45 Cute, Funny, Squishable Bulldogs That We Need In Our Life Right Now

By Ruby M

The bulldog, a hefty, medium-sized dog breed with a wrinkly face and a distinguishing flat face and nose, is a stubborn, dribbly animal who is stereotyped as a ferocious and dangerous creature, but is simply sorely misunderstood. Bulldogs are lovable, sweet, and are only a little rough around the edges thanks to their heavy exterior, which makes even the lightest of jumps or pounces far more substantial than that of a smaller, lighter breed. Once bred for the vicious “sport” of bull-baiting, bulldogs have become a highly popular breed all across the globe, and it’s no surprise why — their personalities speak for themselves. Much like other flat-nosed breeds, bulldogs tend to have some health issues, but that doesn’t stop them from being highly affectionate dogs that are great with people, children, and other doggos, too. For all you doggo lovers out there – here’s 45 times bulldogs were just too adorable for words.

Smol Befriending A Smol

This sweet little guy made a fluttery friend, and guess what — the French bulldog and the monarch butterfly became such great pals that he didn’t even attempt to turn Mr. Butterfly into a snack because that’s not what friends do!

Image courtesy of @mochi.the.sd.frenchie/ Instagram

French bulldogs are known to be great with other animals and small children, too. Another stereotype of Frenchies is that their genes aren’t great health-wise, and that is sadly true. Because of their flat faces, they can suffer from breathing problems — but as a companion, they are a wonderful breed.

Real-Life Fox and the Hound

This precious duo has become internet famous for their friendship which is pretty much the real-life version of Disney’s classic, The Fox and The Hound. We just hope that the two do not face the same sad circumstances as the beloved film’s main characters. 

Image courtesy of Kennedy News and Media/ Bored Panda

Marley, the fox, was brought into Pauline’s home when she was only weeks old, and soon a beautiful friendship blossomed between Marley and Pauline’s 4-year-old bulldog, Ernie. The two have since become inseparable and spend their days playing together, going on walks together, and even sleeping together.

Worker Doggo

We know that bulldogs tend to look grumpy, but they’re actually such affectionate dogs — even though they do dribble a lot. We think that this doggo in particular might be looking grumpy, not only for his features but because he’s been dressed up — right down to shoes and socks!

Image courtesy of sorrysalesman/Reddit

Many of us humans can relate to being forced to wear such silly attire — especially for informal jobs, like driving a tractor. We wonder how much of a struggle it was to put this grumpy bully into his silly little outfit — and how long it stayed on after this picture was taken.

Cow Dog

This adorable creature looks as if he’s a cross between an American bulldog and a French bulldog — although some might argue that it’s actually a cross between a bulldog and a cow, based on the black and white markings.

Image courtesy of gnx09q/ Reddit

Realistically speaking, of course, the cows and the bully are definitely not identical, but cows are also very gentle animals who are even known to have best friends — much like our beloved bulldogs, cows are also very misunderstood.

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Judging by the fact that this bulldog is holding a disproportionately huge pen in her mouth, it’s safe to say that this Frenchie is a tiny puppy who went with her human to work. According to the original post — it was “take your daughter to work day,” and that’s exactly what they did. 

Image courtesy of usom/ Reddit

If there were a competition for whose daughter was the cutest, then this Frenchie was sure to win! Especially if everybody else brought their human babies with them because, let’s face it, puppies are way cuter. She’d definitely get bonus points for those big ears on her tiny body.


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Image courtesy of zzyx/ Imgur

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Teenie Tiny

If you’ve never seen a newborn puppy before then you’re probably melting in your seat from the cuteness of this 5 minute old Frenchie. We know that these babies don’t tend to be the healthiest of dogs, but how can anyone resist this level of cuteness? We certainly can’t. 

Image courtesy of reallyhighallthetime/ Reddit

Bulldogs are a mix of pugs and mastiffs that were first bred to participate in a “sport” known as bull-baiting, which has thankfully been illegal since the 1800’s when the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed. However, the breed remained popular as pets due to their lovely nature despite their unhealthy gene pool.

Bosom Buddies

We suppose that the first thing these owners did was panic when they couldn’t find their tiny kitten nor their significantly larger bulldog anywhere in the house, and we can only imagine that the worst things came to mind. Did the kitten run away? Did the bulldog accidentally sit on it? 

Image courtesy of katyrose_/ Reddit

But when the owner of these two adorable pals finally discovered their hiding place; tucked away under the stairs, snuggling up to one another, they simply had to take a picture and share it with the world. And we are so glad that they did! See, cats and dogs can be friends!

Say Woof!

