Pairs Of Cats Who Double The Fun And Push The Adorable Factor To The Max

By Ishita p

What comes to your mind when you think of a cat? A fluffy furball with a cute yet grumpy face doing loads of funny activities, right! Well, having cats at home and watching their hilarious tendencies is always a fun activity. But have you ever thought, what a blast of laughter you can experience every day if you own two pet cats? You would expect them both to indulge in their crazy activities together! Many say two cats are better than one. After all, your cat gets a friend to share their meow-meow gossips all day, and you will also be fortunate enough to get the love of two furballs. So, here are 45 images that are burning proof that having two cats is much better than one. Have a joyous ride scrolling through these lovely pictures and learn more about the valid reasons to adopt two cats.

Let’s make a heart together…

What is the definition of beauty and peace? Have a look at this picture! These two cats of contrasting shades cuddling to form a heart shape with their tails is a sight worth staring at for hours on end.

Image courtesy of PerspectiveFriendly/Reddit

We have often seen that it takes longer for a cat to get along with its new friend. But, this photo gives you a strong reason why you should consider adopting another kitty if you already have one. Maybe your cat wants a furry friend, too!

Such a fluffy cuddle!

Getting snuggly hugs from your cat is always the best feeling in the world because they will only do this on their watch. But this man is even luckier, enjoying cozy hugs from two fluffy cuties. Thus, it’s obvious that the man feels like he’s in heaven at this moment in time.

Image courtesy of lukas120/Reddit

It looks like he adopted one and received the other as a bonus. And that happiness of bringing two brother or sister cats home is seamlessly reflected by the look on his face. Also, Kingston and Derby seem to have many comfy cuddle times with their owner. So, if this is not the most adorable picture ever, we don’t know what is!

An eternal cuddle

What do we all want in our life? Some unconditional love and nothing much else, right! Well, we get this wholehearted love from our mother, who pulls us closer and loves to give us warming hugs that help us forget all our worries and pain.

Image courtesy of hananour/Reddit

This beautiful picture of a mommy cat hugging its baby kitty is worth saving as our phone’s wallpaper, which can give you warm, happy vibes every time you look at it. And just look at how deeply they’re sleeping? Ah, it brings such peace to our soul!

Baby, just lean on me!

Don’t they feel tired of being too cute at times? Maybe not, and that’s why they keep giving us all the reasons to make us go “aww” from their adorable gestures. This picture corresponds to one of such instances.

Image courtesy of boopyouonthenose/Reddit

We all know that cats love to cuddle each other. And these two cats getting cozy in the washing machine while leaning against each other is just picture perfect! The bond between these two cuties makes it clear how two cats are better than one. So, take some notes!

Phew … What a tiresome day!

The lives of cats are amazing. All they need is to do silly things, get frightened by tiny objects, jump around like a monkey, eat, and get tired! So, here in this image, it looks like these two buddies just had a tiresome day together after accomplishing all of their cat duties.

Image courtesy of yourfavouritemoo/Reddit

After all, being a cat is not easy. They need to run the whole day, wiggle their butt, get messy, meow at each other, jostle with their friends, chase rats, and do many more activities. And after doing away with all these chores, it is pretty obvious for them to get tired. Isn’t it?

I didn’t mean to hurt you… Shut up! Give a hug

Did you just get too angry with your sibling and hurt him? Did you steal his story only to make him sad? Now, you must be looking for an idea to sort things out. Well, take inspiration from these cute little furballs.

Image courtesy of

Cat siblings are just like us. They annoy each other, fight, and argue, but they love each other at the end of the day. After all, cuddles after an argument can never go wrong. So, you see, even these tiny kitties have so much to teach us!

Baby listen to me… please don’t go!

Don’t you feel the same way when your beloved pets get pissed off at you and try to walk out of sight? This picture, where one cat tries to cling onto the feet of his girl, makes it pretty clear that even poor felines can have relationship issues.

Photo by NSFW_PORN_ONLY on Reddit

It seems like the kitty that’s walking away is hurt by the behavior of her lover. While, on the other hand, the male cat has already realized what he did wrong and is trying hard to convince his partner to stay. Well, isn’t it just free entertainment that you get to witness when you have two cats at your home?

I’ll be your shadow buddy

Do you have a friend who is like your shadow? This white kitty certainly does. This picture is quite tricky to understand at first glance. You might feel that it is the actual shadow of the white cat. But the truth might shock you.

