of destruction when the mood suits it. Otherwise, why would anyone go to such extreme lengths? To enjoy the spirit of holidays, the tree must be protected.

Holiday heist

True, genuine trees just have that allure. They’re obviously sometimes untidy. Pine needles that have fallen on the floor can pierce paws and cause considerable damage to inquisitive chewers like cats. An artificial tree will indeed overcome this threat.

Image courtesy of

Another thing to think about is getting a little tree. Notwithstanding your valiant efforts, if an accident does occur, a smaller tree would cause less damage and potential harm. That’s what you should consider when you hang a tree like this upside down.

Dog proof and baby proof

Avoid using the long metal hooks commonly used to display decorations since they can damage curious pets. Rather, use wires or rope to secure decorations to branches as securely as possible to prevent your pets from batting them away.

Image courtesy of Happy Paws Fitness Studio / Facebook

Ensure that the tree’s foundation is solid enough to keep it stable. To reduce the possibility of your tree toppling, you can attempt tying it to the walls and ceiling with a fishing line. Or you can just improvise, as depicted here.

Whatever floats your boat

The majority of cats are sensitive to changes in their habit or surroundings. So when a tall pine tree adorned with gleaming ornaments appears suddenly in your house, your cat will have a lot to adjust to. Their first question: is it an enemy or friend?

Image courtesy of

We recommend keeping the tree unadorned during the first few days before slamming that bag load of decorations on it. Or if you have trained your cat to stay off the counters, not only are you a genius animal whisperer, but you can put your tree on a cabinet.

Will it work, though?

That’s the biggest question that we have when we see this setup. Would it really work? Sure, there isn’t a tree in place; that’s a plus. But the baubles are hanging quite low, and the cat seems pretty confident it could capture its prey.

Image courtesy of

Firstly, it doesn’t need to exert much effort to cut down the low-hanging ones. Secondly, even for the higher-hanging ornaments, if the cat times his jump correctly, it can cause a lot of damage. Looking at him, we bet he’s thinking the same thing.

Go! fetch the Christmas tree!

This does seem like a very innovative way of putting up a Christmas tree. After all, the holiday spirit should be within oneself. As long as we are full of holiday cheer, there is nothing to worry about. But frankly speaking, we still want some glitter and sparkle for the holidays.

Image courtesy of

These ornaments are just a physical representation of our holiday spirit. But considering that this is made in a small apartment and over a dog bed, there is the remote possibility where the dog might use the branches as chew toys.

Kitten Tree

There’s this ancient adage, and we think it’s from Sri Lanka, which goes something like this: “If you’re invited to the bat’s wedding, you should hang upside down like a bat.” We’re talking about cats and dogs; why bring bats into it?

Image courtesy of untrugby / Imgur

Well, it’s because the core meaning of that saying is that you should adapt according to your environment. Or, in cases like this, you should adapt your environment to suit the needs of people or animals who will benefit from it most.

Cat tree

If you have a feline and celebrate Christmas, you are well aware of the chaos that can ensue throughout the festive period. Are you stumped about how to handle pets with Christmas decorations? Spraying your tree with a citrus-based spray is the best way.

Image courtesy of

It is one of the most excellent ways to keep cats away (you can also place some orange peels at the base). Something the owners of this tree forgot to do, which will surely lead to an invasion by their adorable black kittens.

This should work

A cat would consider a Christmas tree to be the perfect plaything: something to clamber on and conquer that’s decorated in glittering items to mess with, shatter, and chew on. It’s also a scratching post. Basically, it is Cat Heaven!

Image courtesy of Shelly Davis / Facebook

Regrettably, such hazardous circumstances were likely not in your thoughts as you bought the tree. But, this setup seems to be a solution rather than a hazard. You can strike off scratching post and broken ornaments, but the cat might still sleep on it.

A Fabric Christmas

Remember, particularly around that enticing, fully equipped Christmas tree, our animal companions require additional monitoring during the festivities. You’ll have to pull out almost all the stops with different decoration methods and cat-repelling fragrances like citrus spray.

Image courtesy of

Or maybe even a sneaky move like this particular crafty lady pulled off in this image. Instead of buying and worrying about a Christmas tree that will surely be the center of attention for pets, she just painted one on a cloth. Now, how ingenious is that!