45 Dogs That Bear A Striking Resemblance To Someone Or Something Famous

By Arvyn B

There are so many reasons why people love having dogs. Their expressions, childlike behavior, fierce loyalty – everything about them makes these wonderful creatures fantastic pets. One of the best things about them is just how adorable they are! But, sometimes, you might find yourself actually quite surprised when looking at your best friend. Not because it looks ugly – that could never happen – but because they remind you of someone (or something) else entirely! A Facebook group called The Dogspotting Society recently had a challenge called the #LookAlikeChallenge. For this, many users from around the world shared pictures of dogs that resembled everything from celebrities to other animals. Here are just a few of those pictures. You will probably find yourself giggling a many of them!

Dog Meme

There is a pretty famous meme on the internet of a character giving the camera the side-eye. The monkey looks so uncomfortable that you can almost hear it saying, “I did not see that.” This dog looks exactly the same!

Image source: Rachel Robinette / knowyourmeme.com

The puppy managed to master the art of giving side-eye and even gives off the same feeling of discomfort. We are not too sure what made this pup look and feel so awkward (maybe the outfit), but it certainly makes for a great photograph!

Dog Cow

Cows are often known as being “big dogs” because of their silly behavior and the fact that they look just so darn cute! But it appears that this dog took the similarities to a new level. It’s almost the same creature!

Image source: Kelsey Pichard / hmgaard (Instagram)

We bet that this cow is just as fluffy as the golden retriever, as they look equally adorable. They could be siblings. Their noses are the same shape and everything! We reckon the little cow is a great pet, too.

Dog Gere

Richard Gere is a pretty popular actor around the world, and he is known for a variety of different roles. Apparently, that also includes being a dog since this puppy is the spitting image of him. Seriously – take a look!

Image source: Kimberly Collopy / thethings.com

This doggy has a similar face length, and it seems to have the same twinkle in his eye as Richard Gere does! However, we still think that Richard is probably the better actor. He won’t dig up the yard, for starters.

Dog Rock

Another famous actor is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, known for his work on WWE and in several films. There is a popular meme where the Rock raises his eyebrow and looks like he is in deep thought. It’s become a classic.

Image source: Charice Fca ChaReport / WWE

It appears that this dog took that meme as inspiration. The pupper’s black fur above its eye looks the same shape as the Rock’s eyebrow! It is pretty weird how similar these two are. However, the dog is cuter (no offense, Mr. Johnson)!

Dog Eeyore

Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh series of books and TV shows is a relatable character. He is also very adorable! You will be surprised at how similar this dog looks to Eeyore, the very cute but often despondent donkey.

Image source: Monica magoon / cutewallpaper.org

They even seem to have the same wrinkles in their body and everything! However, we reckon the dog is probably a lot more upbeat than Eeyore. Hound dogs are known for their long sad-looking faces, but they are cheery pals.

Dog Charlie

One of the very first “viral” videos on the internet was of a boy and his younger brother. The baby brother bites the older boy’s finger, causing him to say the famous words “ouch, Charlie!” These dogs recreated that moment.

Image source: Keren weinstock / charlie bit my finger – youtube

Okay, so they obviously had a little help from their owners to do this. Either that or we have been blessed with a crazy coincidence. However they did it, we love how the black dog has the same expression on his face.

Dog Kangaroo

Another famous internet meme is a kangaroo standing up on its hind legs. The kangaroo looks pretty buff and fearsome, leading many people to refer to it as “gym goals.” It seems this dog managed to achieve what most of us can’t!

Image source: Leslie danger / cosastipicas.com

The dog has a similar look in its eye as the kangaroo – one that is pretty fearsome; he is not to be messed with. However, the dog is a much better pet. Kangaroos can actually be pretty scary creatures.

Dog Dairy Cow

Here is another dog who is pretending to be a cow. Just what is it about dogs wanting to look like these farmyard animals?! We think it is pretty impressive how the patches are almost in the same place. It’s uncanny.

