We Know About Cat And Dog People, But It Seems Many Are Ferret People Too

By Ridwan S

Today, pets are a significant part of our society as humans and animals form admirable bonds when they stay close. Also, they keep us healthy and relieve our stresses. In other words, they are comforting partners. Although the most popular pets are dogs and cats, plenty of others make great companions. Ferrets are an example of not-so-common pets that will warm your heart as an owner. They can be sweet and lovable pets, providing you with great entertaining content that gladdens your soul. Arguably, ferrets are cute, whether with a naughty face or a sweet face. They endlessly romp about in a way that will completely lift your mood. You will agree that these little creatures are loveable if you own a ferret already. For those who don’t have one yet, here is an enlightening article about how adorable and silly ferrets can be.

Nova the German shepherd and Pacco the ferret

Buddies sacrifice a lot for each other, especially to make their friends comfortable. Look at Pacco sleeping on Nova’s comfortable big bed and Nova lying on the cold floor. Even though Nova’s face says she isn’t comfortable, that’s what friends do for each other.

Image courtesy: nova_n_pacco / Instagram

In the second picture, we can see the dog and ferret communicating. The ferret must have whispered some vital information into the dog’s ears. We wonder what the ferret must have said to the dog to make it look shocked, though. It must have been some good tea.


A talented and flexible ferret will be on our list of things we would love to get. We can only imagine how loud we would have squealed if we saw this. The arched form is too cute, we must admit.

Image courtesy: GallowBoob/Reddit

The owner of this ferret must enjoy watching it play; we can only imagine how easily the ferret lifts their mood. Something tells us the pet might just be seeking its owner’s attention. The good thing is it got the attention, and the owner got a picture of this adorable stunt.

Peach & Lilith

Ferrets are social animals, and having more than one increases the fun factor for owner and ferret alike. Peach and Lilith have created a bond worth fighting for; Lilith is on cage rest, leaving peach alone. Peach is here to fight for Lilith’s freedom.

Image courtesy: ParrotLad/Reddit

Peach is not ready to be alone and has decided to throw tantrums – the drama is Oscar-worthy. We consider her display a nice try as the scene at least drew attention, even though Lilith wasn’t released. Everyone needs a companion like Peach in their life.

One wet ferret boi

Otters and ferrets are from the same family and have striking resemblances but differing characters. Save for the caption, we would have thought this was an otter. Just look at that face! Looks like the ferret was having a bath.

Image courtesy: curseddelvirer/Reddit

The paws of this ferret are fun-size and heart-warming. The owner got angry with the attempt to bathe on its own; its expression tells us there is trouble. Sometimes, good intentions can land you in trouble, but no one can stay mad at that face.

Sleepy ferret

Sometimes, a pet wants to take a nap, not pictures. But this owner couldn’t even allow a sleeping ferret to enjoy its alone time. Little wonder the ferret stuck out its little tongue in annoyance. We would have too, little guy!

Image courtesy: leventisky/Reddit

Although ferrets love sleeping in the daytime, we think this one wants to be silly. The ferret must have perceived that the “blep” might make the picture beautiful. Truthfully, if only it had its eyes open, the pose might be cute and not silly.

Forever young is the goal

We all want to be fifty and look twenty- an ageless glow is everyone’s desire. This ferret is also in the race, looking like a baby at age four – that’s admirable. She must have hacked the ageless secret we all desire.

Image courtesy: howimetmyferret/Reddit

If granted an interview, we would like to get the beauty care routine of this animal. It might help us revive our ageless glow and grant our wish to remain forever young. We might start our beauty care line if the formula works, so watch out.

So happy

This picture might look controversial if not carefully studied. Whereas the ferret was only taking a quick nap on its owner’s bosom, this makes the owner ecstatic. The pet looks like it is having a nice nap too. This is pure bliss.

Image courtesy: elabrave/Reddit

The new level of trust might be the ferret’s gift to the owner for the holidays. For any fur parent, the ultimate goal is to make their pets comfortable around them. We hope that the owner doesn’t wake the sleeping ferret by taking too many pictures.

Rescue kitten adopted by 5 ferrets

The first picture gave the kitten away with its bulging eyes and open mouth – it looks alarmed. However, aside from a few features, the kitten perfectly fits in with the ferrets. Even their fur matches. The cat is from a similar family as ferrets, so this might be a family reunion.

