The Silly And Goofy Side Of Life With Dogs

By Rekha R

There is no denying the fact that dogs are a blessing in our lives. With their charming ways and caring nature, they win over the hearts of everyone they are around. But they can be hilarious and spontaneous when you catch them in their element, and their zany antics can split our sides. When you force them to bathe, strictly for hygienic reasons, they might fight you or drench you or be totally dramatic; or when you, God forbid, forget to pet them for a while, you see their sorrow all over their faces. We have compiled some similar moments for you that will make you laugh and feel more endeared to man’s best friend. Read on to feel all the emotions for yourself.

Did You Leave The Dogs Unattended For A While?

Many researchers have found similarities in the behaviors of infants and dogs. Many times, they have the same reaction to similar situations. Others can be highlighted through the following image. We all know how children are attractions of chaos, including the times we let them out of our attention for a moment.

These pups were let out to play in an open field, and we can all see what they went and did with themselves. They might feel guilty, but their entirely sullied white fur testifies for all the fun that they had, doesn’t it?

Just Two Curious Dogs

Dogs have strong emotions and consciences, and they can make judgments about what is good and what is bad. If anything is off-kilter, they are sure to notice. It seems like these two dogs have found something interesting down there.

Whatever it is, they decided it is best approached as a team. It is almost hilarious how one is letting their buddy sit on their back so they can also have a view of the scene. And at the right time, the camera caught them spying.

They Love The New Toy

Pets are ecstatic when they get a new toy. Almost all dogs love to play fetch and clench the ball in their jaw. The sister went a little far with this Christmas present, and the bud seems to like it a lot. No doubt, it is one of the best dog toys ever made!

Photo courtesy of hilary_1072 / Twitter

For all the dog knows, they are playing merrily in the ocean and holding the ball with them like a good boy, but the view is side-splitting. It looks like they have a set of huge human teeth, and we believe this is what the mom wanted to see when she gave the dog the ball.

The Dog Had Other Ideas For The Photo

It is truly amazing when your dog accompanies you on a delightful tour of the hills. When you get to exercise in the clean air and nature, away from the hassles of city life and have your dog sit by you throughout is heavenly.

Photo courtesy of vladgrinch / Reddit

The enthusiastic efforts of the doggo perfectly butchered the attempt to take a beautiful picture to capture nature. He knew what he was doing and went out of his way to make a special appearance in the picture. It turned out even better than planned, we think.

Aversion To Bathing

Many people face difficulties in bathing their pets. Although not all dogs hate bathing or being near water, this one right here seems to be the exception to the rule because they definitely hate being soaped and soaked, poor fella.

Photo courtesy of vladgrinch / Reddit

The dog was so upset that he decided to run away and sit on the porch to avoid bathing. They are clearly mad at the owner. It is pretty adorable and hilarious, but one can’t help but wonder if this happens every bathtime.

Strike A Pose

When the owner made the dog pose for a memorable photo, the pupper understood the assignment perfectly! This is precisely what a good boy looks like. This doggo brings so much joy to their mom’s life. These breaching buddies make our hearts smile.

Photo courtesy of SquatchCalls / Reddit

The similarities between the dog and the whale are so spot-on. She must have perceived the need to go out of her way to strike a pose similar to the statue. It indeed made for a wonderful memory for the photographer and put a smile on every viewer’s face.

Photo courtesy of dumbolddoor / Reddit

We are sure plenty of pictures were taken to celebrate the moment, but after seeing the image, we can’t be sure how any other could top this gem. We do hope they got the pictures of the ring successfully, though!

White Puppy Turned Green

Time at the park is truly very enjoyable for the doggos. They love to run around, play with their toys in the open air, and roll on the grass. This is what freshly cut grass did to the white puppy, and it is so amusing to see.

Photo courtesy of CodeDinosaur / Reddit

The proud pup is so covered up in grass that its white coat is almost impossible to see. This is the risk you take when taking your dog literally anywhere. Guess someone needs to take a bath soon to get their color back.

Where’s The Difference?

Having not only one but two sweet puppies in the home is a delight. They play together, take naps together and many times, mess with each other. And if the two puppies are of different ages, the bigger one takes care of the smaller and treats them with care.