Whoever said that you couldn’t get a bulldog to pose for the camera was wrong! This adorable baby named Milo is a narcoleptic sweetheart who spends most days curled up in a ball on his favorite spot on the bed with his special blankie, and we cannot handle the cuteness overload!

Image courtesy of xaeminn/ Reddit

Narcolepsy is a disorder that affects the nervous system and causes a person, or in this case a doggo, to suddenly fall asleep without warning. Bulldogs are not the only ones that are affected by this disorder. In fact, it affects young cats, other dog breeds, and of course, people.

I Is Confuse

Sometimes a puppy or even a grown doggo just gets so confused. The universal sign for telling us humans that they’re confused seems to be tilting their little heads to one side and staring at you with big, round eyes and pointed ears.

Image courtesy of AdamE89/ Reddit

All doggos, no matter the breed, age, or gender, demonstrate their confusion the same. When they can’t make sense of a sound, you might see that cute little head tilt. But unlike humans, it’s not a question. Tilting their head helps them to see or hear better, so they can understand what’s going on.

Mc Pup!

Never has the world seen McDonald’s so cute before. This proud momma Frenchie posing with her baby potatoes for this Super-Sized cuteness overload is the best thing we’ve seen all year! Although — the puppy at the very back seems to be more interested in napping.

Image courtesy of j3ffr33d0m/ Reddit

This adorable “Puppy Meal” is not for eating but for relishing in the cuteness. Get your “Puppy Meal” at a McDonald’s near you, and you’ll never have to worry about the kids complaining about boredom again — they’ll be too preoccupied playing with pups!

Put Your Paws Up!

If you’re an adorable little pupper, then put your paws up! So that’s exactly what this tiny little thing did — and who wouldn’t agree that this pupper is simply stunning! We can tell that this darling little one is still a pup because of how tiny she is. 

Image courtesy of bm96/Reddit

She’s almost tinier than the two hands holding her, but not quite. Her eyes are sky blue, much like all other puppies when they’re little, and we sure hope that they stay that way because they suit her so well!

Proud Pappa

Have you ever seen a father so happy about his pups? He’s grinning ear to ear and is positively delighted, and why shouldn’t he be? He helped to bring three gorgeous little pups into the world, and he knew that they’re his the moment his human presented them to him. 

Image courtesy of figuringout25/ Reddit

It’s hard to imagine that these three tiny pups will one day grow into fully-sized bulldogs, each with their own personalities and temperaments. These three are going to love life, just like their daddy, Ravioli — even if they might overheat and struggle to breathe, bulldogs love to play, run and just have fun!

Fooling Around — Doggo Style

This little rascal apparently loves to peep through the holes in the fence to watch the people walking on the sidewalk, and of course, to bark some hellos at fellow doggos. The owner decided to make it more fun and painted some adorable costumes on the fence.

Image courtesy of Kongen/ Facebook

Clown Town paid a visit to this bullie’s home when his owner added this particular costume to the peepholes, and the internet is loving it! The owner’s fence paintings went viral, and there’s no doubt in our minds why — it’s adorable!

Fluffy Frenchie

In case you didn’t know, Frenchies don’t only come with short hair. In fact, some of them are fluffy, and we are loving it! The floof coming from the ears of this adorable little guy just makes our hearts melt, and we’re sure you’re feeling it, too!

Image courtesy of @lashkweentx/ Twitter

Unfortunately for all of us wanting to run out and adopt ourselves a fluffy French bulldog, you must know that this particular breed is quite rare. The short hair gene is dominant, so a fluffy bulldog can only happen when they have two long hair genes.


Something many people may not know about bulldogs is that beneath their tough-looking exterior is a puppy-minded little dog that just wants to love and be loved and play and be played with. This attitude is true for both puppies and old dogs alike.

Image courtesy of dickweeden/Reddit

Take these two bulldog siblings, for example, who absolutely love to play tug of war together — even if all they can find to play with is a tennis ball. And it does make for an adorable photo that the internet has come to know and love.

Sibling Love

Have you ever seen a doggo so happy to have a new baby sibling? This husky is absolutely thrilled — look at that wide grin from cheek to cheek! And the husky isn’t the only one who’s excited to have a new sibling.

Image courtesy of dmilesai/Reddit

Puppy Frenchie is just as thrilled to be able to play with such a big older doggo — and he even gets to wear his new family member as a hat! It’s just wins all round for this pawsome pair. We hope the owners manage to get some sleep at night!

Do Not Monch

Another adorable feature of most bulldogs is their wrinkles folded on their little faces, butts, and thighs. Sometimes their wrinkles tend to take the form of cinnamon rolls, like this little pupperino, for example. Despite the temptation, we do not advise taking a monch of this sweet-looking roll.

