One Photographer Proves That The Resemblance Between Human And Pet Is Uncanny

By Ruby M January 24, 2022

After adopting his own dog Baxter, Gerrard Gethings found his creative animal muse. Since then, he has traveled the world, photographing animals that look just like their owners. He is a world-renowned photographer and globally known for his book, Do You Look Like Your Dog?, which explores the intense bond between humans and their beloved four-legged friends. Of course, its pages are filled with colorful and fun photographs taken by Gethings himself of people and animals that look almost identical. Just to give you some warm and fuzzies to wash away those January blues, we’ve put together some of our favorite picks of his work. Cat and dog lovers alike will simply adore these, so be sure to show them to your fur-loving friends!

All images in this article are courtesy of Instagram/Gerrard Gethings.

Same-Same Siamese

Sure, they might not both have sky blue eyes and a bright bushy tail, but one thing is sure – we can tell that this human is one hundred percent supposed to be the non-biological mommy to this fluffy Siamese kitty cat!

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Both the cat and the human alike have the same color “coat,”  albeit one of them is a hoodie, but it still counts for all intents and purposes! They also both have the same cocoa-colored hair/fluff, so that counts, right?

Barber or Butcher?

This was indeed a match made in heaven. The serious expression mirrored on both the human and four-legged friend is almost identical – and so is the amount of facial hair, except for the minor difference of one being fur.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Judging by his apron, the person either works as a barber or butcher when he’s not spending time with his beloved doppelganger doggo. We wonder if he ever brings his furry friend to work – we’re sure his patrons would love to meet his “match!”

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both of Us

Both the cat and man look as if they’d just encountered a foul smell or somebody they immensely dislike. There was likely a dog or, dare we say, another cat in his territory in the cat’s case. And you don’t want to get on the bad side of either of them. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Or perhaps there’s another bad kitty in the neighborhood, and there’s not enough room in this town for two of them. So this rad cat is going to fight this the only way he knows how – a staredown. We’re not so sure what upset the cat, though.

The Poodle-Perfect Do

We wonder whose hair was harder to style this way – the poodle or the person! Whether it took minutes or hours, we can say that the hairstylist (or, should we say, fur stylist) really did an outstanding job at making these two match. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Both the dog and person have the exact same do, minus the color, including the high ponytail effect. We also love the fact that both of them have identical facial expressions, right down to the slightly open mouth and model eyes.

A Bewildering Resemblance

The bewildered expression on both the man and cat is almost as if the two were looking into a mirror, and the photographer got a snap of the reflection, too. We can’t help but wonder what on earth it is that they were looking at that warranted such a reaction.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The two look so alike that even the human and his feline companion have similar noses! The cat also has the same white mustache as his human counterpart and looks just as elderly as the old man. Gerrard really hit the nail on the head this time!

Majestic Man and Dog

Simply and utterly majestic! That’s what we would describe the handsome gentleman on the left looking solemnly into the distance with the same deep expression as the Afghan hound with almost horse-like hair captured in the photo next to him. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The human and his very furry friend both have long, luscious hair that’s billowing awesomely in the wind as if the two have been models all their life. They’re showing off their beautiful locks for the world to see and admire.

Big Cat Dad

This big cat dad has his work cut out for him when it comes to stretching your arms as high as you can – his big kitty definitely has him beat. We’re pretty sure that his big cat can probably also run faster and jump higher than her human counterpart.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

We wonder if this guy just happened to come across a cub one day on his way to work and the little thing followed him home, or if he was a runner-up to star in the Netflix series Tiger King, but he didn’t own a zoo. Or perhaps he does!

Blue Tongues for Everyone!

Even their blue tongues are the same! This adorable bow-wow Chow and his clearly eccentric woman – if her bright orange hair and matching blue tongue have anything to do with it – were certainly brought together by fate itself.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

She seems like the type to be a writer or a quirky photographer, but these two brown-eyed beauties are probably seen together on this person’s days off, spending time with one another, enjoying a bubblegum slush. Of course, the doggo doesn’t need any food coloring for his bright blue tongue!

