Precious Pictures Of Dogs That Goes To Show We Don’t Deserve Them

By Roy D

Beware! If you have weak willpower, it’s best to leave at this point. These pictures are not designed to entertain you. They will have you itching to scruff the pit of your lab or the neck of your pug. They will make you wish you had one, even if you’re allergic to fur. They are so cute that you might find yourself grabbing your car keys, strolling to a pet store or the local pound, casually inquiring, and then bringing a dog home. It’s tough work being a parent to one! You’ll have to feed, groom, and walk them every day. Sometimes, you even have to play with them. There are no such things as timeouts. You could scold them and put them in a corner. But after 5 minutes, you won’t be able to help yourself to snuggle your fur baby.

They Won’t Notice

A couple went to the park with their dog and waited by the side of the lake. They had brought crumbs and were throwing them over to the ducks. They hadn’t noticed their dog, staring fixedly at the morsels of food being given to the feathered bodies. He barked, leaving nothing to chance.

Image Courtesy of PierogInTheButt/Reddit

Now that he’s wading in the pool, maybe he’ll grow a few feathers. He feels like he’s shuffling as gracefully as the ducks and steers clear of them to avoid any mess. Besides, he doesn’t want to share. Now, feed meeeee! Notice me, senpai! Quack, quack, woofed the dog.

Coping Mechanism

Only humans believe in surpassing their pain limits. Whether it be gaining some muscle by lifting weights, reducing body hair by having oneself waxed, or by keeping networks by staying in bad company, humans are the only species that get better, faster, and stronger with noxious stimuli. So it’s no surprise that dogs refrain from grooming and nail-trimming.

Image Courtesy of 247 News Around the World

That’s a good way of keeping them still: divert their attention to a more favorable stimuli. Between protecting the self and umami, you’re better off licking the latter off your owner’s head. The diversion causes you to perceive the painless if there’s any at all. Good job, Dad.

If I Fits, I Sits!

Do you think that only applies to cats? Heck no! Before they caused a whirlwind online, it was dogs causing mini heart attacks and sentiments like cuteness overload. And the best part about dogs is that they’re not doing it for external validation. They really believe that they could move walls if they can scoot into that corner space.

Image Courtesy of sasa13m/Reddit

Oof, the pet owner in us makes us want to redo the kitchen wall! Legit. We would tear down the house, if need be, to remake the space for our doggo to lay comfortably in. We’ll probably throw in a cushion and some pillows; hang up his pictures over the years in the space above. How about we give him the space he needs!

Downward-Facing Dog

We have heard that exercising can be easier if you have someone do it with you. What are the criteria? They have to be disciplined, easy to get along with, enthusiastic, and it wouldn’t hurt for your partner to be easy on the eyes. This woman chose a buddy who knew much about yoga and had more flexibility than her.

Image Courtesy of zzyx/Imgur

If that had been us, we would have gone to work stretching. We don’t want to be beaten by the competition. To be fair, he is naturally poised, and you could tell he’s been doing it for a long time. Come on, human, don’t let down the Homo sapiens species! Let’s see you do the reverse warrior.

Who’s The Boss?

Billie is a boss — quite literally because she’s got the keys in her mouth. She never understood why her owner would have a pair of keys to open the house with or operate the car with. So she let her complaints be heard. You know how dogs get when they have an unmet need. There is no limit to the decibel.

Image Courtesy of Kiitten VS Puppy

So her owner gave Billie her own set of keys. If you asked us, her owner should be grateful for such a conscientious dog. Imagine having to be locked out of your house and having to ask for the spare keys from your loyal watchdog. You won’t have to put them under a pot. You can place them somewhere else conspicuous, say, your dog’s mouth.

Breaking And Entering

It seems like even dogs have adolescent sprints. We thought these occurrences would only happen to teenage girls. You know, they would climb out their window, party all night, and then come back home in time for breakfast. They could tolerate a whole week with only an hour’s sleep! It turns out that some dogs have strict parents too.

Image Courtesy of SamanthaJK09/Reddit

I can explain, no really, I can explain! Do we need to say that you are grounded? You’ll be spending your week in the kennel. That’s the simplest house you could enter into. Just what were you thinking going off like that? Did you know you could get run over by a car? Or adopted by another family?

