Living With A Feisty Cat Can Be Challenging, As This Artist Found Out

By Abigail T

Many people are now discovering the genius and entertainment behind the comics that are sweeping the interest these days. All you need is to do scroll through Instagram or Facebook to find knee-slapping, relatable comics in an instant. Social media gives artists a platform to not only showcase their work and talent but also entertain and reach a wider audience. One such illustrator is Ellen or @pizzacakecomic on Instagram. Ellen’s page started in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. She started drawing comics regularly and uploading them on Instagram to keep busy. Her comics range from depicting life with cats to the mundane struggles of daily life. However, today, we are focusing on just how feisty our little kitty furballs can be. If you’re here for a little pick-me-up, scroll through to immerse yourself in some of Ellen’s exciting work.

A fixation on random pieces of trash

It doesn’t take much to keep a cat entertained. They don’t need constant stimulation as dogs do. Most of the time, they’re happy just lounging around. As long as they’re near food, believe us, they will be just fine.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

When cats do get bored, they can usually keep themselves occupied with the most random things. Socks are a favorite, for example. But they can also have their fun with a discarded receipt. Cat owners know they are very easily entertained.

Give me attention

Cats can be clingy when they feel like it. They don’t really care if we’re busy or if we have company over. When they want our attention, they will do anything to get it. This includes sitting on our keyboard when we’re trying to work.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Does this cat care that its human is working? Nope! It’s just going to obstruct its human’s view of the screen, sit on the keyboard, and wait until it receives the head scratches it’s been waiting for all day.

Constant photobomb

Aside from disturbing us when we’re trying to work by sitting on our computers, our cats also love interrupting our meetings. They’re a constant photobomb in the background of all our Zoom calls, and it can get pretty embarrassing.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Okay, whether it’s embarrassing or not depends on who we’re on a Zoom with. Some people who like cats would actually appreciate the occasional cat photobomb. Some cat-lover coworkers would even ask about the cats. We can only hope!

“I don’t really care”

There’s a reason why dogs are the ones nicknames “man’s best friend” and not cats. Dogs will be there to listen to you while you vent your frustrations out and let you cuddle them when you’re sad. Cats don’t really care.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

This comic is the perfect representation of what it’s like trying to spend some quality time with your cat. You’re a little sad, and you want someone to rant to. Meanwhile, your cat only wants to stay if there’s some sort of food reward involved.

The cat’s diet

If you’re co-parenting a cat, you’re already aware that one of you is the more lenient parent. One person will be super strict with what they let the cat get away with, while the other person doesn’t really mind as long as the cat isn’t hurt.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

This guy is obviously the more lenient of the two of them. A little bit of yogurt definitely couldn’t hurt. But his significant other doesn’t approve of this diet. No yogurt means no yogurt! That’s the end of the story.

Violent cats

You know that one neighbor’s cat who’s always hanging around your place? You’re not sure whether it likes it better at your joint because you leave it alone or because your garden is a lot more peaceful to nap in.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Well, apparently, that cat has a hidden agenda. It’s got a grudge against your own cat and is seeking revenge. You should probably not let your cat out for a few days just in case a catfight ensues in your backyard.

How to call a cat

Unlike dogs, cats very rarely respond to their names when you call them. Ellen has actually perfected the foolproof method for calling a cat. Follow the four-step tutorial broken down in the comic below if you want to succeed.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

However, even if you do all these things, there still isn’t a guarantee that your cat will come to you. The trick is to just have food ready. Chances are your cat will only happy with you if you give them a treat.

Halloween kitty

You know you are an obsessed pet parent when you dress your pets up for Halloween and go out trick-or-treating with them. Some animals would resign from this activity, others would enjoy it, but cats will definitely hate it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

This cat definitely ripped his owner a new one when she tried to put him in that pizza costume. Thankfully, the resourceful owner was creative and found a way to cover up her new scratches while still being in costume for Halloween.

Cat alarm

When you have pets, you don’t need an alarm. Their constant hunger will lead them to wake you up, and when they do, there’s no snooze button you can hit. You just have to get out of bed and feed them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

The worst thing about cats is even when they’re trying to wake you up from a deep sleep, they will scratch you. No part of your skin is safe when you have cats. You just have to be prepared for daily scratches.

