As Work-From-Home Becomes The Norm, People Share Photos Of Their Pet-Workers

By Ridwan S

In recent times, remote working has become the “thing” across several industries. With this development, employees enjoy numerous benefits working from their comfort zone, and the top is the lack of a commute. The new world of work also emphasizes performance over hours clocked and location. Thus, creating a good environment now falls on the employees. Although remote working has enticing benefits, it’s not without downsides. For instance, employees are responsible for finding ways to be productive while dealing with potential disruptions. One of the major distractions for some of us working remotely is our loving yet demanding pets. During the recent surge of remote work, people shared their experiences with their new “co-workers.” In this article, we highlight the humorous adventures of pet-owners with their fur babies while working at home.

The productive team

The cats are confused about why their owner is fixated on the screen instead of engaging with them. They are here to find out what is taking up their bonding time. Look at the white cat, with its head tilted at 90 degrees gazing at the owner trying to get attention.

Image courtesy:

The tabby cat, on the other hand, wants to solve the problem on the screen. It must have thought, “Maybe if we solve the problem, he will have time for us.” The second frame looks like a brief about the new development; we think that meeting could have been an email.

A goofy co-worker

The only time your co-worker gets to be goofy is when they don’t have anything to do. They might try to distract you with their silly antics, but staying focused is left to you. Remember that giving in will delay you, and your team leader does not accept excuses.

Image courtesy: tly0225/Reddit

The dog is here to disturb its owner, who is busy working, and he has succeeded in distracting him. We can’t blame the owner for his inability to focus. We would get distracted by this cute guy too. The tongue sticking out must mean, “Look, I have got no jobs.”

The jealous cat

If you are working remotely and your cats aren’t strutting across your keyboard occasionally, you should consider yourself blessed. They get jealous of the time you spend on your computer and decide to take laws into their hands. They do this by frolicking your keyboards.

Image courtesy: anasrikanth/ twitter

When they do this, you will notice them and give them the attention they need. The tactic has worked for many; we call it “the make your presence known strategy.” The goofier the cat, the more fun you have watching it strut, and the less work gets done.

The demanding co-worker

When you have a co-worker that would rather have you hold them than work, meeting deadlines might become a real challenge. Clearly, this dog doesn’t understand why its owner has their laptop on the bed; he just wants to hold hands.

Image courtesy: Ms_Alex_W/ twitter

Hopefully, it falls asleep easily and allows the owner to get back to work. If not, the owner might have to work with one hand, which might slow their pace. But that is the price you pay when your co-worker is needy.

Arizona is here to support

The best co-workers are the ones that support you with whatever you want to do – even pose for pictures. Arizona’s look says he might be wondering why they need to snap photos while working. He doesn’t know that his owner is taking the picture for social media.

Image courtesy:

Arizona is probably thinking, “we need to be sending out emails, not looking at your camera,” and he is right. Although he seems to be on top of things, we get the feeling this feisty feline is the real troublemaker of this pair.

The angry team member

Most companies generally accept teamwork; it helps increase productivity. The beauty of collaboration is that each team member feels they have a say on each project. The owner of this cat clearly doesn’t understand this concept and has neglected his ready-to-help team member.

Image courtesy: MackLamoureux/twitter

Look at this angry team member displaying his displeasure with his expression. The cat doesn’t seem to agree with the owner’s claims, who says it accidentally added two bookmarks. He is only trying to work, but the owner is not interested in having a team member at home.

Goats are better co-workers

Here is a twist to the whole pet-as-a-co-worker situation – we have a goat. Most of the remote working with animals ordeal features dogs or cats, but this owner has a goat. Just like other pets, it is here to satisfy its curiosity.

Image courtesy: brendalyntc/twitter

The goat is gazing at the screen, trying to figure out what keeps its owner at home at that hour. For the sake of the poster, we hope it doesn’t reply to her pending messages. It would be hilarious to say, “please disregard; that was my goat.” 

The coffee addicted co-worker

People often drink coffee to stay alert at work; little did we know that cats also need a caffeine boost. The cat feels sleepy and has decided to make some coffee to get back on track. He failed to get permission from his human before doing so.

Image courtesy: lisamowagner/twitter

It looks like the cat is taking over this office space completely rather than working alongside the owner. He has blocked the view of the laptop and is sitting on the keyboard. We hope he will stay alert for the rest of the working hours to help.