Image courtesy: garo004giru/Reddit

The cuddle puddle in the second frame makes us want to adopt a farm’s worth of kittens and ferrets. The picture is heart-warming, and definitely one of the best you will see on the internet. This family is as happy as can be.

Ferret Plumbus

Naturally, ferrets use burrows in the ground as their dens to store their food, eat and sleep. Even though they are often domesticated, their instinct to play and sleep in burrow-like places is still there. The ferret seems to have sought out a tube to chill in.

Image courtesy: Nichole Samuel/Pinterest

Therefore, you must provide your ferrets with tube-like toys to mentally stimulate them and keep them busy. Nonetheless, you should ensure that the tubes are not too tight and can’t restrict their breathing. The ferret in this picture doesn’t look happy.


Torunn’s owner took the perfect picture of him – after all, that’s one of your responsibility as a pet parent. You have to recognize picture-worthy moments of your pet and document them. It will be a sweet experience if you have a pet that enjoys taking pictures.

Image courtesy: _Meowish_/Reddit

Torunn looks like he loves pictures a lot, and the shot of him is fantastic. We wonder how many of these lovely photos the owner had before deciding to share this. If this is our ferret, we would frame this picture or make it into a pendant to wear.

She thinks she’s people

Florence isn’t having any of that cage night rest today – it is time to sleep in a snug duvet. Tucked in and ready for sleep, she’s snug as a bug in a rug. Florence must have complained about her uncomfortable cage but, there is no improvement yet.

Image courtesy: deleted user/Reddit

Here is also an opportunity to have a girls’ talk, discuss skincare routine, and play truth or dare. There is no need to go for a sleepover when Florence is willing to cuddle with you. The owner should agree to share the bed with her because she looks comfortable.

Bonnie and Clyde

A super cute cuddling position; we should frame this and probably send a copy to our loved ones. The perfectly formed heart, these ferrets must be in love with each other. Such love stories we love to read with our spouse while cuddling.

Image courtesy: deleted user/Reddit

We count the owner of these ferrets lucky. They get to experience a possibly iconic love story. This is a sweet reminder that love is a beautiful thing; it makes the world go round. We all need a Bonnie or Clyde in our lives, someone to make great memories with.

The ferret fell asleep on the dog

When you have different pets, you will have to put in some extra work to make them comfortable around each other. This owner understood the assignment perfectly; the pets are not only comfortable around each other; they are buddies. Buddies with benefits such as what the ferret is enjoying.

Image courtesy: Bananapantzzzz/Reddit

There is nothing better than experiencing a rewarding friendship, one in which you can sleep on your friend’s back. Imagine how comforting this will be on a cold evening, enjoying the warmth of a friend – such a soothing feeling. Picture representation of a shoulder to lean on.

Need Name Suggestions

Eight weeks old but intelligent! See how it is curled up in the shape of its bed – a cutie. The posture in this picture makes us want to name it “Snuggle Fairy.” We think it enjoys snuggling, and that will be a cute name for the beautiful soul.

Image courtesy: lippycorn.com

We can’t think of other cute names to fit a snuggle queen like it – oh, that’s it; Snuggle Queen. That describes its position better, so we would name it that. What other names do you think fits this cute little ferret?

Teddy Seems Unenthusiastic

Even as humans, we feel too lazy or weak to exercise on some days; on such days, we will sleep. Teddy is experiencing one of those days, and since his owner has refused to understand, he became a pancake. After all, no one will take a pancake for exercise.

Image courtesy: spoopy_sammich/Reddit

Teddy must be so intelligent to have thought of such a safe escape plan. “Turn into a flat pancake, and I will escape this exercise session,” he must have thought. Other lazy pets need to book a session with Teddy on ways to escape going on a walk.


Sunrays can be disturbing, especially on the weekend when you wish to stay in bed. The early morning rays are penetrating and, the best way to fight them is with shades. If your eyes are not protected, the light can wake you up from a sweet rest.

Image courtesy: lenochta/Reddit

The morning sun shines directly on the cage, and the owner hasn’t made an effort to tackle this issue. The ferret has gotten itself a costless sunshade to combat the problem – he has converted a bowl into a sleep mask. An innovative ferret indeed.

Funny ferret

Yoga classes are life-changing; they make you more flexible and reduce aches and pains. This ferret must have attended numerous yoga classes and has decided to start a free session at home. This new decision will save its owner from spending money on weekly lessons.

