We Want To Hear Them Roar: 40+ Cats So Loud Their Pictures Have Sound

By Victoria M

We all agree that cats can be loving and loyal. They can be our trusted companions, favorite listeners, and best friends all in one. In fact, they are the most popular pet in the United States. With the price of cat food being more than a McChicken, you know we must love the heck out of these animals. But for the life of us, we just can’t figure them out sometimes!

That’s why you don’t want to miss out on this subreddit, Catswhoyell. It is exclusively for the cats that love to yell their whiskers off. Even though you may love them more than anything and treat them as if they are your own child, humans will never truly understand what’s going on in their chaotic heads. The cats you are about to see meowing their heads off have us wishing we knew what they are saying.

Let Me See

This cat is how us short girls feel at a concert. The struggle to see above the crowd to enjoy the concert is a struggle this cat knows deeply. He is making his emotions and frustrations known. We stand by this cat and vow to make his meows heard. 

Image courtesy of Uncle_Deer/Reddit

However, the little friend next to him is not having it. He is shocked by the kitty’s behavior yet is sticking beside him. The kitty is a keeper. We all have that one loud and outspoken friend and another that is sweet and quiet. This describes the picture ‘purr-fectly.’

Brand New Mattress

What a nice place to hide and take a relaxing nap. This cat is smart. Why wear the clothes when you can just lay on top of them? You can save time doing laundry! It is a win-win for everyone. Cats are truly smarter than us, and this proves it.

Image courtesy of fascismforfun87/Reddit

Though it looks comfy, we can only imagine the amount of fur that is lingering on those clothes. A lint roller might not even stand up to the strength of those strands. As we can all tell, the cat does not seem pleased with its human alarm clock.

You Came Back For Me

This is the type of excitement we all deserve when we get home from a long day. However, it may be a bit too much cheerfulness with a mix of Siamese cat crazy. He was waiting all day for his human, and his cheerful smile tells it all. 

Image courtesy of mandiekitty/Reddit

We can literally hear the meows through the screen (pun intended). How long was he waiting there? Only the neighbors know. We are waiting to hear the update about the noise complaint of excessive-high pitch meows between business hours. We have to love cats and their quirky personalities. 

Cat Orchestra

This choir of cats almost got first place, but the two backups decided they didn’t enjoy all the attention at once. One decided to leave while the other stood behind the lead singer staring her down with the classic death stare.

Image courtesy of dykely/Reddit

Teamwork did not make the dream work in this situation. Though they couldn’t make it as a team, the lead singer has a bright kitty future. She gave it her all, and we can hear the perfect vibrato from here. This is ‘purrr’ talent if we do say so ourselves. 

Exorcism Kitty

There are no words for this cat, except for the fact that he is super flexible like Shakira. Hips don’t lie? Sweety, backs don’t lie when it comes to this kitty’s tactics. He is able to control his facial expression, and we can tell he is incredibly proud of his talents.

Image courtesy of trustworthy-adult/Reddit

He somehow still has the ability to push his human, and this is a talent we all need to learn – defending ourselves while being physically broken. Although, it almost feels like we should be worried about his position and the expression on his face. 

Feed Me Master

This cat is getting the treatment of a lifetime. Being hand-fed is something we only remember as a child. We don’t get to be spoiled like this anymore, but at least we can live out our desires through this baby kitten.

Image courtesy of fakeviking/Reddit

The cat is more adorable eating than we will ever be, even when we’re on a date. We can tell he is really enjoying his food. He’s practically meowing at the ceiling and thanking the cat gods for giving him this scrumptious meal.

Soggy Cat

The poor cat did not sign up to be a part of the Baywatch group. He is not thankful for his day job, but we can’t argue that his wet fur and big meow have us falling to the floor. He is screaming, “I groom myself, and I don’t need you for assistance.” 

Image courtesy of svmelogic-teeth/Reddit

Later, he will thank his owner when he smells like baby shampoo and not cat litter. While some cats really do enjoy being in the water, others find it traumatizing. The cat is moments away from jumping out of the bathtub and making a run for it.

Honky Tonk Kitty

We can not be sure what song this cat is belting. Maybe it’s testing its vocal strings to an Adele song. But we do know he killed every line and used his heart and soul to serenade his dad.

Image courtesy of furubakun/Reddit

There is always that one song we have to go full-out for in the car. We refuse to miss a beat, and we use the best vocals we have even if we sound like a congested moose. The owner is paying him no mind, which is so rude. But we appreciate the performance. 

