Who’s A ‘Bag Dog:’ 40 Pictures Of Dogs Sitting Pretty In Bags

By Aileen D

Most dog owners were ecstatic when they found out that they could bring their dogs on the train. But there’s one catch – you have to put your dog in some type of bag. Since then, dog owners have come up with the most ingenious ways to have their fur children board the train. You are about to witness the funniest pictures we have seen of canines traveling with their owners. Some have made an effort (and failed comedically) to mind their own business, but the people around them can’t help but notice. By dogs being their good-natured selves, they have racked up attention and made every commuter’s morning. What would you do if you came face-to-face with any of these adorable canines?

Howdy Y’all

This rad dog is putting all the cool kids to shame. He stares out in the distance without a care in the world about the number of people wanting to pet him or the kids who want to take him home. After all, who would want to go for a walk when you can go strolling on the bike looking like this?

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

After a couple of minutes, his hooman comes out of the store with two cones in hand. She licks at one and then hands the other one close to this dog’s mouth. He thinks to himself, “Nice choice, hooman. You have good taste.” Then his human swings one leg over the seat and pedals off.

Hewow Human

This pet owner is worried about his dog befriending strangers. It’s not like everyone can be a friend. But his dog has a penchant for making allies. How does he do it? Well, he greets people and lavishes them with attention saying, “You look nice. Can we be friends?”

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

And just like that, he has met a new friend. We think his human shouldn’t have to worry about him. After all, dogs are excellent judges of character. And in a friendly city like Denver, this dog is bound to befriend almost everyone he meets.

What’chu Lookin’ At

Don’t you just hate it when people stare at you? Well, this dog didn’t mind it one bit, at least until the person in front of him started giggling. He snuck himself an inch closer to the back of the bag. That didn’t keep the stranger in front of him from pointing at him and whispering.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Now, he knew that he was one tough cookie. But the way his mom had put him in the bag put him in a really tight fit. He couldn’t bark, let alone feel his tongue. He felt his mom tug at the handles and felt himself being lifted out of the seat. He said, “Sayonara sucker!”

Got an Existential Purpose

Having a dog is a big responsibility. You have to feed them, look after them, walk them every day and bathe them at least twice a week. The most they can do is to guard your house, give you love, and keep you company, which sounds worth it to us. But, can they do anything else?

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Apparently, yes. Dogs can serve as efficient cup holders, which would bid well for motorcyclists. Just look at this one right here. There’s no need for harnesses or belts. You can place one on a Vespa and leave it to balance itself as you wade through the city streets!

Guard dog

It’s that time of the month. This employee heads over to the ATM center to check his balance. He presses on the keys and feels a bead of sweat roll over his brow. The screen reflects a month’s worth of work, and he chooses to withdraw a couple of dollars from his account.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

He folds the bills neatly into his wallet. Now, it feels snug. Others might be worried about having a pickpocket steal the wad of bills, but this employee is certain that no one will bother trying. He has this guard dog taking watch as he presses his pin into the keypad and tucks the bills neatly into his wallet.

Did Someone Say Cheese?

If you have ever encountered a Siberian Husky, you were probably met with two faces – one that asks, “What NOW!?” And the other that looks like this. Fortunately, we had come across the second one en route to the train. We were huddling for a group picture when this dog turned to look at the last second and barked, “Did someone say cheese?”

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

He bent his hind legs, ready to sprint at the last minute. He was a millisecond too late. The flash shone brightly on everyone’s faces, and in a second, the picture was stored in the gallery without this husky in the foreground. “Can we take another one?”

Off to the Vet

This hooman knows it’s 7 am by the sound of his dog barking. It has never missed a morning up until now. He feels the sharp sting of sunlight against his eyelids and turns his head towards the door. He gets up and shuffles toward his dog, who stares up meekly at him. He places a call to the vet.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

He doesn’t know how to get his dog barking again. He pats its head and whispers, “We’ll be alright. The doc should know what to do.” The vet then tucks this dog’s tongue inside its mouth and, within seconds, receives a lick from the grateful pup.

Fudge the System!

Dogs, like us, have different personalities. You might find most of them good-natured and agreeable, but you may find some like these who have little regard for authority. This dog sneezes and stretches his paws out further. Oh, not to worry, he will crawl back inside the bag just as he and his human leave.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

This dog didn’t care that he had been causing trouble on the train. People were careful not to step on his paws lest he might bite them. Neither did his human bother to correct him. It was pointless. Get him to climb in the bag, and he would only slither out of it at a moment’s notice.

