Furry Fury: 35+ Pets That Are Not Feeling The Love

By Harpreet K November 7, 2021

There’s a special joy that animals bring us that only pet owners know about. This includes watching their funny antics and how they act up at random times. Perhaps you’ve seen the videos of dogs dancing when they get treats or cats being their sneaky little selves. Although they can’t speak human, our pets aren’t afraid to let us know how they’re feeling. From temper tantrums to dodging scritches to intense glares, pets won’t hold back.

Clearly, that doesn’t work since our fur babies are cute no matter what they do! People can’t help but snap pics when their pets are being grumpy. Here are just a few people who shared photos of their pets looking angry at them for something they did or didn’t do.

1. Cute but mad

Cats have interesting personalities that can be hard to decipher at times. Sometimes they may be in the mood to cuddle. And then, mere moments later, they may not want to be in the same room with you and will walk out in a huff.

Image courtesy: beanflower0330/Instagram

As they need space and get territorial, you may need to back off a bit when they’re in one of those moods. Otherwise, your cat may make a similar face to this guy. Some catnip may help calm your pet down if this goes on for too long! 

2. Did you forget to serve my dinner

Have you ever been late by a few minutes serving dinner to your dog? Well, he just might feel like you forgot to feed them, and he’ll never eat again. As a result, he may think he’s going to starve in just two minutes.

Image courtesy: @te_teiji / Twitter

Here is a dog being mad at their paw-rent for being late at dinnertime. You can tell he looks so angry that he may not even be able to talk back. One thing is certain: he finished the long overdue kibbles in a blink.

3. I thought I was the only one

If your pet has been the only fur baby in the house, it will likely feel a bit hurt if you get a new pet. Things may not go so well when the newest edition is taking all your attention.

Image courtesy: the.golden.freya/Instagram

Your old pet may just be passive or show their anger by being sassy and giving you looks across the room. Well, give it some time. They may turn into best friends and play all the time very soon. At least, we hope so.

4. Your cat is a secret Jedi

Your cat may have a whole secret life without you ever finding out. They’re sneaky that way. We have this picture as proof. This cat has an uncanny resemblance to a Jedi and may have all the answers to life.

Image courtesy: mrbutterssir/Instagram

That side-eye may be a sign that your cat needs to be fed again, or you may not have given enough ear scratches or pets on the belly. Make sure you keep the Cat-Jedi happy at home to win in life. 

5. Grumpy pets

Play fighting can easily turn into actual fighting if you are not careful about watching your pets. They look extremely cute while playing; however, they can get angry in a minute. Watch how Dolly and Juju get on each other’s nerves.

Image courtesy: Missy Moo Moo /boredpanda.com

Dolly likes to lick Juju all over to show her affection. Juju reciprocates her affection by rubbing herself over Dolly. She also likes to lick Dolly’s toes and ears. This is exactly where the two start fighting. Someone doesn’t like their ears touched!

6. I am still mad at you

This is a tiny guinea pig that has more sass than you can handle. He holds grudges and will show in with no holds barred. Puffie is a huge fan of late snacks and will get angry if you do not bring him some grass.

Image courtesy: wheektown.com

He considers it the biggest crime and won’t play with you until he gets his favorite grass. Make a note whenever you go out the next time not to forget his needs if you wish to save yourself from his wrath. 

7. Now I’m awake and mad

It takes some serious work to be adorable. After tiring hours of work comes the non-negotiable slumber time. Here is a cat feeling grumpy and disgruntled after his owner woke him up for no reason other than a photo sesh.

Image courtesy: kiki_kona_and_kula_the_koonies/Instagram

Before being woken up suddenly, the cat was dreaming of birds, catnip, butterflies, antelopes, and cool places to hang out in the sun. His human should have been a little considerate and let him enjoy his dream world for a little longer. 

8. Stop with the paparazzi

Your cat is not always in the mood for being the star of the show. She needs her beauty sleep and rests every day, several times a day. No matter how adorable she is, you need to stop with the photographs. Or that’s how she feels. We’re happy to see all the photos of your cat.