Meeting In-Laws

It’s not like we have anything against our loved one’s happily ever after. It’s just that sometimes, we’re struck silent with their life choices. What was she thinking? How did they meet? What did she see in him? Was she even thinking? As if life didn’t have enough mysteries, he had to include himself in the list.

Image Courtesy of Zaboom16/Reddit

You know what’s going to happen. Their bodies are inching towards each other, their eyes riveted, they lean in close. You know how long it’ll last, and you command yourself to look away, but you can’t. You can’t even get out of the household! Save me! Too bad, honey, that’ll be your new daddy.

Star Of The Show

You can see why Hina is doing it on purpose. They’re all adorable — with sleek and glossy fur, fluffy bodies, and good looks on cam. So what’s the best way to steal the show? Be the rebel that you are underneath it all! Show them those canines! Show greater enthusiasm by smiling an inch wider.

Image Courtesy of BLIND AND REFINED/Reddit

And for a formal shot, don’t be afraid to take up space. Dominate by showing us your back. Lift that chin up and wag your tail like the proud doggo that you are. Your siblings can’t do anything about it.

Watcher On The Wall

He is the canine in the darkness. He is the watcher on the wall. He is the pup that wakes to call, the hope that brings the dawn, the gnarling beast that protects the household. He knows no limits, and he seizes his prey with a calculated bite. Do not test his patience. Stay behind the line.

Image Courtesy of E Baums World

Now how do we ask him to let go of his grip? Keep your left hand steady, and offer your right hand for him to step on. Have him climb over and cradle his little body while you bring him to your chest. Now nurse him while you walk over your neighbor’s front yard. Knock on their door, and seek permission to have him play with you every once in a while.

Come Play With Me

We could let golden retrievers, Labradors, and Siberian huskies play outside when during winter. But they’re only allowed to do so for a couple of minutes. They’d better come back at the moment we call them. We wouldn’t want to trudge through the snow. You’d have to wear your PJs, your coat, layers of loose clothing, and socks. Where have the socks gone?

Image Courtesy of Ticklemeego/Reddit

Of course, he beat you to it. You wouldn’t have him play in the first place, and when you had conceded, it was only for 15 minutes. Why play at all if it’s a quarter of an hour in the snow? Is it his fault that you’re bereft of fur? There’s barely any activity inside, and you won’t play with him.

Backing Into The Cushion

Nothing to see here. No, these boys are just being boys. One of them holds a console and tries to fight his way against the troopers and lightsabers, while the other one retreats into the background. If he sees me slowly disappearing into the couch, maybe he’ll give me some attention.

Image Courtesy of trxsh-1 6/Reddit

But instead of allowing his flufferroo to disappear into the abyss, the kid nuzzles his back and his head against the cushions, hoping to hide himself with his friend too. After all, it’s naptime, and mum will pick him up for bed. He doesn’t want to leave his friend behind or that console. They were having such a grand time.

Who’s The Center Of Attention?

Make no mistake. The prettiest one gets to be the subject of the picture. And despite the number of attractive women in this shot, there’s only one who stands out immaculately. No wonder they had wanted her out of it, perfectly poised at the last second.

Image Courtesy of Leftnut_rightnut/Reddit

Just look at her, her ears flapping, her jump perfectly executed, and that triumphant grin knowing she had succeeded. We don’t think we’ve seen any other photo-bomber who ruins the picture so perfectly. The next time they have a photo op might as well have her sit in the center and have the cameraman adjust the angle.

All To Himself

Dogs are good at marking territory. They’ll sniff out an expanse of space and the objects within it, angle their torso, and then brand items — fire hydrants, stones, bushes, people, you name it. Owners, don’t kid yourselves. You’re included. So when they smell the musk of another human on you, they’ll find a way to remind you who you belong to.

Image Courtesy of NBAJam95/Reddit

Tagged! Even by the looks of this picture, it’s clear that that dog is the boss. He’s leaning backward. He’s taking up space on the couch. He’s got an arm over his owner’s back while he’s slumped over. How could man fall prey to animal? That’s exactly what the mutt is thinking as he eyes this man’s girlfriend from the couch!