Someone Get Me Out of Here

As soon as this college student discovered that he could bring his furball on the train, he knew he had to tell him. Oh, he couldn’t wait! His furball couldn’t understand a thing. After all, what did he know about trains? But by the next morning, he wished he had stayed at home.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

This kid didn’t have any other bag that would fit his dog. So he crammed him in his backpack and tore a hole in the top. It was enough to give this dog some breathing room inside the stuffy space. But one look at this terrified critter, and we are confident that he would rather be left home to play.

Where’d The Rest Go?

Some people can’t manage to get through their day without a cup of coffee. Others won’t function without plugging in earbuds and blasting the music. We won’t enjoy the daily commute without seeing a couple of these dogs with their heads sticking out of a bag!

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Where do you think the rest of her went? Maybe her legs were left at the platform, or are they in this owner’s gym bag? We can’t tell. Jokes aside, all we know is that this dog looks cute and twice as adorable with only her head popping outside of the eco-bag.

A Little Treat

To keep this furball from making a fuss on the train the next time around, this fur dad made sure that he would give him a treat before they went home. He went to their favorite restaurant and ordered food for both of them. “Who’s a good boy? Yeah, you are!”

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

His dog sat still, uncertain what he had done to deserve this treat. But when the food was laid out in front of them, he couldn’t help but feast. This good boy couldn’t wait for the next train ride. Fortunately, they were scheduled to go to the office the next day.

Doubly Shy

This woman thought that it would be better to adopt a dog from the shelter than to purchase one from the pet store. She had room in the house, and she could use the company. But she couldn’t decide who to adopt between the two. So she ended up taking home both dogs, who are undeniably shy.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

They look after each other and eat at the same time. Both also welcome this fur mom, waiting just behind the front door when she comes home. They are still taking their time to get used to their new crib and bag, but both are happy that they have each other.

Breakdown on the Train Floor

This is by far one of the funniest pictures of a dog we have seen on the internet. We can only imagine how long of an eternity it felt having to be cradled inside this bag. No fur child should be made to last longer than two minutes in a shoulder bag on the train floor like this.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

It almost looks like there had been a canine breakdown on the train floor. This dog’s features are all smushed together. He can barely see with his cheeks scrunched against his eyes, and he might even be nursing a stiff neck with the way it’s craning upwards. Yikes!

While It Fits

Most people forget that rabid dogs were once pups. This fur dad certainly did. He was going through boxes containing family albums when a deck of pictures slid onto his lap and spread on the floor. One of those pictures was of his furball (back when it was still a furball).

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Now, his dog can barely fit inside the passenger seat. And he can hardly get clear visibility with his furball’s tail brushing his face. If he could turn back time, he would place that fur kid inside this coffee holder and rub its neck from time to time. Oh, kids grow up so fast!

Organic Canine

It’s time to shop! And there’s only one place in town where this human goes to buy her groceries. There are several reasons why. You can buy things in bulk at a discounted price. Best part? This is the only place in town where you can buy organic canine.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

There you have it – Whole Foods! So it is understandable why many locals frequent this shop so they can take home a cutey like this guy. If you are around the area, might as well try for yourself. Fill your cart with these since whole food canines are usually out of stock.

Need. Some. Air

This fur mom has made it a habit to benchpress a couple of times a week. She brings her dog to the gym and sets him down beside her as she adjusts the weights. Then she hits the shower and changes clothes. They head home afterward. We can only imagine how much this dog hates the commute.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Trapped in a tight space with gym clothes at his feet, this dog kicks at the bag to get some air. “Must. Get. Some!” Meanwhile, his mom is totally unaware of the fact that she is smothering her child. Do you think we should call the animal shelter for this?

We’re Grooving, Alright

This furball has a need for attention. Because of its sheer size, the only way it can get people to look at him is to grow his mane. That’s right. His human has tried to have him groomed several times in the past, but all of it had been in vain. He would terrorize anyone holding a pair of scissors within a meter’s distance.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

And just as expected, this doggo gets attention from many women on the train. It doesn’t matter if he hadn’t taken a bath in weeks. Strangers are drawn to his fabulous locks. In all that time, his hair has been lathered with natural grease, partly from dirt and his own saliva. Just don’t tell other people about it.

Catching Some Zzzs

Mom felt like her pup had been a good boy all year. So for this Christmas, she bought him a cake and took him to the park. You can just imagine how happy this pup was, bouncing on all fours and terrorizing every squirrel he could see.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Mom held this pup close to her lap. And on the way home, she didn’t let him out of the bag. She let this good boy stay cradled inside the bag, watching Christmas lights twinkling from afar. Mom only let him down when they reached the front porch.

Fleek Eyebrows

This dog is quite the socialite. When she found out that they were going for a trip outdoors, she quickly ran to the vanity mirror and filled in her eyebrows. You have got to look the part when you are dressed inside a sleek bag such as this.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

This dog put her make-up on at lightning speed. In all the time it took her to create the fabulous look, her human had prepped her bag and found her keys. As it turns out, the trip only consisted of a visit to the ATM.