Image courtesy: pann.nate.com

Next time, approach your cat very gently with the camera to not scare her or make her angry. No one likes paparazzi when they are not dressed up enough to be captured for Instagram pet posts. Be a little more discreet, at the very least.

9. Not my angle 

Just like humans, pets have preferred angles we like to show to the camera. Some may make them look fat or short. This cat is trying to communicate exactly that to the photographer. The majestic feline definitely deserves a more flattering angle.

Image courtesy: successlifelounge.com

The photograph might look cute to you, but try using different angles to make your little furball look their best. You can practice different lighting and better angles. Moreover, you can use props while taking photographs that are social media-worthy.

10. It’s my face

Unconventional pets have different quirks. It may not be something that they do, but maybe how they express themselves. Or are we reading into their faces too quickly? Just look at this tortoise; he seems upset about nothing. Lots of attitude for a little guy.

Image courtesy: tort_aaloo/Instagram

It may be just his face, and he is happy inside with all the veggie snacks and comfortable spots in his habitat. Try letting him out safely once in a while to make him a happier pet with a more pleasant disposition.

11. That’s my spot

Two cats mean more pets to cuddle, but they may get possessive about their toys, snack, and bird-watching spots. Every so often, you may see them fighting for that one perfect seat in the house. Our felines friends are territorial, after all.

Image courtesy: thor_and_loki_catsofasgard/Instagram

Maybe there’s one special couch corner or windowsill that is the comfiest seat in the house. That is why your cats are creating an issue over this particular area. Installing a cat tree may help alleviate the tension in such situations. 

12. I love myself more

Here is the cat looking adorable while watching over the owner. If you look closely, you’ll see how close she is to the photo frame with a picture of her inside. She may be obsessed with herself, but who could blame her?

Image courtesy: m.post.naver.com

She is guarding her picture against getting knocked down or replaced. You may think she is trying to be cute and asking for cuddles, but she is a fabulous diva that doesn’t need anything from anyone. Okay, maybe she does want some cuddles, though.

13. Don’t touch my treats

How possessive are your pets with their treats and toys? If they are anything like this one, then beware of touching their treats at all. Do not approach them when they are trying to enjoy it if they give you this look.

Image courtesy: glavcom.ua

In fact, give them their treat slowly and back away. Your pet may not appreciate your watching them either while they are in their fantasy land with their special prize. Now, you may give them more treats, but from a distance.

14. He wants more food

Just see those blue eyes full of anger and hatred for their fur mom. After finishing his breakfast, he wanted another bowl since it was so yummy. He never understood the thing about portion sizes. All he knows is the excitement he feels for mealtime.

Image courtesy: little_lotte_swe/Instagram

He looks so angry that you might just want to give in even though the vet was very clear that he needs to watch what he eats. Better to have an angry kitty now than a sick kitty later, right? We know; it’s super difficult!

15. We don’t know him

Cats are funny and can seem dumb sometimes. They may miss essential details and act up just because of it. Here is Spartacus feeling suspicious of a strange cat outside the house who needs to be chased away to protect the humans.

Image courtesy: Nathalie Örling /boredpanda.com

What Spartacus does not know is that the cat outside on the balcony is his brother Dexter. Spartacus may have an eyesight issue along with being very territorial. We hope things return to normal once Dexter comes back into the house. 

16. You may get fired

Cat duties are for real, and you cannot slack off even for one day or one minute in the cat world. Look at this grumpy kitty wanting to talk to the manager and demanding the chef be fired for late delivering his evening meal.

Image courtesy: mylifewithjackandsophie/Instagram

We all know the commitment it takes to stick to your pet’s nap, food, and playtime schedule. If you fall down on the job, your cat may come and stare at you like this for being a bad cat parent. Listen, our felines friends are dramatic.

17. I want another one 

It is not always about expensive toys and yummy snacks. For your furry family member, it could be as simple as bubble wrap. Besides, humans agree on how satisfying and engrossing bubble wrap can be; it can make you forget the world.

