Enigmatic Puppy Rebels Against Posing For Photos

By Luka E

Kiko is one of 3 Finish Spitz owned by Ashleigh Macpherson. They have all been trained to pose for photos, but Kiko has a hilarious little quirk that makes her stand out from the group. Recently, the quirk became a bit of a trick, we assume with some training. This is the first time we’ve seen a dog doing this, and we’re not really sure how she does it. 

Image courtesy of Ashley Macpherson

Mika is 3 years old and the mother of the other two. Tofu is a year and a half old, and Kiko, the silly one, is 6 months old. The bigger, white one’s name is Kaya, and she’s a Swiss Shepherd. Being 6 years old, she naturally plays a maternal role in the group. “They are crazy little dogs who are sassy and very cat-like. They are very talkative and have so much to say. They are small dogs with huge personalities,” says Ashleigh.

Image courtesy of @kayatheshepherd | Instagram

Kiko was born and raised during Covid and was the only puppy of the litter. Ashleigh theorizes that her odd behavior might be due to growing up with cats for company. Since she was a puppy, she would simply look backward if she was facing the opposite direction when called. Eventually, it became a bit of a trick, and now she does it on command. 

Image courtesy of @kayatheshepherd | Instagram

We think Kiko is incredibly cute, and her antics are super loveable! We hope you enjoy these shots of her with that silly face.