45 Photos That Prove When Cats And Dogs Live Under The Same Roof, There Will Be Drama

By Sachin P

We are sure you’ve heard the expression, “squabbling like cats and dogs.” While the myth that dogs and cats loathe one another does have some validity, they have inherently contrasting dispositions. Dogs are much more gregarious and energetic, whereas cats value their autonomy. With just a slight chance and some cautious introductions, they can often live in harmony with one another. Which one of you out there thinks that one needs to pick between being a “cat person” and a “dog person?” We know many people who love their cats just as much as their dogs! However, there will always be drama whenever cats and dogs share a common space. So, for your entertainment, we have compiled a long list of photos that prove our point!

Have mercy!

What in the name of tarnation is happening? This is like a scene from the movie Children of the Corn! If you’re old enough to remember, that is. We know it’s an old reference, but we can’t think of a better movie that compares to this situation.

Image courtesy of Hipster007/Reddit

This lovely pooch is obviously quite scared of these adorable kittens. They are a fraction of his size, but even he knows there’s strength in numbers. Or maybe he thinks that he is hallucinating, which is also plausible.

Gangsta cat

Ahh! The look on this doggo’s face really gets us every time. It is like really cautious when approaching the playful and adorable kitten. Well, it is pretty evident as to why when you see his face at the end of the GIF.

Image courtesy of RespectMyAuthoriteh/Reddit

The kitty is throwing its punches like a boxer, aiming straight for the dog’s nose. How adorable is this, though? We put all of our money on these two becoming the best of friends in the near future. For sure!

The odd couple

These two look like an odd couple! Remember that old movie starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon? Well, if you don’t, it’s all right because it is quite old. But it reminds us of this dynamic duo in the following string of photos!

Image courtesy of cmpriest/Twitter

Anyway, out of these two adorable individuals, it’s quite clear who the boss is. It’s the cat! You just have to look at the dog’s eyes. They give it away straight! It’s not hard to understand the power dynamic here.


This next cat is giving us a look that says, “Ugh! Get a room, you two.” It is too mature to handle and tolerate any of this lovey-dovey stuff. It just wants to be pampered the way it wants, and that’s it.

Image courtesy of nanatalada/Reddit

The stark contrast between the expressions of the two animals is so funny! We have the dog who’s absorbing the love from the human like a sponge. And then we have the cat who just disapproves of the whole shebang, with zeal.


We are pretty sure that this cat and dog are siblings. Or perhaps maybe they were in a previous like. That would explain the bit of spice to the drama unfolding here. This is how real siblings behave with each other.

Image courtesy of kansa2/Reddit

If you have a sibling, you know it’s a special relationship that involves lots of tough love. This first picture is what happens when the parents aren’t watching. The second is how they react when the parents walk into the room. What a classic!

“Am I asking a lot?”

Take a look at all the emotion smothered on this dad’s face. He just wants to sit down after a long day and watch the news or football game like most dads all over the world. Well, it is evident that he’s asking too much.

Image courtesy of DailyPicksandFlicks/YouTube

This is because his furry kids have started a fight. He is thinking, “I have to go through with this with my own kids and now my pets too!” It’s hilarious, and we do feel sorry for him. But he seems like a good sport, though!

Who’s a good boy?

We feel this needs a bit of context. So, this lady got herself a German Shepard puppy. She was asked how her cat is getting along with the cute puppy. Her entire response was summed up in one picture.

Image courtesy of juliedujour/Reddit

It was this! Just look at the smug look on this cat’s face. If it could roll its eyes every time the puppy was called a “good boy,” it would have had to have surgery. Look at him! He’s a proper grumpy catto!


The retriever just smacks the kitten away because it keeps picking at its mouth. But the kitten is ever persistent. It just doesn’t give up in the face of impossible odds. It just keeps on doing what he does best.

Image courtesy of dmitry80/Reddit

When we say doing what it does best, that’s irritating the heck out of this poor dog. The dog seems to be tolerating the cat quite well. Otherwise, it would not hesitate to show its discomfort and irritant nature to the kitten and put it in its place.