Image courtesy: 0liver.the.cat/Instagram

This cat feels the same when he’s done with the bubble wrap. This is the only thing he is going to munch on and play with from now on. So, you better fetch another one quickly as a replacement. Keep those online orders coming!

18. We’re watching you 

Everyone knows how eventful the nights are with pets, especially when trying to get some sleep after an exceptionally long day at work. Don’t get scared if you are a new fur parent and hear crashes and then wake up to eyes staring right at you.

Image courtesy: LUSHMONTANA /boredpanda.com

Your cats are just trying to protect you from sleep demons (we guess). You may feel this behavior to be stalkerish, but they love you. Make them more comfortable during the night watch by setting up a cat tree in your room. And don’t take pictures with the flash on!

19. You can’t capture me

Have you ever tried to click a nice picture of your cat and ended up with something like this? Your cat may think planting her face over the camera may discourage you from taking her photograph. Or perhaps this is her best pose.

Image courtesy: nekonomeiji/Instagram

Next time try taking pictures when she isn’t paying attention so your cat does not feel insecure about her looks. You may also give her some treats to act more camera-friendly so that she can get in the right mood to pose for the camera. 

20. That’s my toy 

Here is proof even the sweetest dogs turn into angry ones when it comes to their beloved toys. See the underbite of this big girl trying to scare her brother away from touching and taking her precious and most favorite plushie.

Image courtesy: Heather Stone /boredpanda.com

We see that sharing will not work with these siblings being so obsessive about “their” toys. You may need to get them similar toys to keep the peace at home and let them play without causing any significant fights. Or just wait it out.

21. Please let me sleep

Pets consider their naps serious business and do not appreciate being woken up. Look at this angry furball glaring at the camera to let the owner know not to mess with her sleep schedule. She needs to recharge to have fun later.

Image courtesy: the two youtz /boredpanda.com

Chances are your dog will get mad if you wake her up unless it is dinner time. Another allowable occasion to wake up your puppy is for a trip to the dog park. Apart from this, do not dare disturb them.

22. I just look mean

Cats are famous for looking a little meaner than they actually are. Bobcat here is a sweetheart and was contentedly purring at the time of this shot; however, you may not realize it from this picture of him with his cat mom.

Image courtesy: vidmid.com

The sweet angel passed away years ago but will stay in the heart of his owners forever. It is nice to have such memories to look back to and remember the moment even when your pets look a bit mad at you. 

23. I need some alone time

Unlike dogs, cats do not often appreciate being smothered. This is something cat parents need to understand. If they try to pet their feisty feline when he is not in the mood, it may look a little something like this.

Image courtesy: Trulli /boredpanda.com

Your cat showing such anger is your cue to give him a little space to watch birds or chase his toys around on his own. Besides, he has so many thoughts to reflect on today, and all that thinking takes serious concentration.

24. Mom, it’s cold outside

Even your outdoor cat will not feel good stepping on the snow. This cat is giving angry looks as she steps on the cold, wet stuff to take a stroll around the neighborhood. We cannot blame her for being angry here.

Image courtesy: thebushicat/Instagram

Hopefully, her human picked her up and cuddled her until she was warm again and gave her some treats to get her in a good mood. And since Christmas was around the corner, reminded her of all the new toys she would unwrap.

25. I didn’t sign up for WFH

Your cat may not have been a fan of you working from home for months. Witness this cat’s irritation as her human is on a conference call with her colleagues. This is a deathly stare; Maximus really wants to nap.

Image courtesy: Amanda Biggs /boredpanda.com

Try explaining to him that your job is what pays for his extravagant treats and toys. This way, he may become a little supportive of your work and find another spot to nap in the day. Then again, since when do cats work with logic?

26. This is our weekly meeting

Most people wonder what their pets do when they leave them alone. Some even install cameras to find out about their activities and how they pass their days. Here are some cats conducting their weekly meeting that does not include their human.

Image courtesy: vidmid.com

They may be reviewing the quality of food they had been served, or maybe they were developing a genius plot for world domination. Whatever it was, they were not willing to share it with their human family members. Top secret Cat Business!