Photo courtesy of 9gag / Facebook

This looks like one of the times the dogs enjoy life without paying attention to how they are lying. It seems like the small puppy is emerging out of the tail of the bigger one. Plus, the color similarity makes it even better.

The Water Enthusiast

Most dogs are water enthusiasts. They love to swim and play in the ocean with their owners. A kind human kept some water in the open area for pets to drink, but this fellow had some other plans in mind. This failure is absolutely hilarious and heartwarming.

Photo courtesy fo NYC_Underground / Reddit

Soon after the doggo jumped into the bowl, it must’ve said, “oops!” Not only did it splash the water all around, but it was completely stuck! That was for hydrating and not bathing, pupper. Look at this face; he doesn’t give one tail wag about it!

It’s A Bulldog, Not A Horse!

The friendship and bond that two dogs share when living in the same house and humans is very special. They love and care for each other, help each other, play games, and comfort each other. And this duo of a bulldog and Chihuahua seem to be having the time of their life together.

Photo courtesy of memezzer / Reddit

The bulldog is the supposed horse, and the Chihuahua sitting on its back looks so practiced and proficient as the rider. Whether they are roaming around for fun or taking care of someone who messes with them, they definitely have a deep understanding of each other.

They’re Part Of The Family Too

When the family gets together, someone ought to take pictures. These events also encourage chaos and laughable arguments that only deepen the bond. And when they bring in their dogs, it’s a whole scene. Even more so if you don’t include them in your family pictures.

Photo courtesy of jimmynudetron69 / Reddit

The dogs seem to be having one of their moments of disagreement while the family poses for the picture. It’s almost like the family has had enough of this reunion. Nevertheless, God knows how many times they tried to capture this moment.

I Come With A User Manual

Dogs love to be pet and cuddled. But this one came with a user manual. With an arrow mark on its back, it tells us, “hey, hooman, this is when I like my petting.” Not only this, but it took the liberty to sit right in front for the petting to begin.

Photo courtesy of hellosamish / Reddit

He is here for cuddles and back pats and isn’t taking any excuse for his human falling down on the job. Dogs wait the whole day with overwhelming perseverance for their owner. When we get back from work, our buddies do deserve some love, don’t they?

Lend Me Some Hair, Kitty

It’s funny how if you click something from a certain angle, it can look super weird. The fact that these hairs have nothing to do with the dog but come from the cat’s tail is amusing. But pupper is definitely pulling off the punk look like a pro.

Photo courtesy of CodeSamurai / Reddit

Although nature determined cats and dogs to be enemies, it is truly a delight to have both in one home. The cleverness and attitude of cats counter the caring and loving nature of dogs. They have so much fun together, and the owners get to witness moments like this.

It’s Hard To Wait

The sight of meat on a barbeque is mouth-watering, both for humans and our dog buddies. This one is almost daydreaming near the grill, and we have the same feelings, to be honest. A Sunday afternoon with friends, beers, and grilling in the open feels so good.

Photo courtesy of deteled user / Reddit

Freshly barbecued steak is everyone’s favorite. But this dog went on to make its feelings obvious by waiting in front of the BBQ until it was ready. It doesn’t know how adorable it is looking in the act, though. But it probably already knows her steak is not for him, sadly.

Time For Fetch

Playtime is what dogs look forward to the most in the day. It lightens their mood, makes them reconnect with nature, and lets them run free in open spaces. They can spend the most time with the owner and have a fun time bonding with them.

Photo courtesy of hugoandursula / Facebook

This image gives us a good idea of how irritated the dog was with their human for skipping fetch time. So much so, they put the ball in the owner’s coffee to make them realize it is not okay to mess with their game.

Beware Of The Dog!

Many people like to keep a dog as their pet for security purposes. They are good at identifying imposters and alerting their owners in time. They are attentive, watchful, and have sensitive noses and eyes. But not all dogs serve this purpose, and this pupper speaks for them.

Photo courtesy of scottyhubs / Instagram

Although the sign warns the trespassers about the dog, when you take a gander, it’s scarier than we thought! Just kidding. It looks like the gentlest thing ever. We recommend you to go by the sign and not the dog’s appearance.

Unreachable Snack

Snacks get dogs all excited and desperate. They’re restless and jumpy when they see food is coming. This one is so anxious that it forgot the concept of tables altogether. All the poor boy wanted was its snack, but all it got was tasteless glass.