Image courtesy: Lilly Krejcir/Pinterest

In yoga classes, eyes are closed to prevent distraction while meditating but, this ferret closed its eye to sleep. The sweetest thing about this is that the creature is comfortable enough to sleep in this position. Such an enviable talent – not many people are blessed with this flexibility.

3 innocent-looking ferrets

What’s better than a cute ferret? Two cute ferrets! See how they are arranged, posing perfectly. The more the ferrets, the better the entertainment you get from watching them play. Look at them burrowing and having the time of their lives.

Image courtesy: townhouse.ferrets / Instagram

After burrowing for a while, you must come out and say hello to keep the mind of your owner at rest. The ferrets are here to do that by showing these cute faces, and the owner got a stunning shot of them.

Meet My chunky Ferret

This ferret is not regular-sized, but the owner is satisfied with their pet’s weight and hasn’t put him on any diet. We doubt he will ever place the ferret on a diet as he seems proud of its current weight.

Image courtesy: pepepanfretek / Instagram

Most ferrets are small and do not have this much weight, but this owner must have fed his ferret well. Not that others are underfed, but this one seems to have focused more on eating to gain weight. The result is evident.

Meet Ethan

Ethan is dressed for a photo session, and the owner understands how important a good background is in pictures. The flowers complement Ethan’s fur and brighten the image. We love how calm and focused Ethan looks. Heads up, chin high, and stay put for the camera.

Image courtesy: Grungewarhol/Reddit

We hope this is not the only picture Ethan took during this photo session. The way he cooperates with its owner is so adorable; he must love to take pictures. We wouldn’t mind seeing some of the other photos from this shoot.

Vin Weasel

This ferret has discovered a new way to make use of its owner’s idle watering can. To reward him for his creativity, its owner gave him a name and befitting a shot. Aside from its creativity, we can’t ignore how cute he looks.

Image courtesy: jmp325/Reddit

The whiskers are so long and perfectly shaped, befitting its wise demeanor. The long nails also suggest to us that it is of age, and with age, they say, comes wisdom. Its owner should appreciate that he doesn’t use his ferret energy to destroy household items, which could be disastrous.

The kitten is now a ferret

One of the worries of pet owners is their pets injuring each other, so this is a blessing. The fur parent doesn’t have to worry about coming back home to meet a badly injured kitten or ferret. They have grown fond of each other.

Image courtesy: mallinds/Reddit

The perfect position to sleep after you must have had a heart-to-heart conversation. A hearty discussion that ends in a sweet cuddle is what lovers should have about pressing issues. But we doubt these fur balls have any problems at all.

Don’t wake him up!

People that disrupt other people’s sleep with noise are the worst. They have had a sweet night’s rest but decided to disturb others’ sleep – that’s sheer wickedness. We won’t take it lightly with anyone that disturbs our slumber, especially our long Saturday morning beauty sleep.

Image courtesy: JordanToner/Imgur

Look at the face of this ferret; he looks angry that its owner disrupted its sleep. The ferret must have laid complaints about his human’s loud entrance because his face says so. After complaining so much about coming into the room loudly, we would be disappointed.

A yawning ferret

When the photographer is ready to click the camera, a good model must also bring their A-game and make different expressions and strike different postures to make the moment worth it. These pictures will become memories, so make them wonderful memory. 

Image courtesy: RosieJ666/Reddit

This sweet ferret knew his sun was setting and gave its owner a lovely memory to cherish. He made different faces, both sweet and naughty and, now its owner has these pictures to cherish his memory. We sympathize with the owner on his departure.

Travel buddy

People grieve differently, and grieve is in different stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Although not everyone would go through these five stages, everyone must accept their loss. While acceptance doesn’t take the pain away, it helps you heal gradually.

Image courtesy: Charlie Hammerton/Reddit

This young man has suffered painful losses and is now healing. To heal, he has decided to travel the world and, he chose a ferret as a travel buddy. What better way to heal than to travel with a comforting companion?

The peaceful introduction

When at a new place where no one looks familiar, you have to be on your best behavior to make friends. You might appear scared because you are keeping your cool, but it is just until you study the environment properly.

Image courtesy: Ladyelune/Reddit

This ferret is in a dog and cat only shelter. He was staying calm, but the staff wouldn’t accept that alone. As the only different animal present, he needs to be friends with the ruling guys to avoid harassment. We hope that the mighty kitten will accept him.