Karen, I Gots A Question

We have never seen a dog more self-conscious as this one. He looked right and left as he and his hooman boarded the train. He sniffed his hooman’s head and nudged him. “I got ya, buddy.” and he felt her sit down next to a railing.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

“Does this bag make my butt look fat?” She clears her throat and manages a quick “nope!” This Husky seems unconvinced. He stares a few seconds longer. “Well, okay then. But I think the red bag would have made me look more dashing.”

A Little Help

This doggo has had it with the daily commute. One look at this picture, and we’re certain you would feel bad. She has tried to tell her human that she would rather stay at home. But all that wailing fell on deaf ears.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

She strained to keep her head just above the bag during the train ride. She had hoped that the ride would go smooth, but the train driver couldn’t manage the turns from one station to another. This dog struggled to keep her balance and poise to save face.

Hello Stranger

Without trying, this doggo gets attention anywhere he goes. He is stared at, patted on his head, and from time to time is given treats by strangers. His human has had enough of it, and so he had this doggo put in a bag where he would be safe from the reach of other people.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

That didn’t keep this stranger from noticing this dog’s happy-go-lucky attitude. He noticed the dog’s ear tune in to the train coming to a stop while the other tuned in to the high-pitched wail of a kid nearby. In all that time, the pupper never broke eye contact with him.

Why the Long Face?

Basset Hounds are known to be stubborn, affectionate, and friendly. They are generally good-natured and gentle with kids. Most people wouldn’t go for Basset Hounds as their first choice despite these characteristics. If you’re wondering why, simply look at this photo.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Sure, they may be gentle with kids, but if you’re the type of owner who wants to go on a run with your dog, you might want to consider another canine breed. These dogs are at their best when worn on your back.

We Have Got Enough of Those

This doggo views the content appearing on her human feed to pass the time. It’s a mix of different things – food, women, cars, and even Bitcoin. Today, he felt like buying things off Facebook’s marketplace. He thumbs through the list of sellers offering their merch.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

“New towels?? I can show you where I’ve hidden all of them.” When they arrive home, she barks up at him to let her down and then leads him to this space beneath the couch. “That’s where they are all lined up.”

No Pictures Allowed

This good boy has had it with the stares and teases. He doesn’t need other people’s validation of him, let alone that coming from strangers. So, he makes a mental note to ignore everyone who calls out to him, except for people who take photos.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

He hears the camera shutter and turns his head at the stranger. “Did he get a good shot? I hope I didn’t look fat. This isn’t the most flattering angle.” As soon as he catches himself, he licks at his nose and then looks straight ahead.

Off to Sleep

This furball knows how demanding his human’s job is. To get to work on time, his human has to wake up at least three hours before, brew some coffee, quickly reply to e-mails, then prepare himself for work and get this pupper in a bag.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

They had missed the train by a couple of seconds. His human lays him down on the floor and feels the weight of his eyelids. He slumps by his human’s feet and catches up on much-needed sleep. The human wished he could do the same.

Didn’t See You There

This dog only wishes that he could blend into his human bag so people won’t notice him. But his unique dark patch won’t let him do so. Oh, if it weren’t for his patch of fur, then he could endure this train ride unnoticed by people around him.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Instead, people love to stop and pet him. This doggo is absolutely mortified that his human had to choose a seat in the middle of the carriage. There are a lot of people here, and as you can guess, a lot of them paid him much attention.

Two for Trouble

It is that time of the week. This fur owner opens the cupboards and notes that it’s time to grocery shop. He looks for a couple of recyclable bags, lays both down, and has his kids climb into each. Then he hoists them over his shoulder and goes to the local mart.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

You can only imagine how difficult it is to buy groceries with these two. This dad usually has to exert twice the effort to keep these dogs from terrorizing other fur kids. And on top of that, he has got to carry the merch hoisted on his other shoulder.

Hodor! Hodor!

It may not look like it, but this furball is an avid fan of Game of Thrones. It’s the right mix of deception, gore, and magic. Of all the families in the show, he has chosen to side with the Starks.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

He stares icily at his human, who takes his time on the throne. Several white walkers walk past him attempting to open the stall. He remains steadfast. In a couple of minutes, his human stands and flushes. He is lifted from the hook, and together, they face the white walkers on the other side of the door.

Get Your Dog a Bag

It might not look like it, but this doggo has had several run-ins with authorities once he was caught stealing a man’s hotdog. Twice he had been caught tugging at womens’ skirts. But despite those run-ins, he has never had a record.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

His human would only have him crawl into this bag and slung onto his arm. This rebel needs some peace and quiet in his safe space and hidden from the world around him from time to time. He is content.