But that’s my spot!

Poor doggo. It’s been kicked out of its own comfortable bed by the cat. Just look at the snug cat sleeping! On the other hand, the dog looks like a recently widowed person. Its face just drips with sadness, and we feel it all the way over here.

Image courtesy animalchannel.co

There’s a joke about how cats can just assume the form wherever they are. Well, it seems to be true for dogs as well. The doggo looks like a well-nurtured potted plant! We wouldn’t mind keeping that in the house!


It seems like the cat here has taken a liking to the dog bed, just like the one above. This obviously spells misfortune for the poor doggo. Look at how it pleads for help from its hooman. He’s almost human-like, and it breaks our hearts.

Image courtesy of haysalpj/Reddit

The cat, meanwhile, is fast asleep. He’s so comfy in the dog’s bed. The cat is not the villain here, by the way. It just saw an opportunity and took it. Such is the personality of cats. They are opportunists at heart.

The Shining

So, this guy’s fiancé moved into his apartment and brought along her cute puppy. Now both of them were concerned that the dog would end up bullying the two cats. Actually, the opposite was what turned out to be true.

Image courtesy of aoisenshi/Reddit

The two cats, who look like the two twins from the horror classic, The Shining, have really driven the dog to the edge of his sanity. It seems like it’s pleading for its mom to take it back to where it was.

Hostage situation

The owner never had the thought that he would have to give up his dog when the cat came. When we say give up, we mean in not adoption. What we’re saying is that the cat now owns the dog. Look at the pose.

Image courtesy of Logic007/Reddit

It is effectively controlling the dog and its life. The dog is silently pleading for help, but we all know who’s in charge here. Therefore, the dog has slowly accepted his fate and now lives with his second master, the cat.

He saw the opportunity and seized it

The cat here was obviously bamboozled by the presence of the snow. Maybe this is its first time stepping outside on a cold winter day and feeling the cold between its paws. The dog seemed to have sensed this and rushed into action.

Image courtesy of MNBMAG/YouTube

It quickly came near the cat, smelled around it, and with perfect timing, he pounced the cat’s head into the snow. A perfect prankster. It was almost human in the way he did it. We are quite glad that this was caught on tape!

Poor thing

Being somewhat confused seems to be a recurring theme, eh? Cats absolutely rule over the dogs. It is funny, though, don’t get us misunderstood. We love seeing things like these and having a laugh. And this next one is no exception.

Image courtesy of belhavenbest/Reddit

This dog went to the vet and came home with a cone on its head. To make matters hilariously worse, the cat decided to step on it, like some conquering warrior. The end result is this hilarious picture we’re able to enjoy!

Indeed it does

RIP grumpy cat. His days as the grumpiest pet in the world have come to an end. This pug will now be the crowning champion of grumpiness until the end of his days. Just look at his sour face!

Image courtesy of kittyrescuesanctuaryinc/Instagram

His look is justified, of course! The cat stole his bed. Even we would be grumpy if we came home tired and our bed was not vacant. What makes this more hilarious is the facial expression it has plastered on its face.

Upper hand

That’s it. Cats have now learned how to operate machinery to their advantage. Soon they will develop a higher level of cognition and will truly follow up on their plans to enslave us. It’s not like they haven’t succeeded so far.

Image courtesy of TexasGirly1979/Reddit

But all that paranoia aside, it is quite funny how this cat has figured out how to maneuver the Roomba. It does it like a pro, and now the poor dog is at an obvious disadvantage in this case. Better step up your game, buddy!

What’s going on here?

“Nothing hooman. Nothing is going on here. Go on, be about your business.” That would be the answer you’ll get from these two shady cuties. Just look at their expressions and body language. They are definitely up to something.