Frontal Disaster

A close-up camera shot can really catch you off guard, and this cat has experienced it personally. He doesn’t mind giving you a full interview on how he healed from having to see a picture of himself like this, double chin and all.

Image courtesy of SNAFU01/Reddit

This is the face of horror when we realize our skin wasn’t as clear as we thought it was, and the camera captured every pore. We just pray we don’t accidentally send it to anyone we fancy. We hope this cat has healed from the trauma.

Angry Sunrise Meditation

The sunrise and sunset are some of the most beautiful moments of the day, but this cat disagrees. He’s just angry and doesn’t care what’s going on behind him. Apparently, there are other things he’s concerned about. He most definitely forgot to drink his coffee this morning.

Image courtesy of DishonestBystander/Reddit

We have all had those days where the morning doesn’t feel as cheerful as it should. We missed our coffee or maybe skipped breakfast. This cat missed both and is in dire need of getting caught up. We are all here to help you, but we can’t help but laugh at the angry meow moment his human captured. 

Hear Me Rawr

This little beauty did not enjoy his vet visit. His face screams, “Why did you bring me here!?” Cat parents understand the struggle it takes to get our cats to an appointment. Hopefully, the ride was better than the visit itself. This cat will need all the treats in the world to forget about this moment.

Image courtesy of reno1123/Reddit

The is the face of a cat who thought he was getting a ‘Catachino’ from Starbucks but ended up on some cold metal table. We can only wonder what this cat was trying to say, but we can agree that he left all of his sass on the table.

Anger Release

This kitty is screaming to try and convey her emotions. She talks back with such force, we have to wonder if her throat has regrets. Despite her serious demeanor, she’s not fooling us. She secretly wants love, but only on her time.

Image courtesy of AvariceEvito/Reddit

Meowing for equal food portions and to have permission on the counter. She backs down at nothing to make sure her voice is heard. Beyond the serious humor of it all, this cat has bundles of character and personality.

Ring Around The Kitty

We all love and feel bad for animals after their doctor’s appointment. This time, this beautiful cat almost looks happy. To have a kitty be pleased while being poked by an unfamiliar doctor is mindblowing. This cat doesn’t regret his mini-vacation to the vet at all.

Image courtesy of IanMalcolmsLaugh/Reddit

We have to appreciate how this owner captured this picture at the right moment. We can only hope that he framed this. The kitty looks so proud, tired, and happy about everything all at once. We can all hope that our cats are this calm after an appointment.

Forgot Your Cat?

This cat meowing to get inside is enough to have us cracking up until next year. It’s like when you kick out your boyfriend in the wintertime, and he’s trying to charm his way back in. The poor kitty didn’t know he missed the last call to come in and was so scared of sleeping outside.

Image courtesy of supermetroid94/Reddit

We can admit how smart this cat is. He was able to activate sensors in order to get some attention, something some of us would stare at like a deer in headlights, confused and uncertain about what this high-grade technology is all about and how it works.

Social Distancing

This kitty understands the social distancing policy and will fight to protect her rights. This cat meowing with force at this lady is too funny. Her inability to ignore it tops it off with sprinkles. The owner looking at his cat is pleased.

Image courtesy of MaximumCrab/Reddit

Obviously, this kitty was saving that seat, and the lady today disregarded him completely. You scream on, kitty, and use your meowing for the greater good. This furball has a bright future, and we cant wait to see what she will do next.

Are You Listening?

This woman is handling this argument so well, or maybe we are misunderstanding the conversation. Either way, the kitty does not look happy. But the owner seems used to the kitty’s behaviors. Blink twice if you need some help! We are all here staring at you, waiting for the signal.

Image courtesy of Jodellmicahferland/Reddit

The question is, should we be concerned for the owner or the real-life version of “My Cat From Hell.” We have seen many episodes and have felt for the owners who have to deal with them, but we forget that the show is real. These cats exist, and this one may appear on your TV screen soon. 


This picture is as if zoomies was a physical cat. Some kitties have such high energy, they will run from room to room and knock down anything in their path. Just imagine the cat headbutting into the wall and doing a three-point flick back on its feet to take off like a race car.

Image courtesy of oarzem/Reddit

Zoomies are our cat’s favorite time of the day. Trying to catch them as they run is like trying to chase down a jaguar. They are experts at escaping. But it’s all about the memories until you trip on them and break an ankle. Be careful with cats during the zoomies. You have been warned.