27. I am a panther

We are what we think we are. This is totally applicable to the cat who thinks he is a panther. For a minute, you may feel confused on seeing a ferocious figure in your backyard. Look at his big eyes and roaring mouth.

Image courtesy: Chris colbea /boredpanda.com

On a closer inspection, you will see how adorable he is. This panther will not scare you at all, even with that mean expression. But be ready with pets and delicious treats to make sure your wildcat is happy. 

28. What did I do now

It is sometimes challenging to understand why your dog is angry at you. You may wonder if it was something you said days ago or if you forgot to give them their daily treat. There can be so many reasons.

Image courtesy: taco.thecavoodle/Instagram

Most of the time, you won’t be able to decipher what they are thinking. If you are unsure where this sassiness is coming from, we suggest you give tons and tons of cuddles and kisses to get them out of this angry-looking state. 

29. I am a sweet monster

Never judge a cat by its mean face. If you are a cat person, you would already know about this, but those who are not may need a heads up. Meet Arnie, who is the sweetest cat who has that RBF condition.

Image courtesy: Catherine Bell /boredpanda.com

Looking at him posing for the pictures, you might be able to see how loving he is. It is just his expression that makes him appear angry. In reality, he liked cuddles, and head scratches, just like other lovable cats.

30. I am in dreamland 

Pets look adorable when sleeping and not up to mischief. Well, let him sleep for as long as he wants. Do not disturb him. His dreamland may be full of cat toys, boxes, and catnip. Feline fantasies must be delightful since they love to sleep so much.

Image courtesy: rosie_thatsiberian/Instagram

Even if you try to wake him up, he will let you know with one eye closed how wonderful and delicious his slumber is right now. Put a soft blanket over him so that he can drift into deep sleep again. 

31. Not my style

Bowie was looking very handsome in this grey sweater. He clearly did not think the same as he appeared angry at his parents. On top of it, they are taking his picture when he felt he was not looking his best.

Image courtesy: bowie.the.blue.sphynx/Instagram

This does not seem like his style. Maybe he wants to experiment more with some berets and scarves instead of a sweater that looks out of trend. Getting his approval for the outfit first might have gotten him to smile for the camera. 

32. Where is my food, Human

Humans are a source of food and belly rubs for dogs. And their wagging tails and big eyes are a reminder for you to get to business as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your dog is going to give you judgemental looks, like this pupper here.

Image courtesy: WCJIo6M /Imgur

See how serious he is about his mealtime and may not care if the human is busy. All he cares about is his dinner and after-dinner snacks. If you do not hurry, you may find your shoes chewed up. 

33. I don’t like surprise parties

Birthdays are a nice excuse to eat some cake and celebrate with loved ones. And a surprise celebration may add to the festivities. Well, your pet may not think the same if they don’t like too much attention on them.

Image courtesy: marty.thecutecat/Instagram

Try getting their approval first before throwing them a birthday party, or you will be rewarded with an angry face throughout the whole thing. Also, don’t startle your kitty with a surprise song and bright camera flashes. Just give them their presents and move on.

34. Silent treatment until I get my treats 

Do you ever forget to buy your cat’s favorite treats? There is no bigger crime than this. Here Mouse, the cat, was definitely sad about not getting his. See that passive aggression? That was his way of communicating his epic disappointment.

Image courtesy: vidmid.com

And no cat will ever understand that you could run out and not even remember to have a treat prepared for them. Maybe your cat is into catnip. Whatever it is, just don’t forget about it if you don’t want the silent treatment.

35. Never ignore me 

Move over, small and fluffy cats, and look at this handsome boy. His big ears and legs are all a part of his large personality. His charm makes him look good even when he is angry at you. What a beauty.

Image courtesy: successlifelounge.com

Also, the fur parent probably should have figured out what you did that made him mad instead of just taking a ridiculous amount of pictures. Maybe this is the result of another interrupted nap? With cats, the list of offenses can be endless!

36. Ferghus judges you all the time

You may think your cat is unaware of your activities and pays no attention to you being dumb in their presence. Well, you cannot fool Ferghus, who knows all about your secrets. He also has judgy hands, which add to that smug expression.