A ‘Pawfect’ Pair

These two are identical, right down to their uniquely colored eyes. This ‘pawfect’ pair was clearly a match made in heaven! Their serious facial expressions and probably even their personalities are so intertwined the only thing stopping them from being actual twins is biology. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Soul-twins, however? We don’t disagree. If you’re so inclined to believe in the soul, that is. We can only imagine how the story of these two meeting each other for the first time went. The gentleman was looking for a companion when he came face to face with an almost mirror-version of himself – and the rest was history.

Gruff but Fluff

What we want to know is how Gethings manages to keep getting this right. He must have had thousands of people from all over the world send in photographs of themselves and their “twin.” As a result, he must have been bombarded with more pictures of people and their identical pets. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Despite the fact that the man in this photo looks as if he could crush you with his bare hands – he’s actually quite a sweetheart. When he’s not riding his motorcycle, he’s at home, listening to heavy metal with his doppelganger cat, who is just as fluffy as he is!

Pig-Tail Pair

According to Gethings, he had originally photographed 50 people and their look-alike animal companions and had turned it into a memory game called Do You Look Like Your Dog? This photo was among the 50 images that went viral. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

And we have to admit that this was another perfect doppelganger photograph taken by Gethings. This one is of a blonde woman whose pigtails match the long and hairy ears of her little doggo perfectly, and their slim figures even match, too.

A Couple of Gingers

This sweet freckled man wanted to make sure that his look-alike photograph of him and his beloved ginger-colored pooch was as similar as possible, so he happily closed his eye for the photo to match his dog’s missing eye.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Despite the missing eye, the dog really does look like a charming creature – and we’re sure that his red-headed counterpart is just as lovely. On top of the fact that both man and dog have red hair/fur, the doggo even has some matching “freckles” on his chest!

Maybe it’s Tresemmé

Okay, is it just us, or do both the woman and the dog in the photo look like they just stepped out from filming a hair advertisement for L’Oréal Paris or Tresemmé? Their luscious chocolate hair is absolutely glowing! 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

It is simply remarkable how their hair is exactly the same shade of brown and their eyes, too, right down to the cheeky shimmer. The key differences are, of course, that the woman has makeup on but with hair like that, neither of them need it!

No Time For Mousing Around

Talk about wearing the fur of your enemies, are we right? This is a duo we would certainly not want to cross. Both look as majestically intimidating as the other, and both clearly have no time for “mousing around.” 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

We are sure you would agree that you wouldn’t want to anger either of them. Both of these strong-looking women (we’re guessing the cat is female) look as if they belong in the pages of a Harry Potter novel.

Giant Teddy Bears? Perhaps.

These two look like a regular couple of giant teddy bears. Unlike the serious expressions of our previous duo, this man and dog look just like the people you’d want traveling with you through the dark shadows of the Forbidden Forest

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Both the man and dog seem as if they would be so loyal if they loved you, and even if they didn’t love you, they would make sure to keep you safe from harm’s way. Plus, our handsome gentleman isn’t drooling, so he’s definitely a keeper!

Every Mad Man Needs an Even Madder Cat

Every mad scientist needs a mad scientist kitty cat to ensure that all explosions are safely taking place and, of course, to make sure that no rat or mouse spies try to sneak in and steal all the experiments (or test subjects) for themselves!

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The two of them look as if their photoshoot took place right after a nasty accident in their secret lab that ended with something blowing up and causing their hair to become puffy. They simply didn’t have enough time to go to the salon before he took the photo.

A Boy and His Cat

Both of these cuties are very upset about being wet and probably equally upset about having their photo taken in such a state – this boy and his look-alike feline definitely both have the same feeling towards bath time. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

When they’re not being forced into the hostile waters of despair, this little boy and his kitty companion can be seen running and jumping together in the garden, lying in the sun, and avoiding the bath at all costs.

Perm Day

This adorable and lovely pair enjoys spending time at the local hair salon, perfecting their matching white perms. When they aren’t gallivanting with their hair, they can be found sitting on their porch with a good book and hand-knit blanket.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The happy-go-lucky duo also enjoys taking short walks together in the park on a nice day, stopping for dog-friendly ice cream on the way home, and, of course, barking at the neighbors’ loud kids and watching soapies on the telly every Saturday morning.