Dressed for work

We doubt this co-worker received the memo that the office is now located at home since it is dressed for work. Its tie suggests that it is ready to go to work, or maybe business dress is compulsory even at home.

Image courtesy: BagsRVA/Reddit

The expression on his face makes us think this little guy was disappointed that it has to work from the couch. This pupper does look like the type who gets dressed to the nines, even on the weekends. Some say getting all dressed up helps with focus.

Bast doesn’t want to work

Contrary to what every other pet is doing, Bast just wants to be cute and provide moral support – no work. Sometimes, we need someone to cheer us up with their smile while we hustle. Bast is doing that to ensure its owner has stress-free working hours.

Image courtesy: theatrejazzcat/twitter

Hopefully, the owner doesn’t get too distracted by this kind gesture from Bast and decide to play instead of working. We need an understanding co-worker like this who will keep us company with cute smiles while we’re on the grind.

The boss with the attitude

Unlike other pets, this one is not a co-worker; he is the boss running the affairs at this home office. As the boss, you have to be in control of the happenings. In this case, the boss gives occasional attitude.

Image courtesy: effimera01/twitter

The employer seems to be having fun watching the boss display such sass; she even took a picture. We doubt if the boss knows that he was taking the photo for social media. When he eventually finds out, the employer might get into trouble.

Lady Karen is in charge

There is no need for this owner to worry about work; their pet has it under control. They need to relax and give Lady Karen the instructions she needs to follow. The first frame shows her admirable zeal; we trust she will do a great job.

Image courtesy: rhull313/twitter

We will suggest that the owner keep taking cute pictures – at least till Lady Karen releases their laptop. We pray that she doesn’t find the delete button or delete all the files. If the owner can, we will advise them to lock the computer to avoid that.

Don’t tell me you are still working

It seems this cat can no longer take this remote working excuse his owner has been giving. While working remotely, most people tend to work beyond their normal hours, which might affect some other aspects of life, such as the time they have to bond with their pets.

Image courtesy: LucyFurTweets/twitter

The cat looks like it is telling the owner that it is time to shut down the laptop. He wouldn’t allow its owner to rob it of its bonding time under the guise of remote working. It is not jealousy; it is demanding his rights.  

Long meetings are boring

Gary isn’t sure his owner is still in a meeting, so he asks if the “mewtion” is over. The cat must have been keeping calm, waiting for its owner to leave the meeting before playing. It must be hard watching its playful owner ignore them because of work.

Image courtesy: typhanii/twitter

For Gary’s sake, we hope the owner is done with the meeting and, is ready for bonding. It might be boring for the cat if the meeting is not yet over. Pet parents should discuss the negative effect on their pets with their human resource manager.

I am not here to distract you

From the dog’s expression, we are guessing it just found out its owner is at home. It looked surprised that their fur parent is not excited to see him but is rather focused on the computer. He has decided to study his owner before approaching.

Image courtesy: Marie48727469/twitter

He is lying beside the computer to avoid distracting the owner, but let’s give it a few minutes. We hope, after some time, he will still be able to maintain its “I am not here to distract you” intentions. If not, the owner might have to engage him in a game.

The unhygienic co-worker

In the office, you get to work with different types of people. The key to having a good working relationship with your co-workers is understanding the diversity in behavior. Once you understand the differences, it will be easy to work amicably with everyone.

Image courtesy: DaisytheBunny11/twitter

The cat came to give the owner moral support on the first day of working remotely. It went on the carpet during the greeting, and the owner was not pleased. We apologize on behalf of the bunny; it appears to have fallen asleep. 

The intern

An internship is for gaining relevant experiences and skills in a particular field. It is a beneficial opportunity because employers often recruit employees from their interns. The cat has enrolled at its owner’s firm as an intern so it can start learning the ropes.

Image courtesy: Pav291/twitter

Sometimes, interns get better at the job than their teachers, which is what this cat’s owner wishes for. They want her to be able to work efficiently unsupervised. We are glad the owner understands that their fur baby is trying to help and hope they will support her learning. 

The yoga master

Remote working can disrupt your lifestyle if you don’t plan properly. You might forget to keep up with your daily routine because you are working from home. One of the things you may not remember to keep up with is your exercise or yoga routine.