Image source: Alejandro flores / ganaderiafiladelfia-instagram

Even so, we definitely wouldn’t try getting milk out of this dog. You will probably end up with just a wagging tail because he’ll think you’re giving him belly rubs! The only thing missing is the long, hairy tail, as this puppy has a small one.

Dog God

The ancient Egyptians used to worship a variety of animals, from cats to dung beetles. Dogs were certainly no exception and, looking at this picture, we can see why. Just check out those extraordinarily large ears. They are so cute!

Image source: Meghan ferneau / amazon.es

The dog god in this picture is called Anubis, and it appears to be a breed of dog known as a pharaoh hound. These were pretty popular pets in ancient Egypt, and we totally understand why they worshipped them. So majestic.

Dog Dragon

Although it might not be a real animal, Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon film series is such an adorable pet. He won our hearts very quickly in the series, and if we had a puppy that looked like him, we’d be over the moon!

Image source: Sydnie Nichole Allen / mindomo.com

We can definitely see some chompers in this little puppy’s mouth! Even so, both of these animals are super cute, especially with their tongues sticking out in that playful way. We wish that our dogs could fly! Then walking them would be a literal breeze.

Dog Pinky

Even though the show was made almost 30 years ago, the cartoon Pinky and the Brain has remained a pretty popular series. One of the title characters, the Brain, is a very grumpy yet intelligent mouse. We can all hear his voice in our heads right now, we bet.

Image source: Carisaa larkin / wallpapersafari

It seems like this dog is a big fan since it looks almost identical to this rodent. The pupper even has the same grumpy look on his face and everything! Hopefully, it doesn’t try to escape as the Brain did.

Dog Falkor

In case you did not know, Falkor is a dragon from the novel series and hit film The NeverEnding Story. Falkor is a very positive dragon who helps the lead character in several ways. Take a look below to see his doppelganger.

Image source: Brittney schroder / quotesgram.com

You might find yourself feeling pretty surprised at how similar this dog looks to Falkor! We reckon that this dog is just as kind, friendly, and helpful as our favorite fictional dragon. It probably makes a much better pet, too.

Dog Shark

For many people worldwide, sharks are one of the most terrifying animals. Their sharp teeth and hunting abilities strike fear into many people’s hearts. So how on Earth could a dog be similar to this scary animal? We know they have wicked teeth but…

Image source: Tayler Hill and Alessandro De Maddalena/Shutterstock

Well, it seems that a dog baring its teeth in the water makes it look pretty similar! Obviously, a shark is still a much more dangerous animal to be around. Still, it’s a little uncomfortable how scary this dog looks.

Dog Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is yet another easily recognizable actor that is famous for many powerful performances. It appears that he is very well-known in the canine world, too, since this dog is the spitting image of him. Just have a look!

Image Source: Anjacember Rowe and Tinseltown/Shutterstock

From the slightly squinted eyes to the short teeth sticking out, it is just so crazy how similar these two seem. The doggy even managed to nail down the eyebrows and expression like Eastwood! Maybe he aspires to be just like the Dirty Harry actor and start a career in film.

Dog di Caprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for his many roles, but he is also well-known for this meme. This picture was taken of Leo while walking during a scene for one of his films. He looks so happy here, it makes us smile!

Image source: Hollister cutshall / knowyourmeme.com

This doggy is giving off exactly the same kind of happy-go-lucky vibes, with his tongue sticking out and paws in the air. It almost looks like Leo and this doggy are walking together in complete happiness. How charming is that?

Dog Simmons

We have already seen quite a few doggies that look like famous actors, but it does not stop there. Some of them look like other celebrities, such as the musician Gene Simmons from the epic rock band Kiss. Who would have thought?

Image source: Meghan baroody / askingyhelot.com

Just like Gene Simmons, this dog has his tongue sticking out, with black and white fur to match. However, we have a strong feeling that this doggy is not quite as good as a musician and doesn’t have the same singing abilities.