The evil overlord

The issue is settled. Dogs are the good boys of the animal kingdom, and cats are the evil overlord. We don’t make the rules. This is just the way it is. Even cat lovers and cat owners will agree to this.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Behavior-wise, cats’ more aloof demeanor already positions them as evil overlords. You seldom find friendly, goody-two-shoes cats. They’re always up to no good somehow, and you can never read their minds. But it looks like she has figured it out.

Still sleeping

Sometimes, cat owners complain that all their cats do is sleep, and this might be true. Cats don’t do much except sleep, eat, and bask in the sun. But have you ever thought about how your cat feels about your habits?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Don’t underestimate them, especially with working from home. Your cat probably thinks about you the same way you think about your cat. You’re either working, or you’re sleeping, and there’s no in-between. It can get frustrating for your cat, too.

Dogs vs. cats

When you adopt a dog, this is probably what goes on in its mind. “Wow, this human welcomes me into his home, feeds me, takes care of me, and gives me unconditional love. This human must be my lord and savior!”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

When you adopt a cat, this is probably what goes on in its mind. “Wow, this human welcomes me into his home, feeds me, takes care of me, and gives me unconditional love. I must be God!” Are we right?

Rough day

This next comic just shows you how deceitful cats can be sometimes. They may act all sweet and angelic, but when that happens, that usually means they’ve done something you would disapprove of. This cat may be providing her human with emotional support, but in reality…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

If the cat is sweet to the human, then chances are the human won’t be as mad when she finds out that the cat peed on the bed. What a manipulative little creature! They really know what they are doing.

Honey and Mango

Being catcalled in public is one of the most annoying and offensive things any person can ever experience. But have you ever stopped to consider that even cats get catcalled as well? Here’s the story of Honey and Mango.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Mango needs to stop trying so hard. Does he not see that Honey isn’t interested? She just wants to chill on the deck without being bothered by anyone. This cat needs to back down right about now before things get ugly.

Honey and Mango, part 2

Just like many men out there, Mango the cat can’t take a hint. He keeps coming onto Honey even though she’s made it clear she’s not interested. This is the worst thing to have to deal with. But this time, Honey retaliates.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Ladies, if they can’t take a hint, you’re just going to have to be blunt. And sometimes, if that doesn’t work, you gotta just pull the shutters down on their face and hope that they stay away for good.

Conditional love

While dogs will give their humans unconditional love regardless of what they get in return, cats are not as kind. Cats will favor anyone who will give them food. If you don’t have food, you’re not of much interest to them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

This perfectly represents how cats feel about you if you have food. That’s how you end up adopting stray cats because they keep showing up at your house, and you keep giving them food. Cats are loyal only to the people that feed them.

Sixth sense

It’s a common belief that animals have a sixth sense. They’re able to see things that we can’t see. When they start behaving oddly, like blankly staring at a wall for long periods of time or barking aggressively at the corner of the room, they’re most likely are seeing a ghost.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Imagine if your cat does this every night. Without explanation, she just sits very still and stares blankly at the wall in front of her. Would you be freaked out? Would you start thinking your house is haunted or that your cat is possessed?

Chubby Icarus

Cats have a habit of throwing propriety out the window when it comes to food. They will jump onto the table, put their paws in the pizza boxes, and raid the fridge if it means they get to eat. And they will have no shame about it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

But all that eating eventually leads to weight gain that then prevents them from jumping onto the table. Maybe as an owner, what we should be doing is just letting them eat until they have lost the ability to jump onto counters instead of getting mad at them for doing it.

Bathroom companion

What is it with pets and following their owners to the bathroom? Do they think they’re some sort of guardian that can protect us from slipping or banging our head on the toilet? Pets are clingy, but they’re incredibly clingy when we’re in the bathroom.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

There’s a reason why bathroom doors in homes with pets are always badly scratched up. All of that is a result of the anxious pets that demand to be let into the bathroom to watch their owners do their business.

