Rescued Panther And Rottweiler Become Siblings

By Shivam B

Whether an animal or a human, all creatures need love, nutrition, and care to grow healthy and happy. A mother who leaves her child leaves the baby animal or human baby without defenses and in a sometimes dire situation. Something similar happened to Luna, a cute panther born in a zoo in Siberia. It’s still a mystery why her mother abandoned her and refused to feed her with enough milk and care.

Photo credit: Luna_the_pantera / YouTube

Just when Luna’s survival and existence came into question, an incredible woman rescued and saved her. The woman was an expert in caring for growing big cats, so she decided to help Luna survive. She fed Luna with a daily diet enriched with vitamins and calcium.

The feeding and care eventually made the woman attached and connected to Luna, and that’s when she decided to buy her from the zoo. The zoo authority allowed it as the woman took great care of the little panther and helped her thrive. Luna became a family member and moved into the home, where she met the woman’s dog named Venza.

Venza and Luna became friends after long sessions of introduction and ensuring that they got along. Their bond has become unbreakable over the years, and both of them love to play, run and explore the world with each other. They’re inseparable. Luna and Venza are two best friends and look too adorable together. Their pictures are always awesome. 

Photo credit: Luna_the_pantera / YouTube

After all, Luna got a family who never let her realize the feeling of abandonment. She is really happy, enjoying her joy and fun life with her best friend Venza and her human mom.