Image courtesy of JoshuaForLong/Reddit

The ‘shadow’ is actually the same posture, height, pointed ears, and neck shape as the white kitty. But above all, these two cats share a great bond that is simply unbreakable. Well, it is pretty hard to find such a friend nowadays who can turn into your doppelganger lucky cat!

It will be all okay!

Like humans, even cats can go through depressing situations, and they may need a friend to console them. And this picture gives us such a vibe. The kitty on the right seems to have had a heartbreak while the left one is comforting her, saying, “I told you, dear, he is not the one for you. Don’t worry. I’m here for you!”

Image courtesy of DannyHallam/Reddit

But do cats share such conversations in real life? At least their expression says so. Nevertheless, these are the real perks of having two cats at home. You can easily spend your entire day figuring out how they communicate, console, and love each other.

The beach is beautiful, and so are we

Now, this is a couple’s photo! These little kitties are here to give you some inspiration. This picture of two furry babies sitting in front of a pretty background while glued to each other like a happy couple is the cutest thing you will ever find on the internet.

Image courtesy of Elephantman991/Reddit

Felines are very friendly. They love to communicate with other cats for a stress-free life. So, if you feel your cat is getting anxious or depressed, you can introduce them to another feline. Who knows, you might become lucky enough one day to capture such beautiful pictures of your two kitties sitting together!

We are a mess!

When two cats are together, you can expect a potential mess to happen at your place. And trust us, although it will take you a lot of time to clean, it would be kind of amusing to watch them doing hilarious activities while messing up your entire room.

Image courtesy of icant-chooseone/Reddit

From this, You have a clear idea of what pandemonium the owner faces every day in their house. The way these two kitties are trying to trespass through the window by tearing apart the cover is too funny. It looks like double trouble!

Hey, let’s play together in our tiny lawn

The love cats have for a cozy soft surface is eternal. Especially if there are two kitties, they love finding a grassy place to have some fun together. So, these fluffy furballs are lucky enough to have a tiny lawn explicitly for them.

Image courtesy of SalivatingTiger/Reddit

Kudos to the owner, who added a bunch of greenery to the balcony just for their cats. Do you also have two cats but no lawn for them to play around? This is an idea for you. Turn your balcony into a mini lawn where your kitties will love to play.

The kitty sandwich!

Did you just burst out laughing? Well, cats never fail to amuse us. They always strive to make one thing clear, and that is they are one of the cutest creations in the world, showcasing adorable gestures and funny moves all the time.

Image courtesy of drenniks/Reddit

Here, the two cats seem to be scared of something. So, to protect themselves from the danger, they’ve stacked themselves on one another. But, that scary yet curious look on their face makes the situation funnier. After all, friends who get frightened together should stay together!

Oops, that’s scary!

It is pretty evident from this picture that something has definitely scared the soul out of these two cats. And the only way for them to escape is to get somewhere high up and scream at it together. After all, it’s survival for these felines!

Image courtesy of AwwCatsDotCom/Reddit

Every time cats tend to escape from any horrific situation, they meow aggressively; it’s their innate nature. That’s the same case here too! Nevertheless, though the situation is frightening for these two kitties, the sight of them shouting together those hilarious expressions is extremely funny.

What happened, babe? Tell me!

All we want in our life is a friend who will hug us and tell us that they are by our side no matter what happens. But whether you have such a friend or not, this white kitty already has a pal who is always ready to stand by her side and cuddle her.

Image courtesy of ARussianAndHisBike/Imgur

Animals can sometimes act as our teachers, especially when it comes to friendship. You will find a selfless and unconditional bond in them that teaches us to nourish our relationships. So, take some inspiration from this picture and instill positivity in your relationships.

You meet two types of people!

You can only meet two types of people – one who likes to wrap themselves up and sit back, and the other who is ready to face anything and everything. There is simply no in-between. And that goes for cats as well.

Image courtesy of mdanger88/Reddit

The kitty in the bag is like most of us who want to sit back and stay lethargic most of the time. But the black one is like that one extroverted friend in every group who is ready to deal with everything, no matter what comes up. Be the second one!

Yummy glass!

When you are with your best friend, you won’t mind reaching your peak of weirdness, right! The case is the same for these two kitties, too. Take a glimpse at how funny these two cats look while making comical faces through the glass window.

