Adorable, Snow-Loving Chonky Boy From Russia

By Luka E

Ginger is a cat from Russia whose owners found him living on the streets where he was fighting to survive on any food he could find. 

Image courtesy of @cute_ginger_cat | Instagram

When they found him, he was hanging out near their house. According to them, “He looked like he was a home cat who didn’t know how to survive outside—he would just sit in one place for long periods of time.” 

After posting ads to find his owners, which went unanswered, they decided to take him in. Look at him now – such a happy chonk! 

Image courtesy of @cute_ginger_cat | Instagram

As well as a warm, loving home, he also found a new best friend in their other cat, Mr. Black. Despite his newfound comforts, he still loves to spend time in the garden, explore the snowy surroundings, and run about. 

“He is super cute. He loves to be with his people, and I think that he knows how to enjoy life because it looks like he savors every moment.” says his family. Generally, he prefers to stay at home, but he occasionally goes out exploring. He likes playing in the snow, though only for a short while before running back home. 

Image courtesy of @cute_ginger_cat | Instagram

When he’s on patrol around his territory, he often teases the neighboring cats and dogs. Sometimes he’ll sit on the fence and watch the dog barking in frustration on the other side. 

He always checks up on his humans while they work in the garden to see what they’re doing in summer. Half the time, they’re repairing the garden beds from the destruction that’s left in the wake of his playtime!

Image courtesy of @cute_ginger_cat | Instagram

We are totally in love with this ginger chonk and all the cute moods captured in these photos. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did!