Dog Sid

Here is another adorable, animated creature for you. This time, it is Sid, the sloth from the Ice Age movies, who somehow always manages to get in some kind of trouble – just like a dog does! We heard a rumor he is quite the trickster.

Image source: Forest Lehrman / mycast.io

We love how this doggy has his teeth sticking out and even has his eyes opened wide, too. These lovable animals could easily be related to each other, and we are honestly not sure who is cuter or even goofier.

Dog Ford

Harrison Ford is an unstoppable actor who is probably most recognizable for playing Han Solo in Star Wars films and the lead character in Indiana Jones. One thing he is famous for is his charming smile. It really is infectious, right?

Image source: Erica santos / dailymail.co.uk

This gorgeous golden retriever appears to be making a pretty great impression of it! Unfortunately, we have to admit that the puppy does look cuter than Harrison. We know who we would want sitting right next to us on our spaceship.

Snoop Dogg

This comparison seems like it was just meant to be. With a name like Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion), it is unsurprising that there is a dog in the world that looks like him. It even has a hood on like the rapper!

Image source: Michelle rigatoni / debate.om

Each of these “dogs” has a grim expression on their face, and we would not be surprised if the doggy started spitting rhymes just like Snoop. We are expecting his new single to come out pretty soon. Any day now!

Dog Bike

We have already seen some doggies that look like famous people, but did you know that they can look like ordinary objects, too? Take this bicycle seat, for example. It is almost the same as this dog’s face! This one has us howling.

Image source: Bryan Albright / theloamwolf – instagram

They are both black and are longer than you’d expect. Even the doggy’s eyes look like they might be the same shade of orange as the trimmings on the bicycle seat. What a super strange coincidence this is! We love it.

Dog Hippo

Here is another adorable doggy that looks like a completely different animal. This time, it appears to be imitating a baby hippo. Each of the animals in this picture has cheeky expressions and smile on their faces. Stuff like this makes life so much fun.

Image source: Kristen horn / today.com

However, we know which pet we would prefer to have – the dog, of course! Hippopotamuses are cute when they’re babies, but they grow up to get quite big and aggressive. Having a dog is a much safer bet, we think.

Dog Fox

You might be surprised to know that foxes and dogs are part of the same animal family, which is known as “Canidae.” Still, their species are pretty different from each other. You wouldn’t be able to tell from this picture, though.

Image source: Jen Kaufman

We are honestly in shock that the big animal in this picture is not really a fox since it looks so similar to one. It’s curled up in the same position as the little toy fox in the person’s hand!

Dog Offerman

Now, it is time to see another doggy who is making his best impression of an actor. For this one, the doggy is trying to be Nick Offerman, who is most well-known for playing Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation.

Image source: Ally small / pbs.org

Ron Swanson very rarely smiles and has a grumpy expression on his face most of the time. Looking at this picture, we feel that this little guy is probably the same way, too. Cheer up, pupper! There are treats in your future.

Dog Einstein

No matter where you live in the world, everyone knows who Albert Einstein is and what he is famous for. It seems that he must be recognized in the animal kingdom, too, since this doggy looks practically just like him!

Image source: Grace katherine / handsome squidward – pinterest

Even though they are pretty intelligent animals, we highly doubt that a dog could come up with something like “E=MC2”, however. That kind of difficult thinking is best left to the experts like Mr. Einstein. This pup is cute, though!

Doggy Dobby

This comparison is as equally cute as it is heart-breaking. If you do not recognize the strange wide-eyed creature in this picture, this is the house-elf Dobby from Harry Potter. He is so adorable, but his story is so sad!

Image source: Autumn VerDuin / Anton_Ivanov/Shutterstock

We really hope that the doggy had a better life than poor old Dobby. We wonder what will happen if you give the puppy some clothes – hopefully, he will not run away like Dobby did when he got a sock!