Image courtesy: Kathleen Suileabháin /boredpanda.com

In case you come across Ferghus, just know that he has many opinions about you and everyone else. He may stay silent about all the little things he notices, but you will not be spared from being analyzed and scrutinized. 

37. Rain is your fault

Rain is nobody’s fault, but your cat may have different thoughts about that. The rain is obviously going to be a hindrance for the feline that likes to spend time outdoors. This angry boi is looking as if the owner was responsible for the horrible weather.

Image courtesy: vidmid.com

In the cat’s head, it was definitely planned to prevent him from having fun and bathing in the sun. We wonder if the person was able to reassure their cat with cuddles and treats that it will stop raining soon.

38. My face says it all

Everyone hates Mondays but not more than this dog. Mentally, we all feel the same stress of getting up and going to work on the first day of the week. He plopped himself down and decided that this week just wasn’t going to happen.

Image courtesy: iammollythebeagle/Instagram

We are still not sure why this dog was all Monday energy. Is it the weather, or is it the lack of cuddles from humans? Most likely, he found out said humans are no longer working from home and he’d be alone all day again.

39. You are not a funny human

Cats and humans may not have the same definition of fun. You can give them expensive toys to play with, and they will choose empty boxes for rolling around in. Here, Lucy is definitely unamused with the way her human is playing with her.

Image courtesy: Medina Oldenburg /boredpanda.com

Besides, the camera shoved in her face would not be doing her mom any favors either. But look at her beautiful blue eyes filled with anger. They look like gemstones and need more than one photograph for well-deserved appreciation.

40. I don’t like the outdoors, but I could have

Pet parents know how to discipline their fur babies for their own good. This may include their medicines or not letting them go out. Here’s a cat planning to attack the owner just because her outdoor movement was currently restricted.

Image courtesy: Angela Kelley /boredpanda.com

Her being an indoor cat may not have been an evil plot by her fur mom; however, she would show no mercy in planning the murder. It would be well-deserved for not being allowed to do what she wanted when she wanted.

41. Get out of bed 

Cats love their routine, especially when it concerns their food and playtime. And you are not allowed to hit snooze, delaying breakfast. Being cute takes so much energy, and Max could not function without his prompt, 7 am kibbles.

Image courtesy: Jamie /boredpanda.com

Max gently let his parent know that he should wake up, get out of bed and serve him breakfast. And he was not going to move away from the bedside until he was given a scrumptious breakfast. We know we’d hop out of bed if we woke up to this!

42. Please stop working 

Your cat may have a specific expression for everything he wishes to communicate. Ever since people started working from home, their routines may have been affected. This is the expression telling you to stop working so he can sleep on your lap.

Image courtesy: Yettichild/boredpanda.com

Look at those sleepy but angry eyes. He clearly felt disturbed by his human working all day. We suggest that if your furry friend makes this face, you put down the laptop for a while and give your cat some attention.

43. No harm done

If your family has two or more pets, then you know how difficult it is to understand their behavior towards each other. Sometimes they may cuddle and act all cute. At other times, they may be literally at each other’s throats.

Image courtesy: tofuthelappie/Instagram

Look at these two not having any mercy for each other in the midst of a fight. The right thing to do is to capture the moment and let them have their play-fight moment. Luckily, neither of them was harmed.

44. I live here too

In case you ever feel like you have someone living rent-free in your house, you may want to look around. Here is a bird with his siblings peeping out of the nest to let you know they are living here.

Image courtesy: Lindsey Leppert /boredpanda.com

They are not going anywhere either since they feel at home inside their cozy nest. All you can do is watch them grow and listen to them chirp every morning. You may put some bird feed for them to keep the family fed. 

45. Move carefully human

Your pet may be having a bad day and may need some space. In situations like these, it is important that you navigate smartly. Look at this small pupper giving angry eyes and a large growl to scare his human.

Image courtesy: Lilly Nachteule /boredpanda.com

Bribing the dog with any amount of belly rubs and chicken did not work for the human. We’re not sure what worked in the end, but we know that an offering of chicken has done wonders for us in the past.