Image courtesy of Pippi111/Reddit

It’s like they were having a conversation when the parent stepped in. Well, it looks more like a confrontation when you look at the cat. The dog really wants you to be somewhere else. Anywhere other than there. We get it, buddy. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Huskies be like that

Huskies are an adorable breed of dogs. Plus, it must be taken into account that they are a resilient breed as well. Their intelligence makes them ideal companions in cold and snowy places. In fact, there are many movies about huskies.

Image courtesy of pixeth/Reddit

In the same breath, there are also films about Labradors and Retrievers, if we are to add. Their intelligent nature makes them innately curious, as you can see here. One push, and the cat understood that he’s not messing around.

That’s taking things a bit too far right?

So apparently, it’s not rocket science that this cat has issues with this particular dog. Also, it is pretty evident that this cat has no qualms when it comes to showing its issues with the dog. It definitely led to the following scenario.

Image courtesy of gaymerRaver/Reddit

Dogs have a tendency to sniff other dogs’ behinds, but this is like a power move. It looks like the cat is declaring that it has total autonomy over the dog and its life. This is true, in a sense, when you look at this.

Encounters of the angry kind

So, there is a story behind this hysterical photo. This guy holding the cat got married. He wanted to introduce his cat to the new dog, who will be a part of the household. This was how it went down.

Image courtesy of shinypup/Reddit

We really don’t want to be the dog in this situation. The cat is making sure to let the dog know about its discomfort and inconvenience quite well. We only hope that these two will end up being best friends in the end.

Okay, that’s a good one!

This looks so human-like. We have a hard time believing that this is a real cat. It’s more like the cat here may have been a human in his past life. That’s one possibility we can’t rule out. Not just yet.

Image courtesy of Zakrys/Reddit

This is something men do to their close friends. If you and your guy friends haven’t passed wind in each others’ faces, well, you’re not that close. So based on those grounds, we can surmise that these two are the best of buddies.

Really dude, really?

The cat is looking at the owner as if he’s asking, “Is this the way things are going to be in this house from now on?” The cat merits the owner adopting the poor dog, but to share its best napping places with him!? No sirree!

Image courtesy of SecretAg3nt/Reddit

There’s a line you do not cross, and that’s stealing an ideal napping place of another animal. The cat here is quite cross about that, and we do agree with him in that regard. It’s his spot, like Sheldon’s spot in the Big Bang Theory.

Cat cult

What sort of a cult practice is going on here? Here are four black kittens who are equally spaced from each other, almost trying to mob a husky puppy? There is definitely something at play here that we need to get to the root of.

Image courtesy of koodie25/Reddit

Or, holding back the paranoia, we can also assume that these kittens just want to be friends with the husky. Who wouldn’t, in their right mind? Husky puppies are adorable, and so are fluffy black kittens. It’s a perfect match, in our opinion.

Limits were reached

We side with the cat on this one. Undoubtedly, the dog wanted to play, but it did exceed the allowed limit of personal space, as far as the cat’s concerned. Now, when that happens, the dog must be taught a lesson.

Image courtesy of GodofNumbers/Reddit

Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, the cat had the high ground. It easily overcame the extreme attention that came from the dog with ease with the finesse of a seasoned fighter, we should add. Let bygones be bygones and just be friends again.

Get your mitts off of my enemy

This is the best example for the age-old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This happens to be a real-time, real-life reenactment of the well-known saying. And look how dramatic the whole thing plays out! We are in shock!

Image courtesy of MNBMAG/YouTube

Sure, the cat might have problems with the dog. But they are family, in the broadest possible sense. So, of course, it would not tolerate some bully cat having a go at his sibling. They got each other’s backs, and it’s adorable.

Day 69: They still suspect nothing. Nice!

If you look from the perspective of these very inquisitive cats, this dog has been given an honor. It’s the kind of honor almost no dog would ever receive. It has been given permission to chill in the cat’s pet house!

Image courtesy of princesskittysaviorfr/Imgur

The little pooch is under constant supervision from the upper branches. They are monitoring whether it is abiding by the laws and picking up the tips and tricks they have taught it. Whoever says that cats and dogs can’t work it out should see this.