Image courtesy of bulldog_ingles12/Reddit

Doggos do not taste like cinnamon buns, and you’ll probably end up with monch marks all over your face for trying. Instead, take your doggo for a walk to a bakery near you and treat yourself to the real deal!

Subway Doggo

Most human-made modes of travel fail to cater to the needs of the fur-kids, so people have to get creative when it comes to sneaking their beloved fur babies onto the train, bus, or in this case, the subway. Most doggos are too big to fit in a small purse.

Image courtesy of thetinycatt/ Reddit

This woman figured out that she could bundle up her bulldog in her tote bag, and the security down at the subway would be none-the-wiser. Then, once safely on board, she releases her pooch for some air. We just hope the little doggo doesn’t bark and blow their cover.

You May Pet Me, Human

Bullies are definitely sweeties, but their stubborn temperament does make them a bit more difficult to train than other breeds. However, with enough practice and dedication to training, bulldogs can be taught just about anything other dog breeds can be taught.

Image courtesy of freckledfrida/ Reddit

This human taught his fur-child to wait for him at the store. Yes, he still has his leash tied to something heavy, lest a cat run by, but the good boy knows to sit and wait for his human’s return, and even allows other humans to pet him while he waits.

Derpy Doggo

If you’re into pet lingo, then you’ll know what a derp is, and this photograph is definitely of a very derpy woofer. He must have been really excited about something to be running at such a speed, and his walleyed look may have just been bad timing, but it’s still hilarious.

Image courtesy of frenchiesfeature/ Instagram

The derpiness of this photograph sure makes it hard to fight the stereotype that all bulldogs are rather silly dogs, but it is very far from the truth. Bulldogs are very lovable and excitable, but sometimes they tend to get a little over-excited, like in this picture.

Popsicle Pup

A well-known fact about English bulldogs and other short-nosed doggos is that they tend to overheat quickly. Some ways to help them cool down are cooling mats, air conditioning or fans, spraying them down with a low-pressure spray of cool water, or, of course, ice cream or ice pops.

Image courtesy of girlwhowrotelove/ Tumblr

It goes without saying that you need to make sure that you’re feeding your pup a pet-friendly treat like the one in the picture. Luckily for you and your bulldog, pet-friendly ice creams and Popsicles have become more and more popular and are also pretty easy to make at home.

Parked For Nap Time

This doggo is far too adorable to wake up — with its disproportionately large head pressed right up against the gear stick. It looks like the driver of this vehicle is stuck in park until the adorable little thing wakes up. 

Image courtesy of theone1221/ Reddit

Some might joke and say that this can’t be an English bulldog because the steering wheel is on the wrong side, it must be an American bulldog instead. Of course, we’re just kidding. Fun fact: English bulldogs have more distinctive droopy faces than their American counterparts.

Hugo The Burrito

Meet Mr. Hugo Burrito, an adorable English bulldog that people often mistake as old, even though he is actually pretty young. He loves posing for photographs because he knows that his owner will be posting them online for all of his adoring fans on the internet. 

Image courtesy of LewkC/ Reddit

Here’s a fun fact about bulldogs that Hugo would like to share: Did you know that the term “British Bulldog Spirit” means unrelenting courage? The phrase was coined way back in the 18th century when bulldogs were used in political cartoons as an icon for bravery.

Monch Time

This adorable French bulldog was playing catch in the park when someone snapped a picture of him holding his favorite little soccer ball in his mouth, and it broke the internet. You’ve heard of “if it fits, I sits,” but the phrase for this photograph is more like “If it fits, I eats.”

Image courtesy of vinkulelu/ Reddit

We hope that this little bully doggo didn’t have the ball in his mouth like that for too long — after all, we’ve already covered the fact that bulldogs struggle with breathing, and this ball sure ain’t helping with that problem. Still, we can’t argue that it makes for an adorable picture!


Introducing the world’s happiest, goofiest, wrinkliest unicorn — or should we say, pupicorn? Unidog? We’re not sure what the proper term is for this adorably costumed goofball who seems more than happy to be dressed up as a magical unicorn.

Image courtesy of TipGI/ Imgur

Much like the unicorn, the unidog loves to run and play and use their magical smiles to bring joy to children and grown-ups everywhere. The key difference between the two? We now have proof that the unidog exists, thanks to this picture!

Bella The Bulldog

Another internet-famous pup is Bella the bulldog and her two sisters. This particular photograph is of a very sleepy Bella and her little sister Lily taking a nap. She’s so affectionate that even her breed’s breathing issues won’t get in the way of cuddle time!