So handsome

We agree with this owner – their ferret is such a charmer with this cute shirt. The ferret also has an aura that suits the outfit; the raised arms and facial expression are perfect. We trust that the owner made several different sweaters for it.

Image courtesy: takemyd_va/Reddit

We would also love to see other pictures of the pet in the shirt striking different postures. We think a posture that will fit this shirt is a standing posture on a chair. It can also make naughty faces to make it fun.

A comfortable sleeping position

There are many ways to sleep. The key to resting well is choosing the most comfortable position for you. Once you find your perfect spot, sleeping becomes heaven. This ferret has discovered that the belly flat and raised legs position does the magic for it.

Image courtesy: jb920o/Reddit

We haven’t discovered our most comfortable sleeping position, and this makes us wish we knew how the ferret found this one. Once we find what suits us best, it will eradicate or reduce our persisting backaches. We should contact the owner for a session with the ferret.

New festive hat

We all get excited about new accessories and might even wear them before the event we bought them for, just for the fun of it. Ferrets also experience this ecstasy – see how focused this ferret is for the picture pose.

Image courtesy: Speeker28/Reddit

Most times, as a pet owner, you forget to shop for accessories for your pets; all you buy for them are toys. Toys are great, no doubts, but accessories will not only make them happy, but it will also make their pictures better. Even if they look a little grumpy.

Chunky fell asleep

The silliest thing about ferrets is how easily they fall asleep anywhere, even with their nose pressed into the ground. Look at this chunky ferret; t should know how to stay in its bed, but it doesn’t. These things sometimes don’t come with age or size.

Image courtesy: spokaneisokay/Reddit

We hope this sleeping posture won’t cause any issues. If anyone has ever wished to sleep as well as a ferret, we believe it might be a two-way wish. It is either they want your sleep to be peaceful or that you could sleep in odd places.

Sam – the laziest ferret alive

Even though his owner claims it to be accurate, we won’t bestow this title on Sam until we hold a fair competition. We believe that Sam will have some contenders who deserve the “laziest ferret alive” title as much as him.

Image courtesy: Excellent_Campaign_1/Reddit

We also think that the owner might just be exaggerating the situation. Everyone experiences lazy moments, where all you want is to sleep; maybe that’s what Sam is feeling here. Nobody should be judged for their lazy moment, not even Sam!

Stumpy, the one-eyed ferret

Stumpy is a champion despite his discouraging issues – he is still living his best life. He reminds us of the saying, “if life throws you lemons, make lemonade.” You don’t have to sit and sulk. Make the best of every situation and never let anything deter you.

Image courtesy: ProcrastinationRus/Reddit

Stumpy’s hangout is cute, and we trust it will keep him warm as they go adventuring. We hope the owner added plenty of blankets and snacks in there for when Stumpy gets tired and just wants to ride on their back.

Too cute

The pose looks like what we will strike when our friend teases us and takes silly photos of us. We are not sure if this is just how this ferret likes to sleep, but we would like to think it posed on this.

Image courtesy: rigatonitheferret/Reddit

We will try this posture the next time we see our partner, snap a picture, and frame it. To make it more memorable, we had probably gotten similar blankets. We bet the owner is so happy they caught this photo.


Where is the fun in owning a pet if they don’t stress you out sometimes? The most stressful thing is looking for your pet, especially something small as a small ferret. This owner must have had a heart attack looking for their beloved, only to find he was playing in styrofoam.

Image courtesy: CutesMachine69/Reddit

Pets also get naughty sometimes and decide to play hide and seek with their owner. The bad thing is they start the game without informing you, leaving you to panic, thinking they got lost. It becomes hilarious when you see the funny expression they have when they’re found.

Ferret crawled into one of the socks

We are aware that ferrets love tubes due to their instinct to burrow. Precisely how this little guy got into the sock without help is still a mystery to us. We would have loved to watch it struggle to get inside – it was presumably a fun struggle.

Image courtesy: aberrant0ne/Reddit

However, the ferret looks annoyed that the owner is taking its pictures without consent. The ferret wants to enjoy its time in the socks staying warm, not posing for pictures. But, the fur mom wants photographs to use as evidence to support her claims.

Bath-loving ferret

One way to pamper your pets is to bathe them affectionately. This ferret is used to having a bath regularly but, its owner hasn’t had time to do so lately. The little guy decided to shower in order to stay fresh and relieve the owner of the stress of bathing it.