Aggressive affection

Like the previous posts, we can attest to the fact that these two used to be siblings. In a former life, we mean. Because this is just how siblings react in everyday life, they stick to a principle called tough love.

Image courtesy of unique_useyourname/Reddit

They are not openly affectionate like the manly men you find in Tolkien novels. Nope. But, they do love their siblings very much. They throw in the odd punch or slap to remind them not to get too lovey-dovey.

Butt’s on the other head now

Just like the shoe is on the other foot. Oh, how the tables have turned! In a previous post, we saw how a cat gave the butt treatment to the dog. Now, it’s the opposite, and the cat is taking it like a champ!

Image courtesy of Lobbyse/Reddit

Well, tit for tat. This dog got the one up against his fallen brother. And the cat doesn’t seem to be overly fond of being under the dog’s butt. But somehow, both of them seem to have an understanding of the situation.


The enthusiasm and the perseverance this doggo has is quite infectious! And we mean that in a good way. He is really working hard to show up the cat. Whatever punishment the cat doles out, the doggo will not budge. It keeps jumping.

Image courtesy of MNBMAG/YouTube

Well, in a way, this is how we approach problems in our lives if our main goal is to win. We should assess our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and face the problems in a tactical manner. You learn something new every day!

Jealous, much?

This is Gillie. She is the newest addition to this particular family, which already had a cat. Where is the cat, you might ask? Well, the cat is behind the jovial Gillie, sporting what you may call a scorning glance.

Image courtesy of HallahFin/Reddit

The cat is like a nosy and sneaky neighbor the way it looks at this pup. It looks smug because now the love will be divided two ways, and it seems like the kind of cat who’s used to getting pampered a lot!

Can’t or won’t?

At first glance, it seems like the cat is holding onto the leash like its life depends on it. But in reality, the dog can easily drag the cat around like a plush toy since he obviously outweighs the cat.

Image courtesy of Waggle TV/YouTube

But it seems like the dog is bogged down by a mental barrier that it can’t surpass. Like most things in life, it’s our impression and assessment of things that hold us back. At that’s something which is quite evident here.

The dog does have a point

It may outweigh the cat almost by a factor of eight times, but the fear in this picture here is quite real. Sure, the size of the aggressor matters, but also the size of the fight in the aggressor matters more.

Image courtesy of articulateantagonist/Reddit

The dog clearly knows this. This is why it backed away to the safest place it could think of; in the owner’s lap. It is quite confident that no harm will come to him here in this safe haven and sanctuary.

Finish him!

Whoa! The cat is really taking out all of its anger on the Pomeranian here. We think we won’t be at fault for thinking that the cat was raised in a household where the owner was a boxer or an MMA player.

Image courtesy of Ninja M./Flickr

The cat throws a beautiful left hook that would make Evander Holyfield beam with pride. The Pomeranian clearly misunderstood the fight in the cat here. The cat came prepared to present a smackdown on the dog. It seems like it managed to do so!

History repeats itself

We witnessed how well a feline might approach a doggy under the same room if he crosses his territory. In any case, vengeance was reached. This hound was the one who got a hold of a chance to avenge his brother.

Image courtesy of bayaka/Reddit

But he already lost to the butt. And now, this kitty does not really appear to enjoy being under dogs’ buttocks. Who would? However, they both seem to grasp the situation in a certain way. That is what matters in the end.

Not again

What seems to be the problem here? Well, apparently, this cute cat with the look of Dennis the Menace plastered all over his face is bullying the dog. It is quite evident from the body language of the dog.

Image courtesy of brown2hrn / Reddit

We think the dog wanted to play fetch with the tennis ball. The cat saw this and immediately confiscated the ball. The dog is apparently too much of a softy to do something about it. Hey, there are merits on conflict de-escalation also!

Let sleeping dogs lie

This is a bit of a childish move by this cat over here. The dog finally settles down to have a relaxing nap, and the cat decides it is time to strike. It is really being quite mischievous here with the dog.