Image courtesy of bella_thebulldog_/ Instagram

Although Bella is so big and her little sis is so small, we aren’t even sure if she noticed the little thing taking a nap right on top of her. Another fun fact about bulldogs is that they’re pretty deep sleepers, and most of them tend to sleep straight through the night.

Who Doesn’t Love Belly Rubs?

Meet Wendell, a 40-year-old man trapped inside the body of a bulldog. Why do we say this? Well, both bullies and middle-aged men tend to droop, slobber and fart a lot. And they both tend to love a lot of affection, too. 

Image courtesy of LifelessOne/ Reddit

Wendell loves his belly rubs so much that he breaks out into a huge grin whenever his owner says “belly rub time!” Without even having to be asked, he lies on his back, paws stretched out wide, waiting for the belly rubs to commence. But be warned: he gets very sulky once you stop.

Co-Pilot Pup

Remember how we said that bulldogs are known to be deep sleepers? Well, this picture proves that point once again. This doggo, who is also the co-pilot for this flight, probably didn’t even realize that he was taking a nap!

Image courtesy of BradleyFriesen/ Imgur

Bentley is YouTube famous; known for traveling the skies with his human, and we bet that he’s probably been up in the air more than any of you readers! He’s even taken a trip all the way to Canada — although he was probably asleep for that, as well!

Chubbs The Wrinkly Bulldog

This is Chubbs, another sleepy English bulldog that has taken the internet by storm. This wrinkly beauty is loved so much by his family that even having to clean his wrinkles on a daily basis only makes them love him more. 

Image courtesy of BulldogLover02/ Reddit

Another downside of the bulldog breed is that pretty much everything gets stuck in their wrinkles, so to avoid infection or infestations, owners need to be pretty vigilant about keeping them clean. Interestingly enough, original breeders of the bulldog purposely introduced wrinkles to their gene pool —though, unfortunately, it wasn’t just to up the cute factor.

Basket Full Of Babas

Imagine planning a vacation then right before it begins, the owner of the room you booked through Airbnb asks you if you wouldn’t mind sharing your accommodation with a few tiny guests. The first thing that would come to mind would probably be “no way!”

Image courtesy of G65Mondo/ Reddit

But that’s before the Airbnb host sends you a photograph and you simply cannot resist. And why would you? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their vacation with not one, not two, but nine French bulldog puppies? We’d even go as far as saying that that’s an upgrade on its own!

Hot Water Doggo

Introducing the world’s latest and greatest innovation — the best cure for back pain or heartbreak — the cuddle bug! The cuddle bug is an all-new bulldog breed built to keep you warm when your heart is cold, and it’s great for keeping a sore back heated, too!

Image courtesy of Carbman/ Reddit

Get them in brown, black, tan, or white at a local animal shelter near you! All these hot-water-doggos ask for in return is a little bit of food, love, and of course lots and lots of belly rubs! Well, what are you waiting for?

Drooling Doggo

This man seems awfully calm for someone who’s getting drooled on by a heavy-looking doggo! Although, some might say that his facial expression tells us that he’s simply putting up with it — oh, the things we do for love. 

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

Besides, what kind of dog lover would you be if you had to disturb a woofer that seems so content and happy to be snuggling up to his favorite human? We just hope that the human remembered to give his face a good wash after this excessive cuddle!

The Goodest Boy

Even though they’re pretty hard to train, it’s really rewarding when you’re able to teach your bulldog a new trick. This owner must have been so proud when his little doggo learned how to shake hands — or should we say paws?

Image courtesy of willowsdad17/ Reddit

With all the nifty tricks up his metaphorical sleeve, this is paws down the goodest boy on this list. To make things even cuter, this adorable good boy’s name is Frank, and we think that name suits him just pawfectly!

The Warrior

This small English bulldog is definitely a pup — you can tell by the size of the little guy. Even though he looks a little bit grumpy, we can assure you that he’s just as loving and playful as all of his bullie relatives. 

Image courtesy of Mad_Mapper/ Reddit

His name is Hoenir, which is a warrior god in Norse mythology — which is a rather apt name considering the original purpose of this doggo breed. We bet this little guy spends most of his afternoons chasing birdies and protecting his home with many borks.

Bulldog Blues

This unique beauty is a French bulldog with a blue merle coat, one of the rarest and most unique coats for any dog, let alone a French bulldog. While you should always adopt before you shop, a standard Frenchie can cost a few hundred dollars, but one with this coat can sell for thousands. 