American Kitty

This cat is meowing in sync with instrumental beats. What can go wrong with that? We could even have an orchestra of cats if we were able to get them all to sit together for more than two minutes. The real challenge is the bonding and training, not the level of talent.

Image courtesy of mengohmengohmeng/Reddit

This kitty has been waiting for her time to shine. She worked on her vibrato and those high notes. She is obviously singing “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. What else would it be? Her face looking up at her owner for approval is everything we needed but didn’t know we needed – too cute. 

Leave Me Alone

This poor kitty just wanted to relax in peace. It knows it’s cute, but respect its space, owner, and have a little restraint, would ya!? We can’t even judge, though. When we welcome a new fur member to the family, our cameras get a little too excited, and we must take pictures.

Image courtesy of basichomo/Reddit

This beautiful kitten is definitely not a morning person and will snap back at those looking in her direction. You better watch out and leave her alone in the morning because the meows are strong enough to scare even the biggest of men.

Where Is Dinner

This heard of cats has been waiting too long for their food and the owner is now feeling the consequences. Should we be scared or overjoyed by kittens surrounding our ankles? We are not sure, but what we can expect is that he had a few kittens clawing their way up to his shorts.

Image courtesy of satan_a**/Reddit

This man has a farm of cats, a dream some of us wish we could be a part of. Yes, we are talking about you, local cat lady. We now understand why you desire to have a bunch of felines. Our fur babies’ cute little meows and affection are more than we humans deserve.

Good Morning

This cat is the best alarm clock this owner could have. How could you not wake up with this cat meowing in your face? Obviously, the owner missed morning feeding time, and his cat has become a bit hangry. The cat heard his owner’s alarm go off too many times.

Image courtesy of bagelsandkegels/Reddit

We can just imagine the cat pouncing on his human, ready to attack because he slept too long. We are all feeling for the owner and hope he learned his lesson. He must be thankful for his ability to capture this photo without dropping his phone on his face out of fear. 

No Privacy

It looks like this little kitty decided to follow his owner into the bathroom. Cats are no better than children and have no concept of personal space. They’re always wondering what you are doing and willing to follow your every step. How sweet is that?

Image courtesy of CrystalMaidenP/Reddit

We can’t say no to a little furball wanting our attention and affection. The cat looks ecstatic to be around its owner even if the bathroom smells worse than its kitty litter that has sat there for a week or more. You can catch this kitty chilling in your bathtub waiting for you to come back.

Lounging Meow

This cat is living the dream and is able to lounge like no tomorrow. The cat is all sprawled out and the tail is doing its own thing. He wants no disturbances, which explains his face. We have to wonder just how comfortable that lounge position is.

Image courtesy of Zoitbe/Reddit

We all have that one cat that will lay in any position and then drag himself across the floor like a snake. This cat seems to be a part of that team. A flexible kitty at that. Most of us would scream trying to get into this position.

Uber Kitties

This cat has been trying to contact Uber for a little too long and hasn’t received a response. He is coming to your car and is looking for customer service, and the complaint is about to be lengthy. No worries. No damage was done to the vehicle or human.

Image courtesy of haulybore/Reddit

This cat has been working on its speech for a while and is standing proud on the hood of this car. Hopefully, humans let the cat in for a warm heart to heart. Thankfully, a collar is visible, and the parents can be notified.

Ecstatic Cat

Cats are some hilarious animals and this kitty let his personality shine brighter than his sparklingly white teeth. We’re not sure if the cat is going to eat the human or just overly excited to see them. Either way, he used the most powerful and exaggerated expression for his response. 

Image courtesy of Total-Precum/Reddit

Those fangs could take out even the biggest bird in your yard. But how could you not want to kiss that cat’s face even if it may take a chunk out of your ear? It would be worth the pain, right? We will always forgive the fur babies in a moment of excitement.

50 Shades of Kittens

The mood swings we all experience is plastered on this cat’s face. From straight-faced and no emotions to screaming at the moon in every direction, it’s all there. We will truly add this kitty to the PMS team and invite them to the support group because she understands us.

Image courtesy of grfckrn/Reddit

Either this kitty hates nature or is so happy to be involved that she can’t help but express his feelings. Either way, the candid photos of this beautiful cat speak so many emotions. If he ever needs a human therapist, we are here to support him and love his quirky personality.

Pick Me!

This cat is screaming, “pick me,” and the saying fits its expression so well. From face value, this cat just looks excited, but if you turn your head at the wrong moment, he will pounce. The precious cat was probably waiting to get picked up, but its face screams, “What is taking you so long?”