Not fierce

Cats may act all tough and fierce like they own the place, and they could attack you in a heartbeat. But, at the same time, they can be lazy balls of fur that do nothing but eat, sleep, and fart.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Oh, honey. You’re not the feisty feline you think you are, girl. All you do all day is raid the food cupboard and indulge yourself until you’re too sleepy to continue. Stop pretending you’re so hot. You don’t have us fooled.

Fun with a box

As we’ve previously mentioned, cats are very easily entertained. This illustrator’s cat is apparently super into boxes. Any empty cardboard box she finds, she will get in it and rip it into shreds. It doesn’t matter if her owner needs to use the box.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

See, cats have no regard and no respect for our wishes. They just do whatever they want and very rarely obey. That’s why it’s possible to train a dog but almost impossible to train a cat to do what you want.

At the first sign of food

Has your cat ever gone missing? You call out its name, search for it everywhere, and even ask the neighbors if you’ve seen it pass by. You return home slightly worried, and then you unpack a muffin to eat.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Suddenly, your cat is there as if it magically appears out of nowhere. It’s like cats have this sixth sense when it comes to food. They know when it’s going to show up, and they patiently wait until the right moment to beg you for it.

A game of catch

You can find cats occasionally chasing around a fly, mosquito, or butterfly. At first, they’re amused by the creature buzzing about them. Then they get annoyed, so they try to take the flying thing down once and for all.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

They get entertained and actually have a good time as they’re chasing the bug. But when they manage to actually catch and consequently squash the bug, playtime is over. And then they’re back to lurking about in the corner.

A cat’s mind

Cats are just effortlessly diabolical creatures. They don’t think about others, and they live only to serve themselves. They may even get violent when things don’t go their way. Have you ever wondered what goes on in a cat’s mind?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

According to @pizzacakecomic, all cats think about is food, sleep, and murder. Whatever fraction of their minds they have left is probably spent devising a clever plan to take over the world without the humans noticing. That’s just our educated guess.

Cat body language

If you’re a new cat parent and are still confused as to how to communicate with your cat, here’s a guideline to understand how your cat communicates with you. It’s important to understand their body language so you know how to solve whatever issues may arise.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

What you need to take away from this list is that cats are always hungry. No matter what kind of mood they’re in, giving them food usually fixes things pretty quickly. If you’re well stocked up on cat food, you should be fine.

Stop the singing

Cats get just as annoyed at us as we get annoyed at them. Maybe they’re annoyed at our laugh. Or maybe they’re annoyed that we keep going to the bathroom without them. Honey here is annoyed by her human’s singing.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Unfortunately for Honey, she’s stuck there to deal with the raucous singing. But hey, it’s a pretty good deal. She gets free food, love, and affection, so she should be okay with a little bit of off-key screeching from time to time.

Destructive impulses

If you have pets in the house, you’ll know that Christmas is a dangerous time of the year. Your Christmas baubles are probably all scratched up from the cat attacking them every year. And, your stockings are never safe.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Cats have uncontrollable impulses to be destructive. They can’t let beautiful things, like a Christmas tree, be. They need to take out their claws and tear at everything – the tree, the stockings, the presents under the tree. If you ask us, they’re the true Grinch.

Never enough

No matter how much you seem to feed your cat, it will never be satisfied. Even if you feed it something it doesn’t actually like, it’s going to eat it up anyway. That’s how greedy, and perpetually hungry cats are.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Cats don’t only beg with their body language. When they’re desperate or have their eye on something, the claws come out, and no exposed skin is safe. Cat owners know the struggles of facing another day with new scratches everywhere on their body.

Cat harnesses are a no

Sometimes, you want to do something nice for your cat. Something other than feeding it. You go to the store, and you buy some new toys and accessories. But when you come home with your haul, your cat is less than thrilled.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

We’re not entirely sure what a cat harness is supposed to be for, especially since cats aren’t usually taken out for a walk like dogs are. But this harness is pink, and it comes with a bow tie! Maybe this cat is offended that the packaging says, “for the hefty kitty.”


It must be trippy for cats to look out the window during Halloween and see humans dressed as cats. Like, who are these giant creatures walking around with the same ears and tails as mine? Where did they come from?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Trick-or-treaters are always dressed in such bizarre costumes that we sometimes wonder if we’re in another reality when we walk down the street. And we even understand the concept of Halloween! It must be doubly trippy for cats who have no idea what’s going on.