Drop A Quarter

One of the reasons why some people are discouraged from raising a dog is the expenses. It’s basically as if you were raising a child of your own. They have to be groomed, trained, fed, and bathed. After reading the story below, you’ll realize that they literally run on money.

Image Courtesy of Rach Sharpe/Facebook

Get it? Run on money because now he looks like a coin slot machine. The poor dog, though. It’s a good thing that they had trimmed only fur. We would have been outraged if it had caused a nick. This is why grooming services are available. Best be careful next time, Rach.

Gots To Have The Tail

One of the few things you’ll learn about dogs is that they don’t always need your company to keep them occupied. They have that pesky tail giving them a discrete sense of self. They can spend most of the day waiting for you, and in the few hours that you are there, you will see them doing something hilarious like this.

Image Courtesy of Noxu_Voorhees/Reddit

Do you think he’s broken? Because that is not how we do tag. You need another player. Then again, we have mentioned their tails give them a discrete self. So from time to time, they recognize its theirs, but run around trying to catch it fervently. And once they catch it, they’ll nibble at it. Genius!

Sherlock And Watson

A gruesome crime has been committed in the suburbs of Pupperroo, and it’s up to this duo to unravel the mystery. They don their coats and advance to the scene. Within a second, they take in the vast space – memorizing every detail to the T. They ask everyone to exit and proceed cautiously, their paws lightly treading the grass. It was committed in the backyard, and within minutes, they found the perpetrator.

Image Courtesy of Vladgrinch/Reddit

The game is afoot! And you will be charged. There is no mistaking it. The body reeks of you, as much as you reek of guilt, fascination, and amazement. You fess up quickly. And they nudge you over to the policeman. This is your only chance to pet the mastermind detectives who broke the case. Job well done!

Hitting The Share Button

One of the worst things in the world is giving your dog some space. He goes wildly berserk and runs off in all directions. You trust him. He earned it. But you will find your faith tested when he decides to play hide and seek when you call for him to come home. In a bare expanse like this, it’s hard to understand why you can’t find your pug.

Image Courtesy of Eddie Zipperer/Twitter

How many minutes did it take you? We had to finish the list and come back up. This allowed us to see it with new eyes. No, it’s not the odd figure at the lower right corner of the picture. That pug is in the picture. But just in case, you haven’t won the right to like, hit share.

Out With The Old, In With The New

It seems that even dogs like to play with cloth, texture, and design too. There are a lot of options to sift through; Alaskan malamutes, Siberian huskies, to name a few. Here’s a picture of a dog trying out the weight and fabric of another. Do you think it fits him? What will he pay with? Skin and bones?

Image Courtesy of Pooch crew/Tumblr

In case you’re wondering, he snuck his head under the other dog’s tummy, and then stood to his full height. No invasive surgeries were conducted in this picture. That look is reversible, but that’s only until he buckles down the weight of the bigger dog.

Breaking Bad

You know someone has been a bad dog when you have to go out for supplies because the ones in the house keep disappearing in shorter amounts of time. You eye the suspects: your wife, your infant son, and your dog. The missing items are bone shafts. That’s something to chew on, so you do a little investigation.

Image Courtesy of BadfishTX/Reddit

And in a couple of minutes, you find out where her stash is. She bows ashamedly in fear that you will confiscate the whole stash. Both of you know that she needs them for her teeth; it helps keep the plaque at bay and the items in your household whole. So you take all but leave one. Now, don’t play any more tricks.

The Duke Of Woof And Paw

You can only address his royal highness as the Duke. The title has been conferred upon adoption, and his heirs will succeed to the crown in time. He can only be fed Blue Wilderness adult salmon, and if he is given steak, it has to be medium-rare, prime grade tenderloin. Here you will find him addressing his subjects. Kneel!

Image Courtesy of namraka/Reddit

Those curtain tassels obscure his view so perfectly. That way, he rules impartially over the kingdom. But make no mistake, he knows which subjects he’s addressing by their scent. That is unmistakable. You will only be given a few seconds to brief him, and the turn of his head will dismiss you. That will be all.