Image courtesy: KateWelshofer/twitter

The cat has decided to disrupt everything and cancel their tour. We see the fur mom in the back looking quite defeated. And wow, this housecat looks quite angry about whatever happened that led to him throwing out all their hard work.

Leave the job to us

What’s better than one co-worker? Two smart and cute co-workers, of course. A home office with two pets as colleagues must be fun to work in. We presume it is like having two executive assistants at your beck and call – a stress-free working experience.

Image courtesy: AntarticaJones/twitter

Look at the co-workers taking positions at different locations. We call this strategizing. We just hope the cat behind the computer does not decide to eat the wire – that might be disastrous. These co-workers are adorable – we might just need to adopt some for ourselves.

Tilly the co-host

Not only do pets help with projects, but they are also great at pretty much everything. So, if you are working remotely, you should consider getting supportive co-workers that will help. We are convinced that having pets fill that role while substitutes for human interaction just fine.

Image courtesy: Radiostace/twitter

Tilly is sniffing the host’s hand; we think he might be checking for something. Maybe she is trying to check if the host has already eaten lunch. Tilly demands to take several lunch breaks a day, as well as at least three naps.

The Masseur and doting co-worker

The long hours at the office sometimes tell on our backbones and give us serious backaches. To reduce this pain, most companies now get chairs with a cushioned backrest but not for remote staff. Hence, having a masseur as a co-worker is an added advantage.

Image courtesy: rukasthedog/Reddit

When your co-worker spoils you outrageously with backrubs and kisses, we consider you lucky. The owner of this pet has a two-in-one co-worker in their dog. It provides backrubs to prevent backaches and kisses and hugs for moral support – such an affectionate pet.

Mr Belarus hates working

Initially, remote working might confuse your pets; you don’t stay at home at this hour of the day. Mr. Belarus finds it hard to understand that its owner is at work and home simultaneously. Its expression makes us think the owner is trying to explain the situation.

Image courtesy: BelarustheCat/Reddit

We love the confused but cute eyes of this cat. It makes us want a goofy co-worker like this. He might be thinking, “so now that you don’t have to leave the house for work, who buys the groceries? How will my treat stash stay stocked?!”

The shy co-worker

Most people set up a workstation that does not accommodate their co-workers, but this owner is an exception. We commend the thoughtfulness of this fellow. They found a station that is perfect for their co-hedgehog. They are both certainly thrilled by this.

Image courtesy: MaryMeisenzahl/twitter

You must think about your clingy co-workers when you are getting your home workstation. When you make necessary preparations to accommodate their excessiveness, it will help your work speed. Get things that will distract your pets so you can work without distractions.

New office; new manager

When you have a new manager, you must get introduced and talk about possible changes. Today, this poster is meeting with its manager and doesn’t like the latest developments being discussed. We wonder what changes the manager is making to the ground rules.

Image courtesy: therealbradbabs/twitter

Something tells us that the changes are about giving pets during work hours; the manager must have made rules about this. We love getting cat cuddles, so we are siding with the manager on this one. Give the cat what he wants!

You should be throwing the ball

Talia feels deprived; her owner is at home but is not throwing the ball or making any attempt to. She doesn’t understand why the laptop seems more important than her. We blame the owner for not explaining the new mode of operation to Talia.

Image courtesy: _trashfox/twitter

He should have told Talia about his new working mode before this complaint. Talia looks shocked that he is not getting the attention she craves, and the owner doesn’t understand her plight. We hope that Talia gets a long session of fetch after her fur parent clocks out.

Hello there

A co-worker who checks up on you while you are drowning yourself in work should be rewarded. They remind you that a little break is good for your progress and beneficial to them too. Such check-ups often end with you throwing the ball or stroking their head.

Image courtesy: ox2si/twitter

We like the face the cat is making; it gives the “you don’t think I deserve some time?” vibes. There is no way we would continue working if our co-worker made such faces at us. We would take a break to play with them and face the consequences later.

Hey, Mommy, look at me for a second

We would also disturb our co-workers with our cute faces if we wore our new accessories and they didn’t notice it. There is a possibility we will do more than this cat, like stand in front of their computer until they see.

