Golden Retriever Becomes The Durian Harvester And Poses For Harvest Pictures

By Divya G

Golden Retrievers are one of the happiest species on this planet. Yes, all the other dogs can express their happiness and joy, but the goldies steal the show with their highly adorable smile and joy in the face. You cannot ignore or not react to their smile.

Photo credit: jubjibdurain / Facebook

You must meet Jubjib, the golden retriever and a resident of Thailand whose incredible joyous face can take your breath away. He spends most of his day with the family by helping them harvest durian fruits on the farm. Jubjib has gained years of experience as a “Durian Harvester.”

So, the golden retriever harvester lives on a durian fruit farm in Thailand. For those who don’t know, durians are some of the smelliest and finest fruit in the world. Now, this farm has its own Facebook page starring Jubjib as their lead model. He has become quite a celebrity and the center of attraction for the farm. He poses for annual pictures with the harvest as part of a tradition loved by thousands of people on the internet.

You will find their business page filled with pictures of this adorable puppy, which they posted throughout the year. His photographs range from him wearing a hat to basking in the pride of his harvest. Jubjib’s first picture was posted in 2014, and since then, it has become a tradition for the owners to post his photos in a collage every year after the harvest.

Photo credit: jubjibdurain / Facebook

Thousands of people love Jubjib on social media where they say him as the “perfect farmhand.” Most people claim him to be the most adorable durian harvester dog ever.