That’s not the cat

Have you ever had such a tiring day that all you want to do is stare at a wall and not think when you get home? On days like this, you don’t notice the specifics of what’s going on around you. You’re on autopilot.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

You’re so tired you don’t even notice that the thing curled up with you on the couch isn’t a cat! Who’s going to tell her that it’s actually a raccoon? Or is the raccoon going to keep disguising itself as a cat until the cat comes and pounces on it?

Clingy cat

Pets get clingy when you leave the room and even more so when you leave the house. There’s something about pets and separation anxiety—they just can’t be without their owners for too long. Dogs get sad about their owners leaving, but cats take it as an offense.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Cats actually get angry when you’ve been away from them for too long. Maybe it’s not separation anxiety. Perhaps they have abandonment issues. But even though this cat is irritated, her human has no clue and continues to give her cuddles anyway.

Life of a cartoonist

The comparison game is one that destroys your self-esteem. But when you’re surrounded by so many successful people, you can’t help but compare your life to theirs. That’s what Ellen is trying to convey in this next funny comic.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

The definition of success varies, and we shouldn’t feel pressured to live up to other people’s definitions of it. It’s so great that the sisters are making their mark in the world in their own ways. But being able to entertain people through cat comics is also a success in our books!


Humans baby their pets so much that the animals end up becoming entitled little creatures. Even when the cat is wrong, they somehow manage to get rewarded for it. In every household, the cat can truly do no wrong.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Imagine this is how your cat learns about his rights as a pet for the first time. Wouldn’t this be hilarious? Your cats see an infomercial or a public service announcement that all cats deserve treats, toys, and special attention even when they’re wronged.

Hakuna matata

In a lot of ways, cats live by the words of Timon and Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata, which means no worries for the rest of your days. While humans have their anxieties and existential crises, cats are content with themselves.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Sometimes, we look at household cats and think about what privileged lives they must lead. They wait to be fed, spend their days napping, and receive unconditional love and affection. They’re not thinking about whether they’re clean enough or are sleeping enough!

Google has the answer

Aside from drawing comics about cats, Ellen also draws about daily life. She has lots of ideas up their sleeve. You’d be surprised at just how relatable these comics are. We’re looking at every single one, thinking, “That’s so true!”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

When we were younger, we were definitely like the daughter. We’d do anything not to go to school. But the tables turn, and the roles reverse as we get older. Now we have to convince kids to go to school! What kind of coaxing would have worked on us back in the day?

What is time

Remember when you were always so excited about two things: your birthday and Christmas morning as a kid? You get to eat anything you want on both days and open up all your presents. You’d be counting down the days until those days, crossing off your calendar.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Now, time is a construct. Time is not real. Time moves too slowly but also so fast at the same time. Time is the ticking clock haunting our every move. Time is something we could always be doing more with. But it’s also something we don’t even keep track of.

Post-holiday blues

Is anyone else feeling the post-holiday blues? As kids, we dreaded January because we’d have to go back to school after Christmas break. But as adults, January means getting back to work, real life, and our ever-dwindling bank balance to deal with.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

The excitement of the holidays quickly wears off as we get older. While it’s nice to spend time with loved ones and indulge in good food, it’s an even worse feeling to be slapped by reality when January 2nd comes around.

Kids are wholesome

We need to protect kids at all costs. They are the sweetest human beings to ever exist, and it’s sad to see them grow up. Playground interactions like the one in this next comic are the reason we still have faith in humanity.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

Sometimes children can be a bit shy, and they can find it challenging to make new friends. But that’s where the kind kids with more extroverted tendencies come in. They make the other kids feel welcome and included. We need more people like this kid.

Friday nights

Friday nights as an adult look a lot like this next comic strip. No going out, no full face of makeup, and no suffering from walking in heels that hurt. Just a night in wearing sweats and chilling with the cat.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pizzacakecomic

There are two things that might have created this change. The first is, you’re just getting old. You appreciate time alone in the quiet. The second is social distancing, meaning that you’d much rather stay home because it’s safer.