Killer Dark Knight

So for this Halloween season, a couple decided to don the villains in Gotham city and dress their dog up as Batman. You know what they say. When you were little, you would identify with the good guys, but you understand the bad guys better as an adult (and pet owner). But look at the pup. Just look at him!

Image Courtesy of ananthuannan0002/Reddit

He knows he’s destined to do this forever. He’s an incorruptible object meeting a couple of unstoppable forces. He wouldn’t kill his owners out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, and they can’t kill him because costume play is too much fun. That dog will be whatever Gotham needs him to be.

Home With The Clan

This dog owner had passed by a group of cows when she noticed their hide. It had reminded her of someone special, someone she thought might be enthusiastic about meeting the clan. So she invited the latter and laid him down a few meters before them. Do you think they got well-acquainted?

Image Courtesy of knivef/Reddit

Because the only thing we can see him thinking is, “get me outta here woman!” He’s struck with terror, wondering how other dogs could grow to such height and stature. Would he ever be one? In what amount of time? And why do they have bulging breasts, whereas he has an inflated tummy? There are so many questions that are left unanswered, to which they reply moooo.

Break The Internet: Kim Kardashian

Doesn’t it remind you of Paper magazine’s winter issue with Kim K? If it doesn’t, please, look it up! You’ll be laughing twice as hard! She broke the internet with her tush and a bottle of champagne. Some had one in the background and the other in the foreground. On the magazine cover, she looks like a brown pup.

Image Courtesy of ozkan06/Reddit

Right? The similarities are uncanny. Whereas Kim K was wearing black gloves and holding the edge of her gown by her cheeks, this dog has his brown fur to bare. Kim stares suggestively at the picture, whereas the only suggestion we get with this dog is to buzz off. And they’re both looking back from their left shoulder!

Fits The Bill

Part of the reason why we love dogs is that they’re so ingenious. Sometimes, they are even more organized than you are. They know how to mark their territory; they know how to get your attention; they know when you’re sad; they know how to cheer you up, and they have a perfect recollection of geometry. See here, X marks the spot!

Image Courtesy of Freddy Tips/Reddit

Look at him basking in the sunlight. He knew that this precise patch of sun would cover his entire body before he even laid down. See if this doggo fits the rectangle given the proportions of… He doesn’t need you to take him to the park. He’ll do well right here, thanks very much! Breathe in luminescence, and breathe out.

Bluer Than Blue

It’s that time in the week, and your dog is excited to go for a walk. But you hadn’t anticipated that the park would be closed because of a shooting or a celebration. You had passed by it earlier this morning. You tell your dog, and she understands by the tone of your voice. She begs for you to reconsider.

Image Courtesy of downriverrowing/Reddit

That’s a bit of a stretch. A film? Maybe you’re just tired, or worse, menopausal? Can’t we at least go for a ride with the windows down? I’ll promise to be a good girl. I won’t bark at the kitties, and I won’t chase the mailman for a week! It’s not my fault he’s got short legs.

Look Who’s Calling

Just like us, dogs have favorites. You’ll notice by the way their tails wag, by the pitch of their bark, by the diameter of their eyes, and by the way that they lie around you. If he has his back towards you, that means he trusts you. And he’s ready to pounce on anyone who will do you harm. This dog’s name is William. Try it, try calling him.

Image Courtesy of httpher/Reddit

See, that’s how you know he likes you. Scratch that. That’s how you know he loves you. He’s willing to put his neck out for you. He wouldn’t even compromise his position, if you have to see him, then he’ll turn to meet you, but the rest of his body should be armed to attack any assailant. It makes our hearts melt.


Don’t you love car rides? Dogs love them too. Just open the window for them a bit, especially during the start. You can gradually open it wider over the years. You’ll be driving professionally and legitimately by then, keeping it at a steady 70 kph on the highway. If you look at your dog in your rear mirror, he will look like this.