Image courtesy of mehhhhhhh_ir/Reddit

Besides, the way they are standing on their two legs is very unusual. And this makes them look even cuter, doesn’t it? However, the interest and passion with which they are sticking out their tongues and licking the glass make it pretty clear that they have gone entirely crazy and are simply loving it.

Meet my friend; she wants to say hello!

Surprises feel great when you get two instead of one. Especially when it involves cats, it is legit to go mad with happiness. This little cutie seems to live in her den alone. But, since the person fed her the first day, she brought her friend along on the second day.

Image courtesy of Sissinou/Reddit

Well, it is quite a common behavior of stray cats. When you feed one cat, they tend to bring their gang the next day. It is suggestive of the bond cats share within their little community. So, if you have fed a stray cat today, don’t forget to carry some extra food with you the next day.

Let’s sleep together!

Are you planning to leave your home for a couple of days? Well, you might be thinking, what will happen to your cat then, right! Don’t worry. All you need to do is find a new friend for her and arrange enough food sources for them.

Image courtesy of Ayoostun/Reddit

This owner tried out the same trick. They got a second feline to offer the first one some company during their absence. And here you see the result! They have found a source of peace and love within their friendship. Hence, they are happily cuddling each other while sleeping. Ah… a treat to watch!

Let’s practice some Kung Fu

Are you bored of watching humans fighting Kung Fu in movies and Chinese martial art shows? Now, take some time to watch Kungfu cats. Felines have long days. Hence, they need to utilize it in the best way. Cuddling and sweet times might make it boring. Therefore, some training sessions are also required.

Image courtesy of ThePoorAlwaysLose/Reddit

These cats fighting Kung Fu is nothing short of hilarious. So, if you have two cats at home, why not indulge them in practicing Kung Fu while you enjoy some entertaining martial art shows free of cost with some meow-meow in the background. Give it a thought!

Let’s watch the neighbor kitty together!

Things become more enjoyable when you do it together with your friend. Whether it is playing all day long or checking out your new neighbors through the windowpane, everything seems that much more fun when there are two of you.

image courtesy of meowzersparkles/Reddit

These two brown cats standing by the window and checking out their new kitty neighbor together look mischievous. Look at the curiosity that these two boys are sharing. Well, cats are always a bit sneaky-peaky. They love to check out others curiously, just like us.

We are weird together

Best buddies are those who don’t mind getting weird and crazy together. It is often tough to find a friend who shares the same madness as you. But, we can undoubtedly say that these two cat friends share the same craziness as reflected in this picture.

Image courtesy of Wakalulu578/Reddit

It happens when you become too attached to your friend. You become careless about what you are doing as long as you both are enjoying it. So, this kitty selfie gives us some serious friendship goals. Do you want to try out such a selfie with your Hooman buddy, too?

Netflix and chill!

Your cats won’t mind putting your laptop and Netflix subscription to good use. They would love to watch some cat shows if they have the right company. And these two lovelies binging on Netflix while wrapping themselves in the blanket is a burning proof of it.

Image courtesy of

Well, this is the way even us humans chill out on the weekends. So, it isn’t something new to us! But as homosapiens, we are just a bit more curious about what these felines might be watching to freshen up their mood for the coming week.

Meet Oreo and Coal

Kittens have a unique charm and innocence to their faces that makes them different from other young animals. And that’s precisely what makes this picture look super adorable. Here, the owner seems to have rescued these baby hoard cats.

Image courtesy of MissCrazyLady/Reddit

The black furry patch on the nose of the white kitty, Oreo, adds a bit more innocence to its look. But, on the contrary, the shining black eyes of the black cat, Coal, make him endearing. One glance at these contrasting siblings gives you enhanced energy and happy vibes all day long.

“Do you remember what happened that day?”

Two friends sitting together silently without any gossip is a myth. And these two kitties seated on a lounge chair prove our point. Their funny postures can be dubbed as they are sharing some deep conversations about any humorous incident.

Image courtesy of

These cuties look more like the cats from cartoon shows that exchange fun words laughing out loud to enjoy together. But even real-life kitties do such things. This picture reflects the friendship and bond that cats share among themselves. 

Let me lay on you!

When two kitties are together, you really don’t have to worry about your daily dose of entertainment. They keep doing notorious things, which make them even funnier, and a treat to watch. Just check out the photo below if you don’t believe us.