Photo courtesy of OryxTheJimmy / Imgur

The dog’s intentions are clear. But it has no clue about the thing called a glass table. The snack looks so close but is so far away. The lick on the surface was so unyielding it made us laugh. It could almost taste the chocolatey goodness.

Blow-dried Hair (Or Not?)

Somebody has some serious hair. The little puppy’s fur is out of hand after the bath. On the other hand, what this tiny guy looks like while bathing is a whole different story, and this bizarre difference makes it even funnier.

Photo courtesy of deleted user / Reddit

In the first picture, the innocent puppy is sweetly bathing in water without a fuss, and in the other photo, after the hair has dried, it is a different story. It is almost suspicious that the dog in both the pictures is the same. Imagine it running around in your house!

They Grow Up So Fast

We all have our ideas of calendar photos, but this guy went overboard. Not only this, he decided to recreate the photo every year in the same month to create a unique and memorable collage. And the dog is clueless.

Photo courtesy of blitz4240 / Reddit

The main idea seems to be to collect memories of the dog’s aging with time. It’s beautiful to see the dog changing with every passing year but him striking the same pose is seriously the best. The lack of contrast is hilarious.

I Prefer The Wall To Bathing

In the list of hilarious behaviors dogs resort to when introduced to bathing, we have another. The dog is so stubborn to give up to the owner that it would have rather stuck to the wall in a very uncomfortable stance than to step into the water.

Photo courtesy of

Even though the dog was all wet and slumped, it had to surrender to the weird phenomenon that is bathing. The dislike for bathing is very serious with this dog, and we wonder how even the owner has managed to get them cleaned.

Return If Found

There are many times while playing or taking a stroll around or while hunting the street that dogs can get lost. They lose track of their surroundings and forget their way back. So, many owners keep tags on them whenever they are out somewhere.

It is acceptable to the point that the dog is lost and separated from its owners. But saying the mom is ugly crying is probably pretty accurate. If anyone ever finds this dog lost, they will have a fit of laughter before having a look around.

Who’s At The Door

Dogs are so innocent; they lift the mood of those around them without even realizing it. This one puppy hasn’t even seen its receiver but still manages to give them a stroke of laughter. The cute little face is something you can’t say no to.

Photo courtesy of po.lar_bear218 / Instagram

But wait till it opens its mouth. The wild bark is rather scary but still funny. The person behind the door managed to capture the right moments at the right time. Seeing this, we can’t help but adore this breed even more.

The Hiding Place

The similarity between the towel and the puppy is precious. If you forget to notice the black eyes and nose, you will fall for the farce too. It’s as mushy and fluffy as the blanket and looks so cute laying so comfortably.

Photo courtesy of sidshembekar / Reddit

It looks like the blanket and the puppy are one. It makes for a funny Instagram post and shows how puppies can be so cute and spontaneous at the same time! And also that their floof is a wonder to behold.

Will You Play With Me?

Dogs are so enthusiastic about playing fetch when they are outside that they encourage everyone they see to throw for them. But in their effort, they might miss out on noticing who they are addressing is even a human or not.

Photo courtesy of

The statue in the park can be deceiving. But who will tell the poor boy what it is, and it can’t throw the ball for them? For all it knows, the man is just ignoring his whimpers! The dog’s efforts at the scene would’ve been hilarious to witness.

Error 101 Dog Has Stopped Functioning

We never know what goes on in a dog’s mind. Sure, they show their emotions and moods through expressions, barks, and behavior, but we can never be sure. As much as dogs like to take a walk out in the open, we don’t know exactly how it makes them feel.

Photo courtesy of I_need_to_learn_more / Reddit

It is hilarious how this one looks like it has stopped functioning altogether. The owner had no idea how to help their dog, but the scene is so funny. It looks like the dog is throwing tantrums on the road.

I Need My Space

It hurts when the bed is king-sized, and you have to keep sleeping at the edge, isn’t it? But what can you do? After several failed attempts of convincing your dog to sleep in their own dedicated sleeping space, you kind of accept your fate.

Photo courtesy of deleted user / Reddit

This guy’s girlfriend woke up the following day and caught the dog and boyfriend in their usual positions. How the dog pushed his human to the edge is too funny. But we can’t deny the delicious warmth of sleeping cuddled up with a dog.