Image courtesy of ThinMinh/ Reddit

The uniquely colored coat is the result of incomplete dominance in the genes that give a dog its color. In layman’s terms, his merle coat comes from a blending of coat colors. According to experts, this breed can actually be extremely healthy if breeders pair responsibly and correctly.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Dogs

This gorgeous doggo has just gone from adorable to seductive with this striking pose that just screams “paint me like one of your French girls” — or should we say, “your French bulldogs.” The internet is in love with this beautiful bulldog.

Image courtesy of kodename/ Reddit

Sure, the pose may be way overdone, but there’s no way this little Frenchie knows that. A pose like this is timeless — much like the ever famous Marilyn Monroe holding her dress down, or posing with your hands on your cheeks like The Scream.

Majestic Moose The Bulldog

After a long hike with his human, Moose proudly stood upon his little rock and enjoyed the view. His owner decided that it would be the perfect photograph and the internet agreed. Moose’s photo went viral along with other precious bulldog pics.

Image courtesy of MilkyPirate2/ Reddit

This is paws down the sort of photograph that would be the poster and even billboard in a campaign for a really up-market dog food and this proud and handsome woofer boy named Moose would definitely be the face of that campaign.

Forever A Good Boy

The vet said that this little guy wouldn’t make it past the age of seven, but against all odds, Napoleon made it past the average age of Frenchies, which is between ten and fourteen years of age. This loveable buddy lived to the ripe old age of fifteen years old.

Image courtesy of el_hopo/ Reddit

Of course, even fifty years is too short when you love your pet. He crossed the rainbow bridge after a long and happy life, despite various health complications and his photograph went viral after his passing. Rest in peace, Napoleon. You are, and will forever be, the goodest boy.

He Dealt, He Smelt, Then He Did A Melt

With the postman he dealt, all the doggo butts at the park he smelt, but most importantly after a hot day, this doggo done melt. This goofy little dude sure did enjoy his day out at the park, and now it’s time for a well-deserved nap. 

Image courtesy of Boojibs/ Reddit

Here’s a tip for all you bullie owners: If your woofer is overheating, try spraying some cool water on them with a spray bottle, keeping cool water around for them to drink, and giving them access to a cold room or a fan — these do wonders for them!

Like A Hooman

This good boy’s name is Walter, and much like his very human name, Walter enjoys acting like a human and even sits like one — in a human chair. According to the pupper’s owner, the habit first began as a form of doggy protest.

Image courtesy of walterbookerbulldog/ Instagram

When his human refused to give him some of her food, he climbed onto the armchair in the photograph and sat there, like a person, and glared at his owner for some food. Now his little act of defiance has made the internet fall in love.

A Girl And Her Dog

Do you remember how we said that bulldogs are great companions, and that they’re great with kids, too? Well this picture proves both of those points right. Lola the bulldog has loved little Harper ever since she was born. Lola doesn’t need puppies of her own when she has Harper.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Leimbach/ Facebook

Harper’s mom, professional portrait photographer Rebecca Leimbach, has been documenting their friendship ever since it first began, and the internet is thankful for it. The two do everything together, including bathing, eating, and snuggling up together at night. It’s such a precious sight!

Best Buds

Here’s another budding friendship that’s sure to blossom as this toddler and his little bulldog grow. This little boy has loved his bullie ever since he first came home, and the two are bound to have tons of adventures together.

Image courtesy of Barbara_Linda/ Reddit

Bulldogs have lovely temperaments around kids, and so long as they don’t tug on their ears or pull their tails, bulldogs will let a child do just about anything to them. So if you’re looking for the pawfect pet to join your family, a bullie might be just the doggo to get!

One Proud Daddy

Bulldogs love their adopted family — humans included, of course — but nothing beats knowing that you have fathered a son. This bulldog is so proud to be a daddy; he’s even posing for their first photograph together with the widest smile on his wrinkly face. 

Image courtesy of STARER_OF_CAMELTOES/ Reddit

Like father, like son; both dad and pup are white in color, and we’re sure that in time the pup will develop spots just like his daddy. The internet (okay, us) really wants to see more of these two and all of their adventures together! Can we make that happen, please?

He Do A Protec

We’re not sure if this woofer wants to escape the confines of his home and run outside on the grass and lie in the sun, or if he’s simply and solemnly protecting his home by keeping a close eye on the neighbors by looking through the cat door. 

Image courtesy of anewhigh/ Reddit

Judging by his expression, he does not seem impressed by whatever it is he’s seeing outside. Perhaps he is guarding his home from the cat, and the cat just came home? Perhaps the cat is sitting just out of frame and the two are having a staring contest? We want to know!