Image courtesy of penguin_yuie/Reddit

One of the funniest things about keeping two cats around is that no matter how much space you give them, it will never be enough. This black-white cat, trying to sit on the other one, is a visual representation of the never-ending space issues among cats. Just imagine how the cat under him feels. Ah… poor baby!

A happy family album

These two sibling cats undoubtedly are giving us some happy family vibes. Three of their pictures showcase how much love they share amongst themselves. It looks like they are inseparable, and we can’t get enough, which is why we provided three pictures for your entertainment.

Image courtesy of

These cats sleep together, dream together, and also pose for photos together. Isn’t it something we all want from our siblings? But, due to human’s hectic work schedules, we often fail to keep up with it. Cats are lucky enough that they get the opportunity to spend time with each other all day long.

Too much fluff!

This image is an appropriate visual representation of why we say two cats are always better than one. This woman holding these two furballs together ought to make you feel jealous. We feel this way just looking at them!

image courtesy of Such-South-7072/Reddit

For ages, we have always appreciated cats for their soft and fluffy fur, making them the best creatures to cuddle with. But when you get two instead of one to hug, your happiness has no bounds, just like this woman in the picture.

Let us absorb the sun together

Cats are either active and running around throughout the day, or they are too lazy and love to sit idle all day long doing nothing. Well, it looks like these two chubby cats are those lazy lads that want to lay on their new lounge chair the entire day while basking in the sun.

Image courtesy of mxs4235/Reddit

They seem to be so content and stress-free, enjoying their self-care time peacefully together. Their adorable faces say it all. Look how happy they are with their new and improved way of chilling out in the sun all day.

Is it a hot ramen bowl or a hot cat bowl?

Cats have few demands. All they want is a place to snuggle and cuddle with cozy bedding. So, you don’t need to buy an expensive cat lounge or bed for them. They will even be happy to adjust themselves in a roomy bowl.

Image courtesy of sickmorty/Reddit

So, like this owner, you can try transforming your giant ramen bowls into a nest for your cats. These little cuties curled up for some comfort in their tiny ramen bowl beds are an adorable sight. Cats’ fluffy bodies are so flexible that they can even find peace in such a bowl.

“DM for a collab!”

Do you want to become an influencer on Instagram? Well, then take some modeling inspo from these cats. Their curvy body with a smooth furry coat and voluminous tail render them some of the most applicable models for the job.

Image courtesy of Pirate_Redbeard/Reddit

These furry kitties not only know how to give the best pose, but they’re also well-acquainted with the right setup for a perfect shot. Hence, this aesthetically beautiful background they chose with bright sunlight is the ideal location for an Instagram photoshoot.

Let me have a seat on your face

Cats love to sleep whenever they find the right place to snuggle. Sleeping can even make them ignore the rest of the world. Just look at this white cat and how peaceful he looks sleeping on the couch without worrying about what is happening around him.

Image courtesy of

But wait, when you have a notorious friend, you won’t even be spared while asleep. Thus, his naughty best friend, the yellow kitty, sits right on his face and falls asleep. Such a nice place to sleep, isn’t it?

I’ll never let you go, baby… Not even in sleep!

Are you one of those possessive lovers who are not ready to let go of your partner even during sleep? Well, then you can find your soulmate in the yellow cat. The way it holds the other cat in its sleep makes it evident that it’s not at all ready to let its better half go anywhere.

Image courtesy of

Cats always prefer to have cuddles when they find someone close to their heart. They find it quite comfortable to get cozy with their feline partner to release their stress and stay happy throughout their lives. It is a fact.

Let me play with your ear

Have you ever tried playing with or tickling the ear of your sibling when they are in a deep sleep? Most of you probably haven’t due to the fear of getting punched in the face, right! Well then, this little tiger-printed kitty seems to be quite daring.

Image courtesy of Snorkle-suz/Flickr

While the yellow kitty in the front seems to sleep peacefully after a tiresome day, the other one has chosen the option to disturb it by playing with its ears. It is not at all bothered about letting its sibling sleep. Such a naughty baby!

You’re my kitty cushion

Who needs an extra cushion when you have a little furry friend? You can barely find anything more beautiful than two cats sleeping peacefully together. Their cuddle behavior, playful nature, and love for each other make them the cutest animals alive. 

Image courtesy of

These lovelies sleeping together is a typical scene in the homes of those pet owners who take care of two cats. Look how innocent those faces are! The bond between these two is too hard to ignore. Well, the yellow has become the center of a fluffy sandwich. But everything is fair in love and cuddle!

