Owner Freaked Out When Corgi Rolls Around In Red Syrup

By Divya G December 20, 2021

There are several stories related to corgis on the internet. One corgi from Japan is a genuine artist with incredible facial expressions, and another is a true entertainer. Well, this one in today’s story became famous for faking his own death. All corgis are born with the natural talent of acting, right? Check this story of the corgi named Cartier, who faked his death and scared the heck out of his owners and the entire internet.

Photo credit: Corgi-cartier / Facebook

A few weeks ago, Cartier’s human parents, who live in Thailand, shared a hilarious post on Facebook that tells how the doggo almost gave them a heart attack. Cartier’s owners released him for his daily walk, and one day, when he didn’t come back on time, they became quite concerned. They started looking for him everywhere in the house. 

When they finally checked on the kitchen, they found Cartier lying on the floor in a pool of red stuff with a knife covered in the same gunk around him. For a moment, the owners went into shock and despair until they found an open red syrup bottle lying on the kitchen floor. They checked on him and found the doggo rolled over and covered himself with the sticky stuff.

Photo credit: Corgi-cartier / Facebook

The adorable dog was playing in the kitchen and may have accidentally dropped off the red syrup bottle from the table. Maybe he decided to play a bit more by rolling all over it. However, the Facebook post went viral with over 10,000 reactions, 6,000 comments, and 11,000 shares. His Facebook page has more adorable yet funny pictures of him.