Image Courtesy of to_the_thenth_power/Reddit

Oh yeah, everything is blblllrrblrbrllrb fine, barked the dog. His snout is upturned, and he struggles to resist the wind. He stares long enough until his eyes dry up or his ears are overwhelmed by the sound of moving air. He loves it! Try slowing down a bit, and you’ll find him enjoy it further. It’s moments like these that we live for.

Peering Through The Peephole

Before strangers get to your front door, your dog has to take a survey of them. He has to determine their build, their temperament, and their intentions almost exclusively by smell. But how can he do that if the fence you’ve put up blocks his view of the perimeter? So one dog owner gave his pooch an odd-looking peephole.

Image Courtesy of Guygan/Reddit

And it doesn’t look like this Labrador is complaining. It’s perfect for Gus to make a preliminary assessment of the visitor. Don’t worry. He’ll only take a few seconds to size you up, retreat, and then bark for his owner to come hither. Around the first few yards, he calls the shots. Inside, it’s you who’ll be making amends for his canine conduct.

Boo Hoo

As we said, there are so many reasons to love dogs. All you need to do is look at the picture and let your emotions decide. Take this Rottweiler here. He has everything he needs. He’s sitting outside, he’s basking in the sun, and yet his face is a dreary mess.

Image Courtesy of De_fau_lt/Reddit

Had it been your teenage daughter, her emotion would have been unhealthily infectious. But instead, this picture only makes us laugh. How adorable! How about we get dogs instead of kids? They grow better over the years, and their loyalty never fades.


This man had been perusing the shelves when he came upon an oddly named book. A lightbulb went off in his head. He wouldn’t have to buy one of those Tesla cars, nor would he have to employ someone to drive for him. It’s the perfect way to exercise a symbiotic relationship with his dog: have him drive the car to the park while you walk him!

Image Courtesy of T1M3Tim/Reddit

Just in case you’re wondering, that book has a 3.5-star rating on Amazon. It’ll teach you how to teach him the controls and guide him through the driving test. You won’t have to book a car or drive unassisted. Isn’t that neat? Readers who bought this book also bought How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety.

Trick Or Treat

Don’t judge too quickly. You know how Halloween is. It’ll give you the scare of your life, especially if you don’t read the titles properly. Which among the two did you think this pup had chosen? He certainly chose the treat and hadn’t meant to trick his owner into a state of panic. See for yourself.

Image Courtesy of esberat/Imgur

We would have gotten angry for two acts of a misdemeanor: helping himself to the strawberry jam and then leaving some of it over the floor. Had it been us, we would have licked it all dry. Nonetheless, how could we hold unto our anger for too long? That face, and that tongue, just beg us to forgo the situation.

False Impression

Have you ever encountered a dog that needed dental prosthetics? Well, we have. This fellow had gone on a quick trip to have that gap measured. You’re made to bite into a gum-like substance, hold the bite for a couple of minutes and then release. Afterward, the dentist pours material over the spaces and fashions teeth out of the mould. Here’s the result.

Image Courtesy of superTrolle1/Reddit

Bristles of teeth. We aren’t impressed with these false teeth. When he spits them out, it can double as a dish cleanser. It’s best to disinfect the head of the dish brush or discard them. Let the dog play on them, if you will, but we’re not going to eat off plates slimed with a doggo’s saliva. We might as well eat off his dish.

Doggles: User Reviews

If you’re wondering what doggles are, they’re basically tinted goggles for your dog. Yes, they’re legitimate. These items had originated in Japan, partly as a gag. But they soon became a commercial hit. You know how pet owners can be. These protect your pet from harmful UV rays during the daytime. Take it from one user right here.

Image Courtesy of Amazonia_Broad/Reddit

He’s looking at you expectantly. That tail is wagging vigorously side to side. Despite the excitement, he waits for you to take the picture before he gallops to the far end of the park. He won’t have to worry about brambles poking his eyes anymore. Off he goes!

Special Boy

In case you’re wondering, Moose is a special boy. He has a deformed skull and brain, leaving him with a permanent smile. On Instagram, his owner recounts that they had not noticed the deformity when he was adopted in 2016. It was only three months later that they saw such; he was having seizures around that time. He has had surgery, but he doesn’t have sinuses, a forehead, and some parts of his brain.