Image courtesy of YumYumCult/Reddit

Throughout these pictures, this expression seems popular, and at this point, we deserve to know what is going on in their heads. We will never know their thoughts, but we can enjoy their expressions and personalities. Where else will we find entertainment like this?

Let Me Out!

The poor cat wanted into the bathroom. He was banging on the door to get in because he felt left out during his human’s daily shower routine. He could help but get made that his human splashed him. How rude and inconsiderate of you, human! The cat regrets his decision.

 Image courtesy of notabiochemist/Reddit

The cat almost looks terrified and worried about the location he is in. He screaming way too loud, annoying his human, and irritated that he is locked in a room as steamy as the kitchen when you burn your dinner. However, he got himself in this situation because he insisted on joining.

Ancestery DNA

It looks like the lion from Narnia found his doppelganger. This cat has found his true family. The lion pack saved a magical world of animals and other magical beings. Hopefully, he was able to find a safe route and was eventually led back to his real community.

Image courtesy of S_Elieen/Reddit

Ancestry DNA is not needed. We can all see the resemblance. It’s uncanny and would be outrageous to think otherwise. This cat was able to mimic the expression of his deep ancestors and now understands his path in life. Hopefully, he is able to get in contact with other family members.

Talk To Me Nice

There is just something about a cat screaming at its owner that just sits right. This cat is trying to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her owner and the human will not take her seriously. He is laughing while she is expressing her concerns about the new cat food.

 Image courtesy of Mitchy411/Reddit

We have all been through this before – trying to have a conversation with someone and not receiving a serious and honest response because they can’t take you seriously. Hopefully, this cat was able to use her meows for good and finally get him to notice.

Window Seat

May this cat get every bit of sunlight he may want in life. Cats love to soak up the sun and gaze out the window. If you have an indoor cat, this is the closest it will ever be to the outside world and experiencing the wild. This cat is delighted and will never miss a chance to bask in the glory.

 Image courtesy of Einuji/Reddit

If the song “Talking To The Moon” had a spirit animal, this would be the perfect representation. With the fluffy tail, head back, and fangs out, we can see the love for the sky. We are all happy this cat values and loves the vitamin D, something some of us lack in the winter.

My New Seat

Forget hills because this cat jumped mountains to get away from his vet appointment. One little touch of the paw with his toe beans on that cold metal had him soring to the top of the cabinet. The vet must have been shocked when he entered the room.

Image courtesy of Elanadin/Reddit

We all know they are scared and tend to run away from the sight of people in white trench coats. Honestly, we can’t blame them there. This cat does have talent, and we have to applaud him for the courage to get up there.

Dont Touch Me

When you have had too much social interaction, and someone wants to touch you, you give them this face. The poor kitty just wanted to sit in peace, but the owner couldn’t help but try and pet their cat. We have all been there and know what it’s like when our friendly social meter has run out.

Image courtesy of miescat/Reddit

It’s the little boop on the nose for us. You can never go wrong with a little boop, and for some reason, it’s more satisfying than we expected. But the cat doesn’t want it! Yet, we still wish it was us torturing this cat with love and affection.

This Food Is Bussin

The look of pure satisfaction and excitement for feeding time is all over this picture. It’s the time we go from angry and ready to eat to happy and prepared to scarf down everything in the bowl. This little fellow is just pure cuteness.

Image courtesy of notrealzies/Reddit

Kittens are gifts. However, we don’t deserve them one bit. This cute little cat on her hind legs looking up at her owner with the biggest smile will live rent-free in our minds. We can’t forget the little one in the back sitting patiently, either.

The Voice For Cats

Singing cats has become a big theme lately. These cats are about to take over the music industry, and none of us are ready for the pure talent. This shy cat has to close her eyes to belt out the heartfelt lyrics of Whitney Huston. We are all crying from the cuteness.

Image courtesy of PANTyRAIDING/ Reddit

We should give these kittens a chance to explore their talents. With their high-energy personalities and the need to be heard, we should have expected this sooner. We have all seen the movie Sing, which showcases animals singing. Well, this cutey belongs in that movie.

Grumpy Cat 2.0

We can’t forget about the grumpy cat memes and pictures that are constantly circling the internet. Those cats better watch out because this little kitty is ready to fight for his place. He has the look and the meow down, ready to demolish the competition. We are rooting for him.