Dog Porg

Now it is time to look at another dog who likes like a different Star Wars character. This time, the doggy is not similar to a human, but instead one of the Porgs from the latest additions to the series.

Image source: Nancy northern / pictolic.com

They both have adorable large black eyes, brownish-white fur, and a squashed face! Honestly, we would be happy with getting either of these creatures as a pet since they are both just so darn cute. Check out that little tongue!

Dog Girl

Here is another internet meme that dogs have decided to copy. For this one, it is a picture of a girl looking very confused and unsure. This doggy made an excellent impression of her, right down to the front teeth!

Image source: Jaclyn Trinkl / knowyourmeme.com

We wonder what made this girl and doggy look so confused. Perhaps they saw some of the other entries on this list and were so surprised to see the number of dogs that look like different things. We agree it is strange!

Dog Seal

We just cannot get over how cute each animal looks in this picture. They are both so adorable and fluffy, we would never be able to choose between them! Even the smiles on their faces are almost identical to each other.

Image source: Kelly McCaffrey / devphil09985676 – reddit

However, we think that a dog is an easier pet to look after since you do not need to keep it in the cold and feed it better food. Plus, the dog is more fun to play with! Although, we’ve never played with a seal…

Dog Painting

Like the Mona Lisa, American Gothic is one of the most famous paintings in the world – and for a good reason. So, it should be no surprise that one pet owner decided to make their pets pose like this painting.

Image source: Kate shopper / Grant Wood – 5QEPm0jCc183Aw at Google Cultural Institute

The dog on the right has a long face that is almost identical to the man’s face, while the golden retriever has a serious look that is the same as the woman’s face. We know which one we’d prefer to hang out with!

Dog Seal Part 2

We have another dog looking like a seal for this picture! This time, the seal is nowhere near as fluffy as the furry one, but it is just as cute. So is the puppy! It’s crazy how similar they are.

Image source: Jodie forrest / @focalR6 (twitter)

The only big difference is the size of their whiskers. The seal has pretty big ones, but the dog’s whiskers are quite small and thin. Everything else is almost identical – even the big black eyes and flat nose.

Dog Jackson

We are not sure why so many dogs look like famous actors. It is just so strange to see so many of them! Here is another one for you – this time, it is Samuel L Jackson, one of our favorites.

Image source: Brittany nicole richards / msn.com-tenor.com

This dog has nailed Samuel L Jackson’s grumpy face in not just one picture but two pictures. We strongly feel that he is nowhere near as foul-mouthed as the actor, though! He is probably very sweet most of the time.

Dog Rappers

For this picture, it was not just one dog that looked like a famous person. Instead, it was four of them! These puppies are the spitting images of Eminem, Snoop, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube. Take a look below – this one blew our minds.

Image source: Jessican bronson / sandiegored.com

Honestly, we wish that this were a real rap group because we think that they could probably create some fantastic music. The album cover would be the best part since the doggies are so adorable. We wonder what their music would sound like.

Dog Up

Up is easily one of the greatest animated movies of all time, and for a good reason, since the storyline is just so touching. One of the best characters from the film is the adorable dog in the picture, Dug.

Image source: Katrinasalvador de giorgi / disney-x.fandom.com

We reckon that the filmmakers must have based this dog on the real thing, as this dog could be mistaken for its twin! We have a strong feeling that the real dog is a good boy, too. We’d love to bring him home with us!

Dog Brush

These two look so similar that it is honestly shocking they are not the same thing. We would not be surprised if the owner sometimes gets the dog confused with their duster! They look equally fluffy. This is another one that made us snort-laugh.

Image source: Heather Boyd / odkulinare.cz

However, we do not recommend cleaning your shelves with the one on the left because it will probably end up begging for belly rubs and pets. That will certainly not be very productive! Hopefully, the owner does not make this mistake very often.