Image courtesy: blackedraven/twitter

The cat might have worn the necklace to look pretty for her mommy/co-worker, but she isn’t paying attention to that. Hence, the cat gives hints so she will notice the new chain and compliment it. We hope the owner took a well-deserved cuddle break after taking this photo.

Need some help? I got you

The dog is offering to help its owner with their work, and we appreciate the owner’s perspective. They didn’t lay claims that this innocent dog was disturbing them. No one should be able to say such things about such a cute pupper.

Image courtesy: LynneKelly/twitter

The offer from the dog is so admirable, and we hope the owner finds some tasks for it to do. It might be some canine puzzle or games, something to stimulate it and ensure they concentrate on their work too. With that, both parties can live happily with this new normal.

Show me the power button

These cats are here to learn the basics of the new role they will be starting on Monday. From this picture, we can see that only one is eager and ready for this job. The black cat is still trying to understand why they have to work.

Image courtesy: SesameSquirrel/twitter

Meanwhile, the white cat is getting familiar with the role. It looks like it is trying to locate the power button. We hope it doesn’t decide to toy with the computer all the time. And hopefully, it will be patient enough to learn to type and send emails.

The lazy owner

Contrary to what you think, this pet is not disturbing the owner; rather, he is here for support. But his fur dad wants him to interrupt. Talk about looking for excuses to abandon their work! We know the dog totally fell for this trick.

Image courtesy: AdrianShuter/twitter

We must say that if we had a co-worker anywhere near this cute, we might also shirk our responsibilities for a quick game and a nap. Playing fetch is hard work for both sides. A rested worker is a productive worker!

I want to host a zoom meeting

Zoom meetings can be unnecessarily long and tiring, but not when your cat hijacks the session with their cuteness. We would prefer to watch a cat sleeping than listen to our team lead assign new tasks. Hopefully, an adorable furball will take over our next virtual meeting.

Image courtesy: solace357/twitter

We wish all cat owners would give their cats access to the camera. If they did, we would all enjoy our meetings a heck of a lot more. And hopefully, the team lead doesn’t find out and instruct them to switch off their camera.

Oh wow, this feels warm

It looks like this dog has mistaken its owner’s laptop for an appropriate source of warmth. We wonder what kind of explanation the owner would have to give to get their computer back. Oh, right. Only pets and belly rubs would suffice.

Image courtesy: darylmeador/twitter

The innocent look suggests that they are uninterested in any explanation the owner has to give. It might be difficult to convince the dog that this isn’t a great place for him to sleep. Another option that we think might work is bribing the dog with treats.

The employee of the month

A good way to encourage loyal and dedicated workers is by appreciating their efforts. Recognize their contributions with gifts and accolades. This is what Elvis has gotten. His owner and boss noticed his unwavering devotion to his assigned duties and gave him an award.

Image courtesy: kleirrozel/twitter

We understand Elvis’s excitement and congratulate him on his accomplishment. When we finally achieve our employee of the month goal, we will host a party to celebrate the feat. We hope Elvis gets a party to celebrate this win and he is allowed to invite friends and well-wishers.

The exhausted Editor

During long hours of work on the laptop, it is essential to look away from the bright lights now and again. After some hours on the computer, trying to perfect the emails before sending them out, this editor seems exhausted. You may attribute this exhaustion to the lack of a proper workstation.

Image courtesy: rexthetvterrier/twitter

For some reason, we think his glasses look like those of our chief editor, and it is so adorable. We hope the owner relieves this editor of this stress and continues where they stopped. After all, they are co-workers and need to work as a team!

I won’t tamper with the figures

Calculating and balancing figures can get tricky, but that would only be temporary if you have a smart co-worker. There must have been a figure mismatch somewhere because this one is focused on solving the problem. Hopefully, he doesn’t compound it. 

Image courtesy: JR_sfdcjunkie/twitter

Unfortunately, the fur dad who let this happen wants pictures more than solutions. He must think his co-worker will always be there to help. However, we are all probably aware this colleague will do nothing but wreak havoc with the numbers.

Don’t find me a chair

Didi is not interested in sitting on a chair. He wants to sit on his owner’s lap during work hours. When you consider it, you will realize that sitting on the lap is cost-efficient too. He must be helping his human save – such a considerate doggo!