Image courtesy: Tonyper/Reddit

However, this isn’t the bathroom, and if not for careful observation, it could have lost its life. We think the thought of losing the ferret over their negligence is what made the owner emotional. The ferret’s facial expression suggests that it was disappointed.

Look away for few seconds – here we are!

The picture is one of such that leaves you wondering, “how does this even happen without anyone noticing?” We wonder if the ferret got any help before getting into the bottle. Here is a gallon of ferret for your entertainment.

Image courtesy: olivia-likescats/Reddit

Although the owner said it took two seconds for the ferret to get into the container, we think it took longer. It is safe to assume that the gallon is a trap. The image of the cat on the outside is the bait that attracted the ferret.

A Unit

This owner has an affinity for long ferrets. We wonder what she is feeding the bigger one to make it almost twice the size of the “average-sized” one. We are just too curious. Guess we need ferrets of our own!

Image courtesy: amieo27/Reddit

There are a lot of questions on our minds as to what and how the owner feeds her ferret. The one on the left is long, chunky, and adorable; it looks like a teddy bear. Will the one on the right grow to be as big as the other?

A ferret & kitten – beautiful union!

Friends that play together grow old together and can easily conquer the world. The first picture shows the kitten biting the ferret lightly, but the ferret is so calm. Get yourself a playmate that will play with you and stick with you.

Image courtesy: mallinds/Reddit

The second picture shows the ferret already retaliating the bite but what is hilarious is the confused kitten’s face. It looks shocked the ferret is attacking; it must have thought the ferret forgot about it. However, a kiss settles all disputes.

The summer just ended, mate!

Summer is for bonding and having fun with your friends and loved ones. You get to stay in the pool all day and enjoy the cool weather. This ferret is still in its summer feelings even though summer just ended. However, it feels sad the sunny season is over.

Image courtesy: sabrinaa8a/Reddit

There will be another summer, but if it wants to swim badly, we suggest it make use of the tub. You do not always have to wait for summer to be in the summer mood. Fill the tub with water and host a ferret swimming party.


Whatever this ferret saw or heard must have been surprising; its mouth is opened in awe. We hope the news isn’t about a terrible Christmas gift. Gifts bring joy, but getting a thoughtless gift can be disturbing, especially when you trust the giver.

Image courtesy: dankw33b/Reddit

We would also be shocked if our friend got us a different gift other than what we discussed. Our expression might mirror the ferret’s. We think it is astonished its owner got different from what it wanted; it even spread its toes in annoyance.

Eyes on the road

Sometimes driving gets tiring and, you will need a second driver to continue on the journey. The driving ferret might hasten our decision-making on getting a ferret. We will get one that is ready to drive us whenever we are tired.

Image courtesy: sanpot215/Reddit

However, we will like to inquire about how long it took this ferret to perfect its driving amidst other things. We also know to raise the driver’s seat whenever our ferret is on the wheels for a clearer front view. Be on the lookout for Lily out there on the road.

Flower ferret

There is nothing as heart-warming as a thoughtful pet; the ability to think ahead is charming. The ferret has volunteered to be a flower for a while before the owner gets flowers for the vase. We perceive this to be a sweet gesture that needs encouragement.

Image courtesy: jesst/Reddit

What is confusing is the expression on its face. It seems to think it should get a treat or pat on the head from its parent. We feel that the owner had their priorities straight: picture evidence first, then treats for being cute.

Magical Rainbow Ferret

If you haven’t found any reason to consider getting a ferret, here is one: a cute rainbow ferret. We love how the color of the ferret blends with the bedspread; it makes us think the picture was planned. The posture of the ferret is equally cute.

Image courtesy: kpeters1d/Reddit

We thought this was the initial color of the ferret until we looked closely. Then we thought the owner painted the ferret into a rainbow because that is their preference. But really, it was all because of the stained glass artwork in the room.

The prairie dog

We might not always be on good behavior, but the next step after you realize your mistakes is showing remorse. This ferret has realized its wrongdoings and is on its knees to ask for forgiveness. We hope the owner understands its sincerity.

Image courtesy: rocketpinion/Reddit

Remorse is the first step to forgiveness and, since its little face is so sincere, we hope the owner forgives him. A saying says, “once the sinner realizes their mistakes, they shouldn’t suffer punishment for too long.” We hope the owner forgives the wrongdoings.