Image Courtesy of mooseboy16/Instagram

Right now, he’s doing wonderfully well. And to be honest, he’s a miracle on paws. He takes some strong medication from time to time — it helps him with his seizures, but they’ve gotten less frequent. We’re so proud of this trooper right here. We’d love to hug him!

David And Goliath

On a trip to the beach, this puppy encountered an odd creature. The crabby crustacean waved hello while the pup bared his fangs. The crustacean was unrelenting to get to a hole the dog had been standing over. It was an awkward dance between the two, one moving to the side and the other following in pursuit.

Image Courtesy of maaszdavid/Reddit

In case you’re wondering, no species was harmed in this picture or subsequently afterward. The crab had thought of fighting the mighty ocean, with its crests snapping at his feet and the troughs retreating to oblivion. So he did. The ocean won. After all, a pup can only drink so much salty water.

You Watching You Watching You…

This Dalmatian is looking into an infinitesimal portal. Look at his neck, craning to see what the pup’s reaction is. The similarity is uncanny. You’d think it was a picture of him years ago. What would you have done in the situation? Stare fixedly at your dog, looking at that pup who’s looking at that diabolical mutt? Or would you change the channel?

Image Courtesy of WHISKEY_DELTA_6/Reddit

We would have done the latter. It was the perfect time to switch channels, and probably, lose that dog’s trust forever. He’d probably look around, cock his head, and bark, “We had a moment there!” And we would obligingly bring it back. It was getting too intense, you explain. You can’t live your life through a movie!

Thrown In The Pit

In the animal kingdom, kids take after their parents one way or another. They may do so in temperament, intellect, size, or stomach capacity. It’s just nature’s way of perpetuating family groups, and their means of survival. You could count on a black sheep every now and then, but not in this family.

Image Courtesy of kevnowdziej/Reddit

During their afternoon siesta, mother pit lay on her back and dozed off along with her pups. They didn’t need supervision. Each would have a hard time waking up because they would have to exert a great degree of muscle control to turn over. Only momma pit can aid them by nudging or biting them on the neck.

Best Tat Ever!

If there is a list for the worst tattoos ever, you can bet there is also one for the best designs of all time. It really depends on artistry. It doesn’t have to be complicated for as long as it has meaning and it’s recognizable. Say, for example — an ancient deity, your current beau’s initials (and later your sullen regret for him), tribal designs, correctly spelled quotations, or even linear designs such as this.

Image Courtesy of Vee-kayy/Reddit

Right? We were taken aback. It seemed so pure in the artistry that we couldn’t believe how much it had resembled her dog’s essence — all the way down to the grin! Would you consider having yourself inked with your dog’s face on your arm? We would. Okay, to be honest, we’d have to get a dog first, then get the tattoo, but we’ll work it out.

Finders Keepers

Dogs are like children. Due to their naivete, you might find yourself apologizing to strangers or neighbors frequently. It helps to have a furry, well-groomed, wide-eyed critter. That often gets them off the hook, especially if you’re un-neighborly. When his dog had gone missing, Peter didn’t rush to find him. He only came an hour later with a full rack of ribs.

Image Courtesy of Peter Sparkie Lyons/Facebook

He immediately took to documenting and then sharing it online. He says, “Just want to apologize to any of our neighbors who are missing a full rack of ribs. Our dog escaped through the fence and came back an hour later with this.” Do you know of anyone who is a kleptomaniac? Do you think they’ll be able to get away with that many kilos of raw meat? If there’s anything we’re sure of, it’s that this dog has got good taste.

French Balldog

This breed is a mix of pugs and terriers. They’re brilliant, and while requiring some degree of training, they make a good family pet. You could play fetch with them, and they’ll steadfastly find the ball. This one here was able to claim it. He burrowed deep, held unto it snugly, and implied that it fits.

Image Courtesy of Embrace Pet Insurance

Did we say they’re smart? They’re probably just testing the aerodynamics of squishing the ball. Lift and drag, you say. That’s a light activity that’s perfect for our French Bulldog. We can’t have him hyperventilating then frying out on the field. There’s no reboot.

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