Image courtesy:

Interestingly, this option of sitting on the owner’s lap has different benefits. Aside from saving cost, it also warms up the owner’s lap, which is simply wonderful. Didi deserves a treat for coming up with such a bright and helpful idea.

Let’s talk; the boss is not here

One of the perks of working in an office space is talking about the happenings (i.e., the tea). Although some people call it gossiping, we call it interaction, which is healthy in moderation. You shouldn’t have to do without such interactions.

Image courtesy: GwynethTrask/twitter

We understand the excitement of this pet dad when their new co-worker offers to chat with them. These interactions enhance mental stimulation, increase productivity, and encourage employees. We recommend that this cat be awarded the most sociable co-worker award at the end of the month.

The friendly officemate

Friendly office mates are the best; they make office hours seemingly short and enjoyable. We can’t imagine having an office mate that is hostile. That would make the 40 hours we spend at work just terrible. You have to watch how you act around such people, which can be stressful.

Image courtesy: eileenMake/twitter

People who work with friendly workmates always look forward to working days. So, we understand why this owner is so happy their office mate is nice. They would enjoy working long hours with their mates and might even extend their workday.

Why is this off?

The new co-worker does not understand why the screen is off during working hours. We also don’t know why the owner is relaxing; she even has a pillow. She is also hindering her co-worker from working by turning off the computer!

Image courtesy: AnnMarieInNYC/twitter

We think the co-worker is trying to call their attention to the fact that they should be working. Truthfully, we all need breaks. But, we believe it is important that you have someone that keeps you on track – just like this co-worker.

It is lunchtime buddy

Remote working shouldn’t prevent you from getting lunch with a co-worker. After all, lunchtime is happy hour. It seems this owner is pretty pleased about his daily date with his mate. It means he will take a decent break and have a laugh or two.

Image courtesy: ProfChristosV/twitter

You should never forget lunchtime because you are working remotely, especially when your co-worker can starve if you do that. Well, maybe not starve, but if you have a cat working with you, they will certainly be very vocal about any missed meals.

I have something to tell you

The expression on the face of this co-worker says it has something important to tell his colleague. It would be nice if they could pause their task for a while just to listen. Let’s hope it is not something about a salary raise or a break from work.

Image courtesy: jmbeveridge/twitter

When you have such chatty and clingy co-workers, you must create time to attend to them. Plan your working hours to include feeding and playing with them. Once you give them the attention they need, they will give you space to meet your targets and deadlines (we hope).

Let me see that picture

It’s break time, and this co-worker has seen a picture folder they want to admire during this time. Although this is admirable, we think it might distract them for hours. They might get engrossed watching these cute pictures and lose interest in the job.  

Image courtesy: MiaPinchoff/twitter

The only way out of this that we can think of is maybe a plate of yummy treats. Make it attractive, and hope that the cat considers it a suitable substitute for these pictures. An alternative would be to make him his own little cat pin-up calendar.

I am tired of this remote work of yours

The cat must have said, “It is time for a break. buddy; you have been working for too long. Let’s do something fun”. Stop for a moment and look at me, or I will lie on your keyboard.” The owner has four pictures to prove this.

Image courtesy: OneEyedPip/twitter

Look at the first two frames. They show the cat lying on the laptop to stop the owner from typing. We think the cat is trying to shut down the computer in the other two frames. When it successfully finds the power button, then it will be playtime. 

Wait let me read that

When you have drafted the end-of-year report, your supervisor is usually around to crosscheck it. The supervisor’s face looks like he has seen a rookie mistake. The employee will have to give a good explanation for that. She must be a tough manager.

Image courtesy: S_Maria_Dubs/twitter

If the supervisor is nice enough, this error might just need to be corrected, and it will be forgotten. We don’t support bribery, but we suggest that the worker buys their supervisor lunch. With that and a little catnip, they might be able to win her favor.

Your bed is ours now

When working remotely, getting up early might become a sport because you know there is zero commuting time. To prevent you from staying too long in bed, you should recruit your pet to displace you. They will do it better than your alarm clocks.

Image courtesy: Agilejack/twitter

There is also the advantage of them ensuring that you stay at your desk to work throughout working hours. They will remain on your bed to supervise you and ensure you don’t get tempted and go back to bed. It also provides you maintain good posture while working.