Dog Cares For Shy Kittens And Helps Them Learn About The World

By Shivam B

The opinion of dog and cat lovers will coincide and unite the two groups while keeping their differences aside when they meet Kona, Chester, and Blair. No matter if you’re a dog lover or cat lover, the story where a sweet, adorable dog takes a pair of cute shy kittens under her wing to care for them will bring a smile to your face.

Photo Credit: shibuyarollcall / Instagram

Kona the dog became viral on Instagram when her owners posted some wholesome photos and videos. A wave of joy came into Kona’s life when her owners decided to bring two foster kittens named Chester and Blair into the house. The pair of kittens were 10-12 weeks old and found in some backyard of New York in the last week of December. She temporarily adopted those kittens until they grew up.

Asa, Kona’s owner, is a well-known and amazing person who fosters many cats and dogs to give them their forever home. Blair arrived first at the house, followed by Chester. Kona had only lived in the kitten-free house for about three days before the arrival of Chester and Blair. However, the adorable dog quickly bonded with her new little companions and took care of them as if she knew what the kittens precisely needed.

Photo Credit: shibuyarollcall / Instagram

Kona was experienced in taking care of lots of foster carts, and she helped both Chester and Blair learn socialization with humans and animals. Kona behaves like a parent and teaches them how to interact and stay happy.