Image courtesy of Oostzee/Reddit

He is absolutely adorable, but no one can even imagine the mood swings of this little fur baby. He really wasn’t happy with the owner’s choice of kitty litter. Obviously, it wasn’t fresh enough, but he will make do with what he has. He is being completely vocal about the letdown.

Road Rage

This is the face you make the moment the person in front of you decides to slow down. Or, if the guy who has been riding your tail decided to speed up and cut you off. The anger and rage are real. Obviously, this kitten has realized how horrible some drives can be, and he wants to file a complaint.

Image courtesy of evacia/Reddit

Who needs a horn when you have the cat’s loud meow and screeching noise to scare the fellow drivers? You have a personal cop sitting right there, ready to act as the community speed control officer. Hopefully, we will never be on this cat’s bad side.

Not The Vet

Cats have some entertaining reactions when they head off to the vet. We can’t even be mad at them. None of us want to go to those appointments, but we must for our health. Hopefully, this cat understands the positive outcomes of being able to have health checkups.

Image courtesy of OORantar67/Reddit

Cats at the vet never get old and we can only hope every cat owner captures their reactions. This kitty is crying out loud and is wishing for forgiveness for whatever he has done to land him there. We feel your pain, kitty, but we can’t help but laugh as we chase him around the room.

Give Me The Can

How could you say no to that cute little face? The kitten couldn’t wait until it got home, and the owner felt no shame giving him a full-blown meal in the front seat of their car. God bless them because we know cats can create the biggest mess and have no shame about it.

Image courtesy of AJf***ingSucks/Reddit

Now, their care reeks of processed tuna and questionable chicken flavored broth. The smell can linger, and we already know the cat’s breath will not help the situation either. However, if the cat is hungry, you must meet their needs!

My New Bed

This cat yelling at his owner from the sink is everything we needed but didn’t realize we did. The pure audacity of that owner turning on the light as they chill in the sink is beyond us. We should all feel bad for intruding on their personal space.

Image courtesy of iamyellingatgod/Reddit

It’s not like we need to use the bathroom anyways. May that area be its personal throne, and we will be at their hands and feet, ready to do whatever they need. Heck, we will just let the cat have that whole room. Why do we need it anyway!

Backpack Kitty

Honestly, we should all have this cute little backpack for our kittens. However, this cat looks highly uncomfortable. We’re sure how cats don’t have claustrophobia because this is the smallest space we’ve ever seen. Hopefully, the views are worth it.

Image courtesy of theemoemue/Reddit

This takes some real guts because most of us wouldn’t even agree to get in something that our body would take up the majority of. That’s understandable. But beyond that, cats love the outdoors and this is a great way to bring your cat along!

Good Morning

This cat is sporting extreme bedhead. We can already tell he just woke up from a nap and isn’t enjoying the interactions with his humans. It’s like when sleeping beauty just woke up, but without the jolly man waiting for her. Instead, it was boring humans.

Image courtesy of daubs/Reddit

We understand your mood and grumpy demeanor. Let it out, kitty, and don’t be afraid to throw in an extra hiss or two. They deserve to know your boundaries. Even though the fur is sprawling every which way, we can all agree on how cute the cat is.

Baby Kitten

There is nothing like getting a new kitten and feeling that instant bond. For a moment, you actually feel like you can have a full conversation with them because of how close you get in a short amount of time. You know what they need and what upsets them.

Image courtesy of RainbowEatingPandas/Reddit

This owner was able to understand that on a personal level. The connection he made when he rescued this stray kitten will last a lifetime. When you are able to take in a cat that had nowhere else to go, they will appreciate you for life, and you will love them forever.

“It’s My Side Of The Bed!”

Some people don’t allow their pets on the counters let alone in their bed. This owner gave the kitty its own bed. How sweet! The cat is so proud of their new queen-size bed they don’t have to share, while the owners are stuck with a firm twin.

Image courtesy of beethy/Reddit

We can only imagine how spoiled this cat is, but honestly, we can’t be happier for him. He picked his side and he is obviously very proud of the choices he has made. The owner couldn’t help but put a water bottle on the side in case he got thirsty.

Is That For Me?

You can really torture your kitty just by holding the food high enough so they cant get it. It’s mean, but it may help teach them a bit of patience. This kitty has no time to be patient. When he is hungry, he is ready. Don’t play with his stomach.

Image courtesy of n33dtime/Reddit

Or, he will play with your brand new Nike shoes. Is being funny and messing around worth your shoes and lovely furniture? Probably not, because cats seem to take revenge when we least expect it. We have to realize they are secretly planning their attacks as we speak.