The New Trend

One thing these dogs love about these recyclable bags is that they serve another purpose. This dog looks out the window and sees a few drops of rain patter against it. He sighs deeply and then lays his head down on the floor. “Well, at least I’m wearing a poncho. I hate it when I get wet.”

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

His fur dad has got an umbrella in the bag. But you can’t count on it to shield both of them from the rain. Luckily, this bag can repel water sliding off the umbrella and onto this furball’s body while keeping him warm and dry during the season.

Fresh Canine

This man had had it with his girlfriend. Even with a mask on, you could feel him fuming as he walked out of the room. He was 30 floors up, and by the time he had exited the building, he had enough time to think about the relationship.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Just in time, he was walking past a pet shop. He saw this furball looking up at him, and he knew exactly what to do to win back his girlfriend. He bought a box of chocolates and showed up at her door, willing to have it slammed in his face. At the sight of this dog, she melted.

Got Other Pockets

When dad told this furball that he could join him in the commute, he was absolutely ecstatic! He couldn’t wait to explore the outdoors. “There’s one catch, though,” with a twinkle in his eyes. “I have to carry you in a bag.”

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

That lifted his spirits a bit. But it wasn’t until they were commuting that this furball totally forgot that he was traveling inside the bag. There were different people to coo at him, food to sniff, and children to boop. As you can imagine, this furball loves to travel with dad.

Need a Bag Tag

This human loves to spoil her furball. She has him groomed frequently and feeds him premium meals. She makes sure that the HVAC settings are kept at prime temperature for this furball’s comfort. And she even bought a bag to place this critter in during their morning walks.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

She cocks her head and looks at him. It’s as if there is something missing, she sighs. What could it be? She never had him wear a collar. That’s antique. But just in case he goes missing, it might be necessary for someone to look at the bag tag.

Swipe Right

There are plenty of perks to having a dog. They are generally low-maintenance. They will greet you the moment you open the door. You won’t have to question their loyalty. Neither will you have someone nagging you to share how your day went.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Just look at these two on the dating apps. This furball knows his human has got good taste in women. But from time to time, he would bark at him to look closer at the pictures and even read the bio. “Left,” he barks. His human looks over his shoulder.

Nestled for Warmth

Whereas most dogs love the daily commute, this one doesn’t. “What’s there to like – the cold snow stuck between your paws or your nose feeling cracked and dry? I just don’t understand it.” Luckily, his human listens to his concerns and tucks him inside this bag to keep him warm from the icy cold.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Although this furball still dislikes the commute, he finds it more tolerable. He doesn’t have to worry about his paws cracking or shaking off ice wedged in between them. All he has to do is burrow himself deeper anytime he feels it getting cold.

Looking for a Job

This furball is quite the helping hand around the house. He picks up after himself and his mom’s infant. He throws the socks in the bin, and just recently, he felt like he could do more. So he thought of applying for a job. He had sent a couple of applications, and today he was scheduled for an interview.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

“Does the tie match? I need to get that job. How do I look?” His fur mum looks at him and calms him down. “You’ll be fine.” Just in time, the doors open, and a draft of cold air hits him in the face. “You got this. You’re a good boy!”

Got New Wheels

Every dog on the block has joined in on the competition. Who has the raddest bag? Most were wearing recyclables, whereas others had bags custom-made for them. But it was this doggo that garnered the most attention. Not only was this bag personalized for him, but it also had wheels.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

His owner didn’t have to break his back to carry this furball on the daily commute. This furball’s other perk was that he didn’t have to wear a leash. Sure, he still had to wear the collar, but so long as he stayed inside the bag, his human wouldn’t have to tug at his neck.

A Day In the Life

Dogs get a lot of perks simply for watching the house. They have unlimited access to food and water, and they get to live in a home with a decent HVAC unit in it. They also have free wi-fi access, not that they have any desire to use it.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

Never mind the charmed life. Dogs would rather sleep. There they can terrorize anyone and anything they want, tearing at seams without the fear of being called a bad dog in their dreams. They can hunt with the pack and refuse to take baths – just the way they like it.

Did You See This Dog Anywhere?

You can tell that this Terrier is the apple of her father’s eye. He looks after her carefully and refuses to have her walk on the morning commute. Sure, Ashley can be a handful. But she hadn’t heard her dad scream or bellow at her when she ran down the grocery aisles.

Image Courtesy of bag dogs/ @bagdogs / Instagram

“To keep that from happening again, he had this shirt custom-made. It’s an effective deterrent for Ashley. Now, she doesn’t dare make a mess in the grocery aisles, nor does she hide behind the shelves. And just in case Ashley goes missing, all this dad has to do is ask everyone while pointing at his chest, “Did you see this dog?”