They Know What You Did!

When we get our dogs toys, all we want for them is to accept and enjoy them. We also make sure that it is not anything dangerous or could harm them in any way. But to witness them thinking it is something real is hilarious.

Photo courtesy of yayathecorgi / Instagram

The dogs in the picture have called the owner’s bluff. They were not happy with what they found! Those narrowed eyes say it all. So, better think thoroughly about what you bring home to play, hooman. No fake frens, next time, okay?

The Thrilling Newcomer

As it happens with humans too. The presence of someone new can put us off balance. It takes us a while before we can decide whether we like them or not. The dog seems to be going through something similar. They made their mind about their feelings for the newcomer.

Photo courtesy of toiletlover1 / Reddit

The doggo is undoubtedly in high spirits in the first picture, but when we look at the other picture, it seems to be almost frowning. This can, of course, be because of the cold. But the people on the internet think something else.

Same Dog, Different Looks

This is not the only time dogs have looked different before and after bathing, but it is equally amusing every time. It makes a huge change. So much so that the dog can look like a completely different pup altogether!

Photo courtesy of atjanks / Reddit

The dog in the picture before and after a bath looks very different, but without a doubt, both versions are cute! Even the color of its eyes looks different because of the difference in light exposure, but it sure does make the contrast even more prominent.

Bread Slices Or Just A Puggo?

As fat and adorable as pugs are, they are even more loyal and make everyone laugh with their innocent mannerisms. Their fur and flesh are so soft and cushiony that we love to squish them, cuddle them, and shower them with hugs and kisses.

Photo courtesy of deleted user / Reddit

There seems to be almost no difference between the bread slices laid down and the puggo enjoying some rest. The similarity is so funny and adorable to look at. Imagine having such a cute being in your home, running around and licking you with love.

Not A Kid Anymore

We’ve heard many people say that one year for a human is equivalent to 7 years for a dog. And those of us who have had one have experienced it through time. How fast they grow out of our hands and into big boi doggos.

Photo courtesy of HarriettPrentice / Reddit

This puppy on the left is so tiny that it is hard to believe they grew this much in less than twelve months. But it maintained that look of innocence, which makes us adore it and puts a wide smile on our faces, doesn’t it?

Is The Dog Wearing Skins Now?

Sometimes, the scene can be deceptive. We could be looking at something entirely different than what it looks like. It takes us a while to comprehend the true meaning of things, and then, we burst into laughter about what we perceived it as!

Photo courtesy of shepkita / Reddit

The black color of the dog and the black leggings look so funny together because it looks like the dog has those legs! It is because we can’t see what’s behind the wall. The body of neither the person nor the dog is visible, which makes it look like the dog is wearing the Adidas shoes!

Yes, You Can Save It!

Dogs on vacation is a whole new level of hilarious. They enjoy life to the fullest, bathe in the sun, and play in the ocean, and sometimes, it feels like they are having even more fun than the humans! They make for great posers, and we often capture beautiful memories along the trip.

Photo courtesy of Gokanoza / Reddit

It is incredible how diligently dogs understand and perform the tasks they are assigned. The photographer asked for the pupper to pose as if it were holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa and this boy went all in! The photo turned out to be priceless.

Hello There!

It is funny to watch dogs in their element do random things. They are so fun to be around, especially the beagles, and lighten up the mood. They give such excellent, animated responses even when you just call their name.

Photo courtesy of FiddleMyFunBags / Reddit

This dog was engaged in playing with its peers and peeping through the door to something of interest but was suddenly distracted by someone calling it from the back. And this was the reaction it gave, which is just too much!

Hail the new king

Our adoration for our canine friends increases all the more when they are acting all innocent. This sweet little pupper wanted to be a part of the game, and they chose the right place for them, right where the king stands.

Photo courtesy of GeneReddit123 / Reddit

The giant chessboard and the brilliant white color of the pupper prove that this match was destined. It is so funny it fits perfectly in the one empty spot. The dog looks in its element. All we can say is, all hail the new king!

There’s Always Hope

We all have our times of doubt and uncertainty. These times make us feel helpless, hopeless, and fed up with life. But if you have a dog to cheer you up and be there for you like the honest and dedicated companions that they are, these times are easier to get through.