Dog Scrat

It is now time for another pup that looks like an Ice Age character. This time, Scrat, the prehistoric squirrel, is the counterpart. We can’t stop looking at how this dog’s mouth is shaped. We really hope he has an acorn toy.

Image source: Corrine approbato / Anton_Ivanov/Shutterstock

Even the crazy look in this puppy’s eyes looks almost exactly the same. Hopefully, it is not as mad about nuts as that crazy squirrel is! We hope that this pup never has to go on the wild adventures that Scrat did in order to find food.

Dog Ferrell

Here we have another doggy that looks like another famous face. We are honestly really surprised that there are so many of these pups out there in the world! For this lookalike, the dog’s inspiration is Will Ferrell, and boy, did he nail it.

Image source: Sianna Staggers / @bobbyBandwagon – twitter

It is not difficult to see how similar these two look to each other, right down to the orange sweatband on each of their foreheads. We are seriously unsure as to who plays ball better than the other. Perhaps we could see a one-on-one match?

Dog Kat

Meerkats are another super cute animal that you can see at a zoo, but we would not recommend getting them as a pet. For starters, they like to eat spiders! We reckon you should stick to having a puppy instead.

Image source: Cami stebane / wendz222 – instagram

If you get a breed like this doggy, it is almost like having the real thing. We are so impressed with how this puppy can stand on its hind legs – it must be very diligent about never skipping hind leg day at the gym.

Dog Seal Part 3

It appears that our canine friends just cannot get enough of these sea animals since there is another one that looks super similar to a seal! Just look at that adorable face and huge black eyes. It is so cute!

Image source: Judy Fletcher / gorentals.co.nz

However, something tells us that the seal is probably the better swimmer and a better fish hunter, but we suppose we can’t make assumptions. We would prefer the doggy as a pet because at least you can take it for walks.

Dog Brownie

Never before have we seen a dog that looks so delicious, especially not one that looks like a chocolate brownie. We would just love to take a bite of it, but that obviously would not be a good idea, and we would never actually do it.

Image source: Tessa marie / aceitesdeolivaespana.com

You should also never feed anything with chocolate in it to your puppy, as this can be extremely toxic to them. It is such a shame that they will never get to experience how good a brownie tastes! But they surely prefer their treats.

Dog Fire

Here we have another famous internet meme for you. This time, it is of a girl looking directly at the camera with an evil look in her eyes, as a fire blazes in the background. It is pretty spooky, and it never gets old.

Image source: Martin mortimer / bbc.com

We’re unsure if she had anything to do with the fire, but that look in her eyes tells us that she does. However, we highly doubt that the doggy could do anything as evil as this. It looks too sweet, and more concerned than anything.

Dog Appa

Now, it is time for yet another animated animal that a dog has seemed to copy. We are not sure why they love doing this so much, but the similarities are just too close to ignore. It’s Appa from Avatar!

Image source: Nica mapeso / cbr.com

The only things that this pup is missing are a giant arrow on its head, pointing down to its mouth, and the ability to fly. Other than that, this doggy looks almost exactly like the real thing. We wonder if they named him after his lookalike.

Dog Stewart

There is absolutely no denying that this doggy is a fan of rock music, as it is the spitting image of a famous rock star, Rod Stewart. It even has the mullet, which is pretty darn cool! They look so fabulous side by side.

Image source: Jesus muniz / nina adis – pinterest

Sadly, the doggy in this picture passed away a few years ago, meaning that his Rod Stewart impersonation days are over. We hope that this pupper is enjoying its time in the rainbow kennel in the sky. It deserves to!

Dog Beetlejuice

Our last entry on the list is a pretty weird one, but there is no denying how similar these two look to each other. If you don’t recognize the inspiration, the character on the left is from the movie Beetlejuice.

Image source: Karlie rader / warner bros.

This character has their eyes popping out of their head and looks rather shocked at something – just like the puppy does! We definitely know which one we would like as a friend, as the doggy is much, much cuter.