Mom, please take a picture of me with Santa!

Though Santa Claus is a fictional character, his stories make him a living legend in every child’s heart. Be it a human or a cat, every kid wishes to meet Santa Claus once in their lifetime. And this picture is burning evidence of how excited kitties can be to meet him.

Image courtesy of HabitRage/Reddit

Well, in this image, the cat on the left is dressed like Santa, which makes the right one think it must be the real deal. Thus, it clings onto him out of utter excitement and wants to be captured with Santa Claus like any other kid.

Good morning, but we need some more sleep!

These two ginger brothers seem to have had a peaceful sleep together. Hence, it is time to say “good morning” to everyone and embrace the freshness of a new day. But are they out of their sleep hangover yet?

Image courtesy of

Well, cats usually have a special corner in their hearts for blankets. So, as soon as they find a cozy bed and blanket around them, they tend to spend their entire day relaxing like this. No matter how much they rest, your kitties won’t ever get tired of sleeping!

Sorry, Mamma, I won’t do it again!

If there had been an award for an animal that can make the funniest of faces, cats would be the definite winner. Just look at this picture of these cute little kitties side-by-side. They seem so innocent yet funny at the same time.

Image courtesy of

The expression on the face of the right kitty makes it pretty clear that she is good at blaming the other one for dragging her into such misdeeds. But, on the contrary, the left cat seems to have mastered the art of stealing our hearts by making a super adorable sorry face.

Trust me, I know this road!

You might be curious to know what conversations cats have when they meet each other on the road. Well, let us interpret this one for you. While the cat on the right side looks confused about what the next step should be, the left one offers some assurance.

Image courtesy of influenza/Reddit

The posture of the left kitty is more like, “Don’t worry, keep following me. I assure you I’ll take you to the right place.” Maybe they have just heard of a place where they can have some delicious fish together. Whatever the plan may be, everyone would want such a friend in their lives.

Hey, Brad, sorry for your loss!

Cats must have some language to console and heal each other. This picture shows clearly that cats do feel empathetic for their fellow mates. Whether through exchanging some words of love or just by snuggling or cuddling, they try to do it every time.

Image courtesy of Sankei/Pinterest

From this picture, it seems like the cat that’s walking, Brad, had just had a break-up or lost any of its loved ones. Thus, the other one tries its best to console Brad by giving him a kiss of empathy. Just look how content they are with each other. This friendship is so pure and beautiful!

Let’s watch the sunset together

Even cats are good at posing for romantic pictures during an incredible sunset. This image of the two loving cats with such a beautiful natural landscape can make you feel at ease at any time. Only one word can describe this picture, i.e., ‘mesmerizing!’

Image courtesy of cats/pinterest

Well, what we like the most in this photograph is that the yellow cat has its paw around its partner, signifying an unconditional bond between them. The way they look at each other provides tough competition to all those actors who have upcoming romantic sunset scenes.

An adorable kiss!

Have you ever seen two cats kissing each other with passion? If you haven’t, then this picture will enlighten you. Aren’t they too cute to handle? This sight of two kitties sitting on two stairs, kissing each other, demonstrates how pure and true cat love can be.

Image courtesy of Catster/Pinterest

Cats are pretty emotional. They prefer to stay around their feline mates that love them the most. Hence, it’s common for them to indulge in cute kisses while cuddling each other. So, if you find your cats kissing each other like this, don’t disturb them, give them their privacy and let them enjoy their lovely moment.

Eat like me… it’s more fun this way!

Like us, even cats love to learn new habits and fun things from their new friends. Whether you call it their way of interaction or a smooth trick to get along well with their new friends, it is so cute of them.

Image courtesy of ViVilma/Reddit

Just look how the old cat has learned to eat in a new lazy way from its new friend. So, who says you can’t teach new tricks to your kitty? If taught in a friendly manner, anyone can learn anything.

You complement me better!

It is often observed that a white cat might fight great friends in a cat that looks opposite to them. But why is it so? Well, that’s because both the white and black cats share a unique color contrast that makes them have a special friendship bond. And once they are closely bonded, they are simply inseparable.

Image courtesy of bbkat219/Reddit

Well, this lovely bond is visible in this picture, too. These two fluffy little furballs posing for a photo together look beyond adorable. So, after looking at this picture, don’t you feel adopting another buddy for your existing kitty would be a great decision?