The ‘Purrfect’ Pair

This gorgeous little girl and her even more magnificent kitty cat have a lot more in common than their fur-do. Their big round eyes suggest that they clearly were up to something naughty before Gerrard took the photo. They are almost identical.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The two innocent-looking little heart-breakers match not only in expression but are both rocking their tan outfits. We hope that the photoshoot wasn’t too traumatic for this naughty little pair and that they were able to resume their mischief later on.

An Important Pair

These two gentlemen know a thing or two about posing. Their gruff yet gentle expressions tell us that they know how to work hard and play just as hard and that they are probably both great with the grandkids. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The man looks as if he serves a position in the government or something of equal importance, and his doppelganger doggo is definitely involved in his work somehow. The two seem utterly inseparable, even when it comes to being on the job.


Standing proud, tall, and happy is this doppelganger duo’s motto. The dog’s chest markings even match the young lady’s power suit – and let’s not forget about the hair! Isn’t it both hilarious and adorable that both of them have matching pigtails?

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Gerrard had once explained how he convinced people to join in on his shoots, and it often began with strangers he found on the street. “Excuse me,” he would say, “May I photograph you?” dubiously adding a compliment such as, “You have an exquisite face.”

Bed Head

Talk about bed head. This little boy and teddy-bear doggo know a thing or two about that. We wonder if this is the result of both simply refusing to be brushed or if Gethings knew how similar they would look with matching messy hair.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

We wonder how Gethings went about photographing this kid. We can imagine him walking up to the child and presumably his parents at a park somewhere and explaining that he has hair just like a dog, and it would be a sin not to photograph it!

Some Pawple Just Don’t Get it

We’d like to say that anyone would agree that Gethings’ work is visionary and original, but we know that some would disagree like anything else in the world. Take this gentleman, for example, who seems to be quite perplexed.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/ Gerrard Gethings

Thanks to his markings, even the kitty cat looks as if he’s raising an eyebrow as well – probably at the man wearing a funny hat and glasses! Glasses that are the exact same shade of deep yellow as the little kitty’s eyes, we must add. 


One just did their braids, the other looks as if they just had their braids taken out – and both are looking fabulously pleased with their chic look. We’re loving how the woman’s shade of lipstick matches the dog’s tongue perfectly.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

We wonder if Gethings spotted this young woman just before she had her braids done and told her about the dog who has the same hairstyle as her, and in his polite little way, requested for her to be a part of his project.

To Beard, Or Not To Beard?

To beard, or not to beard? This man said never! We can tell that this man is one hundred percent a beardy – he probably has a collection of combs and oils dedicated to perfecting and protecting his much-loved facial hair. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

As for the dog, the man would be envious to know that his “beard” is quite effortless to maintain, and yet both of them look as if they were never meant to be apart. We can’t help but wonder just how many humans fell in love with their doppelgangers after they met.

Another Pair You Don’t Want to Cross

Much like the woman and cat who wear the coat of their enemies, this striking gentleman and cat duo are also a pair that you wouldn’t want to tick off and then run into in a dark alleyway somewhere. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

These two were certainly a match made in Gethings’ photography heaven. Their serious expressions mirror one another perfectly, and the only difference is the fact that the cat doesn’t need a hat, like the human is wearing, to top off his look. 

Paw-Thumbs Up

Even though the paw enacting a very personified thumbs up had to be photo-shopped, we love the fact that the photo was edited as such, and it looks like both the man and the cat are expressing an “okay” to all their fans.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

We give Gethings a thumbs up for picking this pair for a photoshoot. The man even made sure that his sweater matched the cat’s fur. The only question that remains is what the heck they are both looking at!

Dots and Spots

Surprisingly enough, even though the woman in the photo is wearing a checkered black and white dress instead of what we would expect, spots, and lots of spots, she and her canine friend definitely do still seem oddly alike.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

She’s laughing, and the dog is either yawning or howling. Either way, their demeanors both seem to be on par – very bubbly and sweet. Perhaps that is why Gethings chose this pair to be a part of his project.