Photo courtesy of TriMyData / Twitter

This doggo works its charm for the owner whenever they are stressed or unhappy. The adorable mannerisms and light-heartedness that radiates from the dog help them to realize how beautiful life is. The way the dog chilled is quite hilarious, and something as small as that is enough to cheer one up.

I Wash My Hands Of This Mischief

How mischievous and full of energy dogs are commonly known. The space that confines them is full of bliss and delight. But what if you leave them alone in a room with a number of interesting articles? Well, expect some action.

Photo courtesy of iVannGarc / Reddit

He looks so peaceful and satisfied with the chaos he created. The room looks like something terrible has happened here, with the plants and cushions all destroyed. But the dog, the only culprit in sight, decided to play victim to be saved from the wrath.

The Inevitable Photobomb

Someone tried to get engaged in the happiest place on Earth. We mean the dog park, of course. And they captured some laugh-worthy pictures. How many times have we encountered dogs photobombing a picture and made them worth thousands of likes?

Having The Time Of Its Life

Like we said before, the similarities between the behavior of kids and dogs make life interesting. So much so that this meme-maker traced these similarities and highlighted them, for crying out loud! But we can’t deny it; it is pretty amusing to see.

Photo courtesy of Biblecrusader69 / Reddit

This dog is having the time of its life, pretending to have sunglasses on. It is chilling and enjoying the moment, and we can’t help but recall when we used to feel the same using toilet paper tubes. Good times.

We Recognize Him!

We love to create memories with our pets that last a lifetime. We also love to capture their iconic and precious moments right on time. And everyone has their way of expressing this love and affection, and some people like to make it public.

Photo courtesy of tedsuRR / Reddit

Similarly, rather than posting a sticker about a pet in the vehicle, some of us prefer to paste their pictures on the spare wheel. And it is hilarious how the other drivers caught the dog in the act and made the exact expressions like in its picture!

Just Chillin’

There are many ways to chill, but no one relaxes like a German Shepherd. And this picture speaks for itself! It seems like a model sitting comfortably on the couch for the painter to put to life on the canvas. Not to mention the utterly comfy couch that the dog rests on. The boy is having a good time!

Photo courtesy of pgh_duddy / Reddit

Moments like these are so precious and calming. To feel a pet’s presence when you are doing mundane things like watching television, cooking in your kitchen, or just having a midday nap on your living room chair. It makes you feel loved and have a friend you can rely on whatsoever.

That Didn’t Taste So Good!

What made the dog make a face like that, you must be wondering. Let us give you a recap. We all love essential oils, and the dog’s owner is no different. While using cannabis oil, they spilled a little on the floor, and the dog licked it. The expression says it all.

Photo courtesy of blue_eyes17 / Reddit

Dogs are curious beings. They like to smell, taste, and examine everything within reach to ensure it is safe or harmless. But in this process, they seldom fall into unexpected scenarios and their response at such times is entertaining!

Let’s Give You A Makeover

What should you do when your puppy has overgrown hair and is reluctant to get it cut? You’d decide to take matters into your own hands and give the beloved puppy a makeover! And this is how it turns out when you have a fetish for fashion – the puppy now has bangs.

Photo courtesy of

The cut is so adorable and funny, and the fact that the dog doesn’t know how it has been used for your whims is what makes it even funnier. Maybe let the dog hairdresser handle these things next time around?

Dog And Grandpa’s Dentures- A Crossover

Dogs and grandpas go very well together; there’s no doubt about that. They have so much fun, take care of each other, and love being together. And sometimes, the dog may want to try on Grandpa’s dentures! And Grandpa lets them.

Photo courtesy of miloandhismohawk / Instagram

The sight of dentures on the dog is laughable. Even more, when you look closely, and they start to look natural! Imagine you chilling on your bed and your dog climbing up to you with these in their month! You’d have a fit of laughter.

Too Much Similarity

It is amusing when you find shapes in clouds that resemble real objects. These figures are vague but easily identifiable, like a group of birds flying or a car driving down the road. Similarly, shapes can be found in anything, even the lines on your thumb.

Photo courtesy of Allotment and Vegetable Garden Growers UK / Facebook

Who knew that growing potatoes in the backyard could be so much fun. From the fat cheeks to the ears, nose, and eyes, there is so much in common, which is both startling and amusing. We’re happy we have this image in our heads.