Image courtesy of LoreSupervisor/Reddit

The dog looks around, dazed and confused as it can’t locate from where the attack came. Just let the sleeping dog be and cuddle next to him, cat. Looks like the both of you could do with a good nap!

Keep to the bro code

The bro code, as set by Barney Stinson in the sitcom series How I Met Your Mother, states that one should not get overly comfortable with their friends’ girlfriend. A good example is shown here by these cats and this dog.

Image courtesy of catdog_luv/Instagram

The dog decides to get friendly with the cat’s girl, which leads to some disastrous consequences for the dog. The cat sees this as a threat and immediately pounds the dog. The dog learned its lesson the hard way.

Kitty likes his boxes

Boxes can indeed provide warmth. The typical core temperature of felines is between 99.5°F and 102.5°F. Packaging material can act as insulators, allowing them to keep their body temperature at bay. Once cats are outside, they want and need this insulation.

Image courtesy of RM Videos/YouTube

Containers can also offer protection from the elements. Although if a cat mainly spends time inside, he or she has an inherent necessity for refuge. This can surely explain why the kitty shown here is so obsessed with the boxes.

Spill the beans, Mac!

Oh, the cats really got the dog cornered here. We can imagine one of them asking, “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? We don’t see any of us at your tongue! So, talk, dog!” It looks like a very serious confrontation.

Image courtesy of flutexgirl/Reddit

What could have the dog done to receive the reprimand of the cats? Maybe it ate some of the food left for the cats. That’s a punishable offense! You do not eat each other’s food unless the other give you permission to share.

Into the Spider(cat) Verse

What in tarnation seems to be happening here? Has the cat been bitten by a radioactive spider? Is it the new spider totem? It kind of looks like a scene from the Spider-man movies where they discover they can stick to walls.

Image courtesy of roobiscube/Reddit

Is that what’s happening here? Apparently not. The explanation is much simpler as truth is stranger than fiction. This cat is eight years old and was introduced to a new dog. This was its natural reaction to seeing the dog.

Best friends forever!

Just look at this dog. It’s living its life to the fullest! No regrets and no reservations. We won’t be wrong if it turns out that this dog loves surfing as well. We must say what a positive outlook on life.

Image courtesy of Sayruhh08/Reddit

Then comes the cat. It just balances out all the carefree philosophy of the dog with calculated decisions. The cat is the brains behind the friendship, while the dog offers spontaneity. We bet that these two can’t live without each other.


Whatever is said and done, we have to give credit to the curious nature of the doggy. It just heads into the mouth of the beast with no reservations and no regrets. The only thing motivating it is its curious nature.

Image courtesy of SlimJones123/Reddit

And how! There are no monsters under the bed! But what is this? What is this black paw that hangs from the abyss? The dog was misled! Monsters aren’t under the bed, they are a part of the bed! Constant vigilance must be exercised.

Guess who runs this joint

Cats, in general, do not like to eat dog food. So, if it is eating something which it inherently dislikes, then it is really trying to assert its dominance over these two. These two dogs can’t do anything but watch.

Image courtesy of Sublimebro/Reddit

They can retaliate in a sense by eating the cat food and letting the cat watch it. It’s a sort of tit for tat if you will. But the cat seems to have figured things out under this roof and is definitely the alpha.

You can’t see me!

What seems to be the problem here? If there was a dunce cone on the dog’s head, we could have surmised that the dog has done something mischievous and was sent to a corner. But the cat is also there!

Image courtesy of juu-arts/Tumblr

The real story behind this amusing photo is this: the dog is afraid of the cat for some reason, and the cat can’t figure out why. So the dog just pulled out a Thor skit from the movie Thor: Ragnarok!


Look at this big ball of fur and love. He has such a big and cute face. We just want to squish it between our hands and whisper sweet nothings to it. We want to say we love it a hundred times!

Image courtesy of flyingsamovar/Reddit

But what’s actually happening here is that this adorable pooch is being rejected by a cat no less. The cat won’t simply be its friend and the dog just won’t give up trying to forge a relationship. Come on! Give it a chance!