Boxing Cat

A boxer and a boxing cat – what an adorable pair. Even though the Tuxedo kitty in this comparison is far more impeccably dressed, both are so similar, and it’s not just the punch they’re both throwing that makes us say that! 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The boxer and the boxing kitty both have markings on their left arms. If that isn’t enough to convince you that these two are meant to be a boxing duo, then look at how the boxing gloves match the gloves on the kitty’s paws.

Men (and Cats) In Black

These two handsome young men take dark and mysterious to a whole new level in this next comparison. We absolutely love how the photographer, Gethings, of course, captured the same color green in the gentleman’s shades as the curious kitty cat’s eyes.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/ Gerrard Gethings

They both look like they belong in the Men in Black films, exploring area 51, and of course, the cat can talk in the film – he’d probably have the voice by someone who sounds as mysterious as the cat looks like Samuel L. Jackson.

Green and Blue

Despite the woman not having the same different colored eyes as the majestic kitty, she does have makeup on that matches the shade of each eye, and the result is simply exquisite. We can certainly picture these two as human and pet partners.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Gethings has said many times in interviews that he tries to bring out an animal’s most unique features when he photographs them. This comparison using brightly colored makeup really accentuates the beautiful creature’s striking green and blue eyes so well.

A Holy Duo

Even a priest needs the love of a trusty four-legged companion – and it looks like this particular one has a flair for the holy. This doggo takes his role as the priest’s right hand very seriously and even has his own clerical collar to prove it.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

This church is a little different from most. At Sunday mass, the Frenchie gathers up all his canine and willing feline friends and barks to them about the love of God and man, after which all the dogs and cats gather with their humans for lunch.

Want to Open a Shavings Account?

Why did the man with a mustache go to the bank? For a shavings account! On a more serious note, this man is far too formally dressed to be working at a bank. He seems like the type who works at the Opera house or perhaps as a host at an eccentric club.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

His furry feline companion is also just as formal and is really pulling off the matching mustache – the only thing the kitty doesn’t have is the glasses to match – or perhaps an even smarter look would be acceptable for the Opera, like a monocle. Yes.

A Not So Innocent Pair

This cheeky-looking pup and equally cheeky-looking little girl both appear as if they were photographed right after doing something that they knew was naughty but did it anyway – and now they’re trying to look innocent. They definitely pull it off.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Perhaps together, they destroyed the bathroom by collectively ripping up the toilet paper and drawing on the walls, wearing and chewing on mom and dad’s leather boots, and eating things they weren’t supposed to touch. They probably got away with it, too – who can stay mad at those faces?

A Boy, A Cat, and a Dream

This cat and this little boy have a shared dream: to one day be a part of an international baseball team and become famous. The boy dreams of becoming the world’s best catcher, and the kitty dreams of becoming the world’s greatest mascot. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

The team would be called “The Kittens,” and they would knock the socks off of anybody who tries to oppose them. That is, what we guess the little boy told Gethings about when he came in for his picture holding his baseball glove. 

You’ve Got to Be Pugging

This adorable pug and look-alike human both look rather taken by surprise by this whole ordeal. First, the woman had just left the salon with her fresh new haircut when a strange man approached her and asked her to be in a photo because she has the features of a pug.

Image courtesy of: Instagram/ Gerrard Gethings

Then, when the woman agreed and actually met the pug – she still couldn’t see the resemblance – and neither could the pug. Both were pretty confused when they had their picture taken. That is until the two images were placed side by side. 


Even Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, needs a trusty canine companion, and this kitty even looks like him, too. With a touch of makeup and some special effects, we bet that he could even star in a sequel to the famous movie. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

Hellcat tells the story of a demonic warrior cat who protects all cats on earth from paranormal threats like zombie mice, demon birds, and Hellcat’s number one enemy – the self-proclaimed prophet, Grigori Rasputin. This cat would definitely fit in!

The Original Muse

We’ve saved you the best for last. It’s the inspiration behind Gerrard’s muse, Baxter, and his son. These two don’t look as identical as the rest of this list, but they both sure seem happy and content in their family home. 

Image courtesy of: Instagram/Gerrard Gethings

We wonder what other interesting animal photography awaits us from the talented Mr. Gethings in the coming years and if any of them will feature more interesting human and animal doppelgangers and more fun memory games to be enjoyed by people all over the world.